Group 901

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Fundraiser where participants dont run
    2. British dame who played m in james bond films
    3. Douglas adams wrote a hitchhikers guide to it
    4. In the oneill play, he cometh
    5. Surprise ambush catch someone unawares
    6. Not invited or wanted
    7. Kos in the ring
    8. Protected by a secure code
    9. Us blues musician, and singer of goodnight irene
    10. A translucent or white granular form of gypsum
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Get something by trickery, an anagram of leafing
    2. Julius and augustus, of rome
    3. Biscuit , ice cream with crumbled macaroons
    4. Legal document needed to search a house
    5. Single corrective lens worn by mr peanut
    6. The sarvarthasiddhi is a text in this hindu faith
    7. To make another their partner in marriage
    8. Saba , social anthropologist of muslim societies
    9. Freddy of elm street nightmares
    10. Key part of a vehicles transmission system
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Language learning app with logo of an owl
    2. African country where christmas is called "ganna"
    3. Courteousness or politeness to others
    4. June 21 in summer and december 21 in winter
    5. Sitcom about frankenstein and vampire wife, the
    6. This royal divided his land among his daughters
    7. The martial artist who starred in enter the dragon
    8. Body part mentioned twice in hey jude
    9. Nuisance insect that causes malaria
    10. Sticky strips to catch winged kitchen bugs
    11. It floats in root beer
    12. Queen elizabeth iis younger sister
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Commercially rolled tube of tobacco for smoking
    2. Composer of the moonlight sonata
    3. Whitish flower with calming properties
    4. Tuscan soup made with kale and chunks of bread
    5. Let slip the marc antonys order
    6. Dried flowers with air freshening scent
    7. Circus high wire
    8. Coco chanel said you should always remove one
    9. Version and subsequent repeats
    10. Philistia, in ancient times
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Movie company founded by director steven spielberg
    2. Roman stoic philosopher known as the younger
    3. Go on the offensive
    4. Justin released skinny love in 2007
    5. Governments overseas representative
    6. The ice planet and 7th from the sun
    7. This type of family isnt related by blood
    8. Juvenile jellyfish
    9. If this green plant has four leaves, its lucky
    10. A neck accessory worn by donald duck
    11. Number named millie bobby brown character
    12. Collectors item, uncommon object or event

Group 902

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sport played by the arizona diamondbacks
    2. Hope is the thing with , emily dickinson poem
    3. Anne, oscar winning star of the devil wears prada
    4. Fabric for hard wearing carpets
    5. In , happening at a fast pace
    6. The epoch before the anthropocene
    7. An animated show with philip fry and turanga leela
    8. Us version of a british english lift
    9. Japanese dish of fermented paste, dashi stock
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. American rapper known for 8 mile, stan
    2. Cloth many museum paintings are on
    3. Throwing yolky foods at someones house
    4. Shadow casting blade on a sundial
    5. Warren, producer and actor of reds and bugsy
    6. Water loving mammals similar to weasels
    7. High altitude cloud, made of ice crystals
    8. Real or real life, not a simulation
    9. Chewy sweet can be soft, hard and ruin fillings
    10. They can be roller, venetian, roman or vertical
    11. Havoc, unleashes chaos
    12. A word game using double meanings
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Chemical compounds with just one oxygen atom
    2. Raffle or lottery with a winner chosen at random
    3. Journalists who ask lots of questions
    4. She was the maid of orléans
    5. This superhero was blinded by radioactive matter
    6. Periodic table element between lithium and boron
    7. Smooth skinned variety of peach
    8. New york populist tabloid newspaper
    9. Advertising campaigns and outreach strategy
    10. Final prayers given in dying moments
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Coffee shop worker
    2. Bounding, hurdling
    3. Good we bring to you and your kin
    4. Catholic ministers
    5. Youll be read this if someone is angry with you
    6. An old english tale about a man who fought grendel
    7. The most distant human made object from earth
    8. Act of being short and to the point
    9. Name given to a young hare
    10. Thick fog or a hot vegetarian meal in a bowl
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Caribbean codia shrubs or trees
    2. Final time to deliver something
    3. Culkin, star of home alone
    4. Second largest of the worlds oceans
    5. A candidate trying to get elected is on this trail
    6. Woozy feeling of standing up too quickly
    7. Greta, swedish climate activist
    8. Potato chip brand that comes in a can
    9. Swindling out of money, a shorn sheep analogy
    10. Wand/pointer used to interact with screen
    11. Classic play a raisin , by lorraine hansberry
    12. Joni who sang free man in paris

Group 903

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Set alight
    2. Queen of pop whose albums include like a prayer
    3. Month named after a two faced god
    4. Comic strip featuring charlie brown and snoopy
    5. Something relating to marriage or the ceremony
    6. System that prints text like it appears on screen
    7. John , illustrated lewis carrolls alice tales
    8. Supermarket with its first stores in the south
    9. Metalwork studio with furnaces for blacksmithing
    10. Rom com fave who won an oscar for the blind side
    11. Left without a spouse
    12. Stonework used to make a building
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Park in queensland, the worlds oldest rainforest
    2. Nickname given to a v 1 weapon of ww2
    3. Main cat tribe in the musical cats
    4. Non comic heath ledger role, despite the name
    5. A rule follower, one that does what theyre told
    6. The yoda like infant in the mandalorian
    7. Former prison island off san francisco
    8. In the videogame, joel and ellie are among the
    9. Emit gas, flatulate
    10. Scoring three goals in a single game
    11. Song by thomas rhett, reba mcentire
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Preservations of beer in glass receptacles
    2. Like an object that has no life
    3. Turning into bone
    4. Falcon thats the worlds fastest bird
    5. Male claymore handlers
    6. Focusing on mathematics in rpg character creation
    7. The surname of actors stellan, alexander and bill
    8. No clouds, nothing but these
    9. Your song and candle in the wind singer
    10. Hollands capital city
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Bejeweled headband used as a royal crown
    2. Captain picards famous command
    3. Breakfast food that comes in a box with a toy
    4. Roller , another name for inline skates
    5. With a rocky, uneven landscape
    6. For the wicked, theres always work to be done
    7. Playing call of duty, pokémon or the like
    8. A small informal restaurant
    9. Dark , blake crouch sci fi thriller
    10. Apostle of jesus also known as didymus
    11. Roger , famous photographer of the us civil war
    12. Metal attracting or repelling through a forcefield
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A birds feathers
    2. Illuminated from behind
    3. Staying overnight in a tent
    4. Title of the lead spokesman of a jury
    5. Where the fake artist goes in a party game
    6. Jouret el , lebanon local authority, matn
    7. Aroused, stirred, got up
    8. Smooth, heated surface for cooking
    9. Inn, show that first featured white christmas
    10. Taking a right or a left
    11. Roald dahl character who has telekinetic powers

