Group 741

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Concentrated coffee
    2. Shouted deep and loud
    3. Shoreline of a freshwater body
    4. Independent, nonconformist, a rebel
    5. Checked someone's blood for diseases
    6. Recipe-filled reference work
    7. Strong negative reaction
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Alcoholic beverage, anagram of pet lip
    2. Pain __, tablet for relieving pain
    3. Harry potter and the __ child
    4. Murtaugh and riggs find chaos in __ weapon
    5. Crunchy and thin
    6. __ union, act that merged the scandinavian thrones
    7. Desiring a family, clucky
    8. Fixation, object of infatuation or obsession
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. State of consciousness
    2. __ and ashes, a show of repentence
    3. __ box escape; houdini stunt in a submerged crate
    4. Coming home, coming back
    5. Hop-drying farm building
    6. Outlandish or extravagant
    7. Having mutual understanding with another
    8. Attendant or companion in the royal household
    9. Novel by herman melville and opera by britten
    10. Roasted skin of a pork joint
    11. Customer support once a purchase has been made
    12. Start legal proceedings against a suspect
    13. In melville's tale, bartleby was one
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. One who is skilled in the secrets of anything
    2. Annual book with info on dates, weather, etc.
    3. American __; antique collectors reality show
    4. Sound __; added noises to create extra drama
    5. Destructive beetles of grains, flour stores, etc
    6. Splitting off from an iceberg
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. "before you could say jack __"
    2. Surfeit, surplus, over-abundance
    3. Covering your eyes with your hand in embarrassment
    4. Run lines; practice for a performance
    5. Make something better with new ideas
    6. Run-off from packed ice crystals
    7. Family home that features in austen's persuasion
    8. Use them for cutting paper or even pizza

Group 742

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Vicarage or rectory
    2. 1586 conspiracy to kill queen elizabeth i: __ plot
    3. Knocked into a __, means to outdo or defeat
    4. Exciting, breathtaking
    5. Sentiments of welcome
    6. Acoustic music, e.g. without electric effects
    7. Wobbly sea creature with fronds
    8. Graphic that shows relative prominence of words
    9. Little sausages in bacon make pigs in blankets
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Sunglasses and a fake moustache form this
    2. Offers advice or a shoulder to cry on
    3. Southern african round hut with conical roof
    4. Sweet alternative to wax for hair removal
    5. Service that comes to your door with parcels
    6. Achieved this outcome, __ in this outcome
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Plant used to feed livestock, also called lucerne
    2. Stained, blemished
    3. State of the ozone layer
    4. Plans, instructions for building houses
    5. Nickname for uk-france connecting underpass
    6. Not short in extent
    7. Shouted at a comedian to disrupt the show
    8. Characteristic of a russian dictator
    9. Rogers centre's old name, home to the blue jays
    10. Don't stop believin' band
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Pod save america podcaster jon __
    2. Waved, coiled
    3. Begin typing in from the margin
    4. More than one person
    5. Physical proof to enter
    6. Globe shape, like a bubble or planet
    7. Italian sweet pastries eaten at venice's carnevale
    8. "living the life of __"
    9. Goal, bulls-eye
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Personal characteristics, the essence of someone
    2. Canadian iss astronaut chris, who sang in space
    3. Capital of occitanie
    4. The stone closest to the centre circle in curling
    5. Emollient in cosmetics; anagram of aqua lens
    6. Puffed out, covered in whale meat
    7. Male horse that has not been castrated
    8. Improvised rhythmic talking

Group 743

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Laughing softly or quietly
    2. Large, baritone brass instrument
    3. Bashful, self-effacing
    4. Loyal death eater __ lestrange
    5. Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks
    6. Figure-skating move in an arabesque position
    7. It keeps the grass cut
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Program telling a computer how to do something
    2. Animals such as llamas, alpacas and dromedaries
    3. Irish nightly headless horseman
    4. Stickler, disciplinarian; anagram of emit rant
    5. Spock is a main character in this tv series
    6. Meat, tofu, and veggies in sugary soy sauce
    7. Painted using deft dabbing strokes
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Another word for smooches
    2. Cancels, renders invalid
    3. __ machine, for making a cup of beans
    4. __ berlin; songwriter who wrote white christmas
    5. __ snedeker, 2012 fedex golf champion
    6. Rum tum __, a curious cat
    7. Early movie cowboy, starred in lone star ranger
    8. Of or relating to killer whales
    9. Humorous genre that uses irony
    10. Name of poldark's horse in the tv show
    11. Where an emperor or king lives
    12. Buddhist cave monuments in maharashtra, india
    13. Family guy's fictional, bivalve town
    14. Middle ages, hip-length sleeveless top
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Sign up for regularly sent content
    2. Overhead slide-displaying device
    3. Cocktail of gin, cointreau and lemon juice
    4. Narrow passages between houses and streets
    5. Fenced-in area for pets
    6. Gary __; lead singer of snow patrol
    7. Provide amusement, put on a show
    8. Walking unsteadily, wobbling
    9. Ruling monarch
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The great __ baking show
    2. Consider again, alter original plans
    3. A popular brand of permanent markers
    4. Revived, united, came together
    5. Aversion to something, not loved
    6. Spicy, not salty
    7. First and last name of the man lusting for lolita
    8. Three-pronged symbol on the flag of barbados
    9. __ freak; someone who needs to feel in charge
    10. Hotel __, ny establishment where sid vicious died

