Group 461

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Shopper in a store
    2. Graphic display of events in chronological order
    3. Noisy white birds found on beaches or coastlines
    4. Successful singer or song-writer of popular music
    5. Reading something quickly
    6. Items to wear
    7. Egg whites and sugar dessert cooked at low temps
    8. To try out for a part in a movie
    9. A deep round dish for broth
    10. Substance used to make a chemical reaction faster
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. __ beans mexican or tex-mex staple
    2. Made an estimate about how large a number is
    3. Standing yoga pose or a soldier
    4. These are used to feed babies milk
    5. Creature with eagle head and lion body
    6. Lending a hand
    7. Only a small piece of a big problem: tip of the __
    8. What many water bottles are made out of
    9. Word with the same meaning as another word
    10. Ocean where hawaii is located
    11. Not employed
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. They extract liquid from fruits and vegetables
    2. __ city fictional city in the land of oz
    3. A stop between flights before the next journey
    4. Canine competition
    5. They help you see better
    6. Mountaineer
    7. Japanese warrior
    8. Dark green crispy stuff wrapped around sushi
    9. Exhibition space
    10. 80s new wave band fronted by debbie harry
    11. An exact copy of something
    12. Las vegas and monte carlo have many of these
    13. Citrus fruits that make up part of a mimosa
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Famous river that flows through london
    2. Eat voraciously gobble up
    3. Earthquake rumble
    4. Overseas
    5. The book from which actors learn their lines
    6. You need one to get into a concert
    7. One who corrects and revises text for publication
    8. Human soul mind or spirit
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A system of parts working together in a machine
    2. Gather and keep supplies in case of emergency
    3. Long-distance running races
    4. Made someone feel better
    5. Small rocky space objects that orbit the sun
    6. Gentle melodies to send babies to sleep
    7. Protective outer layer of the skin
    8. Periodical such as the guardian new york times

Group 462

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Underground hole that a rabbit lives in
    2. Jumping into the water with minimal splash
    3. Journey to far-away places
    4. Kingdom of the lion the witch and the wardrobe
    5. Deck the halls with __ of holly; tree branches
    6. Concedes permission
    7. A hypothesis
    8. Headgear protects against solar rays
    9. Admit into an organization or club
    10. Delicate and neat
    11. A panda's preferred food
    12. 1939 film starring judy garland: the __ of oz
    13. Nearly
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Run around playfully like young kids or dogs
    2. Shrivels and dries like a plant
    3. Worshipper who travels to a sacred place
    4. To go down a mountain
    5. The vitruvian man was drawn by him
    6. Movie about a romance on an ill-fated ship
    7. Images taken with the front-facing camera
    8. Indignation and anger
    9. Natural indents in a person's cheeks
    10. Salty lake in the middle east with no life
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Whisky and gin or ghosts
    2. They make up bouquets
    3. What the female feline super hero wears
    4. First part of dante alighieri's long poem
    5. Another name for the breastbone
    6. The falls located on the border of ny and canada
    7. Small piece; scrap; fragment
    8. Lights a fire starts something burning
    9. Scale for measuring the magnitude of earthquakes
    10. Pet rodents that burrow in soil
    11. Popular music streaming app with green logo
    12. It is pulled to open a parachute
    13. __ impossible series with tom cruise
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. First rule do not talk about this film title
    2. Rose to fame as the lead singer of the supremes
    3. Piece of plastic you pay with (not credit)
    4. Billowing symbol of surrender
    5. Fungi
    6. A graphic representation of a story
    7. Pigs that aren't domesticated
    8. Terrified or turned to stone
    9. To rise and fall with no regular pattern
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. In close friendship; intimate
    2. Editing a photo by cutting down the sides
    3. Male building owner who rents out spaces to others
    4. Official procedure or system of rules
    5. Time zone that covers the rockies in the us/canada
    6. Purposeful omission of information; crossing out
    7. Entered where not welcome
    8. Black liquid that comes from a sea creature
    9. Gin or vodka cocktails made with vermouth
    10. Making educated assumptions

