Group 561

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Said of old foods that smell or taste unpleasant
    2. Someone who pens stories
    3. Truthful
    4. Necessary household jobs
    5. To make a hole in the skin with a sharp object
    6. Grand __, red rock arizona national park
    7. Stages in video games
    8. Particle representing a quantum of light
    9. Nationality of someone from copenhagen
    10. What to do with stocks and bonds
    11. Open this on a computer or in a house
    12. Sweet __; bedtime utterance
    13. Force a ruling or law onto people
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Slow-paced outdoor water park ride
    2. How often something happens
    3. Person whose job is to row boats in venice
    4. Bladed mixer on a bread machine
    5. Dug up, brought to the surface
    6. Female head of an extended family
    7. Firmly pressing to remove liquid
    8. Acquit, absolve from blame
    9. Snowy peaks region including the matterhorn
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. To get in the way of something
    2. Part of a chair or sofa to lean against
    3. Illegally moved contraband into a country
    4. Educating athletes about sports
    5. Expert in the scientific study of plants
    6. Circus performers who keep balls in the air
    7. Growing vigorously, prospering
    8. Wishes that someone fares well
    9. Person who puts money into a business
    10. A sample for medical testing
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A gift given, typically for charitable purposes
    2. Explorer who crosses oceans in a boat
    3. Devices that help asthma sufferers to breathe
    4. Being upright, on your feet
    5. Put upside down or in the opposite order
    6. Informal name for the coccyx
    7. Fried squid rings
    8. Olympic sport that involves the butterfly stroke
    9. The ability to float
    10. Support structure on a staircase
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Pairs
    2. A medium; clairvoyant; fortune teller
    3. High-pitched barking made by a small, annoying dog
    4. An outline of buildings defined against a horizon
    5. They work in financial institutions
    6. People who illegally access online accounts
    7. The craft of forming fabric by interlacing threads
    8. To enter and call the wrong telephone number
    9. The person who cuts and sells meat
    10. Take great pleasure in
    11. Made; invented

Group 562

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Person who encourages others to rebel or protest
    2. Stealing of the world's great masterpieces
    3. Make longer
    4. Social network where others can react to a post
    5. Official summons to court
    6. Clear cooking broth with a french name
    7. Arranging objects in a system
    8. The monarchs of ancient egypt
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Place of peace and sanctuary
    2. Person who accompanies & looks after someone else
    3. Sky-divers open this after jumping out of a plane
    4. Part of a thorny flower, often strewn on beds
    5. State of being legally responsible
    6. To begin or set up a company
    7. Hostility
    8. Change radically
    9. The pelt of a bunny, once used widely in fashion
    10. Babylonian king whose code was first set of laws
    11. Groups of performers, musicians or dancers
    12. Scholarly paper of a single specialized subject
    13. Preliminary version or draft piece of writing
    14. Aware of one's surroundings; awake
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Successful in producing an intended result
    2. Those who compete in the summer and winter games
    3. General agreement
    4. Official representatives at a meeting
    5. Not even or balanced in shape
    6. Competitions where free gifts are dished out
    7. Philosopher who tutored young alexander the great
    8. Can be healed with medication
    9. The use of aggressive tactics to boost one's ego
    10. Block of charcoal used as fuel for cooking
    11. A cavity in an organ; the heart has two of them
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Damaging, destroying, rendering unusable
    2. Carve a design onto a surface
    3. Japanese therapy that focuses on pressure points
    4. Unable to escape; caged
    5. Genetic analysis done with one's saliva
    6. Person of authority in sports
    7. Disney movie about a clownfish that's lost __ nemo
    8. The upstairs seats in a concert hall
    9. A high fortress that protects a city
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Gunk cleaned out with a cotton swab
    2. Ancient items of historical importance
    3. Embarrassing failure
    4. Circus tent where the performance takes place
    5. Formal and dignified
    6. A person who provides information to a reporter
    7. Person who is exceptionally intelligent
    8. A long journey by sea
    9. Manufacturer of the large a380 commercial jet
    10. In motion, not still
    11. Goddess who sprang forth from zeus's cracked skull
    12. Underwater blade used to steer a boat
    13. Device that controls the spray of a hose

Group 563

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Person who eats human flesh
    2. Dangerous, hazardous
    3. Debilitated; incapacitated
    4. Nanny mcphee actor, emma __
    5. Palm slapping gesture of approval or praise
    6. Ancient egyptian transport for pharaohs
    7. Traditional stories and customs of a community
    8. Support sticks to help injured people walk
    9. Tunes, harmonies
    10. Grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Another word for a fast-flowing waterfall
    2. Space __; spacecraft system operated by nasa
    3. They're blown out on a birthday cake
    4. __ shopper, consumer who works incognito
    5. Morally good or correct
    6. Glass __, artificial barrier in business
    7. Result of not using protective lotion outside
    8. Exact, meticulous
    9. Small skin marking, often found on the face
    10. Written instructions for preparing dishes
    11. Tool used for flipping hamburgers
    12. Exploiting; taking advantage of
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Detailed coordination of complex operations
    2. All-consuming; fanatical
    3. The practice of spying or of using spies
    4. He composed the 5th symphony
    5. Limb injury due to exposure to extreme cold
    6. Free to use, accessible
    7. Entrance, fascinate
    8. Twirling crepe paper decorations across ceilings
    9. A trained wine steward in a fine restaurant
    10. What some animals do during the winter
    11. The action of misleading someone
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Large flightless bird that produces large eggs
    2. Spheres of glass for playing games
    3. Action taken to move food from mouth to stomach
    4. Spending the night under a tent
    5. Claim, announce, declare
    6. Blurred, smeared, e.g. ruined make-up
    7. Washing with clean water, then spitting out
    8. Trained bullfighter
    9. Large container for growing flowers in
    10. Beaming with delight and showing teeth
    11. Gives to charity
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Wicker storage container
    2. Breath out
    3. Hang or swing loosely
    4. Become dry and shrivelled
    5. Ring-shaped islands or reefs
    6. Bad spells from witches
    7. Combination of several sources in music or video
    8. Distributed among several people
    9. Making well again; preserving meat with salt
    10. Linked, attached
    11. Bunches of twelve
    12. Restrictive upper body garment with laces

