The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Covering something in earth"

Added on Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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  1. Burying
    1. Graveyard-shift work?
    2. Interring
    3. Hiding, as pirate loot
    4. Hiding as pirate loot
  2. Burying
    1. Laying something to rest underground


  1. Something metallic covering behind or something 18 covering much more?
  2. Having puffed a lil' something something, to someone who hates something something
  3. Covering: for example, covering northern bird
  4. Covering or partly covering
  5. Covering for a wheel covering, so to speak
  6. Protected building again, restoring order (covering of earth)
  7. Work hard covering operations in best part of earth
  8. Earth, say, found covering middle of field
  9. Story covering frank's first time on earth
  10. Type of biome covering around six per cent of earth's land surface and containing half of its plant/animal species
  11. Little air covering for the earth?
  12. Ancient mound of earth covering burials
  13. Organism type covering 6% of earth's land surface
  14. Clue to earth producing pulseclue to earth producing pulse
  15. ___ saknussemm, discoverer of the center of the earth in 'journey to the center of the earth'
  16. Earth, english earth, on which one may take root?
  17. Clue to earth producing second thoughts?clue to earth producing second thoughts?
  18. God of light o'er all the earth - and earth's bounds
  19. The ___ the earth stood still 2008 sci-fi film directed by scott derrickson starring keanu reeves in which an alien is sent to earth to change human behaviour
  20. Is in possession of foot covering for something to kneel on


  1. Thin, glass container used in science experiments
  2. Storm that twists so fast it can suck up houses
  3. Singing songs against a prerecorded backing track
  4. Basketballs jordan or olympic sprinter johnson
  5. Unsweet wafers to snack on, containing no dairy
  6. Turn this seed into milk or praline desserts
  7. Switching or changing out meat for plants
  8. Kara who escapes krypton, fights crime on tv show