Group 904

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Parliament of norway
    2. The groove between ones nose and upper lip
    3. Yardbirds guitarist hi ho silver lining solo hit
    4. Country whose internet address abbreviation is kh
    5. River crafts should stay in them
    6. General , stephen fry alter ego in blackadder iv
    7. Edible seed of the coquito palm
    8. March to november is time to save this
    9. The wizarding school attended by harry potter
    10. Oh, what a beautiful mornin is its opening number
    11. Who parents make dates with for a kid
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Divided into four equal parts
    2. 2020 superhero movie starring vin diesel
    3. Large rodent covered in quills
    4. The a in scuba
    5. Device for looking at space objects
    6. Fortune telling using ones hand
    7. Ancient history, classical times
    8. Three peaked range of mountains in northern italy
    9. Borough in new york with wall street
    10. Spanish subtitle for sting song they dance alone
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce
    2. You might eat these backwards if youre stressed
    3. Saturn moon named after a titan in greek mythology
    4. Ryan, actor in deadpool and the hitmans bodyguard
    5. Window in a roof for letting in the sun
    6. Buffy slayed these in the long running tv series
    7. Gourd that is used as a bottle/ladle
    8. Where led zeppelins stairway led
    9. Warm and welcoming
    10. A device which can store and process data
    11. Sir john , british general, "gentleman johnny"
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Young people, adolescents
    2. Light, rough volcanic rock used to exfoliate feet
    3. Fowl domestic poultry originating from africa
    4. 70s disco line up with rasputin and daddy cool
    5. Ties, threads, string for using in the garden
    6. He owned the speakeasy in bugsy malone
    7. Add picture or text to a document
    8. Slang for phone number
    9. Wool from fluffy rabbits
    10. To do with lips
    11. The nucleotide paired with thymine in dna
    12. Paddington finds this family in a railway station
    13. Walking trekking activity with support poles
    14. In the bible, these are fallen angels
    15. Extinct zebra subspecies only half striped
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Bring the noise metal band infectious disease
    2. Legal advisors or attorneys
    3. Nile sailing ship
    4. Fingerprint design
    5. In manila, billing for 1975 boxing superfight
    6. Traffic navigating amphibian arcade game
    7. Ian mckellens wizard in the lord of the rings
    8. Removes mud from the riverbed
    9. Tall trees used for plywood, guitars, snowboards
    10. Cats, audiences do this in disapproval
    11. Peace treaty between hungary and the wwi allies

Group 905

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Connect actors within six of kevin bacon
    2. Covering or filling with pale earthen material
    3. Greeks defeated the persians at this sea battle
    4. Having creased, folded skin
    5. Region of and another name for the netherlands
    6. Us declaration says, "all men are equal"
    7. Harry , homer simpsons pet pig
    8. These firebreathers are chromatic or metallic
    9. These fruits come in hands
    10. Cheap alloy of zinc and lead
    11. Wright, guyanese british actress, played shuri
    12. Resembling a vulpine creature
    13. Delay between audio and video footage
    14. Train song drops of the fifth planet from the sun
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Michael , host of a popular chat show
    2. Musical ensemble anagram of carthorse
    3. Alliterative star of 48 hours, prince of tides
    4. Bouncing the ball while moving in basketball
    5. Bright poisonous mushroom, used to poison insects
    6. Artwork known in norwegian as skrik, or "shriek"
    7. Ecstatic, thrilled
    8. Becomes smaller in number or size
    9. A mechanical, robotic human that completes tasks
    10. Gigantic predatory mammal found in the arctic
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Capital city in which you could visit the kremlin
    2. Business making grapes into drinks
    3. Janet former chair of federal reserve board
    4. Very strong heavily concentrated
    5. Money demanded for prisoner release
    6. Facial hair sported by uncle sam and beatniks
    7. Night skys brightest star, also called dog star
    8. In the membrane, cypress hill song
    9. Stephanie , who invented kevlar
    10. Woody plants with many stems
    11. Small ape found in asia
    12. Birth name of river song in doctor who
    13. Muse of comedy in greek mythology
    14. Electric device to kill mosquitoes
    15. 1984 film where daryl hannah plays a mermaid
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Roman emperor who wanted to make his horse consul
    2. Long running drama series about la lifeguards
    3. 2005 joss whedon post firefly space western
    4. The brothers who owned a circus company
    5. In the in trouble and sleeping with the pooch
    6. Ground beef dish operatic rocker
    7. Ten to the power of 12
    8. Imaginary person, feared by naughty children
    9. Linda, us singer of blue bayou
    10. Map element shows its size ratio to the real world
    11. The time when cinderella lost her slipper
    12. Somniphobia is the fear of doing this
    13. Shirley, first black woman elected to us congress
    14. Code that must include a capital letter and number
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Its the c in cd player
    2. To allow food or drink to pass down the throat
    3. Crowd control producer, a whole new mind author
    4. Christian ceremony that wets a babys head
    5. An official order to do something
    6. Proteins created by the body to act as catalysts
    7. Not nationally or internationally, sourced nearby
    8. Mixture of rolled oats, nuts and honey
    9. Sir thomas or lady maria in mansfield park
    10. This creek swept the board at the 2020 emmys
    11. Ocean that touches california and japan
    12. Surname of husband then wife who ran for president
    13. Stylish, in fashion, modish

Group 906

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Technology proves if a soccer team has scored
    2. Changed a piece of music to fit
    3. Chinese mountain associated with taoism
    4. Juries expect some
    5. A funny five lined poem a city in ireland
    6. Describes the moving of blood through the veins
    7. Kim, disney channels animated teen spy
    8. Proxima , closest star to earth after the sun
    9. Symbolic effort
    10. Dynasty of italian bankers and statesmen
    11. Rush, oscar winning actor in shine
    12. Karen , nuclear whistleblower unlawfully killed
    13. Baked pastry popular in france and england
    14. The only papal name to have ever begun with i
    15. Special 3d image created by lasers
    16. People who travel on bikes
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Hometown of the flintstones
    2. Repeated hitting, thrashing, whacking
    3. John, voice of disneys pacha and pixars sully
    4. Made cushions or lips bouncier
    5. The electrical operating power of a lamp
    6. The japanese amberjack commonly used in sushi
    7. In your dna
    8. Colombian singer of whenever, wherever
    9. L in lgbtq
    10. The father, the son, and the holy spirit
    11. Tree themed poem by us poet robert frost
    12. Champions, winners
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Final operational shuttle built by nasa
    2. With added sugar
    3. Scotts ex whaling vessel on expedition of 1910 13
    4. Rotating serving tray in the middle of a table
    5. Branch of science that includes the periodic table
    6. Former capital of gondor, founded by elendil
    7. Olivia colman played her in the favourite
    8. Well known online reference encyclopedia
    9. Finnish city considered the home of santa claus
    10. Taylor swift wrote this song for little big town
    11. An animated series about cartman, stan and kyle
    12. The seventh sunday after easter
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. The swan constellation in the northern hemisphere
    2. He succeeded darius as king of persia
    3. "easy, , beautiful, covergirl"
    4. Open pit area where stones can be extracted
    5. Green film covering old copper
    6. The part of the bone where blood cells are made
    7. Doctor , beatles medic "helps you to understand"
    8. He investigates aliens with scully in the x files
    9. In amongst
    10. Owl parrot of new zealand
    11. Element called the building block for life
    12. Don johnson and melanie griffith’s actor daughter
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Scientist who creates potions with elements
    2. Dabbling duck with a plain plumage
    3. Capital and largest city of uganda
    4. This number of cooks spoil the broth
    5. Indian legumes known as dal when split
    6. Horrible to look at, repulsive, unsightly
    7. German school of minimalist art and architecture
    8. Annual publication of predictions
    9. Murphy of the dark knight rises and inception
    10. Game in which you knock down pins with a ball
    11. Common name for diluted acetic acid
    12. Words spoken or thought directed at a deity

