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  1. Congestion relief option (… 2-6)
  2. Here we go for relief - relief coming up in stages
  3. Girl turns up to iron out place of relief for process that may include relief
  4. Cold sore relief option
  5. Brand-name back relief option
  6. Congestion site
  7. ___ congestion (cold symptom)
  8. Word before congestion or spray
  9. Nasal congestion locale
  10. Where one may read the news, telling of traffic congestion
  11. Frequent congestion site
  12. Cause of congestion
  13. Congestion next 10 miles
  14. Can us city with eyesore on outskirts see arterial congestion as a result of it?
  15. Cause of congestion / det
  16. Major upset after record congestion
  17. Facial air spaces can cause congestion headaches
  18. Congestion tolerated close to festive social gathering
  19. Congestion is likely to affect them
  20. Sway to avoid congestion?


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