Group 321

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Small bag used to store fragrant herbs
    2. Conflict and discord
    3. Dance in which a tutu might be worn
    4. Movie reviewer
    5. "candy is dandy but __ is quicker": ogden nash"
    6. __ punch unexpected hit
    7. Having prominent teeth especially in a smile
    8. In need of food and really unhappy about it
    9. "informal term for someone from "down under"
    10. Beethoven's third symphony also known as the __
    11. Brought to a stop
    12. Soak
    13. __ de lioncourt central figure of anne rice books
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Boundary at the end of a tennis court
    2. Things that are enjoyed for a short time
    3. Eagerness readiness willingness
    4. Boo boo's ursine friend on picnic hamper thefts
    5. On time
    6. Hungarian site of a fictional grand hotel
    7. Tremulous effects added to voices or instruments
    8. Ballet about dancing dolls scored by delibes
    9. Fragrant purple flower used in sachets and soaps
    10. Oldest bridge across the river seine in paris
    11. Agricultural laborers from the middle ages
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Random not in any constant pattern
    2. Country south of honduras and north of costa rica
    3. __ tears are faked to elicit sympathy
    4. Electric count-down oven for heating food
    5. Very contagious stomach bug that causes vomiting
    6. Beatles album with zebra crossing on cover
    7. Tequila cream and cacao; don't lose your fingers!
    8. Another name for bigfoot the hairy humanoid
    9. Web log lets users post short text updates
    10. They increase the rate of chemical reactions
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Spice for anointing bridal pair at hindu weddings
    2. Publication containing words and music
    3. Expressing good wishes; following rules in sport
    4. Shakespeare's prince of tyre
    5. Summer gown light and strappy
    6. Camille __ danish-french artist of hoar frost
    7. Ridiculously small of a monetary offer or sum
    8. Plentiful abundant
    9. Frowning in an angry manner
    10. Crosses the street illegally
    11. Inflammation of the tissues in the lungs
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Loving cherishing someone
    2. "small dots that appear on an "i" and a "j"
    3. Etch __; art toy with a screen and a red frame
    4. The blue lagoon is a famous attraction here
    5. Avoiding getting hit by a ball
    6. Placido __ a spanish member of the three tenors
    7. Early 20th century art style emphasizing color
    8. Long narrow crack in a rock
    9. Squirm about like a worm
    10. Relating to touch

Group 322

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Background music to create a sense of calm
    2. Dents in cheeks
    3. Japanese soybean pods
    4. Spraying fine water droplets
    5. Starts up again
    6. John lennon's partner in peaceful protest
    7. Injuries in which organs push through tissue walls
    8. Scuba outfit
    9. Car gadget that records the road ahead
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Evaluate something's value
    2. Murderer of king hamlet in shakespeare's play
    3. Woody harrelson's character in the hunger games
    4. Ocean into which the orinoco river empties
    5. Referee or linesman overseeing a match
    6. Number of days in two weeks
    7. Making a long journey by foot in the mountains
    8. An arterial obstruction caused by a blood clot
    9. Warheads propelled by a weapon
    10. One of the largest cut diamonds in the world
    11. An imitation or copy; to stop work
    12. In a praying position
    13. "dogs of war" sent by henry viii to charles v"
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Agent played by tom cruise in mission: impossible
    2. Strings passed through eyes to tie up footwear
    3. Reverberation
    4. To anger enrage
    5. Castle __ fortress defended by he-man
    6. Futuristic high-tech sci-fi genre
    7. Container for pouring out morning cup of joe
    8. Frolicking
    9. Persecuted french protestants who emigrated
    10. Very outgoing social person
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. He bought a burial plot next to marilyn monroe
    2. Partly oxidized chinese tea
    3. Portuguese atlantic isles famous for their weather
    4. Poisonous snake with fangs
    5. Grow
    6. Bugatti __ a french-made high performance car
    7. Fitzgerald's final completed book __ is the night
    8. Country where the chichen itza ruins are located
    9. Triangular fin on the back of a shark
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The e in the abbreviation uae
    2. Beg to differ express discord
    3. Environmentally conscious trips
    4. A window in the roof of a building
    5. Investigates handles and insurance claim
    6. Lacking up top like the sleepy hollow horseman
    7. Computer experts information technology pros
    8. Sit around in a stagnate idle state
    9. Someone without a hidden agenda easily understood
    10. Transition metal cr used in electroplating

Group 323

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A strong metal and david guetta/sia song title
    2. Describes an unconventional style/lifestyle
    3. Forest where robin hood allegedly lived
    4. Artificial sweetener aka glucitol
    5. Uncomfortable embarrassed
    6. Anna __ tolstoy's story of a wife who strays
    7. Thank you in portuguese by a man
    8. Old in poor condition falling apart
    9. It's why coffee gives you a buzz
    10. Organism living in or on another that it feeds off
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Someone who loves another perhaps secretly
    2. Possessing great knowledge
    3. With added water not full strength
    4. Can't make guacamole without one
    5. Program of health improvements diet exercise
    6. Fifth in rank
    7. Gray wizard in the lord of the rings
    8. Things that cause a particular reaction
    9. Capital of cyprus once surrounded by walls
    10. Opposite of cowardice
    11. Openly disobedient and steadfast
    12. Small air sacs in the lungs
    13. Raid damage
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Chains and manacles
    2. Not a bedfellow of the early bird
    3. Essential nutritional content in most fruits
    4. Discourse art of speaking and oratory
    5. "bad romance" singer"
    6. Boldness daring impudence
    7. Frozen pads applied to reduce swellings
    8. Amalfi coast town a riot of pastel on a hillside
    9. Martial arts weapon two sticks and a chain
    10. Helpful diy professional
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Producer of the harry potter films: david __
    2. Country where the ancient city of petra is located
    3. Can __ for getting into tinned food
    4. Comfort at great expense
    5. Eugène __ french painter of cows in the pasture
    6. "oscar wilde's only novel: "the picture of __ gray"
    7. Group of books or movies sold as a unit
    8. Distinction and style that is admired
    9. Dermis dryers
    10. Flat-bottomed glass jars used in experiments
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Dirtying the air with smog
    2. Common chinese side dish cooked in oil in a wok
    3. It's jumped on when following a trend
    4. The most disgusting most revolting
    5. Reducing minimizing
    6. Pertaining to the back of the head
    7. Carried by hikers and travelers
    8. Philosophical movement named after german composer
    9. Occupation of meghan markle's character in suits
    10. Self-assured certain poised
    11. Songwriter and pianist of rocket man