Group 564

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Business people use one to carry their documents
    2. Bird frightener; character in the wizard of oz
    3. Unsettled; tempestuous
    4. Stunt performer, one who takes risks
    5. People employed to staff telephone switchboards
    6. Asian mountain range has the world's highest peak
    7. Add-on building giving more rooms to a home
    8. The loss of the ability to move due to injury
    9. Hateful, despicable, detestable
    10. A tale of romance
    11. Country whose capital and largest city is jakarta
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Involves a sink and needs to be done after a meal
    2. Very difficult or requiring a lot of effort
    3. Kentucky derby cocktail with bourbon, fresh herb
    4. Son of edmund the black prince, ruled 1377-99
    5. Seafood restaurateur with venues in cornwall
    6. Pulp's "common people" featured on album __ class
    7. Not manual
    8. French revolutionary month, the month of heat
    9. Mexican __ party, joined by young frida kahlo
    10. Dollond and __, optician chain
    11. Brief __, very english weepie with dirt in the eye
    12. North carolina barbecue capital of the world
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Practical or functional
    2. Plant that pandas eat the most
    3. Hire for work
    4. Rule to be home by a certain time
    5. Award given to a winning sports team
    6. Spawning fish that has pink flesh
    7. Mix and make conversation with people at a party
    8. Corroded, like metal
    9. Remove the outer layer of packaging
    10. Medical term for irrational fear of something
    11. The words in a song
    12. Part of the body removed in a nephrectomy
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Regretful and embarrassed about one's actions
    2. Profession associated with florence nightingale
    3. Lucky charms, talismans
    4. Nuns' living quarters
    5. When the sea edge is furthest from the shore
    6. She wears ruby slippers on her way to oz
    7. The trip down a mountain
    8. Framework for a jewel in a ring or necklace
    9. Marches, demonstrations
    10. Social media site with a blue or white bird
    11. French word for "good morning"
    12. Fly larvae used as fishing bait
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Huge houses for the wealthy
    2. Period that preceded the jurassic period
    3. Cosmetic operation to remove wrinkles
    4. Shoe with slender heel or knife with thin blade
    5. Volcano that erupted and destroyed pompeii in ad79
    6. Sort into specific categories
    7. An attempt without much hope of being accurate
    8. Makes small changes
    9. Heath ledger's role in the dark knight
    10. Jewish festival during which a menorah is lit
    11. No longer legally married

Group 565

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Cylinders of rolled, dried tobacco leaves
    2. Give someone the latest information
    3. Nice hotel with a lot of amenities
    4. Small, coarse stones used for paths and roads
    5. __ the sailor, maritime hero of the arabian nights
    6. Element with symbol c
    7. Cold, damp and humid feeling of the skin
    8. Represent in a drawing or painting
    9. Resting places in cemeteries
    10. Roar, yell loudly
    11. Add salt and pepper to food
    12. Empty
    13. Literary work that rhymes
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A person involved in the trading of goods
    2. Expressing disapproving comments or judgments
    3. Blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood
    4. Feline role for halle berry and michelle pfeiffer
    5. Relating to the running of a home
    6. Depression caused by collapse of land surface
    7. Came together again, joined up
    8. Formal celebratory event, sometimes with awards
    9. Strips of cloth to bind injuries
    10. Alternative name for a slow cooker
    11. People who box or wrestle
    12. Academic experts or researchers
    13. Cloth beds tied between trees
    14. Expert in machinery or bridge-building
    15. Group of symptoms that consistently occur together
    16. Forgiven for a crime
    17. Connected with the sea or naval affairs
    18. Terrestrial arachnid with lobster-like pincers
    19. They give off sound from electrical audio signals
    20. Painting of someone's face
    21. Fictitious, legendary
    22. Spanish black pudding or blood sausage
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Fantasy story that always has a happy ending
    2. Wireless connection to smart devices
    3. Revolt, insurgence
    4. Symbols displayed for motorists
    5. Don't shoot this bearer of news
    6. Strip at the top of trousers or a skirt
    7. Shy person
    8. Substance that can reverse a snake bite's effects
    9. Substance like ketchup, salt or mustard
    10. Pardoning
    11. Person who investigates a crime or wrongdoing
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Retail client
    2. Identify a disease or condition in a patient
    3. Clark kent's hero name
    4. Unblemished, squeaky clean
    5. Occasion for candles and presents
    6. The result of dividing one number by another
    7. Coating such as teflon, stops food adhering to pan
    8. Grace kelly became one
    9. Projected 3d image formed by lasers
    10. Reduce speed gradually
    11. Belief system that is opposed to war
    12. Medical professionals who perform operations
    13. Shiny as a result of being rubbed
    14. Productive; abundant
    15. Four-wheeled vehicle pulled by two or more horses
    16. Native of lima
    17. A written outline of a movie or novel
    18. Taking tiny bites, like a hamster
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Nova scotia's capital, named after montague-dunk
    2. Honest, frank, heartfelt
    3. Bill of sale
    4. Artist who painted les demoiselles d'avignon
    5. French chocolate and cream sauce glaze for cakes
    6. Someone who is moved to safety in times of war
    7. Conundrums; brain-teasers
    8. Bambi's rabbit friend
    9. Domesticated birds; turkeys, chickens, quails etc.
    10. Mortuaries
    11. Receive money as a bequest in someone's will
    12. People who are outside in tents overnight
    13. Unwanted folds in fabrics and clothes

