CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Cougar town"

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  1. Tbs
    1. Big inits. in cable
    2. Atlanta-based sta.
    3. Cable channel ... with a
    4. Channel for conan
    5. Channel with a 24-hour a christmas story marathon on christmas
  2. Tbs
    1. Conans tv home


  1. Cougar, briefly
  2. Cougar prey
  3. Cougar or jaguar
  4. John cougar mellencamp's
  5. Cougar or lynx
  6. Lynx or cougar, for short
  7. Cougar e.g. briefly
  8. Cougar's quarters
  9. Cougar's collegiate rival
  10. 'cougar town' star courteney
  11. 'cougar town' star
  12. Title girl in a 1982 #1 john cougar hit
  13. Cougar or sable, briefly
  14. ''jack and ___'' (john cougar song)
  15. John cougar "jack & ___"
  16. Courteney of 'cougar town'
  17. 'jack & ___' (1982 john cougar hit)
  18. He played andy torres on 'cougar town'
  19. A.k.a. cougar
  20. The cougar


  1. Deputy to duke vincentio in shakespeare’s measure for measure
  2. Extracurricular for a college student
  3. Lightly touch painful back
  4. Request to the local marriage oath writer?
  5. Variety headline for director lee's u.s. debut?
  6. Strange oriental tale
  7. Author who wrote the cormoran strike trilogy comprising the cuckoo's calling, the silkworm and career of evil under the pen name of robert galbraith
  8. A lens for correcting vision in one eye