Group 907

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. From or near to south americas great river
    2. Ron howard drama about firefighting brothers
    3. Branch of geology focused on rocks
    4. Us singer best known for moonlighting theme
    5. The outer universe
    6. Its comprised of swimming, cycling and running
    7. The central figure of the montgomery bus boycott
    8. Book that shares someones life story
    9. Alcoholic drink taken when the light fades
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A medieval religious battle over land
    2. Tom was your first friend on this social network
    3. She was the wife of franklin d roosevelt
    4. A small, high pitched flute
    5. Girl who drowns in shakespeares hamlet
    6. Home, 1996 drama about migrating geese
    7. Sport in which the constellation cup is contested
    8. Velmas surname in scooby doo
    9. Beachgoers pallet
    10. Earths natural satellite going below the horizon
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Brahe, worked with brother tycho on astronomy
    2. Only nation to have played in every fifa world cup
    3. Biology classification below kingdom, above class
    4. Hercules needed three of this kind of apple
    5. In time david blaines ice cube illusion
    6. Notable island of arthurian legend
    7. The middle number in a sequence of numbers
    8. Four wheeled covered royal carriage
    9. Long running us sitcom based in a boston bar
    10. Red or white vine fruits used to make wine
    11. Monkey, primate with a deafening shriek
    12. Ancient society based on the island of crete
    13. Rocket fuel developed by mary sherman morgan
    14. Calvin harris seasonal song
    15. Tragedy plus time adds up to this
    16. Nationality of the artists monet and manet
    17. Holly oscar winning actress for the piano
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Second largest city in spain, capital of catalonia
    2. Vital fall slowing device used by skydivers
    3. Author of the league of extraordinary gentlemen
    4. Describes ale with cherry, cranberry, damsons
    5. The child or children of an animal
    6. The wizarding village where honeydukes is located
    7. The v in dvd was originally video, now its this
    8. Jealous singer whos married to priyanka chopra
    9. "jumbo shrimp" and "act naturally"
    10. Country that was home to the outlaw ned kelly
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. It increases the deeper underwater you go
    2. Musical based around abbas biggest hits
    3. The movement of money into and out of a business
    4. Relating to anything scholarly college professor
    5. Tall purple or yellow roadside weed
    6. Long mediterranean fish, and a sheath for swords
    7. Ana , scissor sisters vocalist with jake shears
    8. President obamas vice president
    9. Us term for a swallow dive
    10. A type of small, decorative low standing cabinet
    11. The bermuda , where ships and planes disappear

Group 908

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Country whose capital is mogadishu
    2. Standard issue clothing for a police officer
    3. People with runny noses go through a lot of these
    4. The i in im
    5. Wooden cladding panels for houses
    6. Performer of "the backpack kid dance"
    7. Stir fried cantonese chicken dish with peanuts
    8. Mineral in milk that strengthens bones, teeth
    9. A song of ice and fires first titles last word
    10. Borrowing money against goods
    11. Criss cross framework of interlaced strips
    12. Billy wilder film, or teenage witch
    13. Single flipper worn by freedivers
    14. Baby hogs
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Supermans love interest
    2. Shines back, like a mirror does
    3. Us actress, comic sarah, nancy on roseanne
    4. Where a digressing conversation strays
    5. French emperor who was actually 56"
    6. Books that stand the test of time, like moby dick
    7. The parrot aimed at in archery
    8. Netherland based record label focused on hard rock
    9. Shrubbery that grows in still water, like swamps
    10. Tea infused with bergamot
    11. British fashion brand whose logo is a knight
    12. Rules that blocked female succession to the throne
    13. Blue spring flower also called witchs bell
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. 1959 disney film about a boy and a stray dog
    2. The british redhead who sings thinking out loud
    3. Element named after what is now a dwarf planet
    4. Tube shaped organelle of a eukaryotic cell
    5. 1922 silent horror based on dracula novel
    6. Journalistic presentation
    7. North american mammal similar to an antelope
    8. Its what the d in dc comics stands for
    9. Socks that are thick or knee high
    10. Celebrity panel game show first aired in 1962
    11. Danish brand "probably the best beer in the world"
    12. One accused of a crime in court
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Hustler feline nemesis of officer dibble
    2. Stacked dots used to denote a list
    3. Eponymous icelandic spouting thermal spring
    4. Dress code fancier than casual
    5. Students might write one of these about a book
    6. This bob was a pioneer of reggae music
    7. Brought back to life spiritually awakened
    8. A confection made from honey, nuts and egg whites
    9. 20 20 , means someone can see well
    10. Box of , all the skills at someones disposal
    11. The police sometimes do this with stolen property
    12. Rough lassie dog breed
    13. Sets a keyboard to new functions
    14. Sons of the , laurel & hardy appreciation club
    15. Skippers big sister
    16. Fisa is this sports governing body
    17. To cut into two equal parts
    18. X men member who throws playing cards
    19. Tongarewa, maori for the museum of new zealand
    20. Star of the netflix series space force steve
    21. Penns partner in magic
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Your heart has four of these to pump blood
    2. They make the switch and gameboy
    3. Female crosses between fish and people
    4. Symbol of remembrance and a girls name
    5. Tallest mountain in the uk
    6. Californian city home to the rose bowl stadium
    7. Law enforcement entity in europe
    8. Isle, shakespeares poetic picture of britain
    9. Another word for toilet or wc
    10. 2016 movie starring shakira as a gazelle
    11. The coldest possible temperature zero
    12. Singer known for fever, when you hold me tight
    13. Raised letters on a book cover, for e g
    14. Firth championed this look in pride & prejudice
    15. Marvels scarlet witchs name, wanda
    16. Pigeon pea herbs