Group 566

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Slatted wooden boxes made to carry bottles
    2. Metal joints on a gate or door
    3. Bodily parts on which head hair grows
    4. Winter sport done on mountain slopes
    5. Shonda __, creator of grey's anatomy and scandal
    6. Expensive stone used in sculptures
    7. People who are native to gothenburg or stockholm
    8. Separate; to remove part of something
    9. Third place olympic medal
    10. Bird with large, bright bill
    11. Legendary jungle-dweller, raised by apes
    12. Next to
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Most terrifying
    2. Heaps of burning wood outdoors
    3. Connective tissue that joins two bones
    4. Betrayers, back-stabbers
    5. Curved metal for catching trout, salmon, etc.
    6. Producing or releasing
    7. Orange gourds, carved at halloween
    8. On-screen depiction of no heartbeat or output
    9. Finnish capital
    10. 366 days are in one
    11. Threatening, ominous, frightening
    12. Person legally responsible for overseeing a will
    13. High structure to transport water in ancient rome
    14. Atmosphere of a place
    15. At a high level; not beginner's
    16. Voting a person into office
    17. Edible fungus
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. The direction that skiers travel in
    2. Issues, troubles, worries
    3. Social gathering for literary discussion
    4. Item given away as part of a promotion
    5. Bring to an end
    6. Elton john song: saturday night's alright for __
    7. Objective that takes preference above others
    8. Ceramic ornament, often placed on a mantelpiece
    9. Superman's girlfriend
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. His given birth name is reginald kenneth dwight
    2. Tubes constructed to transport gas or oil
    3. Tanzanian national park with migrations of animals
    4. Delayed until a later date
    5. Coming first, going ahead of others
    6. Chairs that allow you to lean back
    7. Economic penalties for disobeying the law
    8. Father __, he makes wishes come true in december
    9. Study of ancestry and family trees
    10. Pits from which fuel resources are dug up
    11. In another place
    12. Initial design sample; preliminary model
    13. High wire suspended between ravines or buildings
    14. Storytellers
    15. Studs for fastening shirt sleeves
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Direct telephone number for donations, etc.
    2. Making food using heat
    3. First lunar phase, seen once every 30 days
    4. Attendant on a ship or plane
    5. Spaces on the top, bottom and sides of a page
    6. Leisurely walks
    7. Lotteries held at country fairs
    8. Protein in hair, skin, fingernails and toenails
    9. Illegal hunter of wild animals
    10. Hot springs in iceland, the azores and new zealand
    11. Pledge, oath
    12. Sketching with a pencil

Group 567

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Hidden lines in the ground for detecting intruders
    2. Warehouses where manufacturing takes place
    3. Daughter of the duke and duchess of cambridge
    4. Clear, salty liquid globules from the eyes
    5. Artisans who lay rushes, reeds, sedges on houses
    6. Tree cultivation area, a botanical reserve
    7. Sternness or severity of manner or attitude
    8. Gases released by vehicle exhausts
    9. The action of abandoning a military operation
    10. Mind-to-mind communication
    11. Italian word for cheese
    12. A public declaration of policy and aims
    13. Making less restrictive
    14. Holly __; breakfast at tiffany's free spirit
    15. Roman amphitheatre that staged gladiator fights
    16. Exhibited, drawing attention to the best features
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Fried squid, often served with a spiced dip
    2. Ready in advance
    3. Mocking or teasing
    4. The length of time for which a person lives
    5. Finance records for a business
    6. Imagine, picture the future
    7. Striking with a fist
    8. Mechanisms that drive wind power generators
    9. Declaring; professing
    10. Person who runs without clothing in a public place
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. White animal that's late in alice in wonderland
    2. Astonished, wowed
    3. Long strands for connecting electronic equipment
    4. Medical word for the tailbone
    5. Group of words that create an expression
    6. Inactive canine that lies on a person's knees
    7. A place of religious retreat in south asia
    8. Statement of intent to inflict pain on someone
    9. Ongoing light-entertainment tv series for laughs
    10. Get ready for the main exercise
    11. Feeling of frustration or tension
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Habit-forming
    2. Greek temple on the athenian acropolis
    3. Actors
    4. Professional driver
    5. Absence from work granted because of illness
    6. A false name, such as used by an author
    7. Placed under a spell
    8. Damaged or broken hairs
    9. A model to others, setting a good example
    10. The action of withdrawing from a political state
    11. Storage for a home's h2o supply
    12. Reach a climax
    13. Ringing, reverbing quality of a musical instrument
    14. Portable record of a round carried by a golfer
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. __ cars; huge hit for snow patrol in 2006
    2. A usual pattern of activity
    3. What opposites do; pull towards like a magnet
    4. Italian layered pasta dish with meat and cheese
    5. Assign a job or role to someone
    6. Hitchcock's dizzy classic
    7. Polishing, removing smudges
    8. Bright cotton scarf worn over hair or around neck
    9. Betrothed, pledged to be married
    10. Gambling arcades with blackjack, poker, etc.