Group 463

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Oh the weather outside is __ let it snow lyrics
    2. Stiff paper material that boxes are made out of
    3. Actor who played luther stringer bell in the wire
    4. Rough noisy playful behavior
    5. E.t. desperately wants to do this
    6. Ancient roman road leading from rome to brindisi
    7. Walking exercise machine
    8. Large white and furry inhabitant of the arctic
    9. Famous u.s. military academy located in new york
    10. Bittersweet jam made from oranges
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Edible marine animals like crab or shrimp
    2. Thin pasta served with meatballs
    3. Demeaning cheapening
    4. Relating to plants
    5. __ housewives the lives of wisteria lane's ladies
    6. Spikey-topped yellow fruit
    7. Skill of managing international relations
    8. Wookiee from star wars
    9. Love fondness liking care
    10. A person depicted in a novel or a play
    11. The way in which a person lives
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Dishonest; like many politicians
    2. They are the walking dead
    3. Yo-yo ma is a famous one
    4. Shakespearean play that includes a witches' spell
    5. Media provider that originated the crown
    6. __ and sniff an odorous surface
    7. Getting stuck in this after leaving work is no fun
    8. Accept; surrender
    9. Canoe propellers
    10. Kate middleton is one
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Small green fruits that go in martinis
    2. The types of doves in the 12 days of christmas
    3. You tend to this just outside your home
    4. Amazon tv show the marvelous mrs. __
    5. Sweet and old-fashioned; charming
    6. Said of a fruit that has gone bad
    7. Kids nursery rhyme: the itsy bitsy __
    8. Band of thin fabric worn tightly on the neck
    9. Optical glass discs
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Conceited with extreme sense of self-importance
    2. Mary mary quite __ how does your garden grow?
    3. Park city utah film festival
    4. Wood-eating pests that live in colonies
    5. Table game with rectangular dotted tiles
    6. To look after a residence while its owner is away
    7. Lessons that teach you how to tread water
    8. Band known for their songs yellow and fix you
    9. 1970s-style shoes with thick soles
    10. Italian cheese grated on pasta dishes

Group 464

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Ceremonies held to bury the departed
    2. Big wild cats with spotted fur
    3. Tips over in a boat
    4. A strong dislike
    5. Home state of george washington
    6. Apples becoming juicier and sweeter ready to eat
    7. Searching for food in the wild
    8. Advocacy of women's rights based on equality
    9. Country directly to the west of spain
    10. Sarah __ the duchess of york
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Long stiff hairs on cats' faces
    2. Performed by both a mailman and midwife
    3. Checks and __ a theory of government
    4. Evita the musical was about this first lady
    5. The writer of the words of a song
    6. Followed an order
    7. Grateful; expressing gratitude
    8. Pasta beloved with a cheese sauce
    9. His heel was his only weak spot
    10. Head coverings for hygiene when handling food
    11. Third largest religion in the world
    12. Cleaning with a broom
    13. Fast short-distance runner
    14. You type on this
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Famous rough collie on tv; scottish term for girl
    2. Special dog food bits given as rewards
    3. Paulo __ novelist most famous for the alchemist
    4. Grid puzzle for digits 1 through 9
    5. Informal photo taken without the subject knowing
    6. Large organized group of singers
    7. What balloons are filled with
    8. Bette __; us beaches actress and singer
    9. Mended a wound
    10. They are the people invited to a party
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. __ stars streaks of light from meteors
    2. Paul michael glaser's character partner of hutch
    3. Lead singer of queen: freddie __
    4. Delicate
    5. Permits that protect the rights of inventors
    6. Wealth or luck
    7. Department store customer
    8. Pigs find this underground; also a chocolate
    9. What a canine eats its dinner out of
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Not uptight
    2. Holding something very tightly
    3. Director of the movie the birds
    4. Inverted gymnastics position using the cranium
    5. Minneapolis and saint paul are in this state
    6. Supervisor of a young woman in a social situation
    7. Maze
    8. Sunken remains of a vessel
    9. This gelatinous sea creature stings
    10. Substance like caffeine which gives you energy
    11. Very detailed or complicated
    12. People who were ruled by pharaohs

Group 465

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Those who use cigarettes and cigars
    2. Eager to find something out like a cat maybe
    3. Element with the chemical symbol li
    4. Cooked under heat
    5. This writer penned a christmas carol
    6. Siddhartha __ the buddha
    7. Money storage items
    8. Alternatives choices
    9. It usually comes after a lightning strike
    10. Becomes thinner
    11. Superhero punisher; anagram of engrave
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. In very poor condition; in a state of neglect
    2. A homeless canine
    3. Hissy fits
    4. Covert activities of a government agency
    5. An actual place; a site
    6. Unable to defend oneself
    7. Guilty people
    8. Very dark concentrated and strong vinegar
    9. __ star meteoric sky flyer
    10. Female lead in a star is born
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Pummelled
    2. Tv show: takes certain characters from an original
    3. Tony stark
    4. Join together like two pieces of a puzzle
    5. Women's shirts
    6. More quickly
    7. Scale of temperature on which water freezes at 0°
    8. Spiritualist gatherings aiming to contact the dead
    9. Organized search for a criminal
    10. Earth that is immediately beneath the surface
    11. Japanese paper-folding art form
    12. Country where the soup known as pho originated
    13. __ crescent area of west asia where farming began
    14. Least agitated
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Bring the memory of a past event to mind
    2. Damaged no longer functioning
    3. Casual chatty conversation with malicious slant
    4. Where a king might live
    5. Friendly ghost of children's films
    6. Machines that can be operated by remote controls
    7. Colour of the submarine the beatles sang about
    8. Lily of the __ bloom linked to may in flower lore
    9. Element with symbol is na
    10. Serena williams' sport
    11. Hot green japanese paste served with sushi
    12. Aquatic reptile with a hard shell
    13. Using only gestures to act something out
    14. Tune song; a girl's name
    15. Solid and bulky like a heavy knit
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Evil nemesis of kai and gerda in andersen's tale
    2. Channing tatum shows off his dancing in this movie
    3. High peaks
    4. The one who directs an orchestra
    5. Not always
    6. Egyptian queen much loved wife of ramesses ii
    7. Handbag item for burnishing tresses
    8. Self-assured and bold assertive
    9. Country where pope francis was born
    10. Dangerously loud; ear-splitting
    11. Ball of ice that falls from the sky like rain

