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  1. The brothers or brothers-in-law of your parents
  2. The righteous brothers and the everly brothers
  3. Name of twin brothers in william shakespeare play the comedy of errors on whom twin brothers dromio are attendant
  4. 8-bit game console released in 1985
  5. How a suspect might be released
  6. Prisoner who’s been released, having a function in gym
  7. Getting on in prison, about to be released
  8. How most movies are released after theatrical runs
  9. One of tati's masterpieces? not originally released, it's in the eye of the beholder
  10. With 25-down, alchemists quest in a book released on june 26, 1997
  11. Hit movie released on june 15, 1967 with a hint to this puzzles theme
  12. One's taken to court and released
  13. Trio who released the 1994 album under the pink
  14. Released
  15. Horror film remake released on 6/6/06
  16. Arrest key suspect yard released, one quickly revealing all
  17. Montages released by the police of top hits remixed
  18. Leninist leader released? yahoo!
  19. Damn fine magistrate that's released juliet
  20. Things released from pand


  1. Us famous baseball player also known as the bambino
  2. Trodden on repeatedly, like a herd of elephants
  3. Royal house begun by george i in 1714
  4. Ninja turtle michelangelo's weapon of choice
  5. __ king, american author of horror, 54 novels
  6. Janitor at planet express, futurama
  7. Put-down, offend, slur
  8. Tiny pieces of land surrounded by water