Group 744

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Bars, clubs, vibrant things to do in the evening
    2. Individual after whom a literary work is named
    3. Yellow poplar, state tree of indiana and kentucky
    4. Contract where no regular work is guaranteed
    5. Spaceman, like neil armstrong
    6. Superiority, of a higher rank
    7. Crumbly meaty salad topping
    8. Warmly, like an invitation
    9. Lewis & harris town, center of the western isles
    10. Soap with no fragrance
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Columbian she wolf and beautiful liar singer
    2. British dairy milk confectionery company
    3. Online local community and classified ads site
    4. Basque wall and ball game with throwing baskets
    5. Gone __! sign to tell folks you are absent
    6. The __, pool player felson beats minnesota fats
    7. Administrative divisions of switzerland
    8. Short interviews with members of the public
    9. Decaying animal flesh
    10. Smallest, most minute
    11. Fabric with a raised design made from fancy thread
    12. Take in as food
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Itemised desires, wants or needs
    2. Initials on a towel, for example
    3. Rise and fall, roll
    4. __ tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued
    5. Shadows created on the face with makeup
    6. Catholic leader chosen in opposition
    7. Support, shore up
    8. Ann __, wrote bel canto
    9. Came into view suddenly
    10. Chinese white copper
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. "seven for a __ never to be told": magpie lore
    2. Control for channel surfing
    3. Relating to lines, especially straight ones
    4. Department store and inland sea in canada: __ bay
    5. Lars __; metallica's danish drummer
    6. Where you lay your head at night
    7. Watch clowns and acrobats in action here
    8. Shrines welcoming souls back to the living realm
    9. __ scott, who directed the first alien movie
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Candice __, south african catwalk model
    2. Native of kinshasa or brazzaville
    3. Putting off, discouraging
    4. Horseplay, boisterousness, jolly japes
    5. Asian mountain system with the famous khyber pass
    6. Shorebird also called a snipe or curlew
    7. Talk show host who rose to fame in hairspray
    8. In an energetic way, despite being elderly

Group 745

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Looking around a shop before making a purchase
    2. Listing an actor in movie credits
    3. The only japanese song to top the billboard 100
    4. Strains, stresses
    5. Snooty, condescending, toffee-nosed
    6. Diving, dropping to the bottom of the ocean
    7. Roped off
    8. John __, animator-producer who gave birth to woody
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Falsified, bribed, acted dishonestly
    2. A nursery, kindergarten or nanny provides this
    3. Vintage sparkling french fizz
    4. Briefness, concision, brevity
    5. Pastoralists who tend lambs and ewes
    6. The study of plant medicine
    7. Order given on a parade ground
    8. Unattached person, such as bridget jones
    9. Drawing device and style with a nib and a well
    10. Arthur __, british pm and duke of wellington
    11. U-shaped body of water, also called a billabong
    12. Leave a light on and just you and i singer
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __ broadcast; not transmitted from a studio
    2. Tristan __, volcanic islands in the atlantic
    3. A trick to get attention
    4. Some say this is caring
    5. Tutor preparing a student for an exam
    6. Mythical, flying creatures that breathe fire
    7. Person who neatens and washes a home
    8. Singer frank, who sold over 150 million records
    9. Dried up, dehydrated
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Dashes that represent missing letters or words
    2. Country where the mamara sea is located
    3. A locomotive; a machine of moving parts
    4. And you come to me on a summer __
    5. Largest sand island in the world: __ island
    6. Shakespeare's longest play
    7. __ duck, classic mandarin dish named after a city
    8. Architect for the sacre-coeur basilica: paul __
    9. Not long ago
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Carries on, does not stop or end
    2. A priority, the number one thing on the list
    3. __ orbiter was world's 1st non-stop balloon flight
    4. Dick __, flying ace/racing driver with pal muttley
    5. Add two plus three to a golden wedding
    6. Hoofed mammals
    7. Fast food-shaped telephone in juno
    8. Gangster, extortioner
    9. __ d; jack black's musical venture
    10. Heart radio breakfast presenter, jamie __

Group 746

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Hug, cuddle, clasp
    2. Humility, lack of vanity
    3. People who grade or rate a movie
    4. Put back together, resembling the original state
    5. Long-necked animal with brown patches
    6. Dublin's anna livia statue, the floozie in the __
    7. Popular professional wrestler, the ultimate __
    8. Mythical ancestral land of the polynesian people
    9. Expressed gratitude
    10. The butler's name in top cat, voiced by paul frees
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Swedish "royal" sponge cake topped with marzipan
    2. The __, jane austen's final unfinished project
    3. The evil dead's series director
    4. Self-__ litter box, no poop scooping required
    5. Classification group for putting things into
    6. The use of more words than necessary
    7. Fight or wrestle on a topic
    8. Minor acting roles
    9. Stage name of heavy metal singer marvin lee aday
    10. Ideas can be run up this staff
    11. French for seasickness
    12. Jim __, aviator and husband of amy johnson
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Lippy for use in freezing cold weather
    2. Maximum bit-per-second rate for data transfer
    3. Groups of performers, especially musical in nature
    4. Refusing to see or look after someone any longer
    5. Utilizes, makes use of , e.g. power, resources
    6. County __, westernmost northern ireland county
    7. Vilify, smear
    8. Swiss hotel chain - and ice cream brand
    9. Hearth at the base of a chimney
    10. __ camera, domed reading room of the bodleian
    11. Peaks, highest points
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Root vegetables glazed with honey
    2. This band is still into you
    3. Strong and with impact
    4. Poem by keats about a mythological shepherd
    5. The #1 place to go #2
    6. Newspaper death notice
    7. The study of time
    8. A term for people with brown hair
    9. Influential filmmaker of taxi driver, raging bull
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Sprinkler to stand under instead of taking a bath
    2. Unsophisticated country folk
    3. Massachusetts place, the athens of the new world
    4. The italian title of benito mussolini
    5. In harry potter, one without magic skills
    6. Producer mark, co-wrote shallow with lady gaga
    7. Quality of being extremely pleasing to the eye
    8. When harry met sally director rob __