Group 466

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Ended completed terminated
    2. Garment often worn before or after a shower
    3. It flows down from your eye when you're sad
    4. Kuala lumpur is the capital of this country
    5. Running order of music tracks to be broadcast
    6. Italian who carves the puppet pinocchio
    7. The process of throwing away something
    8. Green vegetable that resembles small trees
    9. Strays from the path
    10. Weight loss activity that requires physical effort
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Accepting an offering
    2. The month of august in spanish
    3. Curved features on a building
    4. Travel voucher
    5. Supernatural mystical or magical practices
    6. Questionnaire
    7. Substance in grains and wheat some are allergic
    8. Meryl __; plays donna in mamma mia!
    9. The red birthstones for july
    10. Futuristic comedy; south american country
    11. Grassy land for grazing livestock
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Climate that is hot and humid like in bora bora
    2. Exemption from punishment
    3. Circular routes; loops
    4. Publication of events from the previous 12 months
    5. Warning someone about a danger
    6. Rikki-tikki-tavi was one of these rodents
    7. Table container for wine
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Look closely at something to check it's ok
    2. The violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd
    3. Period when day and night are of equal length
    4. Combination of musical notes pleasing to the ears
    5. They take astronauts into outer space
    6. Tapering stone pillar such as cleopatra's needle
    7. Move in a circle on a central axis
    8. Oprah __ tv host and supporter of women's rights
    9. Baseball hit that lets you round all the bases
    10. One with a heated skull and rash temper
    11. Left without sufficient nutrition
    12. Weekly gambling game with numbered tickets
    13. Famous singer married to jay-z
    14. Left behind by spiders
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Customer-facing person in a financial institution
    2. Body of water between alaska and eastern russia
    3. Street vehicle that sells meals
    4. Wealth; the state of having a lot of money
    5. Nine is the square root of this number
    6. All living homo sapiens both male and female
    7. Treasure sought after by indiana jones

Group 467

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Occasional and varied employment opportunities
    2. African river of victoria falls
    3. Engrossed absorbed
    4. Kitchen appliance for making smoothies
    5. One-eyed mythical giant
    6. Bow-and-arrow sport
    7. Figures made from icy precipitation
    8. The guilty or not guilty decision by a jury
    9. Winged angels that look like children
    10. Scorn contempt
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Closeness nearness vicinity
    2. Composer of the emperor concerto
    3. Those who enter without permission
    4. To deposit powder on a flower so more can grow
    5. Persons guilty of lying under oath in court
    6. Monologue; one-person speech
    7. Type of home owned by those who tend the land
    8. Flattening or crushing something
    9. Gritty sheet used to rub down and smooth wood
    10. How fast the breeze is blowing
    11. Deep respect for someone
    12. She's the barefoot contessa on tv
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Chimney __ danced on roofs in mary poppins
    2. Country where el dia de los muertos is celebrated
    3. Loves a lot
    4. Ideal perfect state written about by thomas more
    5. Stevie __ motown hit-maker since the 1960s
    6. Dark __ stuff in space that emits no light
    7. Goal
    8. Oak fruits fed to pigs that make iberian ham
    9. Amount one is paid for a job
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Crime novels
    2. Dye-filled capsule used to play a combat game
    3. The power to give orders and make decisions
    4. It's eaten in the morning
    5. Mixture of substances once used to fire guns
    6. Admits to a crime
    7. Voluntary gifts to charity
    8. Something done spontaneously unrehearsed
    9. Porous to fluids
    10. Holiday celebrated on december 25th
    11. The hump in the middle of the work week
    12. Nine-month period before a woman gives birth
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Spelling board game with letter tiles
    2. Da vinci painted this famous woman
    3. Nickname of both boxers robinson and leonard
    4. Believing you are deserving of special treatment
    5. Walks unsteadily
    6. Capital of belgium
    7. A guess of how much the bill will cost
    8. Canteens cooking rooms
    9. King of ithaca stayed 20 years away from home
    10. We celebrate love during this month

