CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Conservative party's desire?"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Crave
    1. Thirst for
    2. Hunger for
    3. Really, really want
    4. Desire
    5. Yearn for
    6. Jones for


  1. Party concerning party leader in party?
  2. A sort of desire to abandon party -- excuse given
  3. Passionate desire to party in country interminably retreating
  4. Conservative, flexible in support of party, is an upstart
  5. Fancy conservative party
  6. Last papers he distributed, accepting conservative party activity
  7. Covetous party leader rose before a conservative
  8. Eye-opening article by conservative party initially
  9. Game of socialist party completely upset conservative pm
  10. Censure conservative party over end of compassion
  11. Party in lead is conservative
  12. Conservative party member that's crazy tv talk show star, potentially?
  13. British conservative party member
  14. Good to block leaderless conservative party with many members exposed?
  15. Conservative politician without a party
  16. Members of the english conservative party
  17. Speculations arise when he is accepted by the conservative party
  18. Conservative politician holding a party
  19. Long to join conservative party
  20. Obscure old conservative party


  1. Bit of old-fashioned animation
  2. Uh … sure
  3. Golden globe winner for the role of 30-/33-across in the 2002 movie musical “chicago”: 2 wds.
  4. Steinbeck novel featuring the madam dora flood
  5. From ___ z (thoroughly): 2 wds.
  6. Approx. 1055 joules
  7. Isle named for a gaelic goddess
  8. “american ___ warrior” (nbc show)