Group 568

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Impassive expression that hides real emotions
    2. Beautiful and elegant
    3. Unclear, could be interpreted in two ways
    4. Open outdoor area surrounded by walls or buildings
    5. Not smoothly or gracefully
    6. Someone who deceives or swindles
    7. Someone who makes wooden furniture
    8. Reward, motivation to make a purchase
    9. Unkempt, out of control, e.g. an __ garden
    10. Enduring pain or hardship
    11. Misshapen body part; abnormality
    12. Temporary blocking structure in a street
    13. The dog breed kidnapped by cruella de vil
    14. A mineral and an electrolyte found in bananas
    15. Yellow or green bananas eaten only when cooked
    16. La __, iconic fellini film set in rome
    17. City in england where the beatles were discovered
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Rent out part of a rented property
    2. People
    3. Quick feline siesta
    4. Wind-powered aircraft with no engine
    5. Fin located on the back of a fish
    6. Vegetable used to make pommes frites
    7. A building devoted to religious worship
    8. Proper; correct
    9. Paper used to wipe noses
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Disease caused by a virus or bacteria
    2. Chores around the home
    3. Shoppers, buyers
    4. Fleeting; momentary; lasting for a brief time
    5. Singer whose hit despacito was remixed by bieber
    6. Novel that you can listen to rather than read
    7. Cartoon character with square pants
    8. Actress married to ashton kutcher
    9. Pulse, number of beats per minute
    10. Completely unaware of something
    11. Mesh, keeps acrobats from falling to the ground
    12. Onlooker; eyewitness
    13. Established custom passed on through generations
    14. Grave marker with inscription
    15. Abdominal muscle used in breathing
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. The mid-point
    2. Body sacs in which kangaroos keep their young
    3. What the five little monkeys were doing on the bed
    4. Betrayer, turncoat, conspirator
    5. They copy something illegally
    6. Natural sugar in milk
    7. Unimportant
    8. Lower facial contour
    9. Pieces of land completely surrounded by water
    10. The most trendy or fashionable
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Always on time
    2. Feelings of pity for someone else's misfortune
    3. Tiny floating animals eaten by whales, etc
    4. Conquered
    5. Sutures to close open wounds
    6. Deep blue gemstone associated with september
    7. Believable or trustworthy
    8. Book genre all about personal improvement
    9. To comb out knots in hair
    10. Spread over a wide area
    11. Old king cole called for three of these

Group 569

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Left out
    2. Lin-manuel miranda's founding father hit play
    3. Three-lobed leaf, emblem of ireland
    4. Complications, issues
    5. Relating to veins, arteries and blood vessels
    6. Rebellions, especially by soldiers or sailors
    7. Arguing for or against a motion
    8. Not permitted, illicit
    9. A substance formed from two or more elements
    10. A plane propelled by a gas turbine
    11. The hippocratic oath is taken in this profession
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Options to decide between
    2. Extend the duration of
    3. Compel observance of or compliance with a law
    4. Catchphrases used in ads
    5. Band that john lennon was in: the ___
    6. Audrey __ played holly golightly
    7. Coastal areas by the shore
    8. Angry, furious
    9. Powerful dog, with english and neapolitan types
    10. A junction between two nerve cells
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. A mass departure of people
    2. Decayed, decomposed
    3. Most recent
    4. Remote-controlled aerial vehicles without pilots
    5. Oppressive ruler, dictator
    6. Expelled from one's native country
    7. Challenges, missions
    8. Canoe-like boats
    9. Hunting dogs with expert sense of smell
    10. Swapped, exchanged goods
    11. Illness, sickness, disorder
    12. Cleaner that removes dirt through suction
    13. Makes broader
    14. Sport on ice, with a puck and protective gear
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Friendly, chatty, gregarious
    2. Coated medicine tablets
    3. Use of poisonous gas to remove harmful insects
    4. Exact copies
    5. Silver roll of strong adhesive used in repair jobs
    6. Divided into two halves
    7. The opposite of plural
    8. Powerful and uncontrollable burning of many acres
    9. Underwear for women's upper body with thin straps
    10. Close-fitting protective covering for a book
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Disguised; under a false name
    2. Expression of grief, pain or dissatisfaction
    3. Smaller, less noticeable text in a contract
    4. Strips of hair grown on both sides of the face
    5. Noise, disturbance, ruckus, hubbub
    6. Instrument panel in a vehicle
    7. Not harmed, undamaged or unhurt
    8. To observe or oversee a project
    9. Protected from storms and other bad weather
    10. Circulation through veins and arteries
    11. Number of countries in africa
    12. Strongly held, false beliefs e.g. of grandeur
    13. These are counted in a haiku

Group 570

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Industrial building where goods are manufactured
    2. Title of the imperial ruler of japan
    3. Claw mark
    4. Strikes; ambushes
    5. It is the spice of life, proverbially speaking
    6. Release from captivity
    7. Up to date
    8. Snake __, persuades reptiles to rise up
    9. Decayed plant material used to help gardeners
    10. Died out; no longer alive on earth
    11. Not on time; running late
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Breadwinner
    2. Countries containing the thar desert: india and __
    3. Annual celebration of becoming a year older
    4. Small bouquets pinned to clothing
    5. Place to trade items for secured loans
    6. Spanish city that hosts the running of the bulls
    7. Small insertable devices that block noise
    8. Bacchus, to the greeks
    9. French leader who commissioned the arc de triomphe
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Free from bacteria
    2. Drooping due to dehydration
    3. Section of a novel
    4. Ozzy osbourne-fronted band black __
    5. Assembled, gathered together
    6. Grand french hotel chain, part of intercontinental
    7. Jumping far and high
    8. Removing the innards from a fish
    9. Nail polish remover chemical
    10. Illuminated from behind
    11. Painter of the last supper and the mona lisa
    12. Causing hurt or damage
    13. Examination to ascertain cause of death
    14. Person who tries hard to fit into a group
    15. In fashion, not just in france
    16. Children of your aunts and uncles
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A characteristic, feature
    2. Single males
    3. Reparation for a wrong or injury
    4. Flexible connective tissue around joints
    5. Medical vehicle
    6. Four-digit code that allows access to bank account
    7. Sleepy hollow and corpse bride director
    8. Assessing size
    9. The ancient past
    10. She was part of a girl group and married beckham
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. String of roman catholic prayer beads
    2. Low land between mountains
    3. Pointed structures on church towers
    4. Difficult experience, trial, torment
    5. Pretty and small; delicate
    6. Walk aimlessly
    7. They can be acute or obtuse
    8. Led by a tour leader
    9. Protective garments for cooks
    10. Release of a prisoner before end of their sentence
    11. Large arctic marine creature with tusks
    12. Deep holes in the earth's surface