Group 324

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Country where pico cristóbal colón is located
    2. Listen in accidentally to someone speaking
    3. King lear's youngest and favorite daughter
    4. Documents containing regulations and laws
    5. Italian salt-cured bacon can be eaten raw
    6. Pause before acting
    7. Golden chinese guard dog with a purple tongue
    8. Golf competition with two pairs of players
    9. Cause to change from gas to liquid
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Reversing turning inside out
    2. Peter parker's alter ego
    3. The chicxulub crater is related to these creatures
    4. Don't mention it
    5. Joyous very pleased
    6. Rockers share a name with stinging arachnids
    7. Light visible once source has been extinguished
    8. Onlooker
    9. Country where tempeh originated
    10. __ fan; filters out odors and steam from kitchen
    11. Persian name for india like a religion
    12. Where attorneys are made
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. A burial place for a favorite wife
    2. A bivalve's home
    3. Son of zeus punished without food or drink
    4. Everyone has them
    5. All the king's men
    6. System of concepts and beliefs
    7. Listening component of headphones
    8. One who has difficulty with letters and numbers
    9. Emits energy
    10. Long holes dug in the ground by military
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Annual fasting month for muslims worldwide
    2. Daily record of events a diary
    3. South american cowboys
    4. Ship that took tarzan's parents to africa
    5. Small pet canines for sitting on knees
    6. It's a dish best served cold
    7. Wild people
    8. Post-punk music; acts like the police and the jam
    9. Rug for wet feet after showering
    10. "war that ended with the "treaty of paris"
    11. Artist falsely suspected of stealing the mona lisa
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Italian high fashion house: bottega __
    2. Negotiate deliberate
    3. Serious acute
    4. A package sent in the mail
    5. What happened to elphaba when water touched her
    6. Lock stock & __ everything all parts of a gun
    7. To give a once over
    8. Metal device with handle for grinding meat
    9. The feeling that you need a drink
    10. Sings like a swiss person
    11. The bony structure at the base of your spine
    12. Strains of specific plants or animals
    13. Software effect to enhance a digital image

Group 325

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Childish temper tantrum
    2. Board game where you might go directly to jail
    3. Save use resources sparingly
    4. Food dishes served in rolled-up spirals
    5. Austrian singing family life adapted to a musical
    6. Private __ goldie hawn joins the army
    7. Undergoing a transformation
    8. Hard material used in construction; can be poured
    9. Landmark skyscraper in manhattan
    10. Shallow container found by the bath
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Number puzzle
    2. When alcohol is added to a hot pan to cook
    3. Counsel someone
    4. Slang for a black eye
    5. How italians say 11
    6. Country formerly known as northern rhodesia
    7. Protective cooking garments; pinnies
    8. Small hand tool for digging
    9. Extrusive rock from lava used in bathrooms
    10. Those who prefer to be by themselves
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. City where the titanic was built
    2. "nelson mandela autobiography: "long walk to __"
    3. Type of restaurant where you can order chow mein
    4. Squandering something
    5. Cutting back leaves or twigs for new season growth
    6. Vermeer painting girl with a pearl __
    7. Gave birth to puppies
    8. Term related to the afterlife in greek mythology
    9. Person with surgically removed limb
    10. New and revolutionary
    11. Twist bend in odd shapes
    12. The room where a baby sleeps at home
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Procession of vehicles
    2. Someone who ends up taking the blame for something
    3. Natives of monrovia for example
    4. Making less small especially of a photo
    5. Toweling wrist strip to soak up perspiration
    6. Bare one's sword
    7. Extreme or obsessive interest in setting fires
    8. Official mistress like in ancient chinese culture
    9. Common name for household insect pest
    10. Lavish ceremonial display
    11. Solid shapes with multiple faces
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Drug that causes an increase in the flow of urine
    2. Disloyalty in league with the enemy treachery
    3. "porcine animation who uttered "that's all folks"
    4. Spanish sheep's milk cheese served with honey
    5. International measures to affect imports exports
    6. Those who have changed religion
    7. Murder
    8. Term for the text of an opera
    9. Swirly gusty wind as experienced by pooh
    10. Frozen pieces of glaciers that float in oceans
    11. Circumvented

Group 326

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Part of a telephone that sits in a base station
    2. Full complete satiated
    3. Quick looks
    4. When a baseball batter circles all bases in one go
    5. Type of underwater missile that sank the lusitania
    6. A poem read out loud
    7. Someone in industry who is rich and powerful
    8. Spanish red wine and fruit punch
    9. Transportation of supplies by plane as in berlin
    10. Curves inward
    11. Proven wrong
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A division a classification
    2. Surname of shakespeare's romeo
    3. Glossy and shiny
    4. Authentic or in good faith from the latin
    5. Postponement of a punishment
    6. Comic film starring michael jordan and bugs bunny
    7. Country where the annual highland games take place
    8. Reduce drop e.g. prices
    9. Short elfin hairstyle
    10. Volcanic polynesian island a us base in ww2
    11. __ index (gi) rating for foods containing carbs
    12. Possessing the ability to make one's mind up
    13. You can't train these stones
    14. Computers designed by british codebreakers in wwii
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Point the finger at someone
    2. River running through budapest vienna bratislava
    3. Downhill skiing on a winding path
    4. This symbol links compound words
    5. Summary of work history
    6. Egyptian oasis in the desert south of cairo
    7. Cherry or plum: a fruit or a vegetable?
    8. Used someone's words
    9. Coal diggers
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Top part of trousers with elastic
    2. Capital of romania
    3. Someone offensive and annoying
    4. Altered evidence with intention to mislead
    5. Large dogs often used as guide dogs for the blind
    6. Indulging spoiling like in a spa
    7. Permanent ink that cannot be erased
    8. Small salted fish found on some pizzas
    9. Forcibly stole goods during period of unrest
    10. Title or address of an unmarried italian lady
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A nasal piercing for humans and for leading cattle
    2. Safe not containing any poisonous substances
    3. Intimidating
    4. Marauded stampeded
    5. A nominal title conferred rather than earned
    6. Country that is home to the cameron highlands
    7. Friction-lined plate in a car's stopping mechanism
    8. Person in charge of a restaurant kitchen
    9. Neck and neck
    10. Concise and clear
    11. People who place bets
    12. Iconic italian hard cheese