Group 747

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Imaginative in an artistic way
    2. Victorian poet of the charge of the light brigade
    3. __ house, dublin, home of the irish legislature
    4. Long russian island to the north of japan
    5. Film starring alec guinness: "kind hearts and __"
    6. The nike brand's slogan
    7. Woody climbing plants with showy blooms
    8. Playing the odds
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Webby, streamy, shorty
    2. __ phelge, pseudonym for stones' songwriting team
    3. Margot __, lois lane to chris reeve's superman
    4. Nuts that go in sweet pies
    5. Martha __, the foremost ballerina of modern dance
    6. Country where women outlive men by the most years
    7. __ of the king; last of lord of the rings trilogy
    8. Villain actor, dr. cecil __, in bolt
    9. Wicker baskets used by fishermen
    10. Unit of pressure; 17th-century mathematician
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Take precedence over
    2. __ saving time, or dst
    3. Vital, key
    4. Hunting game animals
    5. Aquarium
    6. Huge particle accelerator is the large hadron this
    7. Maghrebi staple of wheat semolina balls
    8. Exciting, holding one's attention
    9. Beatle song anagram of "got to cheer me": come __
    10. Tv series about the machinations of thos cromwell
    11. Irreligion, or a heathen belief system
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Illustrations and other drawn material in a book
    2. Traditional russian pinafore-style folk dress
    3. __ call, final bow at the end of a stage play
    4. Welcome end-of-stage screen message for gamers
    5. Sanctuary or secluded place to go and relax
    6. Big cat that cannot change its spots
    7. A expert craftsman that makes things by hand
    8. Terence conran's 1960s homewares company
    9. First to settle
    10. Spanish tipple of wine, fruit juice and spices
    11. __ disease, condition also known as the bends
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Covered something richly, like with jewels
    2. Thick, fleshy plant that easily retains water
    3. Black-and-white seabird, with "william" origins
    4. Someone who follows behind, at the back
    5. White tiger that injured stage magician roy
    6. Collection of an artist's works in a folder
    7. Built battlements

Group 748

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Linked to harassment, being followed too closely
    2. Leaned one way, at an angle
    3. __ steve, film starring sandra bullock as a setter
    4. The r in a labratory's r&d
    5. __ lenin; first leader of the soviet union
    6. Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye
    7. Teachers hand them out in workbooks for good work
    8. Quick meals such as hamburgers, fries
    9. __ club, place where mycroft holmes socializes
    10. Weights on library shelves
    11. Simple, effortless
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Leonardo's "angled" invention used on canal gates
    2. Having sudden, fanciful or odd ideas
    3. Film director responsible for american beauty
    4. Alternative name for shakespeare's henry v
    5. In a soft voice or under one's breath
    6. Toothed circle that engages with a bike's links
    7. Actress star of barbarella
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Disposal of dead bodies underground
    2. Homes in the ground made by rabbits, chipmunks...
    3. Mary __; patented a retractable dog leash in 1908
    4. __ plan, map drawn up for a wedding breakfast
    5. Eastern tube stop and trainspotting song
    6. Kahunas are traditional religious leaders or __
    7. Scaling the __, achieving incredible success
    8. Ian __ wrote the james bond books
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Extravagance, expensive comfort
    2. J-j __, stranglers' bassist with a french name
    3. Principality at the south of france
    4. Ruling dynasty of thailand since 1782
    5. __ land, the happiest place on earth
    6. Chewy chocolate filling, made with nuts and honey
    7. All __ day is also the day of the dead's first day
    8. __ acid; aqua fortis, corrosive mineral acid
    9. The occupation of lady godiva's peeping tom
    10. Performing on stage; taking on a temporary role
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Words to songs
    2. Clean-__, describes a male free from whiskers
    3. Kings had food tasters to test for this
    4. Walking out deep into the sea
    5. Billy __, lead child with hawk in barry hines' kes
    6. Souk, market
    7. Princess __, the heir to the spanish throne
    8. Stephen __; theatre director of an inspector calls
    9. __ wabbit, how elmer fudd describes bugs bunny
    10. __ floss; website with facts and trivia lists
    11. Personal male servants, like jeeves
    12. __ 4; first us spacecraft to reach the moon
    13. Poverty, destitution
    14. Speak ill of, slander
    15. Ornamental, decorative knob
    16. __ gardens, florence's open-air parkland
    17. Large measure of spirits
    18. I'm so hungry, i could eat __; ambitious idiom

