The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Countryman sees game-bird losing height"

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  1. Peasant
    1. Manorial worker
    2. Field worker
    3. Provincial social worker raising vegetables
    4. Rural labourer
    5. Poor farmer


  1. Countryman gets game bird - hard to miss
  2. The "height" part of a height phobia
  3. Bird hard to be caught by countryman
  4. Countryman needing game runs to a catalogue
  5. Countryman giving game keeper at the end a tip
  6. Lowly countryman occupied by hard game
  7. Doctor losing height is far from short
  8. Losing height, damage branch
  9. Losing height, perhaps? hardly!
  10. Reindeer transport i purchased is losing good height
  11. One bird's losing the way, one bird
  12. Small blocks of 15 countryman may have to get over
  13. Fellow countryman
  14. Countryman’s sport with short bat
  15. Countryman having quantity of milk, say, not quite litre
  16. Countryman
  17. A countryman is able to aid an organisation
  18. Countryman near the arabian sea
  19. Daft countryman
  20. A holy-sounding fellow-countryman?


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