Group 327

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Italian vinegar made from grapes
    2. Seized
    3. Lack of soundness of mind
    4. Ungracefully carelessly awkwardly
    5. Portable heating ring for cooking
    6. Momentum speed
    7. Important and relevant terms or phrases
    8. Female property owner who leases houses
    9. From the largest italian island
    10. Science of spacecrafts and launch systems
    11. Tlc for your feet at a nail salon
    12. Active volcano on luzon in the philippines
    13. Lizards and snakes for example but not frogs
    14. Another name for light art using neon and lasers
    15. To hit someone with a heavy club or object
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Small red flowers associated with remembrance
    2. Flexible flight option outside of schedule
    3. Candelabra one of the oldest symbols in judaism
    4. Make less smooth
    5. Giving freely to others altruism
    6. Instructed people of plans in a formal meeting
    7. Unromantic common; lacking poetic beauty
    8. Cupboards wardrobes
    9. Current name for what was once south west africa
    10. Liquid in which something is dissolved
    11. Sticks to something
    12. Chinese military of workers and peasants
    13. When a dessert is served with ice cream
    14. "author of "the canterbury tales"
    15. In all honesty
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Thawed
    2. Evander __; the real deal heavyweight boxer
    3. Said of gardens stretching out over a large area
    4. Indecency wickedness
    5. Filled with things in an untidy way
    6. Third and last of julius caesar's wives
    7. Historically how indian princes were called
    8. Composition or building
    9. Amusing entertaining fun
    10. To adapt to use in warfare
    11. Thickened emulsified
    12. Propulsion measure of the starship enterprise
    13. Country with the highest waterfall
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Pressing important
    2. Italian word for the numeral 12
    3. Muscle that bends a limb or joint
    4. Tool for cutting vegetables thinly
    5. To have something bad happen to
    6. Deliver a sermon
    7. Propelled something using hand force
    8. North india state borders bhutan tibet nepal
    9. World's largest river by volume
    10. Going out
    11. Sparse scant revealing when applied to clothing
    12. Summer sport played on a grass or clay court
    13. Non-magical person in harry potter
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Aging like a cultivated drink
    2. Calling for assistance over the airwaves
    3. Catching clothes on something sharp
    4. Indoor swimming pool for pet guppies
    5. Four lines poem or stanza with a set rhyme pattern
    6. Sports performed in the water
    7. Owner of a delorean in back to the future
    8. An irritating person a younger sibling maybe
    9. Hitting the ground and rising
    10. Propelling with a finger strike
    11. Abroad; a foreign country

Group 328

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Said something without sufficient clarity
    2. Bending down low to talk to someone
    3. Front of the leg skeleton protected by pads
    4. Herds horses
    5. Color associated with seagoing military
    6. Cuts short
    7. Lamenting a death
    8. Large low-sounding percussion instrument
    9. Italian bubbly
    10. City with the world's longest metro system
    11. Reduces in value
    12. Female pilot
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Relates to yellow waxy body secretion __ glands
    2. Brown-haired women
    3. Crudeness impropriety
    4. Sweet crunchy egg white desserts
    5. Dj's vinyl deck
    6. California city home of the queen mary ship
    7. Piece of text set aside and enlarged for emphasis
    8. Demand specify
    9. Sticking around
    10. St paul's __; wedding venue for charles and diana
    11. Airplane stewards and stewardesses
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Creamy fish soup
    2. At last decisively
    3. It goes with a small brush to sweep up spills
    4. Bone in the upper arm
    5. Flowing air
    6. Biblical visitations of boils locusts hail etc
    7. Major israeli financial center on mediterranean
    8. To reverse creation
    9. Made flat or even
    10. Forces rules upon someone
    11. Subtle difference in expression
    12. Slow love songs
    13. National airline of costa rica (formerly lacsa)
    14. Small trace of a substance left behind
    15. Fugitives or bandits
    16. Surname of shakespeare's juliet
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Place to see artifacts
    2. Pierce with a spear
    3. Covered dusted with
    4. Heavy brake for a ship
    5. Italian word that means soon
    6. Sumptuous
    7. Site of ancient standing stones brittany france
    8. Unimportant but interesting facts for quizzing
    9. Oppressive ruler
    10. Pasta strand
    11. Bullfighter's jacket
    12. Crumbling decaying wood that affects buildings
    13. Did not hit went wide of the mark
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Safety harness in a vehicle
    2. Spoken word version of literary work
    3. Decorative screen in the hearth for protection
    4. Washed; handled stolen money
    5. Stripy sugary christmas treat
    6. Us naval officer in puccini's madama butterfly
    7. Wandered off a subject
    8. Lively term used to describe the active elderly
    9. __ ronaldo; portugal and real madrid football ace
    10. Cup with miraculous powers
    11. Belligerent argumentative
    12. Next to the seashore

