The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Collected and filed documents for future use"

Added on Thursday, October 18, 2018
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CODYCROSS popcorn Time Group 383 Puzzle 3

  1. Also called ascorbic acid found in citrus fruits
  2. Italian white bread often used for sandwiches
  3. Crime of deliberately killing a king
  4. Tools used to cut hair or hedges
  5. Celtic god of good fortune with large hammer
  6. Thought about to an unhealthy extent
  7. __ bosses 2011 dark comedy about abusive bosses
  8. Whole kit and __ something in its entirety


  1. Archived
    1. Stored, as public records
    2. Filed in historical records
    3. Stored, as records
    4. What the librarian did to reshape cadre hiding major virus
    5. Recorded middleman setting up credit for honey-producer's director
  2. Archived
    1. Arranged and stored files in boxes for reference


  1. Filed for future reference
  2. Tax collected on legal documents
  3. Cellphone info collected by the nsa, per the snowden documents
  4. Filed items
  5. Comics superhero with filed-off horns
  6. Energy company that filed
  7. Filed things
  8. Aircraft’s filed route
  9. Things to be filed
  10. Properly filed
  11. They may be filed
  12. One may be filed
  13. What's kept by journalist or editor and filed?
  14. Company having typed badly, one filed work as a journalist
  15. E-filed document
  16. Like many gemstones working team cut and filed
  17. Energy giant that filed for bankruptcy in 2001
  18. Filed in historical records
  19. One's occasionally filed work that's framed in french academy
  20. Singer who at age 22 got married in vegas, then filed an annulment 55 hours later


  1. Snide, cutting remark
  2. They are twins, that’s why they look different
  3. I want to get away from the and bustle
  4. Masculine, brawny
  5. Esoteric, hard to see
  6. To refuse to give up
  7. Area with lots of trees
  8. Which cat has the strongest bite