Group 571

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A guess; rough calculation, ballpark figure
    2. Those who committed the crime
    3. To suction fluid from parts of the body
    4. __ bing, friends character played by matthew perry
    5. The art of preparing cocktails
    6. Escape route that's flush with the floor
    7. Simple child's toy moved by wind
    8. Build-up of debris at the bottom of a river
    9. Launch into space, e.g. a rocket
    10. Homes for honey bees
    11. Event that marks the start of summer or winter
    12. Mechanical devices
    13. Clover-like plant with three lobes
    14. Asserting ownership
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Neither for nor against
    2. Strips of fabric used as hair decorations
    3. Device that turns digital documents into paper
    4. Executives with large salaries, or tubby felines
    5. Famous or successful contemporary musician
    6. The undead, brought back to life
    7. Someone who searches for food, a rummager
    8. Physical movement used to communicate meaning
    9. Formal public discussions about policy
    10. Equipment with straps and belts to hold a horse
    11. The quality of being easy to see or hear
    12. Funny or amusing
    13. Questionable
    14. "shall i __ thee to a summer's day" - shakespeare
    15. Thailand flat noodle dish with chicken or prawns
    16. Illegally gaining access to someone's account
    17. Wooden platforms used to move heavy things
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Bewilderment
    2. Hand-held wind instrument with bellows
    3. Outdoor area with ramps for wheeled boards
    4. Term for artificial rather than natural fabric
    5. Arguing or disagreeing
    6. Left without medical attention
    7. Severe snow storms
    8. Offer motivation; boost someone's mood
    9. Create a memorable impression; cause ripples
    10. Reductions in price
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. South american river, largest in world by volume
    2. Indelible felt pen
    3. Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, law and justice
    4. A drawing representative of an idea or theory
    5. Transform
    6. Alice met a mad one in wonderland
    7. Military or police trainees
    8. Stadiums, purpose-built sports venues
    9. Save from danger, remove from harm's way
    10. __ frame; stop-start filmmaking technique
    11. To cause an injury to a joint by overstretching
    12. Attention to __; ability to spot small errors
    13. Red square is in this city
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Successfully complete a university degree
    2. Wise or practical
    3. Abductees
    4. Planning, scheming
    5. To automatically add data to a list on a computer
    6. Back boundary of a tennis court

Group 572

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A group of similar things all close together
    2. Determined in character or ideas; unwavering
    3. In all likelihood
    4. Bladed utensils for chopping meat
    5. Leaving a mark that's difficult to remove
    6. To move closer to
    7. Envy
    8. Medicines that fix health problems
    9. Tiny blobs of water
    10. Words that are sung or spoken in an opera
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Hard, fired ceramic pots
    2. Substituting
    3. Polite, unimportant conversation
    4. One who watches
    5. Belly pain
    6. Self-employed contractor
    7. Putting nails into a wall
    8. Future aspirations
    9. Disc-shaped cells in the blood
    10. Two-wheeled, engine-powered racing off-road
    11. Written names of persons of interest
    12. Very tall and steep rock face or cliff
    13. No longer remembered; abandoned
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. One that got away
    2. Small device blown to make a dog come back
    3. Rodent pursuit to earn more money than others
    4. Icons or pictures that represent game players
    5. Fragrance used to enhance scent
    6. Loving, worshiping
    7. Mandatory clothing worn for a job
    8. Steep gradient
    9. Long metal or bamboo sticks for cooking kebabs
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Perform an act to excess
    2. To make something firm
    3. Preserve a body with chemicals
    4. City-state that won the peloponnesian wars
    5. Cleaning a surface with a cloth
    6. Hair that is not smooth or neat
    7. Where the andaman islands are located: bay of __
    8. Calm, compliant
    9. French fashion house and maker of no 5 perfume
    10. Not just
    11. Sharks engage in this type of hectic feeding
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Da vinci's first name
    2. A traitor or someone who abandons their homeland
    3. Questioning; not trusting
    4. Capital of namibia
    5. Liquid that adds taste to meat before it's cooked
    6. Language of ancient indian sacred texts
    7. To swap one thing for another
    8. Make minor adjustments
    9. Second-in-charge in a kitchen

Group 573

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Shiny particles, some are sewn on clothing
    2. Amorous, loving and thoughtful
    3. Canine that froths at the mouth with hydrophobia
    4. Mother of dragons on game of thrones
    5. Facial features that are raised when surprised
    6. Flat voice that doesn't change pitch or expression
    7. Don't __; say it how it is, show no restraint
    8. Nationality of physicist erwin schrodinger
    9. Fabric shapes sewn on to a bigger fabric piece
    10. Painted cloth used as on-stage scenery
    11. Allocated, designated
    12. Restaurant rating system that awards stars
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Taking place, scheduled
    2. __ diving, underwater in a box near great whites
    3. Scars left by severe acne
    4. Sunken sea vessel's ruins
    5. Deliberate blurring of a photo for romantic appeal
    6. Copy, fake, synthetic
    7. Communication in speech or writing
    8. 1993 film starring meg ryan: __ in seattle
    9. Taking air in and out of the lungs
    10. What tamales are wrapped in
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Can easily be read
    2. Arsenic and hemlock are these
    3. Professionals who make and repair suits
    4. Durable glazed cookware material
    5. Best of friends, especially in a movie genre
    6. Revolutionary; extremist
    7. Samuel l. jackson plays this incredibles character
    8. Add up again
    9. Palm tree fruit
    10. Admired, desired, sought-after
    11. __ potter; creator of peter rabbit
    12. Went off track
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Leaves a ship before it sinks
    2. Fixes an error
    3. Naomi __, famous uk model
    4. Units of relative loudness
    5. Signed up for a course
    6. Combine two liquids until they are smooth
    7. Making a hole with a tool
    8. Two openings at the bottom of a nose
    9. People who sell puppies for a living
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Not in working order, defective
    2. Thick lobster soup
    3. With great enthusiasm
    4. Irish dog breed with reddish silky fur
    5. Most populated country starting with the letter b
    6. Big spoons for serving soup
    7. __ of life, medicine that prolongs your existence
    8. Hit song by the bangles: manic __
    9. Evening party or social gathering
    10. Longest river in india
    11. Negotiate the price