Group 468

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Newspapers that have celebrity gossip
    2. Math statement that shows that values are equal
    3. Devices that increase the battery on mobile phones
    4. The name of the rat's human helper in ratatouille
    5. Aromatic herb that contains the names of 2 women
    6. Famous brand of petroleum jelly
    7. Meg ryan's partner in you've got mail
    8. Creating artworks with oils or acrylics
    9. Retriever dog breed with a black or yellow coat
    10. Luring someone with delicious food
    11. To persuade
    12. Hanging woven beds often used while traveling
    13. Condition where skin hair and eyes lack pigment
    14. Prejudiced about someone's social standing
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Live music event
    2. A pilot
    3. A novel based on imaginary events and characters
    4. Small wheels; anagram of actress
    5. Change the path or direction of something
    6. Plant from which the ancient egyptians made paper
    7. Sending out light or heat
    8. Single pieces of thread or hair
    9. Raw seafood dish with citrus juice and seasoning
    10. Long wooden seats for the public
    11. Time period when crops are collected
    12. Richard __ founder of the virgin empire
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Ritualistic offering
    2. Replying
    3. Wishful thinkers fantasists
    4. A sleeping area for visitors in your home
    5. Home of peter pan
    6. Small round red fruit; juice helps bladder issues
    7. Unimportant not serious
    8. Musician who plays with a bow
    9. Hills made of grainy material found on beaches
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Disposable paper used while eating
    2. Guiding light
    3. Forms a country with herzegovina
    4. Pointless fruitless ineffectual
    5. Deep-rooted fear of something
    6. Valentine and proteus: the two gentlemen of __
    7. Thin posts driven through the hearts of vampires
    8. Fbi special agent fox __ from the x-files
    9. Comes after thursday
    10. A type of music sung at a church service
    11. A tv show that makes the audience laugh
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Mouse-like household pets
    2. His/her royal __ british royal family address
    3. Making from scratch
    4. Short curved tubes to breathe while under water
    5. __ love leona lewis's no. 1 hit
    6. An opening a hole or a gap
    7. Country bordering ecuador on the north
    8. Blue gemstone september birthstone
    9. Rebellions against authority like on a ship
    10. Decorative structure that spews water
    11. Line joining two opposite corners of a square

Group 469

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Two-wheeled vehicle used for motor sports
    2. Not evenly or justly
    3. The vehicle cinderella rode to the ball
    4. Succession order
    5. Soften with liquid
    6. An act of resistance or rebellion
    7. Small fish packed tightly in a can
    8. Sparkly shiny describes christmas decorations
    9. Urban feral street feline
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Three-stage athletics competition: swim bike run
    2. Grass grown in the caribbean produces sweet sap
    3. Retribution reprisal
    4. Ink container that needs to be replaced
    5. Signs or symbols of something positive
    6. Suspicious of; with no confidence in
    7. Of no value
    8. Most difficult complicated
    9. Famous parisian cathedral
    10. Small white swiss flower emblematic of the country
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Younger sister of queen elizabeth ii
    2. Cut timber used in domestic heating
    3. Male who replaces actors in dangerous scenes
    4. Take away; like in a mathematical equation
    5. Italian bacon unsmoked
    6. Avians that come home to roost
    7. Stayed around like a bad smell
    8. This involuntary action can cause worn down teeth
    9. Small groups of bound pages suitable for lists
    10. Stage entertainment that alters consciousness
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Device that blocks sound to the auditory canal
    2. Those who steal
    3. Donatella __ italian designer sister of gianni
    4. Material that biker jackets are usually made of
    5. Male who delivers dairy to your door
    6. Embarrassing and uncomfortable
    7. A stored collection of weapons
    8. Move to first class from a lower price bracket
    9. Walk in a lurching or wobbling manner
    10. The first actor to portray james bond sean __
    11. U.s. music awards; elvis won three
    12. Tropical primates with tails
    13. __ and old lace murder mystery
    14. Body-bending game of laying feet/hands on circles
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. To thrust into water
    2. Bread shop
    3. Ruthless cruel
    4. Fluffy creamy dessert beaten with egg whites
    5. Walk with a limp
    6. Male head-covering for a sikh
    7. Describe the meaning of a word
    8. Person who takes confession

