The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with M.
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Crossword Answers for "Commemorative object or event"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS the 70 s Group 336 Puzzle 3

  1. Optimum
  2. Someone who supports a set of ideas
  3. Once called catherine archipelago the __ islands
  4. Arthur read is this type of animal
  5. Humorous rhyming poem with five lines
  6. Battling on horseback with lances
  7. A cross used in maths to denote addition
  8. Roman leader who won the battle of actium
  9. Uncontrolled descent
  10. One million sold records receive this status
  11. Color scheme of a painting
  12. A corrupted representation


  1. Memorial
    1. The writer with message in story about one monument?
    2. Monument
    3. Something to preserve the memory of a person
    4. Jefferson __ washington monument to ex-president
    5. Pollsters grub about for a souvenir
    6. _____ day ( newfoundland's remembrance day


  1. Commemorative object
  2. Derby cameramen ruined commemorative event
  3. Commemorative piece
  4. Common commemorative item
  5. Commemorative meal with wine
  6. Commemorative marker
  7. Maker of a commemorative item
  8. Commemorative fixture that concerns dentist?
  9. Commemorative pillar
  10. Prepare a commemorative p
  11. Commemorative inscription
  12. One commemorative feast
  13. Commemorative pole
  14. Grasshopper's commemorative marker?
  15. Commemorative coin, maybe
  16. Greek character engaged in second commemorative work
  17. Commemorative for billy joe
  18. Reproduction of commemorative plaques on paper
  19. Religious or commemorative pin
  20. Inscribed commemorative stones


  1. Book that inspired cast away, crusoe
  2. Theres no like show
  3. Venetian island group famous for glass making
  4. Harry potter forgetfulness charm
  5. Hearty burst of deep laughter
  6. Michael and kevins y&r gold digging mom
  7. Long flat sled used to go downhill
  8. Us festival celebrated by planting trees