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  1. Safety; collateral
  2. Collateral option
  3. Having collateral tied up?
  4. Collateral, maybe
  5. One with a collateral loan
  6. Dibs on collateral
  7. Collateral takeback, for short
  8. Collateral
  9. Promise to get collateral
  10. Agreement backed by collateral
  11. Rumsfeld's comment on collateral damage
  12. Third-party collateral
  13. Take as collateral
  14. Holder of a collateral loan
  15. Francesca of "collateral damage"
  16. They may be collateral when buying new wheels
  17. It can be used for collateral
  18. Rights to collateral
  19. Collateral branch
  20. London born lead in collateral tv series


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