Group 470

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. With lots of money in the bank
    2. Bicycle taxi
    3. Just a spoonful of sugar makes this go down
    4. Green starchy banana that must be cooked to eat
    5. Extend; elongate
    6. Furry or knitted covers for the hearing organs
    7. Canine used for herding animals
    8. Human that can shapeshift into a wild canine
    9. Fungal growth with a domed top
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. These fruits grow on vines
    2. To act in the expected manner
    3. Seats attached to rope found at the park
    4. Goodness morality integrity
    5. Rug
    6. The hardened feet of horses
    7. Said
    8. __ island chile's possession in the pacific
    9. Darth vader tells luke he is not his ____
    10. Truly madly __ savage garden's biggest world hit
    11. Sarah jessica __ played carrie bradshaw
    12. Formally quit your job
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Aunts uncles nephews
    2. Ringing amplification of a sound
    3. Mind-bending film about a dream within a dream
    4. Seeker of change
    5. Cable-suspended seats carry people up mountains
    6. Relevant; suitable
    7. Something not made to last not permanent
    8. Greek philosopher tutored alexander the great
    9. __ beef chinese dish named after an asian country
    10. Opera famous for its la donna e mobile aria
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Consolidated tv series sold as single units
    2. Contract provisos
    3. Knocking into
    4. Interview with the __; tom cruise gothic horror
    5. Direct telephone number for a specific cause
    6. Fun childish spirited
    7. The top layer
    8. Members of the dog family
    9. Austrian rolled pastry with apple filling
    10. Religious war
    11. Seats fastened to the backs of horses
    12. Capital of sicily
    13. __ reality or vr i.e. computer simulated
    14. Abstaining from food for a period of time
    15. Catastrophe of greek proportions
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Upheaval or disaster or violent flood
    2. Chief consort of akhenaten in ancient egypt
    3. Writing music or songs
    4. Word that sounds the same as another (bear & bare)
    5. Herbs added at the end to make a dish look nice
    6. A swirling watery vortex
    7. All future generations
    8. Foxxy __ character played by beyonce on film
    9. Canadian actor who voiced shrek
    10. Businesses; corporations

Group 471

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. 60 minutes when pub drinks are reduced in price
    2. Acceptance of others' views and cultures
    3. Interfering with something to cause damage
    4. To come between with the intent of preventing
    5. People who design and build machines
    6. Ridding of impurities
    7. __ wall; sub-divider of interior space
    8. Mountains that erupt with hot lava
    9. Spread of disease by close contact
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Small sphere with which to get a hole in one
    2. Elton john love message given away in a ballad
    3. Paste made from black olives capers & anchovies
    4. Fatherly
    5. Soak; drench
    6. Artist who creates drawings for a cartoon
    7. Hugeness expansiveness describes open skies
    8. A person who deserts and betrays an organization
    9. Lost strength
    10. Concerning sailors or navigation
    11. Starving; very hungry
    12. A serious argument
    13. People thought guilty of crimes
    14. Cheap shiny things for decoration or jewellery
    15. Parties for people joined in matrimony
    16. In __ latin phrase to the highest degree
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Cargo
    2. Place to treat animal hides
    3. Turn the oven on in advance
    4. Placed in a straight line
    5. Fancy curved staircase design also called spiral
    6. Feelings of worry apprehension and fear
    7. __ of solace's theme song was another way to die
    8. F1 italian racing team with prancing horse icon
    9. Chill; calm
    10. Pretend to be someone else on a dating site
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Amount consumed or absorbed like with calories
    2. Sport where the goal is to knock out the opponent
    3. Describes the feel of cuddly toys or persian cats
    4. Filet __ considered the king of steak cuts
    5. Between knees and pelvis
    6. The big ending number at a show
    7. A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language
    8. David and victoria beckham’s daughter
    9. Roman emperor assassinated on the ides of march
    10. Arrival of a notable person
    11. A film about a historical person's life
    12. Out of __ off limits
    13. __ figure 1987 hit for george michael
    14. Three-legged frame used to hold a camera
    15. Shuts
    16. Writing or drawing utensil
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Villainous captain of the peter pan stories
    2. A short broad ski used to slide down mountains
    3. Moth larvae that spin fine strands of fine fabric
    4. City where the anne frank house is located
    5. Taxi worker
    6. Grasping tightly
    7. To cover a couch with fabric
    8. Sand timer; body shape
    9. White flaky condiment at dinner used for seasoning
    10. Treatment of diseases that affect the teeth
    11. Unafraid
    12. Shocked and distressed