Group 749

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Accessory made of precious metals and stones
    2. Put something in with a letter
    3. Ancient greek astronomer who wrote the almagest
    4. Individual sitting for a tattoo
    5. Pail or container
    6. Flat __; ultra-thin boy from children's books
    7. Energetic polish dance in triple time
    8. Starts a fire with small sticks
    9. Travel agents' classically named booking system
    10. Alan __, dramatist of the history boys
    11. __ balls, hard sweets with a kernel inside
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Small colorful budgerigar
    2. Romp with another dog at their house
    3. High, andes lake between peru and bolivia
    4. Fruity and chewy, they don't actually contain vino
    5. Holey bowl for straining pasta
    6. __ whist, basic trick-taking card game
    7. Paradise and rock of ages actress, __ hough
    8. Walks in a weary, trudged, foot-dragging way
    9. Written collection of numbered entries
    10. Ominous, eerie
    11. Chris morris's satire created alarm and fake news
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Theatre of the __, works of beckett, ionesco, etc
    2. Stared at open-mouthed
    3. Fc __; popular dutch football club from enschede
    4. Slanderous remarks, slurs
    5. An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious
    6. Mike __, luke cage star
    7. Zen meditations
    8. Wine and its region from hungary
    9. __ who, alien who travels in a tardis
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Ridiculously complicated and unnecessary processes
    2. Ink that can't be erased
    3. Introduced or spread by accident, e.g. a weed
    4. To miss something from the past
    5. The space-time __
    6. Having lower limbs that curve outwards at the knee
    7. Author of the godfather novels
    8. Actor knight who starred as scott of the antarctic
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Teetering
    2. Equestrian __; acrobatic gymnastics on horseback
    3. Ring where one keeps their lock openers
    4. Cherry __, budding flowers on a tree
    5. Having no worries, being happy-go-lucky
    6. They oversee safety at motorsport races
    7. Warm, milky dessert made from durum wheat
    8. Continuous, without a break

Group 750

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. She __ to conquer, theatrical comedy by goldsmith
    2. Spooky, unnerving
    3. Dishonest tradesman, not only in the wild west
    4. City of a hundred __, describes prague's buildings
    5. Special stand-out painting for one or two nails
    6. __ kasady; marvel supervillain, host of carnage
    7. Luxury chocolatier named for naked horsewoman
    8. Hardy __, doleful-looking non-laughing hyena
    9. Multiplying shivers in song from grease musical
    10. __ passage, coastal route from seattle to skagway
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Flame __, substance that slows the spread of fire
    2. Erasure ep featuring covers of sos and voulez-vous
    3. London art gallery of the young british artists
    4. Variety entertainment shows of the victorian era
    5. Spider who hyped up her pig friend
    6. Expressing passionate grief
    7. A chart of planetary placements during an event
    8. Done in a badly behaved way
    9. Keith waterhouse play about a daydreamer
    10. Vintage playthings
    11. Protuberance, extra extremity
    12. Pcs or other data processors
    13. When a wound goes bad if not kept clean
    14. Yowling, howling sound of felines
    15. Kent mansion, grace-and-favour home of foreign sec
    16. A superfood, tiny black pods from salvia hispanica
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Crusting over of a wound or tattoo
    2. Misty __; american ballet theatre principal dancer
    3. A prison island in san francisco
    4. Scribbles, notes, random thoughts
    5. On-air mention on the radio
    6. Become less gloomy
    7. Bloodiness
    8. __ islands; islas malvinas in the atlantic ocean
    9. Architectural spaces in a half-moon shape
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. French beauty house, sounds like lengthy hairbrush
    2. Long-distance triathlon race
    3. Worshipped
    4. Carlos's band with a 1999 hit album supernatural
    5. Ascended
    6. 6 times the amount
    7. Protein molecules that work as catalysts
    8. Genre of television where the kardashians thrive
    9. Wildcat __, worker action of an unofficial nature
    10. Philip __; welsh inventor of the ball bearing
    11. Film-set assistant to chief electrician
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Jokers, wags, writers of farces
    2. Breaks into tiny little pieces
    3. Turns down, e.g. an invitation
    4. __ films, or cartoons
    5. Fungal skin disease with circular red patches
    6. Italian region with its capital at milan
    7. Spicy pepper that originated in mexico (spa.)
    8. Call __, be in charge of decision making