Group 909

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Uk chemist dorothy, penicillin scientist
    2. Icelandic parliament, the oldest in the world
    3. Admire someone for their achievements
    4. Port , french riviera resort for yacht spotting
    5. Surname of buffy the vampire slayer
    6. The cells in the body that transmit nerve impulses
    7. This "valley" has a strong tech industry
    8. Catch glove worn by a goalie in ice hockey
    9. Six pointed star
    10. 1939 musical western film let ring
    11. Flat whites, lattes or espressos
    12. The n in cern
    13. Italian river famously crossed by julius caesar
    14. Best selling solo song by john lennon
    15. Early morning prayers in the rc church
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Rapper born belcalis marlenis almánzar in 1992
    2. Straight away, italian style
    3. No ph in this famous name jobs, tyler
    4. North sea port where dracula arrived in england
    5. Mel starred in and directed blazing saddles
    6. South american indigenous hut with a thatched roof
    7. Israeli intelligence agency
    8. Stinging fish that entwines cloth
    9. Bonnie the bank robber
    10. Its the location of las vegas and lake tahoe
    11. Administrative division of the ottoman empire
    12. Tv drama set in the batman universe
    13. Describes the patterns of mold in blue cheese
    14. Minimum number required for council meetings
    15. Type of hat where one might have a bee
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Noahs relation to methuselah in the bible
    2. He went from forrest gump to cast away
    3. Cutting out coupons
    4. State thats home to the st louis gateway arch
    5. Aussie venue where nirvana played, hordern
    6. Pittsburghs local nfl team
    7. Fastened up a shirt
    8. The mother sauce made from butter, flour and milk
    9. Kind of party thats planned secretly
    10. Blocked out the sun
    11. Chris, host of talking dead and the nerdist
    12. Covered in healing wound crusts
    13. Rousing rhythmic ritual ahead of going into battle
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. What the chicken did to the road
    2. Black and white seabird an auk family member
    3. Variable openings for light on a camera
    4. Random, all over the place, arbitrary
    5. French playwright who published nana in 1880
    6. The formal word for urinate
    7. One who makes spirits
    8. I kissed a girl and firework singer
    9. Ethiopian archaeological site with ancient remains
    10. Mountain range that forms the "backbone" of italy
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Fashion designer in the incredibles
    2. Best clothes, worn on evenings out and to church
    3. Spoon, tool to eat mince and slices of quince
    4. Retriever dog named after a canadian province
    5. Pink, coldplay both sing songs about this feeling
    6. Mechanical device for storing rotational energy
    7. The south american football confederation
    8. Flesh pie
    9. Another name for graphite, from the latin for lead
    10. Casino game with a ball on a spinning wheel
    11. Frozen food brand promoted by bearded captain

Group 910

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Space rock that gets through earths atmosphere
    2. Body of water separated from the sea by a reef
    3. Alexander hamilton sings im not throwing away
    4. Real first name of author mark twain
    5. Cant do it, not possible
    6. Dating app that sounds like a type of bee
    7. Tower, chicago skyscraper, aka sears tower
    8. Ex tracker bloodhound in lady and the tramp
    9. Like berlin until 1989
    10. Good statistics require one of a sufficient size
    11. A formal meal usually eaten at night
    12. Longue, chair with a back on one side
    13. Self abasing
    14. Dog is the debbie downer of cartoons
    15. Person who loudly advertises a performance
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. An aubergine or eggplant in parts of asia
    2. Small bird with grey cap, aka a hedge sparrow
    3. First of the four gospels in the new testament
    4. Triangular sports flag
    5. The singer who owns fenty beauty
    6. Amal alamuddins leading man husband
    7. Something that frightens obsessively
    8. Nearest town to cape leeuwin, western australia
    9. A famous beach area in oahu, hawaii
    10. Netflixs series about morningstar
    11. "three headed" muscle on the back of the upper arm
    12. One size , universal solution
    13. The egyptian architect to pharaoh djoser
    14. The silver white metal known as quicksilver
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. English poet of story of rimini
    2. Swedish sewing machine brand
    3. Onetime alias of jimmy olsen, partner of nightwing
    4. State flowers of mississippi
    5. An object from space that falls to earth
    6. Element number 44 named after russia
    7. Human like doll used to frighten birds away from crops
    8. Directed dicaprio in marvins room in 1996
    9. Two queens of england have had this name
    10. Retired english champion jockey peter
    11. Gave evidence in court
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Red fruit often mistaken for vegetable
    2. Tv channel launched in 2012 by magic johnson
    3. Street fighter martial artist with a spinning kick
    4. Raised, removed restrictions
    5. Simon from american idol and britains got talent
    6. Marine creature whose name means "whale horse"
    7. Paul u2 singer known on stage as bono
    8. Haggle for goods or services
    9. Name of noahs father in the bible
    10. Henry , writer of tropic of capricorn
    11. Scene of cornish lifeboat disaster in 1981
    12. Common extrusive rock such as at giants causeway
    13. Husband of isis in egyptian mythology
    14. Lgbtq dating app, started out just for men
    15. Topknot worn by males
    16. Game of bouncing a ball off a wall with racquets
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Irish symbol featuring hands, heart and crown
    2. Japanese soy sauce company founded in 1630
    3. Edible, flat bodied fish also known as a porgy
    4. House band on jimmy kimmel live
    5. Birds of a feather flock
    6. Tennis stroke with the palm turned to the body
    7. Kingsley amiss working class hero
    8. Whenever, , 2002 shakira single
    9. Able to walk
    10. German ruhr city famous for brewing
    11. A long sleeved knitted sweater with an open front
    12. Ancient greek oil storing vessel
    13. Command module pilot on apollo 17 in 1972
    14. Jennifer, was katniss everdeen in the hunger games