Group 574

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Right to vote; sought by women in the 20th century
    2. Quote or a reference in a scholarly book
    3. Skin bubbles created by uncomfortable shoes
    4. Spanish word for "castle"
    5. Processed meals that are made and sold quickly
    6. No checks or credit cards accepted here
    7. They are handed out in a graduation ceremony
    8. Plummet steeply downwards
    9. Male who can sing an extremely high note
    10. Fire up enthusiasm in someone
    11. Moral stories from the bible
    12. Portuguese explorer who circled the earth
    13. Sport played with sticks that have small nets
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Devices used to measure minutes while baking
    2. Do this to a facebook page to stop following
    3. Sign of shame or disgrace
    4. Demonstrated to be true by evidence or argument
    5. To eat or drink something
    6. Examined carefully to make sure someone's suitable
    7. Male part of a flower with an anther and stalk
    8. Davy jones' __, a resting place for drowned sailors
    9. How james bond prefers his martinis
    10. Endure agony
    11. Peace agreement, concord
    12. Soak up moisture
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Occurring twice within a four-week time period
    2. Astrological forecast of someone's future
    3. Cuts, grazes
    4. To cause great damage
    5. Grabbing something abruptly from another's hand
    6. Italian pasta dish shared by lady and the tramp
    7. Shallow plate for growing bacteria cultures in
    8. Remove; detach; become disinterested in
    9. German dog breed with a long head and beard
    10. Alternative routes that are quicker and save time
    11. Rock fragment from outer space
    12. Family name of aussie actors chris and liam
    13. Decade that saw the rise of disco music
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Making artistic objects in a skilled way
    2. Someone who lives or stays in a place
    3. Marine delicacies often made into bisque
    4. Trends, clothing styles
    5. Made from the hide of a doe or stag
    6. Can be seen or watched
    7. Tiny extracts of music or pieces of information
    8. Old spanish warships
    9. Making changes to a piece of legal text
    10. Relating to the chest
    11. A nuisance; something that causes trouble
    12. Manufacturer of automobiles
    13. Mountain range between france and spain
    14. Penned in
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Pulling on a rope
    2. Hindu goddess of fertility, wife of shiva
    3. Foretell, forecast
    4. Live alongside others of different beliefs
    5. Sleeveless upper body garment with a u-shaped neck
    6. It falls off a bird
    7. __ knife, blunt flexible blade for mixing paint
    8. The ability to understand another's feelings
    9. __ domingo; dubbed the king of opera
    10. To ask someone for money or information
    11. A person with flaming locks of hair
    12. Green vegetable used as the base of many salads
    13. The antonym of success
    14. Stucco
    15. Anna in the 1956 film the king and i: __ kerr
    16. 3d scene of a natural setting

Group 575

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sopping wet
    2. Lifelike; authentic
    3. Contaminant, such as chemical waste in rivers
    4. Cautiously
    5. Composer of the pastoral symphony
    6. A country's boundary with the sea
    7. Medical term for inflammatory kidney disease
    8. Worker in a book-lending institution
    9. Preserved like an ancient pharaoh
    10. A written record of historical events
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Engage in conflict, like two bulls head to head
    2. Made clear, clarified
    3. Written reminders that can be ticked off
    4. The conquest of constantinople ended this empire
    5. Noises made by owls
    6. High-up business official
    7. Punctuation mark that separates two major clauses
    8. Misappropriated money from a business, for example
    9. Identifying symbols stamped onto gold or silver
    10. Soft drinks machine, for example
    11. Sweated
    12. To prepare land to grow crops
    13. Removing paint from walls
    14. Race run by the final runner in a relay team
    15. Author of a moveable feast
    16. Type of compact piano, not an upright
    17. Way of living
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __ line, linked process in a car-making plant
    2. Beauty's only __; look beneath the surface
    3. A spherical three-dimensional object
    4. Keyboard symbol that shares a key with the 8
    5. Of a drawing done without special tools
    6. Insensitive or inconsiderate
    7. Slumdog millionaire and lion actor
    8. Topping salads with oil and vinegar mixture
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Gained knowledge with age
    2. Mariners, seafarers
    3. __ to hell; 1979 hard rock album for ac/dc
    4. A father figure, married to someone's mother
    5. Curvaceous
    6. One who establishes a company or brand
    7. Knock out, injure the head with a blow
    8. Mounted nobles from the middle ages
    9. Relating to touch, hearing, vision, for example
    10. Workforce walkouts for better pay
    11. Swollen with water
    12. Ingenious technical devices can make life easier
    13. Buyer's __; feeling of guilt over purchases
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Most adorable
    2. Dragged a heavy object
    3. Small plate that accompanies a tea cup
    4. Fortified old building where monarch might live
    5. Matt damon's alter ego in a film series, jason __
    6. Lying low, taking refuge in a safe house
    7. Lake __, north american 1980 winter olympics venue
    8. Things someone does regularly and often
    9. Electronic devices that broadcast to listeners
    10. Large, bright parrots

