The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Conned by european soprano? that can be hell!"

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  1. Hades
    1. Abode of the dead
    2. Symbol of hotness
    3. Underworld, in greek mythology
    4. Another name for pluto
    5. Abductor of persephone
    6. Hot spot


  1. Conned pulled a trick for money
  2. Women of easy virtue acted up and conned men regularly
  3. Childish timepiece? blow me! it's somehow conned local kid
  4. Gasbag conned cooked food in the morning
  5. Truly conned, though far from ill-informed
  6. Conned about politician's non-alcoholic drink in london district
  7. One given ground, then influenced and conned
  8. Innocent person providing finance for show is conned initially
  9. Not conned by
  10. Tale-teller is conned, captivated by henry's wife
  11. Get conned
  12. Conned a politician taken by socialist
  13. Conned, so to speak
  14. Easily conned
  15. Conned - given a lift
  16. Be conned
  17. Conned into deal to procure drug
  18. Conned by academic with bearing
  19. "... you've conned small-time dealers with your forgeries, but can you __?"
  20. Report helps those conned


  1. Sports org. not recently involved in a lockout controversy
  2. How not a few soccer games end
  3. Painter involved with coco chanel
  4. Late nfl star and 'police academy' actor smith
  5. Gibson need
  6. Tapped-out character
  7. One may be animated
  8. Left the group, maybe