Group 751

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Immature, childish
    2. Creasing, scrunching, collapsing
    3. They rode their bikes at over 100mph!
    4. Archaic/insulting term for a psychiatric hospital
    5. Afeared place of confinement for victorians
    6. The seeds inside the fruit in the garden of eden
    7. Highest mountain peak in guatemala: __ volcano
    8. Murder mystery in book, play or film form
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. At a gradient, inclined
    2. Wool __, process of preparing fibre for spinning
    3. Someone who is up with the dawn, a bird metaphor
    4. Colour that closely resembles azure, cobalt, etc
    5. Long lasting, not fragile
    6. The dirty old town referred to by ewan maccoll
    7. Billy __, the protagonist of slaughterhouse five
    8. Fame and notoriety
    9. Baiting; entrapping
    10. Strut or stride in an exaggerated manner
    11. Absorbent porous pads used for soaking up spills
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Miss, ignore, don't see something
    2. Elizabeth __; developed anti-fungal drugs
    3. Theatrically striking
    4. __ bridge; home ground of chelsea fc
    5. Sacha baron cohen played one who led wadiya
    6. Leave no trace actress thomasin __
    7. Bacharach and david tune for dionne warwick et al
    8. Making a noise like a reversing truck
    9. As tough as __; very strong and resilient
    10. One of the four fines herbes of french cooking
    11. Anything but king, queen or jack in a deck
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Toxin, venom
    2. Thin metal rod for cooking cubed meat on
    3. First head of the luftwaffe: hermann __
    4. Disappointment, sadness, consternation
    5. Shaking and rolling of the shoulders in dance
    6. Auctioneer's platform
    7. Red gemstone, not ruby
    8. Tiny flies that live near water
    9. Fizz such as champagne, prosecco
    10. Valerie __, of rhoda and the mary tyler moore show
    11. Andrew rea's online cooking show binging with __
    12. Literary usage to sweep a female away by force
    13. __ ball, fluffy, throwaway ball for makeup removal
    14. Bafta-winning actress, __ bonham carter
    15. Flushed red in the face
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Huge cooking vessel in which to make casseroles
    2. Scottish folk song and dance gatherings
    3. Small jobs or chores to carry out
    4. Make mine music is the 8th __ films of wwii era
    5. Royal __; grant issued by the monarch
    6. Poisonous plant of the nightshade family
    7. Queen liliuokalani was the last sovereign this
    8. State bordering montana on the south
    9. Waist __, clothing item that pulls the midriff in
    10. Italian sieved tomatoes for sauce-making

Group 752

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Hayabusa2 landed on one called ryugu
    2. Combines ingredients to create a dish
    3. Grips in the palm
    4. Groaning, making a grating sound
    5. Male kids fathered by one not their father
    6. Slang for being drunk or decisively beaten
    7. Engraved object that carries magical powers
    8. Devotees of the life and works of jane austen
    9. Former emperor of japan; father of akihito
    10. Family that contains plane trees
    11. Roald __; first explorer to reach the south pole
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Prevents a yawn
    2. Naysayers, people who analyse theatre plays
    3. Rally driver tommi __, world title-winner 1996-9
    4. Loving and friskily romantic
    5. Flexible kitchen tool for scraping out bowls
    6. Pattern of usual daily habits
    7. Listening intently with undivided attention
    8. __ and dogbert, office worker and his sidekick
    9. Repeat performances
    10. Showy flowers; anagram of pie nose
    11. Elias __, freemason founded a museum in oxford
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my __
    2. Pasta strand from the far east
    3. Five-__ rule; hygiene myth for dropped food
    4. Lucky number __; 2006 morgan freeman thriller
    5. Not certain about something
    6. Brings things into correct position
    7. Spoon used for mixing cake batter
    8. Adjusting a radio receiver to find a station
    9. One who causes harmful or improper treatment
    10. Resting on the buttocks
    11. Regal baseball side based in kansas city
    12. North african orthodox honorific title for bishops
    13. Hired, paid to use
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Portable sun umbrella
    2. Bread of medieval britain: anagram of "tech man"
    3. Put a comforting arm around someone
    4. Give hope, ease the grief
    5. Bertie __, wodehouse's foppish english gentleman
    6. Humans recreationally returning to nature
    7. Altered
    8. Satisfy desires
    9. Pin __, sewer's padded needle-holder
    10. Alkaline earth metal found in limestone
    11. Northern european country with many islands
    12. Timmy, who had a cockatiel called magic
    13. The graduate dustin __
    14. Temple __: pioneered humane livestock restraints
    15. Breathing heavily
    16. Opera singer jenny lind: aka the __ nightingale
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Mughal emperor also known as alamgir
    2. Cutting, edgy, sharp; anagram of ant trench
    3. Handed over a package to the correct recipient
    4. Every __; first novel in charlie parker series
    5. French puff pastry tart filled with almond cream
    6. Governance in the hands of philosophers
    7. Allan __, foiled a plot to assassinate abe lincoln