Group 911

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Said a different way
    2. Monkeys also known as zaris
    3. Actor ted danson grew up in this arizona city
    4. Jewish soviet citizen not allowed to emigrate
    5. 2017 album by lorde
    6. Naturally fermented bread thats not sweet
    7. Castle, wodehouses home for the emsworth clan
    8. The looney tunes bird who says "youre despicable"
    9. Flowering plant family that includes poinsettias
    10. Hiccups night fury from how to train your dragon
    11. What sally sells at the shore
    12. Machine that crushes trash to a smaller size
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Turkish city partly in europe and partly in asia
    2. Dessert at thanksgiving filled with fall fruit
    3. Light, informal conversation
    4. Martin who directed raging bull and goodfellas
    5. Sets of false teeth
    6. Feeling upbeat, like a proton
    7. The sky, saxon song about observing the heavens
    8. Benjamin, us inventor who flew his kite in a storm
    9. Its the n in nbc
    10. Kazakhstan space facility with vostok 1 launchpad
    11. Us artist who painted dogs playing poker
    12. An african baboon with red and blue face
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. This is believing
    2. A voice does this when yelling in a cave
    3. Interest and dividends for good investors
    4. To take great pleasure in something
    5. Hergé wrote about this characters adventures
    6. Water of life, also scotch
    7. Segments of a flower head
    8. The united states independence date, of july
    9. Jessye , us soprano known for wagnerian parts
    10. Historic desert road across california
    11. Astronomers search for one in a habitable zone
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Aguilera who gave us genie in a bottle
    2. City that hosts the australian grand prix
    3. Bundle of bathroom drying cloths
    4. Lunar "wobble" phenomenon
    5. Sci fi subgenre known for mohawked hackers
    6. Bell shaped marine animals with stinging tentacles
    7. Deadpool and terminator dark fate director
    8. Food kids might give to the dog rather than eat it
    9. Abnormal bending of a foot digit
    10. Commander data nylon
    11. Saw a crime occur
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Wooden rice paddle used in asian cuisine
    2. Author of death comes to pemberley
    3. Bent, warped
    4. An electrical powering device physical attack
    5. Kenny chesney sings about this sexy vehicle
    6. Science and study of unidentified flying objects
    7. Surfing beat down
    8. Scavenging bird like a condor
    9. General motors car brand or ottawa indian chief
    10. By the dozen, 2003 steve martin comedy
    11. Its light, metallic and has the atomic number 3

Group 912

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Adds h2o
    2. German inspired mexican american music
    3. Practicing the holy beggar muslim life
    4. Mamet is known for his snappy writing of this
    5. Crime and punishment novel by kafka
    6. British slang for breaks and shatters
    7. A common saying, cool as a
    8. A gotye song, that i used to know
    9. British postage stamp, rouger than the original
    10. Those who mistrust or have reservations
    11. Outdoor labyrinth at a farm
    12. 1999 movie in which it rained frogs
    13. Septembers birthstone
    14. Italian coffee drink used in lattes and americanos
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. An outdoor setup where goods are sold
    2. Comedian known for everybody loves raymond
    3. Last name of elmer in a sinclair lewis novel
    4. Andy, pop artist who painted campbells soup cans
    5. Get real, in two words, or hurry up
    6. To feel sad about a missed opportunity
    7. Portable phone
    8. People with artificial body parts are this
    9. Heavenly cherubs and seraphim
    10. Largest and most populous island of zanzibar
    11. Edgy rival of sonic the hedgehog
    12. She was the first female prime minister of india
    13. Webcomic about a shapeshifter and mad scientist
    14. An insect inflicted on egypt as a biblical plague
    15. Unit of volume equal to 4 quarts
    16. Being competent
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Live tv shows may be previously this
    2. A person who has broken the law, a crook
    3. Indian city on the ganges once called benares
    4. James invented a portable vacuum cleaner
    5. Monty python had this of silly walks
    6. Book page, wider than the others and bent back
    7. Where dorothy and her friends strolled
    8. Heroine created by roy thomas and barry windsor smith
    9. Garden flower, lemon scented leaves make oil
    10. Saiga endangered ruminant of eurasian steppe
    11. First name shared by lenin and putin
    12. Jazz tone played at a different pitch to standard
    13. Main vegetables in marinara sauce
    14. Collective term for goal posts and crossbar
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Hormones responsible for male characteristics
    2. Sang a love song to someone
    3. Political title known by the acronym flotus
    4. Warehouse vehicles
    5. He starred in king kong, shallow hal and jumanji
    6. The highest active volcano in europe
    7. Huge raptor, the national bird of the us
    8. The embodiment of a spirit in human form
    9. Twelfth night comes twelve days after this
    10. Quoth the raven
    11. The explosion at the end of a stars life cycle
    12. Steamed or fried dough balls with fillings
    13. Goods, bought acquisitions
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Ceo of apple who followed steve jobs
    2. Femmes responsible for blister in the sun
    3. Claudette , actress in the palm beach story
    4. Isaac newtons first law of motion addresses this
    5. Spy ring for cracking ciphers
    6. Fungus prized by chefs, hunted by pigs
    7. When the moon blocks out the sun, for example
    8. What hulk hogan and ric flair pretend to do
    9. It rhymes with gorilla but smells like a skunk
    10. A ghost or visible spirit
    11. Stubborn, obstinate, dogged
    12. Baby , sign indicating an infant car passenger
    13. Young dc comics speedster mentored by max mercury
    14. Open shoes worn in hot weather

Group 913

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Qualified with a set of skills
    2. In eastern religions, freedom from rebirth cycle
    3. Bouncy dance floor
    4. Original hue of carrots, not orange
    5. Sets of twelve
    6. City in iraq known as "the city of palaces"
    7. Cage or shelter for a pet
    8. The complete set of a persons genes
    9. Dated term for native north american warriors
    10. Copenhagens 17th century waterfront district
    11. Traditional cabin architecture from the swiss alps
    12. Sharp tool for chopping or climbing glaciers
    13. Blood red type of garnet meaning fiery eyed
    14. Enid author of five on a treasure island
    15. Singer kurt of nirvana
    16. Garden, london area synonymous with gold heists
    17. Organ of the body that includes the vocal folds
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Zeros
    2. Devs behind sonic the hedgehog for sega game gear
    3. Scott bass player with a precious little life
    4. Dark sticky liquid used in baking and linctuses
    5. Hybrid between a narwhal and a beluga
    6. Sportsman whose instagram handle is "cristiano"
    7. Bags specifically designed for use on a bike
    8. Proverbially, its the best policy
    9. Member of the bee gees once married to singer lulu
    10. Captain played by nicolas cage on screen in 2001
    11. An oblique symbol and a roman gold coin
    12. Female mobster
    13. Waterways of hormuz and gibraltar
    14. The wife of ahab, old testament king of israel
    15. Surname of first ever heart transplant surgeon
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Magazine articles that go in depth on a topic
    2. Tokyos shopping district for young fashionistas
    3. Kids football game with flickable players
    4. A negative event with no plan or obvious cause
    5. Mickey mouses rival
    6. Ryan reynolds gin brand
    7. What the cavalier is doing in frans hals painting
    8. Bon jovi hit album when wet
    9. Channel island slightly smaller than jersey
    10. Huge constricting snake found in the amazon
    11. The units of energy found in food
    12. Type of rug made from the hide of a grizzly, maybe
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Ship that transports cargo
    2. Martial arts expert from rogue one and ip man
    3. Southernmost government region of new zealand
    4. Highway 61 , dylan lp with like a rolling stone
    5. Irish patriot and muse of w b yeats
    6. Nice setting for a musical, on sunday, with george
    7. Their trunks have 40,000 muscles
    8. A book that lists words as groups of synonyms
    9. The tuxedo cat often seen chasing tweety
    10. Device for measuring air pressure
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Water travel just for you
    2. Paired lymphoid organs at the back of the throat
    3. Vecchia signora nickname for juventus fc
    4. Silverback ape
    5. Robert downey jr marvel hero
    6. Brooklyn nine nines jake peralta, andy
    7. Russian writer and physician
    8. Word to describe someone who is on in years
    9. The force keeping us on earth
    10. Among the biggest waterfalls in us and canada
    11. Composer of the one act opera salome richard
    12. Warping, changing what is happening now
    13. French nibbles served with drinks
    14. Bending of a limb
    15. London suburb, famously the home of kate moss