Group 576

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. __-vous; 1979 abba hit with a french title
    2. Ben kingsley played this leader in a 1982 film
    3. What 24 hours equates to
    4. Groups of chosen people in a courtroom
    5. Steve __, the man also called captain america
    6. Typical; usual
    7. Plantations where lemons and oranges are grown
    8. Energetic and rubbery
    9. Heavy drinking or eating sessions
    10. Officials who preside over court cases
    11. Monopoly rule for collecting money at start corner
    12. Apple’s famous mobile device
    13. Acceptable, correct or formal
    14. The last __, da vinci mural of christ's final meal
    15. Scuba __, underwater swimming activity
    16. Designer makes or names
    17. Disease comes in bubonic and pneumonic forms
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Make up or invent a story to evade the truth
    2. Computer panels with letters for inputting data
    3. Thigh muscle, painful when pulled
    4. Condition or desire to set fire to things
    5. The percentage of a hotel's rooms that are in use
    6. Prevalent, widespread, persistent
    7. Having qualities of a large underground chamber
    8. She duetted with lionel richie on endless love
    9. Card game played alone
    10. Sport associated with japanese men: sumo __
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Burning pain produced by a bee perhaps
    2. Stranded, typically on an island
    3. Falls into line, follows a standard
    4. Street in nyc famous for theatrical performances
    5. Materials, fabrics
    6. Metal fastening locked around the wrist
    7. Abdomens
    8. Seriously afflicted by an undesirable condition
    9. Cord used to secure footwear
    10. Stand up __, a call to hold head up/shoulders back
    11. Circus performers who keep clubs in the air
    12. Former love
    13. Without imperfections
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Book: __ in the rye
    2. Arrow-firing sport
    3. Kings, queens, princes and princesses
    4. French pilgrimage town
    5. Fine locks of hair
    6. Argentinian, brazilian or uruguayan cowboys
    7. Removing lumps from flour
    8. A container for footwear
    9. Reflective objects
    10. The greatest __; film about the life of pt barnum
    11. Well-defined abs
    12. Breathing tube used underwater when viewing reefs
    13. To accept as true
    14. An aspect or detail that makes something different
    15. Retail customer
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Recurrent theme in literature or mythology
    2. Scooby doo's giant dog breed
    3. Morocco tourist area with famous medina
    4. Acquiring
    5. Lack of objectivity, one-sidedness
    6. Patterns that follow a logical order
    7. Bills of cash
    8. __ exits; safety escapes on a plane
    9. Based on feelings rather than facts
    10. Period that follows a terrible occurrence
    11. Governed by rules and legislation
    12. An avalanche or a runaway victory

Group 577

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A coffee maker in a coffee shop
    2. __ through; barely managed to pass or succeed
    3. Rectify a mistake
    4. To reuse plastic or other material
    5. Small band that holds items that open locks
    6. Star of the 1954 remake of a star is born: judy __
    7. Served cold
    8. Largest planet in our solar system
    9. Convert plain text to code to keep information safe
    10. Deteriorate after improvement in health
    11. Goods sent abroad to be sold
    12. Violent wind storm that occurs in the west pacific
    13. Deer horns
    14. Trenches found at the side of roads
    15. Player of a large-framed stringed instrument
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Can be used for identification: dental __
    2. Caught an animal with a cord trap
    3. Dome on a building roof
    4. Fundamentals; elementary parts
    5. Put quickly into water
    6. Cardboard file for keeping paperwork safe
    7. __ nature; personification of the earth as female
    8. Country formerly called portuguese west africa
    9. Beat, tempo
    10. Anne of green __, book by lucy maud montgomery
    11. Dried grape
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Fast; moving at a rapid pace
    2. Branch of nursing related to childbirth
    3. Decoration or ornament
    4. South american region shared by chile, argentina
    5. Reserving a ticket again
    6. In reverse
    7. Village person who proclaims the news
    8. Carried off by the waves
    9. Small watery sea habitats made of stones
    10. Losing all sense of calm; being extremely worried
    11. Prosperity, wealth
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Not definite
    2. Weather event with heavy precipitation
    3. Putting meat on a stick for cooking
    4. Sensible on-off love interest of bridget jones
    5. Get involved in; step in to prevent trouble
    6. Riding on someone's __; relying on others' success
    7. Mortify, make someone blush
    8. Move around freely; flow
    9. Searing, burning
    10. Name label that tells you where to sit
    11. Push-along device for trimming grass in gardens
    12. Most populous city in ecuador
    13. The living __ : 1987 bond theme sung by a-ha
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The story of a book
    2. Eavesdropped
    3. Divide, like the yolk from the egg white
    4. Someone chosen by a group to speak for them
    5. Lumps of a hard black substance used in barbecues
    6. Overhead window pane
    7. Gives the nod of approval
    8. Sport of sailing expensive, luxury boats