Group 472

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Expertise or skill in a particular field
    2. Person responsible for overseeing your work
    3. Famous colombian singer whose hips don't lie
    4. Changed
    5. Actresses katharine and aubrey shared this name
    6. Step on; tread on and crush
    7. One of australia's natural wonders: great __ reef
    8. Being who might live on the red planet
    9. Fitness runners
    10. Breakfast food or snack made of oats honey & nuts
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Of someone fluent in two languages
    2. __ square beijing saw democracy protests in 1989
    3. Soothing appeasing
    4. Entering where not welcome
    5. A star explosion
    6. Country between honduras and costa rica
    7. Narrow current of winds high above the earth
    8. Fondness; tenderness
    9. Otello's wife in the opera by verdi
    10. Making clay models
    11. Beetle-like pest found in dirty kitchens
    12. Dangerous coagulated mass in an artery
    13. Ceo: chief __ officer
    14. Old unsolved crimes
    15. Things that require answers
    16. Tiny glands that hairs grow from
    17. Politically motivated campaigners or protestors
    18. Science branch dealing with the periodic table
    19. Large mounds of land created by volcanos
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Abandoned or rejected by family
    2. French philosopher who wrote the age of louis xiv
    3. A long race
    4. Business networking website with personal profiles
    5. Oscar-winning director of the revenant
    6. Surgical thread for tying off a blood vessel
    7. Using strength; powerful
    8. Change from one flight to another
    9. Secret meeting to elect a new pope
    10. Hand-held firework that crackles
    11. Brass wind instrument with tubing and bell shape
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Starting
    2. Where la sagrada familia cathedral is located
    3. Varmint crook rascal villain
    4. Manhattan resident
    5. Alienated from a spouse
    6. Thin breaded pan-fried veal cutlet: wiener __
    7. Find this at the end of a rainbow
    8. A story; spoken or written account
    9. Longform of nvm
    10. Traditional orchestral music
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Plant that vanilla is derived from
    2. Person with knowledge & skill in a certain field
    3. __ leone; setting of 2006 drama blood diamond
    4. Gather tightly together
    5. Elton john song about a man on a plane to spain
    6. Cone-shaped item used to pour liquids through
    7. The brahmaputra delta empties there: bay of __
    8. Famous mural by leonardo da vinci: the last __
    9. Cooked in bubbling hot water
    10. Part of a parachute that opens and fills with air

Group 473

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. They're on the skin of reptiles
    2. Magician's headwear with a rabbit inside
    3. Hermès bag named after jane
    4. Stylish and modern
    5. Condiment that comes in black and white varieties
    6. A stretching and tearing of ligaments
    7. A hollowed-out space often in a tooth
    8. Openly without any cares or restrictions
    9. Tradition
    10. Caped superhero; named bruce wayne
    11. Spanish term for port
    12. Water between pacific and arctic ocean: __ strait
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Switches to something else
    2. Played watson in guy ritchie's sherlock holmes
    3. Old english poem about the hero who slays grendel
    4. Murmurs talks quietly
    5. Shallow waters partly separated from the sea
    6. Vehicles that carry coffins
    7. Organised ahead of time
    8. Shortage; undersupply
    9. Green fruit; main ingredient in guacamole
    10. The largest primate
    11. Mozilla's free web browser
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Replies; resolutions to questions
    2. Cloth insignias
    3. Day of religious observance
    4. __ flame; neverending fire for the bangles
    5. Drinking through a straw
    6. Rational
    7. Dependent
    8. Noisy baby toys
    9. A great victory
    10. Cabin where the pilot flies the plane
    11. Film starring anthony hopkins: __ of the lambs
    12. Be financially successful
    13. The feel of a surface bumpy or smooth
    14. Return to a former old and bad behavior
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Capital of bermuda
    2. Something left out
    3. Collections of historical documents or records
    4. Tall african mammals with extra long necks
    5. Acceptable; satisfactory
    6. Lois lane's love
    7. Close call
    8. Potent green aniseed-flavored alcoholic spirit
    9. Steer a ship on a course
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Contrast two things by placing them together
    2. Grouped closely together
    3. A wide often tree-lined street in a city or town
    4. They watch over the sheep
    5. __ to frankfurt agatha christie's birthday tale
    6. African nation that was once home to the dodo bird
    7. Gases discharged by vehicles
    8. Person that announces the arrival of something
    9. A breakfast staple that's been cooked in hot water
    10. All good; bowie album
    11. Deep cracks or fissures in a glacier
    12. Doing quick freehand drawings
    13. Book containing a list of people's names & numbers
    14. Emergency vehicle for the injured