Group 914

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Established the size of something
    2. Representing, signifying
    3. Famous gangster imprisoned for tax evasion in 1931
    4. Third level former term for part of the cenozoic
    5. Crime of breaking into a building
    6. Ready , table for simple accounting calculations
    7. It can be compound, impacted or greenstick
    8. Monetary amount declined in any old iron
    9. The focus of captain ahabs obsession
    10. Its also called a garbanzo bean
    11. Famous sci fi series set on the enterprise
    12. Freestanding tub thats old fashioned and trendy
    13. Cove in w greenland, home to whales and icebergs
    14. Alchemists thought it was a universal solvent
    15. A character from monsters inc, mike
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Find one inside a cookie at a chinese restaurant
    2. Tank, an armoured vehicle with a warfaring name
    3. Spiked blade on the end of a rifle
    4. Offense of telling lies under oath in court
    5. Biological protein that comprises hair and claws
    6. Kind of love soft cell sang about in 1981
    7. Addressed box shipped overnight
    8. Irish slang, an expression of surprise
    9. Kate, actor director of black rock and the freebie
    10. Dense central structure in the middle of an atom
    11. Title for governor general of british india
    12. City in the middle of the german lippe region
    13. In a dress, this falls above or below the knee
    14. Monotreme covered in spikes that lays eggs
    15. The spanish artist responsible for guernica
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. The name of batmans butler
    2. Japanese number puzzle found in newspapers
    3. Take small bites
    4. Patio doors that concertina to open
    5. Sport square shaped german chocolate bars
    6. Large brown bear species native to alaskan islands
    7. The 12th zodiac sign
    8. Nick of drumline and all that
    9. Week where viewership is recorded
    10. On the vine, to shrivel, neglected, like grapes
    11. Name of the streetcar in tennessee williams play
    12. Basketball player who made a famous sneaker brand
    13. Priests assistant who is responsible for a parish
    14. B vitamin also known as vitamin h
    15. When two become one, in science
    16. Ive been you, elton johns first single
    17. Capital of georgia, the country
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Tripping hazards get in this place, like pets
    2. Fruit of the blackthorn tree
    3. Network of pipes to channel rainwater off roofs
    4. Inventor of homeopathy, samuel
    5. 2012 film about a teenager with telekinesis
    6. A biology term relating to the absence of oxygen
    7. J r r tolkiens 1937 novel
    8. Where players gather for bridge
    9. Tennis events in us, britain, france, australia
    10. Singer songwriter of american pie
    11. Greek man so handsome he loved his own reflection
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Fish used to prepare arbroath smokie
    2. Beyoncés surname
    3. Cloths used to wipe ones mouth at dinner
    4. Make louder
    5. Country where the saxophone was invented
    6. Name for tough kid in s e hintons the outsiders
    7. Ancient empire whose capital was ctesiphon
    8. Religious abstention from all forms of indulgence
    9. Streamlined motion of the atmosphere gases
    10. Headwear for someone using clubs on ball
    11. The californian location of rodeo drive, hills
    12. Inner extremely private room or place
    13. Time zone that runs through the middle of the us

Group 915

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Square root of 144
    2. At sixes and , muddled up
    3. Small cucumber after preservation in vinegar
    4. Plant parts from which flowers grow
    5. Portal on a wall for plugging in devices
    6. Conrad, founder of global hotel chain in 1919
    7. Filthy, used to describe collars or kids knees
    8. Non violence to living beings per indian religions
    9. Karate instructor
    10. Thanos adopted zehoberei daughter
    11. Missing son of caspian in the narnia tales
    12. Decorative circle of branches popular at christmas
    13. Colour of mitch millers rose of texas
    14. Baby eels
    15. The animated sailor who eats spinach
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Action used to make butter manually
    2. Hot aired ones are ridden in the sky
    3. Medieval title of european border defender
    4. Oversized sunglasses originally for pilots
    5. Completely honest
    6. Foster jenkins, famed for her awful singing
    7. 1995 cult classic film with jay and silent bob
    8. Nickname for a royal marine
    9. Antiquated word for a whitetail deer
    10. To rescue her father, shell travel by tesseract
    11. Fey sade undercover agent in doctor who comics
    12. The river danube flows into it
    13. Second largest moon of jupiter
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. English playwright, author of volpone
    2. Claudia tess dalys strictly co presenter
    3. Dapple pony at birtwick park in black beauty
    4. Kind of charcoal used to treat poisonings
    5. Clumsy, gawky, ungainly
    6. American salami often served on pizza
    7. Working out a deal negotiating
    8. N welsh resort at the end of offas dyke walk
    9. Alfred hitchcock movie north by
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Raised fortification
    2. Rpg adventure that lasts for a single session
    3. Publishing professionals with great eye for detail
    4. Despotism
    5. John updike novel, the of eastwick
    6. Receive money or property in a person’s will
    7. Moving like water in a river
    8. Pizza chain with a game motif
    9. Hakuna matata from the lion king is this language
    10. Took something for granted
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Type of comedy done by the three stooges
    2. Lucky equine footwear
    3. Couches and tables
    4. The english location of stonehenge
    5. Agneau de pré salé, type of lamb
    6. A type of tissue that covers and protects bones
    7. A word that describes or modifies a noun
    8. Southern us author of tom sawyer
    9. Tutankhamuns father and nefertitis husband
    10. Nickname of the british armys parachute regiment
    11. Venetian painter with watery name