Group 753

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sons of a brother
    2. An online journalist or writer
    3. Field, ride, struthers, collectively by first name
    4. Norma __, faded star of sunset boulevard
    5. __ of asha, hit single of 1997 for cornershop
    6. Someone's ruin or downfall
    7. Marked-down, __ than the previous price
    8. Device for cutting shapes, holes, notches in paper
    9. Gothic portuguese monastery and heritage site
    10. Vegetable whose red variety is purple and white
    11. Novel with a happily ever after loving partnership
    12. __ lamp, light source in a sun bed
    13. What's left after ocean water evaporates
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Seeds and legumes
    2. Reveal or disclose, e.g. a secret or criminal
    3. Boar avatar of lord vishnu
    4. Shout from the audience directed to performer
    5. Temple dancer who meets tragic end in la bayadère
    6. Stinky, black and white animals
    7. Resumes, restarts
    8. Describes different-colored yarn strands effect
    9. Running, football and tennis are all these
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Agreeing to take something
    2. Uni on the river cam attended by isaac newton
    3. Describes hands or leaves shaped as a kitchen tool
    4. Zapp __, captain of the starship nimbus
    5. Name for newborn seals, describes their look
    6. Peggy __-hicks, aussie composer of opera sappho
    7. Strived or toiled
    8. Pair of entertainers who work together
    9. Contest between yachts over the same course
    10. Scientist, he developed vaccines for polio and flu
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Friends and __, the kin you spend new year with
    2. Rendering insensible
    3. Intoning, reciting a simple song
    4. __ cattle, red-white cows from the west of england
    5. Those who are taking part in a competition
    6. Same as gmt, according to the phonetic language
    7. Appoints, offers employment
    8. The god __, richard dawkins on lack of faith
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A lens for only one eye
    2. Bring them an apple and you'll become their pet
    3. Prickling feeling that makes you want to scratch
    4. Orinoco, bungo and wellington, the __
    5. Turned upside down
    6. To receive something from your ancestors
    7. Catalan-speaking italian commune in sardinia
    8. Square chocolate baked good
    9. Bernard __; french cyclist with badger nickname
    10. German chemist who developed the use of aspirin
    11. Love story, __ and thisbe enacted by "mechanicals"
    12. Comic book monster based on algonquian legend
    13. Lacking rain
    14. Apollo's twin sister; greek goddess of hunting
    15. Fabric worn around sleeve, for identification
    16. Stunt in which david blaine balanced on a pillar

Group 754

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sanskrit name for mountain posture
    2. Perfect reflection of a pattern
    3. Gabbing, light talk
    4. She was a spy during world war i
    5. Someone who is easy to influence
    6. Holly __, played by lois chiles in moonraker
    7. Noisy device for power cutting or chopping trees
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Unexpectedly halted vehicle engine
    2. Only english city excommunicated by the pope
    3. The moving of palm trees in a breeze
    4. Update with news on road and rail conditions
    5. Make someone feel alone
    6. Hard worker, labourer
    7. Greeting that means hello in french
    8. An event where people are married
    9. Greedily taking something for yourself, like a pig
    10. Dominic __; vin diesel's fast and the furious role
    11. Emotion, such as love, without end
    12. __ wardrobe, restricted number of clothes items
    13. George __, bond of on her majesty's secret service
    14. A person who explores an unfamiliar place
    15. Dense bunch, like with stars
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Straight partner in a comedy relationship
    2. Seam __, forked tool that tears away at threads
    3. Old term for the past participle of blend
    4. City of __, floral sobriquet for florence
    5. Country that won the 2018 fifa world cup
    6. Together with hydrogen, it makes water
    7. Quirk, peculiarity
    8. David __, lead singer of the temptations
    9. Screechy sound-making dial up device
    10. Feel sorry and repentant
    11. Cousin of beatrix potter's benjamin bunny
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Exchanged one thing for another
    2. Vow __, pledging marriage promises again
    3. Another term for a booking in football
    4. __ bricks, bright construction toy with bristles
    5. Small-holed jars for salt and pepper
    6. Starring role, the most important one
    7. Forecast something based on the current status
    8. Sea __, someone in charge of a merchant ship
    9. Inactive secret agent for potential future mission
    10. Lake __, rift valley body of water aka rudolf
    11. Heiau are these ancient places of worship
    12. John cabot's ship in which he reached america
    13. Wolf whistle, jeer
    14. Device that puts a word doc onto a piece of paper
    15. Got something deviously, contrived, finagled
    16. Includes peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Old name for margarine when introduced in england
    2. Vital equipment for a wave catcher
    3. Oven that cooks via radiation
    4. Backing of creative types by wealthy investors
    5. Individual costs of items
    6. The __, spoof musical with springtime for hitler
    7. Mounds made by the wind on a beach
    8. Grossed out; turned off

Group 755

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Afterword or addendum in a book
    2. Long, thin french stick of bread
    3. A parent's father
    4. __ boards; wooden strips at the base of walls
    5. Caught in a trap
    6. Spot for pedestrians to get to the other side
    7. Round collar named after boy who never grows up
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Adventures, capers
    2. Blue-flowered veronica species
    3. Changing partners during a dance (a man's name)
    4. Strip of road reserved purely for bicycle users
    5. John __, founder of international law firm in 1838
    6. Queen's 1984 hit frequently heard on the airwaves
    7. Machine for showing motion pictures on a screen
    8. Legally allowing someone to carry out something
    9. __ island, piratical movie, a box-office flop
    10. Shiftily, attempting to avoid detection
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Made all the plans
    2. China __, movie with jane fonda and jack lemmon
    3. Hit song by destiny's child; perseverant person
    4. Soundly sleeping
    5. A convenience at a festival or on a building site
    6. __ dirt; deep-rooted grime
    7. Young male bridal attendants
    8. __-up box, a repository for fancy dress items
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Paperwork for registering an invention
    2. Gary __, south african golfer, winning nine majors
    3. To be in a bad mood; rainy weather
    4. James __, comedian who responds to spam emails
    5. Decorated women's headgear tied under the chin
    6. The __ man, pagan effigy and a cult british film
    7. Lower leg muscles found at the back
    8. A tattoo shop or artist's workplace
    9. Teeth-cleaning twig
    10. Wreck, plunder or damage
    11. Cautiously aloof
    12. __ grass, vegetation used to shore up sand dunes
    13. Lotus-__, lazy and stupefied types
    14. Deficits, money not recouped
    15. Herbaceous plant used in nigerian soups
    16. Jelly roll __, pianist who wrote king porter stomp
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A large and luxurious home
    2. Rectangle showing off cross-stitching skills
    3. Jean __ worked with perrot to choreograph giselle
    4. Edible viscera of a fowl
    5. Became too big or old for something
    6. Anne of __, queen, the so-called flanders mare
    7. Con, lie
    8. Composer of "the fairy queen": henry __
    9. Advertising's major new york avenue