Group 329

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Mix up a deck of cards
    2. "former name of taiwan meaning "beautiful"
    3. Lucky protective charms
    4. Highest surface in a room
    5. A ship arriving at its destination port
    6. Safeguard conserve
    7. Butting against like a male sheep
    8. Walks on two legs
    9. Rebounded like a check
    10. Nought zero zilch
    11. Course catholic couples undertake before marriage
    12. Unit of distance equal to 201 meters or 220 yards
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Orders commands
    2. Low-to-the-ground long-bellied german dog
    3. Far-reaching
    4. Verbally scolded not eaten
    5. Pastry spheres used in profiteroles
    6. Denotes a precise location
    7. Lowest female opera-singing voice
    8. Old unsolved crimes opened for reinvestigation
    9. Complicated detailed
    10. Upside-down gymnastic maneuver
    11. The daily disappearance of daylight
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Squeeze tightly shrink by applying pressure
    2. Head of the hive
    3. Thirst __ a drink that satisfies and sates
    4. A dais and also a shoe to make one look taller
    5. Short thin tubes of pasta; good with cheese sauce
    6. Geliophobia is the fear of this
    7. Washable floor covering for kitchens
    8. Slim long unit with built-in speakers for tv
    9. Makes keener or less blunt
    10. Legal search documents
    11. Huge massive
    12. Forage hunt
    13. Next astrological sign after capricorn
    14. Bony outgrowth from the back of the foot
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. An add-on supplement
    2. Kitchen coolers
    3. Warriors of medieval and pre-modern japan
    4. Striking church bells to produce music
    5. Ancient greek hero with magical musical skills
    6. Hellish fire
    7. Celestial bodies
    8. Stooping crouching
    9. "mexican food name translates as "little donkey"
    10. Someone shortlisted for an award
    11. Fictional character alonso quijano aka don __
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Take these off to intensify the fight
    2. Red-breasted birds
    3. Fresh curd cheese found in central asia
    4. Flag term for emblem/shield in top left-hand side
    5. Recoil from attack
    6. Astray delinquent
    7. Non-religious (male) church worker
    8. Spread out extend
    9. Milos __ directed one flew over the cuckoo's nest
    10. Web browser developed by apple

Group 330

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Have the funds to be able to pay for something
    2. Bright and gaudy
    3. Charlie brown's dog
    4. Aurangzeb was the last emperor of this empire
    5. Country nicknamed the great white north
    6. The one who discriminates on basis of gender
    7. Found in bones
    8. To remove cover or ban certain material
    9. Left at the altar
    10. Gamed; took part in a sport
    11. Porcelain throne
    12. Reaction to a sudden fright
    13. Most common type of tabletop puzzle
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Orange swimmer won at the funfair
    2. Capital of south australia
    3. Those who have given up their working lives
    4. Thoughts from the past
    5. Word segment including at least one vowel sound
    6. Toxic fungus as fatal as its name suggests
    7. Exposed stomachs
    8. Watch a sporting contest live
    9. Tom hanks befriends wilson the volleyball
    10. Transport to get up a mountain
    11. When rung it alerts homeowners to visitors
    12. Argus' other name an all-seeing 100-eyed giant
    13. Transmitted outwards in waves
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. White residue experienced in hard water areas
    2. Brief quotable remark often by politicians
    3. Strength determination resilience
    4. Person who keeps watch over swimmers' safety
    5. Now commonly called an executive assistant
    6. Substances that are mixtures of 2 or more elements
    7. Member of the aristocracy
    8. Law enforcement vehicle
    9. People living together in a single home
    10. Medical device for stimulating the heart
    11. Spiral device for opening wine bottles
    12. To renew contact with someone check in on them
    13. Name given to an mammal with a pouch
    14. Deficit insufficiency of something needed
    15. Hexed charmed
    16. London tennis tournament
    17. Shakespeare's king of ancient britain
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Gasoline is sold in these liquid units
    2. Organized sporting event of boat races
    3. Type of wine used to make zabaglione
    4. Mozilla's web browser
    5. Making a noise like a contented cat
    6. Acting or performance groups
    7. Accused person thought guilty of a crime
    8. Created bilbo frodo and gandalf
    9. Account amount
    10. Compliment praise someone
    11. Taking things from others
    12. Areas of very little rain
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. They provide actors with lines if they falter
    2. Security device with a key
    3. It means orange in spanish
    4. Italian music master
    5. Making a noise like a dog
    6. Copy someone's achievement in a respectful way
    7. Rich and eggy french bread; scalloped underneath
    8. Bear witness in a courtroom
    9. Unenergetic relaxed
    10. Military men aboard ships
    11. Bury the __; a short-handled axe
    12. Pretend medicine
    13. Material used for bottles and packaging
    14. Bruce willis played john mcclane in this series
    15. Caribbean island famous for its shorts

Group 331

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Hurdle
    2. Not produced by machine
    3. Person who oversees a movie's budget
    4. Bridge support
    5. Dickens' tiny tim's hardworking father bob __
    6. Soothing lotion for chicken pox
    7. Not proper or appropriate
    8. Substance that accelerates a chemical reaction
    9. Astronomer credited with discovering uranus
    10. Refreshing frozen treat served in a cone
    11. Disapproving; essential or crucial
    12. Wicker baby crib or moses basket
    13. Use of the same word to begin successive verses
    14. Full of regret remorseful
    15. Spiny omnivore who some keep as a pet
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Gave evidence
    2. Element no. 95 in the periodic table
    3. Stepped down gave up the throne
    4. Relating to brothers
    5. Tiny black flower particle used on bread crusts
    6. Another word for a watch clock; conveys prestige
    7. Mugshot generated from witness' descriptions
    8. Crete's largest city dating back to ancient times
    9. Disability that didn't stop renoir from painting
    10. Brothers chris liam and luke
    11. Misfortune difficult situation
    12. Administering a liquid with a needle
    13. Accidentally go past e.g. the end of a runway
    14. Dwelling in a building full of them
    15. Vocal musical event where everyone participates
    16. One who rides shotgun
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Stationary not moving
    2. A singing group
    3. Japanese green tea leaves infused in water
    4. Loud noise; bat used in tennis
    5. Father of zeus
    6. Thrusts in fencing; strength training exercises
    7. Prickly desert plant
    8. In physics it's a particle of light
    9. The color of jimi hendrix's haze
    10. Ocean where the island of mauritius is located
    11. Public oration e.g. a ted talks
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A plane touching down at the end of a flight
    2. A person's vocabulary
    3. Only marsupial found north of mexico
    4. The medical name for the windpipe
    5. Swampy planet in star wars; yoda lived here
    6. Footstool for a couch
    7. When the sea is the furthest from the shore
    8. Spend money extravagantly
    9. Mosquito-spread disease
    10. An order to appear in court
    11. Official ban on one country trading with another
    12. Commercial capital of sri lanka
    13. Parchment scroll attached to doors in some homes
    14. Rod for winding wool
    15. You can drink it
    16. One who coordinates clothes and makeup for others
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Almond-flavored italian biscuits
    2. Country that had the carnation revolution
    3. Row tiff
    4. Gowalk footwear company
    5. Wade wilson's alter ego
    6. In legal terms unable to pay debts
    7. Fast flow of mixed earth debris
    8. Home to world's largest carnivorous marsupial
    9. Glass is half full
    10. Spreading of eyeshadow or makeup so it's seamless
    11. Quarter of a circle
    12. Jupiter's largest satellite; cupbearer to the gods