Group 916

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Beverly hillbillies song the ballad of jed
    2. The air zodiac that is neither gemini nor libra
    3. Irish born playwright of the rivals
    4. Repurposed a material to use again
    5. Wooden v shaped device for removing long footwear
    6. The hogwarts subject, defense against the
    7. North american ursine pastry
    8. Nitpicker, perfectionist
    9. Portion of the moon visible from the earth
    10. First name of lady welby gregory, english thinker
    11. Something that happens once every two years
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Dutch painter who created the starry night
    2. The bone also called the breastbone
    3. Mathematical philosopher imre
    4. A glimpse in advance
    5. Someone ready to fight has their shoulder
    6. Coveted clothes from decades gone by
    7. Shape with six sides
    8. The roman goddess of luck
    9. Life draining undead spirits
    10. Toni morrisons book on life after slavery
    11. Italian tube shaped stuffed pastries
    12. City in southern spain that grew around lead mines
    13. Terry former monty python member
    14. The eight in 2015 tarantino western thriller
    15. Inuit marauders member born kodiak noatak
    16. Broad minded, not orthodox
    17. The penny farthing was an early form of it
    18. Long curling wind instrument, similar to a snake
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. & klement initial name of skoda autos
    2. Kitchen tool ripping the outsides off citrus fruit
    3. Big tube of fuel for a spaceship
    4. Something difficult to grasp or puzzling
    5. Truly, madly, , hit for savage garden in 1997
    6. Edward, english scientist who invented vaccination
    7. Before plastic, coke came in a glass one
    8. The queen of asgard and thors mother
    9. Italian term for fans of f1s ferrari team
    10. Wright brothers were first in this
    11. Alfonso , director of black and white movie roma
    12. Swiss city, nicknamed the peace capital
    13. Goldie hawns actor daughter kate
    14. They get wetter the more they dry
    15. Vibrant art movement of the 50s and 60s
    16. Lively, crazy style of comedy
    17. This kind of musical wonder has fleeting fame
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A baby frog or toad
    2. Gilbert and sullivan opera h m s
    3. Hes westworlds man in black
    4. Mexican dish or nike running shoe
    5. Swiftness, keenness
    6. Star wars episode iv prequel, a star wars story
    7. Almond shaped brain region that responds to fear
    8. Former capital of burma, on the road to it perhaps
    9. Official state religion of cambodia
    10. A disease causing organism
    11. Mausoleum built in india for emperors wife
    12. Number of playing cards in a full deck
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The thracian gladiator who led an uprising
    2. Eliminate a disease
    3. Library storage units
    4. Us state sounds like an unworn sweater
    5. Conversion of raw data into working insight
    6. Us film industry hub
    7. Ad hoc, unannounced performance
    8. Nutritionally dense grain related to rhubarb
    9. Petitioning a court to overturn a prior judgment
    10. Flying reptiles from the greek for "wing lizard"

Group 917

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Animated sitcom about the griffin family
    2. Evasive team sport, subject of a ben stiller film
    3. Objectionable and annoying
    4. A venetian merchant who traveled throughout asia
    5. This is the house that , repeating nursery rhyme
    6. Gland in the body also known as the hypophysis
    7. John , us actor, subject of a 1999 fantasy film
    8. Life scientist
    9. Porcelain decoration method with two kiln firings
    10. Tennessee amusement park celebrating dolly parton
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Threatening, frightening, intimidating
    2. In the musical, little red and others go into it
    3. Miranda lamberts avian hit from 2019
    4. Giant, thick sushi rolls
    5. Hardwood tree used to make roman chariots
    6. Throw one at a friend in a winter battle
    7. A sport also called table tennis
    8. Beat poet allen, author of howl
    9. A medicated cream or salve
    10. The marvel villain known as the devourer of worlds
    11. Celebrity chef anthony, host of parts unknown
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Study of plants
    2. G, pg, r designation for a film
    3. Meridas mother, queen of dunbroch in brave
    4. Hobbes partner in crime in the comic strip
    5. The element with the atomic number 2
    6. Disasters, catastrophes, emergencies
    7. Childrens book by shel silverstein the tree
    8. Strong trappist beer, less strong than tripel
    9. Saint , tropical isle for napoleonic exile
    10. Singer with chicago, peter
    11. Material placed under a movable carpet
    12. This countrys flag features a maple leaf
    13. Freeman, lawrence or scorsese
    14. Sugary liquid from flowers that bees are drawn to
    15. Number of minutes in an ice hockey period
    16. Siberia makes up about 77 percent of this country
    17. Surrealist artist fini, she painted rogomelec
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Small hawaiian stringed instrument
    2. Chinese name for the yellow river
    3. Word that describes a baby prone to painful crying
    4. 90s travolta archangel flick
    5. This british potter wrote the tale of peter rabbit
    6. Rich planet express intern in futurama
    7. New orleans is known for this transportation
    8. Like the clocks in salvador dalis paintings
    9. 1957 soviet satellites sent into orbit
    10. Powerful people are known as movers and these
    11. Youre "under" it if youre feeling unwell
    12. Mathematics that uses numbers and letters
    13. Force someone to serve in a navy
    14. Charge a government official with misconduct
    15. Pigs eat from these receptacles
    16. External ridges or rims for strengthening
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Marriage ceremonies
    2. Film starring alec guinness "kind hearts and "
    3. Look after someones property while theyre away
    4. These ribs are not connected to the breastbone
    5. They often change on your phone after an update
    6. Keep in check, control the temperature
    7. Traditional scottish oatmeal breakfast
    8. Get a pedicure to put paint on these
    9. Mohammed , cricket, soccer uae stadium
    10. Radovan , guilty of war crimes at srebrenica
    11. Sir percy , the scarlet pimpernels true self
    12. Crumpets
    13. Flower named after its scent with climbing vines
    14. Operatic text
    15. Asian steppes leafless shrubs
    16. Béton brut in french, the substance of brutalism

Group 918

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Rude, offensive or without good ethics
    2. Young animals that arent mature
    3. The home city of ragnar on the show vikings
    4. Skilled poker player
    5. Unpredictable, e g weather
    6. Rob kardashians ex, dreams mother
    7. Baked maize staple eaten in the southern us
    8. Final book in the divergent trilogy
    9. Chris, known for playing thor
    10. Engine fuel made from edible fats and oils
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. William astronomer who discovered uranus
    2. Surprised, like a rabbit in headlights
    3. Whale spout
    4. This cheese is often grated on pasta
    5. Song by lady gaga, ariana grande
    6. Series of novels by sir walter scott
    7. Magical old woman from russian folklore
    8. Purple flower a vixen might wear on her hands
    9. Joey, youtube star of escape the night
    10. People who spend a lifetime studying a topic
    11. Happening once every year
    12. Palestinian city in the west bank
    13. Diced onions carrots celery mixture added to stock
    14. Someone on the run from justice
    15. Actor who plays lucifer in tv show of same name
    16. Fabric used to make outdoor tablecloths
    17. Actress and mistress of charles ii
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Sorry not sorry singer demi
    2. World champion surfer kelly
    3. Main ideas in a book
    4. When the typical work week begins
    5. Neptune's largest moon
    6. State in india with five rivers
    7. Fads, viral sensations
    8. The tyrannosaurus rex from the rugrats franchise
    9. Xbox and playstation players
    10. Nemeses of the jets, in the musical
    11. Passenger bird that died out, others hang in park
    12. Fairytale woman in distress
    13. Potatoes served boiled and squashed
    14. Archbishop of canterbury 1162 1170 thomas
    15. This italian liguria capital is also called genoa
    16. Military four wheel drive, aka hmmwv
    17. Magikarps signature battle move in pokémon
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Non-professional
    2. Song alterations
    3. Porsche two seater mid engined roadster model
    4. Luke skywalkers nephew, ben solo
    5. Alan first american to travel to space
    6. The flat, tough surface of a kitchen unit
    7. To your hearts , something satisfying happy
    8. Fabric gathered together with stretchy thread
    9. Canadian province where lake louise is found
    10. Shakespeares play about a scottish king
    11. & joey tv series about mel and her male nanny
    12. Ancient roman magistrate or army commander
    13. Orange and black butterfly
    14. Wooden barrel used to prepare rice and sushi
    15. The inventor known as the father of the computer
    16. Greek letter u, looks like a y upper case
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Former region of south africa settled by the boers
    2. Disneys female quacker, donalds girlfriend
    3. It can be flock, woven, grasscloth or vinyl
    4. Starch from a tropical tuber, similar to tapioca
    5. Cartography
    6. Elton john song covered by william shatner
    7. Cures for poisons, anagram of stationed
    8. Take legal possession of someones property
    9. Ursine mammal species called a grizzly in the us
    10. Collective term for snooker, billiards, pool etc