Group 756

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Assimilate, take in and retain information
    2. Loose dry particles, like cosmetic foundation
    3. Night of the long __, incident in germany in 1934
    4. __ ball; sphere that spookily floats under a cloth
    5. Luke __; dicaprio's character in growing pains
    6. Rational __ theory, a theory of economics
    7. __ q. harcourt, big boss of milo in atlantis
    8. Fox & __, uk pub name in former hunt areas
    9. Cloud-__-land, an imaginary utopia
    10. Novel by chinua achebe: a man of the __
    11. Margaret __; "lady edison" paper-bag inventor
    12. Sugarloaf mountain country in south america
    13. __ out; basketball technique to obtain rebounds
    14. Most current
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Subdued, scolded biblically
    2. First-named military man in the british grenadiers
    3. Tinkerings, dippings into other people's business
    4. Witness that can speak to person’s good name
    5. Saying one thing, but doing the exact opposite
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Author of the da vinci code
    2. A made-up alias used instead of the real one
    3. A castle, and a metonym for n irish government
    4. Extinct flightless seabird
    5. __ like flies, means falling in large numbers
    6. Startle someone
    7. A traffic jam, especially on a motorway
    8. Rigid disciplinarian
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. British phonographic industry's music gong
    2. Childish, babyish
    3. Overnight party for school friends
    4. The __, paranormal horror starring vera farmiga
    5. Girlfriend of the sundance kid
    6. Very small, colourful chalets at the seaside
    7. One of d'artagnan's three henchmen
    8. To have the __, be in an advantageous position
    9. Having met specific qualifications
    10. Famous park and palace in potsdam, germany
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. People in the military have to wear this
    2. Student cafeteria, or a store for food and drinks
    3. Most profound or sincere; e.g. __ condolences
    4. Cath __; british modern vintage brand
    5. __ castellanos, mexican poet and writer
    6. Played two shots on a par three in golf
    7. Friendly and pleasant
    8. Woven recepticles
    9. Married, joined in matrimony
    10. Steals salmon or pheasants
    11. Blanket-toting linus's last name
    12. Professional singer or dancer

Group 757

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Name of the moneylender in merchant of venice
    2. Defensive structure at the base of a fortification
    3. Fragments of metallic plastic used to adorn
    4. Siegfried's stage performance partner
    5. Walk in an arrogant or confident way
    6. Teddy __; dicaprio's shutter island character
    7. What you are do when you drink water
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Underwater vessel used for exploration or military
    2. Sudden, genius idea
    3. Chairs, tables, and desks
    4. Tackling problems in a sensible, practical way
    5. Evergreen shrubs that grow in the chaparral
    6. Teetering at the brink
    7. Thin atmosphere on the moon
    8. Hand __, wound-on material protects punching hands
    9. Mr __, loved by harriet and emma's suitor in emma
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Hired help who tends to plants and shrubbery
    2. Town and county in leinster province
    3. Revive or reignite an old relationship
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A channel for smoke to leave a fireplace
    2. Harsh noise made by dogs
    3. Applicant, participant in a race
    4. Staple of new york city: statue of __
    5. Guarantees that something will happen
    6. The __ of the western world, play by j m synge
    7. Paul __; british stage and television hypnotist
    8. Eggs cooked shell-less in water
    9. French island territory near mozambique
    10. Moderate, lessen, appease
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Group of supporting singers, dancers or musicians
    2. End a meeting or book
    3. Slow-moving with exaggeratedly slow footsteps
    4. Any army aircraft for battles
    5. Bird island's true name, located off of oahu
    6. Makeup technique for smooth foundation
    7. __ cry; rousing battle call
    8. Gyrated like a belly dancer
    9. High priest who accused jesus christ of blasphemy
    10. Linda __, recording artist of blue bayou
    11. Advance reservations for flights, hotels, trains