Group 332

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. State of mental disturbance confusion fever
    2. Keyboard key that sits between tab and shift
    3. Companies that own planes
    4. Desiring someone else's property
    5. Only known mammal with protective skin scales
    6. Motorcycle sport around an oval track
    7. Raising a flag
    8. Chemical element with an isotope called deuterium
    9. __ shuffle a tap dance without taps
    10. Tiny squares of tissue paper thrown at a wedding
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Relaxed or pondered
    2. Pellety animal dung from rabbits
    3. Knitting stitch resembles a hive's contents
    4. Protection against uv rays
    5. Collection of banned people or items
    6. Ancient greek philosopher called father of biology
    7. Defeating heavily
    8. Tall leafy coconut-growers
    9. The plant family to which a pineapple belongs
    10. Inventor of movable type printing press
    11. Dodos were native to this african island
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Vegetable needed to make baba ganoush
    2. Spider or scorpion
    3. Rebel rogue maverick
    4. Can be touched or felt
    5. Part of the ancient greek underworld: __ meadows
    6. Pertaining to the middle ages
    7. Adjusting to a new environment or conditions
    8. Settler pioneer
    9. Person who leaves his country to live in another
    10. When the sea is the furthest inland
    11. Cooper tells of the last of these native tribesmen
    12. Turkey's most populous city but not the capital
    13. Vein that carries blood from middle body to heart
    14. Shook and shuddered
    15. Frame for bottles of red white and fizz
    16. Opposite of positive
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Most courageous
    2. Acts sorry for misdoings
    3. Bodily reaction to food caught in throat
    4. Surrender give in
    5. Lone singer
    6. The science of matter and energy
    7. Held against will
    8. Ticket allowing travel on public road transport
    9. Masses of frozen snow covering both poles
    10. Crosspiece above a door or window
    11. Inhabitants of crete during the bronze age
    12. Old english epic poem translated by seamus heaney
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. People who are experts in a particular skill
    2. Protective sac for pupa
    3. Ran quickly
    4. Country with the cities of nice nantes and nancy
    5. Greasy white substance that covers newborns
    6. Messaged your god
    7. Portmanteau term for first two meals of the day
    8. Dorothy's heartless companion
    9. Longing craving infatuation
    10. Traditionalist
    11. City that jack the ripper targeted
    12. Acting without sound

Group 333

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Indian region where sikhism was founded
    2. Taking a different route
    3. Famous for his campbell's soup can paintings
    4. Tigger likes to do this
    5. Sly and sneaky
    6. Explorers of underground chambers
    7. Bruce wayne's secret identity
    8. Belgian manufacturer of premium chocolates
    9. Desert-living large-eared nocturnal rodent
    10. Almost
    11. "food that the french called "pomme d'amour"
    12. Related to the lower back
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Oscillatory motion of the moon
    2. Time moves in this direction
    3. Not physically fit or well
    4. Visionary predictive
    5. Pretended imitated
    6. Ice pellet of hardened snow
    7. Venomous injury from fanged reptile
    8. Distinguished worthy of respect
    9. Revolutionary insurgent
    10. Ed norton and brad pitt both portray tyler durden
    11. Procession of people on horseback
    12. Legal acts of taking charge of children
    13. Brazilian music popularized in the late 1950s
    14. Related to the stomach
    15. Overwhelming win; falling mass
    16. Brand of premium vodka
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. "series finale: "harry potter and the deathly __"
    2. Squash like a pancake
    3. Slang for bewilder or confuse
    4. Rendered unable to see
    5. Spouse of a reigning monarch
    6. Where you can buy something by nodding
    7. "magical" science of turning metals into gold"
    8. 20 questions categories: animal vegetable or __
    9. Capital of the canadian province of nova scotia
    10. Stylish and chic
    11. Conned pulled a trick for money
    12. 15th century manuscript in unknown language
    13. Censored; put a restraint over a dog's snout
    14. Limbs spread far apart
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Rock-thrower
    2. Control the rate of speed
    3. Insinuating
    4. Barely touching the surface
    5. State of overwhelming extreme happiness
    6. A tip for a waiter
    7. Clear colorless minerals for amateur geologists
    8. Rome's opponent in the punic wars
    9. People from port-au-prince
    10. Antibiotics kill them
    11. Curl remover
    12. Site of protein synthesis in a cell's cytoplasm
    13. Euphemism meaning to die
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. In a neat fashion
    2. Circular glass lab container; drinking vessel
    3. Titan sea god son of uranus and gaea
    4. Vanquish by force
    5. Arrange and store documents in boxes
    6. Long epic journey such as written about by homer
    7. Michelangelo's tuscan birthplace; a type of salad
    8. Make bigger
    9. __ and lemons say the bells of st clement's
    10. Person on a long journey traveler
    11. Where an apiarist's creatures live
    12. Poisonous element that causes minamata disease
    13. Abdominal organs
    14. Caribbean nation of 700 islands off florida coast
    15. Smooth round stones found on beaches
    16. Roberto __ italian actor in life is beautiful
    17. An overhanging mass of snow tackled by climbers
    18. Beethoven's opera about a wife freeing her husband
    19. Scam artist swindler
    20. Country where frederick the great ruled