Group 919

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A short nap usually taken in the afternoon
    2. Fruit also known as the red date
    3. Limbless videogame character, friend of globox
    4. Swiss river that flows through zurich
    5. Like the stem of a rose
    6. Five gang new york criminal organisation
    7. Harry dresden is a consulting one of these
    8. One of the first men on the moon, buzz
    9. Danny, composer on batman, the simpsons
    10. Purple wearing member of the scooby gang
    11. Name shared by presidents bush and washington
    12. Skirts, pre ww1 dress introduced by paul poiret
    13. Gloria hendry played 007 girl rosie
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Simon and garfunkels song, bridge over water
    2. Danish rock festival city on the island of zealand
    3. A lost sailor can use the stars to help them do this
    4. Actor thornton from tv shows fargo and goliath
    5. Active woodland songbird with scarlet wing patches
    6. Sauvignon, a type of red wine
    7. Early irish bard, with song of magical storm
    8. Chemical compound that makes synthetic plastic
    9. Royal family, sovereign rulers
    10. First american satellite, launched in 1958
    11. S dakota town where wild bill hickok is buried
    12. Name of david and victoria beckhams eldest son
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Wired device for cutting cooked yolks and whites
    2. Cursor control that can be rolled in any direction
    3. Speech marks drawn with fingers, not on paper
    4. Actress kidnapped by king kong
    5. Ancient sumerian writing
    6. The protagonist of tiger king
    7. A native of scotlands western isles
    8. Colin, lead singer of the zombies
    9. London theatre famed for variety performances
    10. The titles of top stories in the news
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Dried grape
    2. Tribal or business leaders
    3. Padded edge around a cot
    4. A us athlete wears this with numbers on it
    5. The first continent alphabetically
    6. Brass instruments used to sound the last post
    7. Common psychiatric medication in the u s
    8. Edith , pioneer in medical physics
    9. Del boys younger brother
    10. English royal house that followed the tudors
    11. Mens black dinner jacket
    12. The si unit for pressure or stress
    13. Of or relating to guinea pigs
    14. Nemos fathers name
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Platform for public speaking
    2. The animal also known as the mexican walking fish
    3. An archers tall weapon of the middle ages
    4. Have an intense outbreak of a skin condition
    5. Dunk completely in liquid
    6. Ivan midfielder for barcelona and croatia
    7. User guides
    8. The name of a song and album by the beatles
    9. Leafy chinese cabbage
    10. This jones had his last crusade in 1989
    11. A sitcom starring courtney cox and matt leblanc
    12. Famously insoluble knot in ancient legend
    13. They cant be choosers, according to the saying

Group 920

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Apples brand of mobile telephone
    2. Way to cook food at high heat using hot oil
    3. A 60s themed show starring jon hamm as don draper
    4. House arrest, generally at night time
    5. Yogi bears best buddy
    6. Field side seating area for a baseball team
    7. Youre the one that i want comes from this musical
    8. Timothy leary phrase, "turn on, , drop out"
    9. Ours is called the milky way
    10. Tree of the genus juglans
    11. The blue no 4 engine in thomas the tank engine
    12. And shepherds, purcell song from the libertine
    13. Add yeast to bread so it will rise
    14. Corn cutting tool with semi circular blade
    15. Tropical breeze catching verandas
    16. Shorter of the two bones in the forearm
    17. Game show formerly known as press your luck
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Actor who was madonnas first husband
    2. Large number anagram of handouts
    3. Single player card game also called solitaire
    4. Busby , large scale hollywood choreographer
    5. Where an injured player in sport is patched up
    6. Detective played on tv by benedict cumberbatch
    7. A popular christmas carol, o come, all ye
    8. Eagerly, enthusiastically
    9. Dunkin brand donut hole
    10. The study of birds nests
    11. Type of line thats not wavy
    12. Brethren, christian sect founded in 1827
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Author of to kill a mockingbird
    2. Another name for a feral pig
    3. Wakeful, e g a night without any shut eye
    4. Dutch baroque painter famed for the night watch
    5. If its white, its called a leukocyte
    6. Tpk, the worst outcome for an rpg group total
    7. 60s show and 2005 movie about a suburban sorceress
    8. The british naval captain who charted new zealand
    9. Clergy members in protestant churches
    10. Forms of life, from single cells to animals/plants
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Makes the heart grow fonder
    2. Monkey, ape, or human
    3. Knotted, twisted, as with curly hair
    4. Professional who measures risk, uncertainty
    5. Person who readies for disaster by stockpiling
    6. Dark horse comics red skinned cambion
    7. Tom whos a police commissioner on blue bloods
    8. What 3 did to make it 9
    9. To move in a group based on season, like birds
    10. Creepers, popular jazz song of the 1930s
    11. Marooned sailor from treasure island
    12. Safe to drink
    13. Ray, first welsh actor to win an academy award
    14. Doorkeeper, gatekeeper
    15. A bodily opening
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Contemporary
    2. Machine that plants plants
    3. The boy genius who has a hidden lab in his room
    4. Harold grays comic strip, little annie
    5. Sigourney, star of the alien movies
    6. A short verse or tune used in advertising
    7. Without with no issues or problems
    8. The sharpest tooth relating to dogs
    9. 2001 spy novel by alan judd
    10. The rapper whose real name is nayvadius wilburn
    11. Surname of music legends ike and tina
    12. Quique, appointed barcelona boss in january 2020
    13. Paris museum that houses venus de milo sculpture
    14. A, e, i, o and u
    15. Terminates a mission prematurely
    16. Combed ones hair opposite its normal direction
    17. Norwegian royal island in the bellingshausen sea