Group 474

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. List of activities on a trip
    2. Old possum's book of __ cats by t. s. eliot
    3. Sewing squares of fabric together to make quilts
    4. Painful skin lumps mounds inflammations
    5. In a disgusting indecent manner
    6. He investigates crimes
    7. Bending down or squatting
    8. Eggs laid by chickens with access to outdoors
    9. Unmarried men
    10. What's left of a sunken boat
    11. Nearest to the centre
    12. __ man or woman; supportive co-worker
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Crimson-colored alcohol taken with cheese
    2. Reaches out further
    3. Narrow-edged tooth made for cutting
    4. They operate vehicles
    5. Funny
    6. Smash to a thousand pieces
    7. Hand-thrown munition; anagram of derange
    8. Type of ball used by a fortune teller
    9. An outfit worn to play a character
    10. Placido __ one of the three tenors
    11. First score in a tennis game
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Long boats for romantic rides in venice
    2. Changes something to improve it
    3. Can be smooched
    4. Drink; a liquid refreshment
    5. A dream location
    6. Occupational hazard of an apiarist
    7. __ and dealing; bartering trading
    8. Little bowls for cigarette ends
    9. Underground prison cells
    10. Altered to fit better
    11. Greek god of the sea brother of zeus and hades
    12. What slice puts on a tennis ball
    13. Habitual greed or excess in eating
    14. Actor who played forrest gump
    15. It tracks the months in a year
    16. The one who yells cut on a movie set
    17. A woman with brown hair
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Word origin study
    2. Kerfuffle disturbance
    3. Person who fights crime without legal authority
    4. Lateral curvature of the spine
    5. Racing dog breed
    6. Prank device with a rotten stench
    7. Taken over say by a spirit
    8. Glittery sphere that clubbers dance under
    9. Small round yellow legumes for making hummus
    10. Punishments
    11. Notes sent home from a place you're visiting
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Not slouching sitting tall and straight
    2. Borders or boundaries of a place
    3. Smothered repressed
    4. Left the premises
    5. __ king author of misery the stand it
    6. __ pin for flattening pastry dough
    7. Spread out over a large area
    8. Scottish highlands plant sold by roma for luck
    9. Leaping in the air
    10. Sound made by blowing through partly closed lips
    11. Belly __ ladies with fast moves of hips and tummy
    12. Verifier; one who vets crossword clues

Group 475

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Lego pieces are called this
    2. Dump empty
    3. George harrison track that opened revolver
    4. Rancher or agriculturalist
    5. Groups of ships sailing together
    6. Tile-dropping puzzle video game
    7. Colorful bird whose largest species is the toco
    8. The quality of using money carefully
    9. Wall paintings can be fresco
    10. Thick sweet liquids used on pancakes
    11. Jean-paul __ french companion of de beauvoir
    12. Country directly above the united states
    13. Cleaning substance for getting rid of stains
    14. Humpty __ sat on a wall but also had a mishap
    15. Margot __ actress who played harley quinn
    16. A woollen ball found on top of winter hats
    17. __ grace a redeeming feature
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Conflagration in the australian outback
    2. Social network for posting status updates
    3. Creepy hotel setting of the shining
    4. What the wwf stands for: world __ fund
    5. One who creates fashion pieces
    6. What comes after a good joke's punchline
    7. To put forward an idea
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Opposed to disapproving of
    2. Colourful explosions in the night sky
    3. Bloom linked to january in flower lore
    4. Changing allegiance; switching sides
    5. Dc comics character best friend of wonder woman
    6. Where engine explosions happen
    7. Engross enchant charm
    8. Spaghetti made with egg cheese and pancetta
    9. Cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea
    10. Sport played in swimming pools with a ball
    11. Label with owner's name inserted into literature
    12. Juicy and tasty like a plant with flesh leaves
    13. Cocoa-based treat given on valentine's day
    14. A device that lets us view distant space objects
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Low-level layer of cloud
    2. Anti-__ cream to help ward of facial lines
    3. Preserved in vinegar
    4. Plotter
    5. All of life is looked at in this field
    6. Spanish word for horse
    7. Nation
    8. Ridge of beach formed in water by tides/currents
    9. City where germany's largest gothic cathedral is
    10. Limelight-seeker needing attention
    11. Fixing things to a noticeboard
    12. Tight swimming trunks named after brand
    13. Grooves made on farmland
    14. Slogan on board placed outside a home being sold
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Confessed to something
    2. Imaginatively artistic
    3. Camera brand the prints photo instantly
    4. Huge passenger plane
    5. Skeptic or doubter of the existence of god
    6. Reduced papers to unreadable strips
    7. This gas makes up around 78% of earth's atmosphere
    8. People whose job it is to sell flowers
    9. Nationality of actress julia roberts
    10. Scheduled start of military operations
    11. It falls from you eye when you're sad
    12. Without a care about consequences
    13. Can be torn into smaller pieces by teeth