Group 334

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Vegetable with white and cremini varieties
    2. Someone forcibly removed from a country
    3. Nike's world-famous ad slogan
    4. Prolonged period of hotter than average weather
    5. Teaching a sport
    6. Regional capital of tuscany
    7. Blood feud
    8. Skunk pig from the americas
    9. Mirage
    10. Private assembly
    11. Someone with no title who marries into royalty
    12. Kept out of the air
    13. The lion the witch and the __; book by c.s. lewis
    14. Relating to blood vessels
    15. Severe windy snowstorm
    16. Red gemstone with a stellate appearance
    17. Tall hat worn by the grenadier guards
    18. Denigrated blamed disparaged
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Branch of medicine concerned with brain injuries
    2. The roman name for portugal
    3. Canadian city that hosted the 2010 winter olympics
    4. Last ruler of the inca empire executed by pizarro
    5. Knick-knacks figurines baubles and decorations
    6. Without milk butter eggs etc
    7. A group that promotes a common interest
    8. Protection from medieval arrows
    9. Tropical cyclone storm
    10. Drugs used to reduce tension
    11. Overcome with sadness
    12. Country that shares longest border with chile
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Evening prayers in some religions
    2. Legal rights on inventions
    3. One who looks after a master
    4. Hit with an open hand
    5. Thickly-applied paint
    6. Sony music device for playing cassettes
    7. Stop from happening
    8. Waterfall or cataract
    9. Japanese dish of raw pieces of fish
    10. Four squared
    11. Makeup __ to take off facial cosmetics
    12. A liquefied petroleum gas used as a barbecue fuel
    13. Authored anna karenina and war and peace
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Apprehended by law enforcement officers
    2. One who brings home the bacon
    3. 1934 song that enjoyed astronomical success
    4. Pressure ulcers from spending too long immobile
    5. Fast athlete
    6. More than one patella
    7. Gin and vermouth drinks
    8. "falsely called as an "unlucky" feline"
    9. Small old cool star can't be seen with the eyes
    10. Rid the body of poisons or impurities
    11. Radioactive element po discovered by marie curie
    12. Reading carefully thoroughly
    13. Scandinavian city built in 1550 by a swedish king
    14. Nocturnal snake-like fish that hides in crevices
    15. Wholly completely
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Famous airline of australia
    2. Ross's on-off love interest in tv sitcom friends
    3. Ancient tradition of nine days of repeated prayers
    4. Put money into a business
    5. Overused phrase
    6. Sincere honest open
    7. Purpose aim
    8. Bilbo baggins is one
    9. The capital of albania
    10. Long-term glacial period

Group 335

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. "thomas carlyle called it the "dismal science"
    2. Shine it on a performer
    3. Celebration revelry
    4. Social network game with planting and harvesting
    5. Purified
    6. Swear word offensive language
    7. Musical instrument also called the mouth organ
    8. Informal name for muscle dysmorphia
    9. Kate hudson and anne hathaway fight about weddings
    10. An advantage given at the beginning of a race
    11. Not afraid to give one's opinion
    12. Basic fundamental
    13. Golf trophy won at the open championship
    14. Soft fabric footwear that covers the foot only
    15. Puppet created by carlo collodi
    16. Opposes head on
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Zebras are covered in black and white ones
    2. The antagonist in shakespeare's merchant of venice
    3. Permeate spread everywhere
    4. Soothing
    5. Place where a boat is anchored
    6. Taken away
    7. Residential roads
    8. Tall construction made of rotating blades
    9. Fleetwood mac album with go your own way
    10. Queen of the fairies her king is oberon
    11. Stopping; putting an end to something
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Places where apples are grown
    2. Absolute with no question
    3. Lover of king arthur's wife guinevere: sir __
    4. The scientific study of cells
    5. Tufts of hair that swirl in different directions
    6. Ran across a sports pitch without one's clothes
    7. "new york theatreland the "great white way"
    8. Letter carrier
    9. Roman charioteer goddess atop the brandenburg gate
    10. Milliner
    11. Enemy of optimus prime
    12. Property owner with tenants
    13. Traitor or defector; flipping outer garment maybe
    14. Fried or toasted bread cubes in a caesar salad
    15. Contagious skin infection forms mouth/nose sores
    16. Elicited a reaction from someone
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Fluent persuasive speaking
    2. Naval ship usually under the water
    3. Tightest most revealing clothes
    4. Mars's colorful nickname
    5. Stubborn strong-willed
    6. Temporary substitute
    7. Hogwarts's house identified by a snake
    8. Not invited a presence that is not wanted
    9. Early preliminary round of a sporting competition
    10. Animal hormone that helps with sleep
    11. Blank expression to avoid giving information away
    12. War among the greek gods
    13. Writers of song words
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Mocks ridicules
    2. "japanese spicy "horseradish"
    3. Deep violet blue color
    4. Chaise longue that can be used for sleeping
    5. 19th c. polish composer known for 21 nocturnes
    6. Large bright-colored billed bird
    7. Grievance against another
    8. Element with the chemical symbol i
    9. Indian bay shares its name with a big cat
    10. Star of i tonya australian actress margot __
    11. These rings are a promise of virginity fidelity

