The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Confine some gujarati militants on the way back"

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  1. Bump
    1. Bash
    2. Run off
    3. Knock ___!
    4. Jostle
    5. Dud and pete's initial prominence
    6. Cause for an apology


  1. Dish found over in gujarati area
  2. Irish militants in the bog, a scotsman's there too
  3. South american militants find drugs generally absurd
  4. Cool chap with the force has battle with militants' leader
  5. Self-righteous declaration made by black militants
  6. Language militants used on tv panel show
  7. Unenthusiastic doctor fighting leading militants
  8. Like many "argo" militants
  9. National militants on tv panel game
  10. Station doesn't finish calls without starting lecture to militants
  11. Tale about leader of militants, full of angry outbursts
  12. Confine behind bars
  13. Metal guard to confine fire to the hearth
  14. Thoroughly confine
  15. Confine to home
  16. Order to confine gangster for last two members of panel
  17. Confine the poor critters
  18. Confine again, as swine
  19. Disease? do confine it!
  20. Confine - person on work experience


  1. Angel's using drugs kept in heavy case
  2. Crude film that's about a sailor
  3. Affirmative gestures
  4. British inventor, from that time on, nearly left an impression
  5. Sound’s singular feature
  6. Play golf with olympian, getting thrashed
  7. Smashing time presumably, that's out of most people's hands
  8. Tennis player in bilbao, relaxing on vacation