The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Concerto solo passage"

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  1. Cadenza
    1. Solo passage at end of a piece of music
    2. Virtuoso solo passage
    3. Virtuosic improvisation
    4. Dance crazes going to extremes over virtuoso passage
    5. Concerto feature
    6. Solo display passage


  1. Passage in verdi's concerto that may set one's toe tapping
  2. Solo concerto passage
  3. Virtuoso passage for soloist in a concerto
  4. Concerto's extended solo passage
  5. Virtuoso passage in concerto, etc
  6. Virtuoso solo passage in a concerto
  7. Passage near the end of a concerto
  8. Clue room with a secret passage to the kitchenclue room with a secret passage to the kitchen
  9. A handel concerto might h
  10. Concerto part
  11. Concerto instrument
  12. Beethoven's "concerto no.
  13. Big, as a concerto goes
  14. Concerto component
  15. Concerto feature
  16. Bach wrote a concerto in
  17. Concerto features
  18. Noted concerto composer
  19. Glazunov wrote a 1934 concerto for one
  20. A single time in concerto


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