Group 336

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. "come hell or __" through difficult circumstances"
    2. Government with a small group holding power
    3. Lengthens a piece of elastic material
    4. Deftness nimbleness
    5. Walkway beneath a road
    6. Fabric for covering one's hair
    7. Distinctive musical theater gesture
    8. Fat tuesday celebration
    9. Secrets are stolen in dreams in this film
    10. Bad breath
    11. In golf initial movement when the club moves away
    12. Nationality of someone from taipei
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. "north african capital name means "three cities"
    2. Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries of the 1980s
    3. Skill aptitude competence
    4. French verse form of six stanzas of six lines each
    5. Show of boldness meant to impress
    6. Shock suddenly
    7. Non-indexed computer networks and thus hidden
    8. Cleansing liquid removes grit from visual organs
    9. Body used in science
    10. Long loose dresses worn by men and women
    11. It's not normal
    12. Fine coating of ice found on rocks
    13. Lady and gent to share the cost of a meal
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Optimum
    2. Someone who supports a set of ideas
    3. Once called catherine archipelago the __ islands
    4. Commemorative object or event
    5. Arthur read is this type of animal
    6. Humorous rhyming poem with five lines
    7. Battling on horseback with lances
    8. A cross used in maths to denote addition
    9. Roman leader who won the battle of actium
    10. Uncontrolled descent
    11. One million sold records receive this status
    12. Color scheme of a painting
    13. A corrupted representation
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Deep pit worker
    2. Heating something up again
    3. Skunk bear; marvel superhero
    4. Beating overcoming
    5. Meeting space for higher-ups
    6. Catch unaware; hit unexpectedly
    7. Add-on; accomplice
    8. Founding father and second us president
    9. American-born wife of jordan's king hussein
    10. Medical tests on red and white cells
    11. Opponent
    12. Formless shapeless nebulous
    13. Natives of tirana or durres for example
    14. Jack __ was all work and no play in the shining
    15. Thrill-seeker
    16. Cleaning
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Ancient italians
    2. Canada's second largest province in area
    3. Stages periods
    4. Beating someone in a video game
    5. White dwarf star that emits radiation
    6. Cloth sample
    7. Not just a game this is a gathering of monkeys
    8. Cheerful optimistic – in a musical way
    9. Hardly scarcely
    10. Tropical fruit and rum rhyming curaçao cocktail
    11. Painting technique done on wet plaster on walls

Group 337

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. "the ex-convict in "les misérables": jean __"
    2. Discussed politely argued
    3. Chinese philosopher follower of confucianism
    4. Garden of artfully placed stones and alpine plants
    5. High ranking army officer
    6. Guess without evidence assume or suppose
    7. African country bordering the strait of gibraltar
    8. Dionysus to the romans
    9. Destination for those traveling by plane
    10. Breaks in and steals from a property
    11. Arch enemy
    12. Manufacturing plant
    13. Country where actor keanu reeves was born
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Prevent from
    2. Acrobatic fast-paced brazilian martial art
    3. Recorded the features of a piece of land
    4. Rod-shaped bacterium
    5. Alicia silverstone stars as cher in this 90s movie
    6. Overindulgent deadly sin
    7. Child's companion
    8. Swept-over men's hairstyle for covering baldness
    9. Billy joel's first hit single
    10. President of people's republic of china 2003-2013
    11. Breathes
    12. Rubbery substance used in some implants
    13. Standbys in times of military need
    14. About to happen pending
    15. Coffee-flavored liqueur created with jamaican rum
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Amethysts emeralds garnets diamonds
    2. The statue of liberty sculptor
    3. Where the seat of a bishop is found
    4. Mute character in traditional pantomime
    5. Add commas periods question marks etc.
    6. Pieces of music sung by a man to his lover
    7. Second life of a caterpillar
    8. Drop a level model or class
    9. Being representative of
    10. To scold
    11. Respond with excessive emotion
    12. Metalloid discovered by chemist clemens winkler
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Protective clothing worn by a surfer
    2. Abraham lincoln's gettysburg __
    3. Metallic element bi used as a lead substitute
    4. Cutting back branches to encourage growth
    5. First norman king of england: __ the conqueror
    6. South african dried meat strips
    7. Codenames assumed names
    8. Capital of the western roman empire
    9. Young aspiring actress
    10. Lead an orchestra
    11. Gomez and morticia's son in the addams family
    12. Formal pieces of headwear tall and black
    13. French city known for its production of porcelain
    14. Give false alarm
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Current name for the city of bombay india
    2. Dodged
    3. Equality
    4. Street robber
    5. Tattered around the edges
    6. Preserving meat with smoke or salt
    7. Every seven days
    8. Object or idea that becomes an obsession
    9. Ice hockey players wear them on their feet
    10. __ weasley father of ron ginny plus five more
    11. He abdicated the throne in 1936: __ viii
    12. The act of paying someone for the use of something
    13. Stage name of the late dj tim bergling
    14. Oliver twist is one
    15. They use halos
    16. The spire on a castle

Group 338

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Cleanse sanitize
    2. Encircles encompasses
    3. Spanish percussion instruments used by dancers
    4. Scatter these on cupcakes or ice cream
    5. Number of pieces on a chess board
    6. Handheld elastic catapult
    7. Quill-covered herbivore
    8. One of the large pumping chambers of the heart
    9. __ challenge worldwide als cause
    10. Prison escape
    11. Poem by william blake: auguries of __
    12. Nepalese city once known as manju-patan
    13. 24 hour ceasefire during wwi: the __ truce
    14. Person on trial accused of committing a crime
    15. Tv sitcom about a company workplace
    16. __ gains; spoils from illegal activities
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Fan-shaped molluscs
    2. Shutting a door loudly
    3. Convenience store on a small scale
    4. Finishing blow
    5. American word for what britons call a pram
    6. Revamp modernize
    7. Stutters
    8. Cultured not considered vulgar
    9. Aerospace industry's corrosion-resistant metal ti
    10. Mandibles
    11. Thinking deeply and unhappily
    12. Largest city in brazil
    13. Warning signs
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Put out a book
    2. Principal wife of pharaoh akhenaten
    3. Country where mel gibson began his acting career
    4. Mammal that lays eggs
    5. Dancing film with natalie portman and mila kunis
    6. Making a high-pitched cry like a mouse
    7. "__ itch" infidelity urge and marilyn monroe film"
    8. Secret places to conceal oneself
    9. Becomes acquainted with
    10. A solid figure with more than 6 faces
    11. Lapse omission
    12. Country bordering costa rica to the north
    13. Fried desserts with a hole in the center
    14. B-52's amorous dwelling
    15. Pain in the mouth
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Communicate
    2. Pranks
    3. Reveal to public gaze
    4. Compliment congratulate laud
    5. Jostle manhandle
    6. Filmmaker james cameron's largest grossing film
    7. Italian city nicknamed bride of the sea
    8. French high-kicking stage dance
    9. Modus operandi
    10. Appoint someone to an official religious role
    11. Object at rest stays at rest newton's law of __
    12. The river that runs through baghdad
    13. Restrictive undergarment
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Dampen
    2. Material from which baseball gloves are made
    3. Insanity like king george
    4. Northwest __ sea route connects arctic to pacific
    5. Saffir-__ scale that measures hurricane strength
    6. Last u.s. president assassinated while in office
    7. Puccini's poet lover of mimi in la bohème
    8. Ascertain spoken word without sound
    9. Nobility and composure
    10. Cold dish of raw seafood and citrus
    11. Israeli lake biblical sea that christ walked on
    12. Vase occupants

