The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with D

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Cook modest arab dishes"

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  1. Modest two-piece swimsuit
  2. Things that modest people
  3. Modest response to a compliment
  4. Modest skirt
  5. Modest reply to a compliment
  6. Modest swimming garment
  7. Affectedly modest
  8. Bad place for the modest
  9. Force into modest car and get stranded
  10. Modest bachelor, somewhat shy, wants female with fabulous heart
  11. Dutch gambler having modest amount of ale?
  12. Modest, as clothing
  13. Attire not for the modest
  14. Modest piece of land
  15. Second home of modest form, such as stoker uses
  16. Hardly the modest type
  17. Swift's "a modest proposa
  18. Modest response to kudos
  19. Modest musician scented shameful u-turn by insiders
  20. Mix-up when modest jack replaces henry


  1. Crew given fish as acknowledgment
  2. Trendy london district
  3. Colonne e
  4. Added levy
  5. Pressing activity?
  6. Site of a penn state campus
  7. Boxed pasta that's different every time you open it?
  8. Craft's surface