Group 578

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Gathered things together to form a set
    2. Type of dance competition without many rules
    3. Formal international agreements
    4. Loss of respect
    5. The act of not letting someone participate
    6. To have cut off a limb
    7. Farming tool carried in american gothic painting
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Short brawl
    2. Pest __; service to eliminate unwanted creatures
    3. Extremely old; from civilizations past
    4. Newly established tech business venture
    5. City referenced in empire state of mind
    6. Feeling, such as sadness or happiness
    7. Medical term for loss of ability to speak
    8. The f in f1, grand prix racing
    9. Visited by ghosts
    10. "double, double toil and __"
    11. Violent rotating wind phenomenon
    12. Chewing on a bone
    13. Rust away
    14. Ex-cnn reporter who married prince felipe of spain
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Without boundary, unrestricted
    2. Tropical silver fish, aggressive and predatory
    3. Mark of expertise in martial arts
    4. Name of three of henry viii's wives
    5. Formal physical gesture when meeting an employer
    6. Number of children born each year
    7. Cleared of any criminal wrongdoing
    8. Splendid, extravagant, opulent, luxurious
    9. Instructing verbally
    10. Person or ship commissioned to attack other ships
    11. Naturally occurring warm water pool
    12. Ellen __, sitcom star and tv chat show host
    13. Short news broadcasts
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. What a shareholder receives
    2. Number of people in da vinci's the last supper
    3. Replenishes with water
    4. First name of the literary character, scrooge
    5. Work in __; ongoing, constantly improving
    6. When everyone has the same rights
    7. Where passengers begin and end a journey
    8. Small laptop, or writing pad
    9. Divert, take someone's mind off something
    10. Baked, stuffed pizzas
    11. Thick fabric with a woven pattern or picture
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A game designed to test your skills or knowledge
    2. Indifference, lack of interest
    3. Superior; a more excellent choice
    4. Here, there, and everywhere: every nook and __
    5. Chickpea spread
    6. Flat dishes for eating dinner on
    7. Puts a tennis ball in play
    8. Rule of __ describes the classic photo composition
    9. Individual pieces of garlic
    10. Male hair-cutting professional
    11. Crystal that regulates time in watches
    12. Two gentlemen of __, play, cites an italian city
    13. One who redacts obscene material

Group 579

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. __ attract, says the old saying
    2. Where a sling cocktail comes from
    3. Snow vehicle
    4. Singer, band member aka emma bunton
    5. Adult who attends a party to watch over the kids
    6. Fastening with discs, down the front of a cardigan
    7. To remove dead skin by scrubbing
    8. Edible marine animals like crab or prawns
    9. To accidentally put a joint out of place
    10. Mix in with the rest of society
    11. Ruling a nation
    12. Public consciousness or knowledge
    13. Plant producing medicinal oil, or salves
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Asked for a new court case to reverse decision
    2. Type of restaurant serving udon noodle dishes
    3. Seat pads or pillows
    4. Sin city, nevada
    5. Roomie in jail
    6. Cold __; treat someone in an unfriendly way
    7. Village people hit about a brute
    8. Trilling song or call of a bird
    9. Writing that uses too many words
    10. Well known to someone
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __ dog, upside-down yoga position to stretch out
    2. Process of putting a bush or seed into the ground
    3. Keep up, conserve
    4. Overpowering, suffocating
    5. Chemical added to swimming pools to kill germs
    6. The most successful point or achievement
    7. Angela __, actress, plays sleuth jessica fletcher
    8. Movie where tom hanks talks to a volleyball
    9. Extremely hungry and desperate to eat
    10. Town or fortress that troops defend
    11. Those in authority in the armed forces
    12. Gilbert and sullivan's the pirates of __
    13. Word for pepper in spanish
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Criminal act
    2. Crying, weeping, sobbing
    3. Pour sauce onto a plate in a thin stream
    4. Harmful computer agents like trojans and viruses
    5. Spectral, spooky
    6. Event with acrobatics in the sky
    7. Heating gently
    8. Month during which halloween falls
    9. Extravagant style of 17th-century european art
    10. Make something worthy or important
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Shouted angrily, raved
    2. Modern and stylish
    3. The outermost part of an area or group
    4. European capital located on the river tagus
    5. The start of the work week for many people
    6. City in italy that had the first-known pizzeria
    7. Below-ground storage rooms for priceless things
    8. Hexed with a spell
    9. Disney musical famous for idina menzel's let it go
    10. Wildest members of the dog family
    11. Recluses, outsiders, hermits
    12. Where birds sit by windows

Group 580

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Making less wobbly
    2. Wins; opposite of defeats
    3. __ deficit hyperactivity disorder, or adhd
    4. Internet articles aimed to grab your attention
    5. Agile with the hands
    6. Bee-made treat
    7. Peaceful subtitle of john lennon hit happy xmas
    8. Inspecting
    9. Someone who has fallen behind
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Spa facility with hot, wet air; a sauna
    2. Spinning or rotating column of air
    3. Bring an escaped prisoner back into custody
    4. Optical __; pictures that fool your eyes
    5. At this moment
    6. Voice amplifier in the shape of a cone
    7. Mementoes, small valuable items
    8. Version or performance of a piece of music
    9. African lion hunting dog breed: rhodesian __
    10. To obtain something through force or threats
    11. The globe is divided into 24 longitudinal sections
    12. Put into practice
    13. Shortening a book
    14. People who work machinery
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Shy; embarrassed
    2. Big charity that collects funds for disaster relief
    3. Impromptu gathering rallied by social media
    4. Producing petals or flowers
    5. Activities related to government
    6. Barely hot
    7. Performing backstroke or butterfly
    8. Sleeping mattress that is filled with liquid
    9. Selling like __; flying off the shelves quickly
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Dian __, us zoologist studied mountain gorillas
    2. Rounded at the top like a doorway
    3. Treasure covered with earth, hidden underground
    4. Informal name for champagne or other fizz
    5. Highly attractive, enticing quality
    6. Deep gorge in cliffs
    7. Weekly or monthly payment from an employer
    8. Marvel or dc publications
    9. Recollection of a past experience
    10. A vote, with options to choose between
    11. A track, for mountain biking or skiing
    12. Chastise, discipline
    13. Adrenaline __; one who enjoys dangerous activities
    14. To add someone on a social network
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. What many people do before they exercise
    2. Mountain containing lava
    3. Winter sport for flying daredevils only
    4. Signs, pictograms
    5. What was used before gps or digital navigation
    6. Wearable audio/video device for the police, say
    7. Quick dish of sautéed vegetables, noodles in a wok
    8. Nationality of novelist leo tolstoy
    9. Removing soap from dishes with water
    10. A refuge from bad weather
    11. Wtg means this; well done!
    12. Ready and prepared to act
    13. Taking a child off the mother's milk
    14. Business id holder looped around the neck
    15. Spirit guides