Group 339

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Buttons zippers snaps etc
    2. Long-tongued color-changing lizard
    3. Not having a will before dying
    4. Malala __ youngest recipient of a nobel prize
    5. Cleaning vigorously
    6. Wavering hesitant
    7. A shift that starts at midnight
    8. Class below bantamweight in boxing
    9. A cornucopia symbolizes this
    10. Henry the __ portuguese prince and patron
    11. One of its nicknames is the lion city
    12. Mix up a pack of playing cards again
    13. Month when swaziland celebrates its independence
    14. Adjectives and adverbs in grammar
    15. Can be detached
    16. A design with repeated lines and shapes
    17. Musical instrument listed first alphabetically
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. It cures what ails you
    2. Pink bird with a long neck and legs
    3. To publicly support a cause
    4. Talking or behaving suggestively coyly
    5. Something does not __; forecast of disaster
    6. Hole in a tire
    7. Supermarket counter selling summery cold foods
    8. One who is held against his/her will
    9. To remove hair from man's body for cosmetic effect
    10. Intimidate
    11. Wwii novel set in greece: captain corelli's __
    12. Rod stewart no.1 hit of 1983 about a past love
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Paulo coelho's tale of a shepherd boy the __
    2. Lively full of spirit
    3. Small-scale representation
    4. Device to help music students play in rhythm
    5. Toss the rock and jump on the numbered block
    6. Drug that makes a person feel sleepy
    7. __ up; fried eggs with visible yolks
    8. In __; something done sincerely or honestly
    9. Taking the core out of something
    10. Hitchcock movie about spying and romance in ww2
    11. Tool for making holes without electricity
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. To make unauthorized alterations
    2. Early writing utensils
    3. Repetitive movement when waiting for news
    4. Probable
    5. Underhand shifty
    6. Audition trial
    7. Fanciful behavior or humor
    8. Plane operators
    9. Condensed water floating in the sky
    10. Mel __ actor of mad max and lethal weapon fame
    11. City whose highest point is lykavittos hill
    12. Permits
    13. "almas" from iran the world's most expensive __"
    14. Standard layout on english-language keyboards
    15. "when doves cry" singer"
    16. What fencers say when they touch blades
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Odious nasty
    2. Dish-shaped receptacle for smokers
    3. Optical sphere on the face
    4. Detailed navigation entries a nautical diary
    5. Hug hold envelop
    6. Figurines placed in ancient egyptian tombs
    7. Glue and material fixing a cover to a book's pages
    8. Trinidad's sung genre mixes comment and patois
    9. Sewer's protection
    10. Chase and apprehend
    11. Polydactyl ones have more than twenty toes
    12. Small portable grill
    13. Desperately thirsty; describes the look of deserts

Group 340

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Take money from the bank
    2. Baz __ film director of strictly ballroom
    3. Grapples with
    4. Removes minerals from the ground
    5. What you are until proven guilty
    6. Holiness spirituality
    7. "joseph conrad novel: "heart of __"
    8. Floating unsecured
    9. Generic name for the opioid antagonist narcan
    10. 40 in the italian language
    11. The world's lowest country
    12. Sea-floor dwellers both eyes on one side of head
    13. Describes the varying lengths of skirts
    14. A young waterbird with webbed feet
    15. Time in prison
    16. Demanded
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Prophetic with foresight
    2. Show about samantha and darrin stephens
    3. Harsh-tempered or overbearing woman
    4. Something liked over something else
    5. Olive holder
    6. The __ tolkien's the lord of the rings part ii
    7. A glimmer of happiness to cling on to
    8. First disabled person to climb mt. everest: tom __
    9. Sacred writing or text
    10. Block-building game
    11. Choosing not to participate
    12. __ del toro the shape of water director
    13. Hide blemishes with this makeup product
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Wooded area
    2. Illuminated by solar rays
    3. Us president after whom a dam is named
    4. Fancy name for book pages
    5. Pursued
    6. Crunchy and light
    7. Four equal sides
    8. Term for three consecutive strikes in bowling
    9. Demand forcefully to have something
    10. Continuous deep resonant sound like thunder
    11. As september starts the nights get __
    12. Metal made by combining 2 or more metal elements
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Become smaller or less important diminish
    2. African country with the largest yoruba population
    3. High-ranking naval officer
    4. Pretended falsified
    5. Alleges someone is responsible for a crime
    6. Stick for playing billiards
    7. The opposite of silent movies
    8. At a brisk tempo
    9. Twist and turn
    10. Austrian rolled pastry with filling usually apple
    11. Isole __; italian archipelago in the adriatic sea
    12. Field for a horse or pony
    13. One in a series of a television show
    14. "language that has the expression "hakuna matata"
    15. The largest planet in the solar system
    16. Travel in a stolen car
    17. Small house
    18. Seasonal wind in asia that causes heavy rains
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Archaic term meaning shortly afterwards
    2. Indian leader gandhi's first name
    3. __ island tale of buried booty marked with an x
    4. Chess world champ defeated by a computer: garry __
    5. Of the eight original v8 vegetables the main one
    6. The bullet point after thirdly
    7. Country that has an annual hogmanay celebration
    8. Margin between forehead and locks
    9. Le __ daily tabloid based in french capital
    10. The __ chaplin film about the klondike
    11. Cat breed not with a short coat
    12. Flight to __ louis xvi's dash to safety
    13. Not having any discomfort
    14. Noisy high-pitched dog toy
    15. Unable to sleep
    16. Copious amounts of food or drink
    17. Craft of picture-making with rolled paper strips
    18. Country where mahathir mohamad was prime minister