The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Confident in grabbing girl in stream"

Added on Monday, May 7, 2018

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  1. Surge
    1. Sudden increase
    2. Super power?
    3. Swell certainly to consume gallons
    4. Power glitch
    5. Yes, i will set about government upturn
    6. Increase in troop levels


  1. Creature in a stream grabbing frantic duck
  2. Have a go, grabbing girl where skin is dressed
  3. Attention-grabbing
  4. Interest-grabbing
  5. Pirate, attention-grabbing moaner!
  6. Heather, grabbing one pound, is converting into cash
  7. Cause annoyance, grabbing fine weapon
  8. Foster often wrong, grabbing maiden
  9. Sea god, grabbing english princess, attempted seduction
  10. Gasp grabbing tip in sparkler, perhaps?
  11. Get friendly with fellow's bird grabbing rear? quite the reverse
  12. Some grabbing edibles eat too much
  13. Alien grabbing lambert's face is killer
  14. Jerk grabbing husband is violent criminal
  15. Excite gentleman, grabbing top of thigh
  16. Attention-grabbing advert
  17. Hangman in jail grabbing fighter from the east
  18. Old foreign money marilyn's grabbing, on return
  19. Attention-grabbing ploy
  20. Ran quickly — grabbing donkey under constant strain


  1. __ era, another name for the kingdom of hungary
  2. Icy sphere located beyond the kuiper belt
  3. Related to mars, venus, mercury, etc
  4. Cell organelle used for ordering substances
  5. Rascal, rogue, rapscallion
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  7. Italian stuffed rice croquettes
  8. A gossipy conversation or catch-up