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  1. Tallies
    1. Agrees with confederates after opening of talks
    2. Everybody in associations counts
    3. Matches for those on the same side after tea
    4. Reckons debt or score
    5. Agrees fellow fighters will be needed after short time
    6. Matches finally lost with friendly countries


  1. Corresponds
  2. Corresponds with strikers
  3. Corresponds about familiar paintings and poetry etc
  4. Homophonically, corresponds with 'ceremonies'
  5. One corresponds on punishment — 'clamping' sign on road
  6. Corresponds, grammatically
  7. Seems that edward is precise, having been formerly on the stage, it seems
  8. Not so much the way to get on in school, it seems
  9. School for special training military school
  10. Run into school head at hard school
  11. School head on circuit no longer allowed in school
  12. Kind of school after nursery school: abbr
  13. West coast school that received the most applications of any us school in 2017: abbr.
  14. Instruction in a school subject outside of school
  15. It's boring, but seems not to weary everyone
  16. God initially seems hateful in various areas
  17. When nothing seems to go right
  18. Place with lots of phones but only one line, it seems
  19. Design pet device, but not what it seems at first
  20. It appears, it seems


  1. Unending time
  2. One that's stoned, endlessly outspoken after a party
  3. Japan working to secure one ally
  4. Fired to eat the whole vegetable
  5. Seafarer who wrote about navy leader in a winding road
  6. Star that provides light and heat for a solar system
  7. Patriarch who saved his family and all the animals from drowning
  8. Reckon why men adjusted spanner