The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Cougar town"

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  1. Tbs
    1. Big inits. in cable
    2. Atlanta-based sta.
    3. Cable channel ... with a
    4. Channel for conan
    5. Channel with a 24-hour a christmas story marathon on christmas
  2. Tbs
    1. Conans tv home


  1. Cougar, briefly
  2. Cougar prey
  3. Cougar or jaguar
  4. John cougar mellencamp's
  5. Cougar or lynx
  6. Lynx or cougar, for short
  7. Cougar e.g. briefly
  8. Cougar's quarters
  9. Cougar's collegiate rival
  10. Cougar or capri, for short
  11. Cougar, e.g
  12. Goes out with a cougar, say
  13. ___ concolor (cougar's taxonomic name)
  14. Cougar maker, briefly
  15. Cougar or sable for short,
  16. John cougar "___ fool"
  17. He gasps embracing hot 'cougar'
  18. 'i ___ lover' (1979 john cougar hit)
  19. 'cougar town' channel, beginning next year
  20. Cougar or sable maker, briefly


  1. One ahead, i say! press horn hard
  2. Not staged for an audience, so remaining calm
  3. Put off job by somebody in police department
  4. Control hips - they support 50% of core
  5. Tofu
  6. One may be beaten for one grand
  7. Man of paradox omits nothing in branch of religion
  8. Sailing equipment that might be seen at parent's toga party