Group 758

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Working out the possibilities
    2. Late __, slow developer
    3. Pretend to be another person to entertain others
    4. Lessening, like a storm
    5. Glamorous vitality, flamboyance
    6. Shoemaker, miguel rivera's dad in coco
    7. In conflict or competition with someone
    8. Devotional letters written to a star
    9. Play __, entertainment from queen
    10. Vanilla __, stronger than vanilla essence
    11. Removing fluff and particles from surfaces at home
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A ww1 equine called joey is central to this tale
    2. Diver who performs underwater research
    3. Brash, cocky
    4. King __; three-headed godzilla monster
    5. Banana brand with blue-and-yellow sticker
    6. Government run by king or queen
    7. Bicycle with assisted pedal power
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Pitman or gregg, for example
    2. Singer known as little miss dynamite
    3. Huge fashion footwear, used on lunar surfaces?
    4. Hurley, banks and montgomery, for example
    5. Inflicted public humiliation on someone
    6. Using finger to indicate someone should approach
    7. With a pleasant taste or aroma, appetizing
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Curtain __; opening act ahead of main attraction
    2. Cutlery items for putting flour into a bowl
    3. Stripy-tailed primates on madagascar
    4. Wavy lines
    5. Flaw
    6. __ l crews; nasa inventor of a space bumper
    7. Michel __, russian choreographer of ballets russes
    8. Feathers __, evil penguin, foe of wallace & gromit
    9. Dense wooded area where trails are formed
    10. Alternative to "fight"
    11. __ mushrooms. small rounded white edible fungi
    12. Thickos, like laurel and hardy at oxford uni
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Something to do, such as swimming or painting
    2. Restricted, limited
    3. __ up baby, movie with hepburn, grant and leopard
    4. Small hand-held piece of plastic for strumming
    5. Tete de femme bronze sculpture by pablo picasso
    6. Eggy pancake, often fed to vegetarians
    7. Tips for making everyday chores easier
    8. Languid, restless, limp

Group 759

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans
    2. Tiny, dinky, miniature
    3. Entry paid to get into an attraction
    4. To promote a product
    5. Sam __, director of violent westerns with slo-mo
    6. Done as a knee-jerk reaction
    7. Literary awards for science fiction
    8. Ship tilting dangerously
    9. Lasting longer than usual
    10. Venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes
    11. Hoarseness rendering a person unable to speak
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Matching outfits worn by military units
    2. Average or typical
    3. Professional food service providers
    4. Emotions, internal reaction
    5. Rival competitor
    6. The b music on a traditional 45 rpm record
    7. Root vegetable looks like an oddly-shaped turnip
    8. They protect your tables from wet glasses
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __ of ireland, a classic reference for belfast
    2. Jewelled headband worn like a tiara or crown
    3. Bent, not straight
    4. Mobile phone app for photos and lip sync videos
    5. Casino __ first bond outing for daniel craig
    6. __ at the hip
    7. Bird __; henry moore's curved, bowl-like piece
    8. Greek movement to unite greece and cyprus
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Be very noticeable, eye-catching
    2. Copied satirically
    3. Close caring relationship
    4. Timber from conifers
    5. The hairs on a brush or of a beard
    6. Hair-style technique to get a beehive
    7. Using a device to put a design from pc to paper
    8. Adjective describing a pleasant and attractive person
    9. Describes herbs that are used in cookery
    10. Eighth prime number
    11. Posture such as downward dog
    12. Small, dark spots often found across the nose
    13. The males of this ocean creature carry the babies
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. White noise __, to help calm a baby
    2. Taking tiny mouthfuls of a drink
    3. Runs after
    4. Container for burning hot coals
    5. This train don't stop there __, by elton john
    6. Expressed annoyance and irritation
    7. __ bid; first bid for an auction lot
    8. Orange-mandarin hybrid grown in cyprus
    9. Spasm of mouth muscles; symptom of tetanus
    10. Design with repeated elements
    11. Velvet __ satire with russo and gyllenhaal

Group 760

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Putting up a tent
    2. Kitchen tool to separate spaghetti from water
    3. Lying with eyes closed and dreaming
    4. Pallor, pastiness, sallowness
    5. Chief support, prop or strength
    6. Alvin, simon and theodore are this animal
    7. Works out, notices
    8. Best of a __; pick of a poor selection
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. __ and makepeace; crime drama series set in london
    2. __-sink drama, 1950s theatrical social realism
    3. Turnover with pizza dough with meat, cheese, etc
    4. __ peter __ paul, playground tune about 2 dickies
    5. Bestows or grants a title
    6. Ancient rabbit-sized australian marsupial
    7. The rosetta stone is displayed there: __ museum
    8. La __, slave ship with famous revolt of 1839
    9. Repurpose ingeniously something seen as waste
    10. __ of saint teresa; baroque sculpture by bernini
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Secret spot to retreat to
    2. French word that's the r in rsvp
    3. Nickname for judson's nature-loving bronze female
    4. An ankle that isn't broken but muscles are pulled
    5. The captain's family singers in the sound of music
    6. One __, basketball box score, 1 min and 12 zeros
    7. Long tv program to raise money for charity
    8. Air-powered building that grinds grain
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Nickname for posh hat worn by men at royal ascot
    2. 2009 jared leto film about the last mortal: mr. __
    3. Reflector, looking glass
    4. The incredibles elastigirl holly __
    5. Robert __, director of nashville and gosford park
    6. Arts & __, design movement of strawberry thief
    7. Tropical, far flung
    8. Irish for mountain, such as appended to donard
    9. Farmer pickles' tractor in bob the builder
    10. Unhurried, supine, lacking urgency
    11. Sporting penalty (benching) for bad behavior
    12. Financial plan
    13. Dairy slang for tacky, corny or uncool
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Poet who kept a bear in his trinity college rooms
    2. Beating leg movement in ballet
    3. Distorted and monstrous
    4. Gale __, seam resident in the hunger games
    5. Warning that bad things will happen
    6. A patriotic hymn based on william blake's poem