The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Comic actor is concerning first lady"

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  1. Reeve
    1. Always got up to capture english bird
    2. One of chaucer's canterbury pilgrims
    3. Old magistrate with a bill
    4. A chaucer pilgrim
    5. Steward
    6. Medieval manorial steward


  1. Comic actor's not first or second, but in the middle
  2. Comic turn does comic material for the pc?
  3. Meanie comic is weenier comic
  4. Comic cut short: time's up for comic character
  5. Actor cameron actor fairbanks = actor ___
  6. At first cynical concerning party’s beliefs
  7. Concerning the first lady bailiff
  8. Give an account of what¿s behind schedule concerning what comes first
  9. City in which guillotine's first concerning aristo?
  10. Concerning first woman novelist
  11. Take steps to get first in exam concerning the milky way?
  12. Concerning the first set point, odd ace is fantastic
  13. Actor jannings who won the first best actor oscar
  14. First best actor/supporting actor oscar winner
  15. Actor jannings, winner of the first best actor oscar
  16. Comic actor who was an original cast member of sctv
  17. Comic actor danny
  18. Actor/comic gilliam
  19. Comic russian actor misch
  20. Jacques ___ , french comic actor and film director, d. 1982


  1. Appear unexpectedly (2 wds.)
  2. Gather urgent request needs time
  3. Smith and jones movie, for short
  4. Swiss abstract painter
  5. Politic
  6. Latin lover's murmur
  7. Claws cable network
  8. Dog days in dijon