Group 476

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Greek goddess of love in mamma mia! finale
    2. Not sufficiently compensated
    3. The name is in the title
    4. Flat featureless land caused by erosion
    5. Postal thievery
    6. Choices after deliberations
    7. Spanish percussion instruments
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Lottery with tickets to win prizes at a fair
    2. John __ singer and pianist of all of me
    3. Spanish nougat confection of almonds egg sugar
    4. __-tattle tell-tale conversation
    5. The chemical element represented by na in nacl
    6. Eastern caribbean __ currency of the west indies
    7. Enhance the quality of something
    8. Eddie __ dress to kill comedian
    9. Yearned
    10. Katherina's sister in the taming of the shrew
    11. Treat with excessive indulgence
    12. Nba all-star small forward kevin __
    13. __ dawg cartoon sheriff
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Castle setting of shakespeare's hamlet
    2. Old-fashioned and literary name for a pickpocket
    3. A lizard without legs that looks like a snake
    4. Official summer sport of canada
    5. Country once led by a ruler named pol pot
    6. Hastening
    7. Male vendors
    8. Wool garment that can button up
    9. Ovum served sunny side up or over easy
    10. __ fishburne csi actor
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Part of a telephone with earpiece and mouthpiece
    2. Shortness conciseness
    3. Spear thrown in athletics event
    4. Positive marks
    5. Alfred reginald jones best known as actor ray __
    6. French words for all together as a whole
    7. Institutions with displays of artefacts
    8. Vespa bike
    9. The __ 5 had a hit with frosty the snowman
    10. Shave off layers of wood with a knife
    11. Grain tied into bundles
    12. Script reminder device for tv presenters
    13. Potato character on aqua teen hunger force
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Yellow maize kernels surrounded by husks
    2. Keeps the photo subject sharp; not manual
    3. The r in hr
    4. Variable distance between tracks for locos
    5. Teetering long-legged wader bird
    6. Jack queen or king
    7. __ swimming; sport in a lake ocean or river
    8. Raving about
    9. The international dialling code number for the uk
    10. Second-largest city in alaska
    11. Urged to do
    12. __ mist tourist boat around the niagara falls
    13. Treat cotton with alkali to make shinier
    14. Roman emperor who founded the flavian dynasty
    15. British wwi song: it's a long way to __
    16. Warning that something bad will happen
    17. Severe architectural style with lots of concrete

Group 477

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Body of water between britain and scandinavia
    2. Mathematical rules expressed in symbols
    3. Announcement period of a school day
    4. Nationality of wasabi hot paste
    5. Editor of an anthology
    6. This animal is quick at jumping over a lazy dog
    7. Captain ray holt on brooklyn nine-nine andre __
    8. Easily recyclable grocery carrier
    9. Malcolm __ became aussie pm in 2015
    10. Waterloo chorus lyrics: i was __ you won the war
    11. Iconic swedish accommodation built each year anew
    12. They come in chest upright and walk-in types
    13. Pumpkins hollowed out and illuminated
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Changeable capricious inconstant
    2. Nationality of landscape painter albrecht durer
    3. Haunted handkerchief close-up magic trick
    4. Scott __ us ragtime pianist
    5. Franklin's nw passage ship lost with hms erebus
    6. Sea that the neva river empties into
    7. To lie languidly on a sofa taking up all the space
    8. John __; australian pm during wwii
    9. Inuit food made from auks wrapped in seal skins
    10. Leaks saliva like a dog
    11. Little jack __ he sat in a corner
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __-aggressive manipulation over confrontation
    2. Something drawn painted maybe hung on the wall
    3. Wiz __ rapper
    4. Large courgette vegetables
    5. Taking plants out of grass
    6. __ fellowship scheme for aspiring screenwriters
    7. Fruit jam for sticking marzipan to christmas cake
    8. Bumped into someone or hit wood with fist
    9. Knocking down tenpins
    10. Infants' viral illness: anagram of aerosol
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. __ straps thin shoulder straps on summery tops
    2. To brits it is a weatherboard; to americans a __
    3. Equine signifying death in the apocalyptic vision
    4. Publication for children with tales
    5. __ agreement; failed bid to end second congo war
    6. Abstract painter wassily __
    7. Italian island group between corsica and sardinia
    8. Substance of plant cell walls
    9. Appealing
    10. Internal food processing
    11. Watchmen duo walter kovacs reggie long
    12. Greetings from a trip sent without an envelope
    13. Contagious condition that causes gastroenteritis
    14. Legumes in the italian soup minestra di ceci
    15. The wall and dark side of the moon band
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Haiti malaysia and south korea national flower
    2. Birth town of margaret thatcher
    3. Age of michael jackson at first solo number 1 hit
    4. __ of catan board game
    5. Decays rots
    6. She-ra and the __ of power cartoon
    7. Man of steel
    8. National language of bhutan
    9. Something done for symbolic effect only
    10. Reply answer retort
    11. Adrian __ swiss designer created univers font

Group 478

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Decorate again anagram of pertain
    2. Type of bowling adopted by all cricketers
    3. Female parts of flowers
    4. Ne indian state; its capital is imphal
    5. Tidal wetland with silt deposits
    6. Ordinary sailors not officers
    7. __ finster red-haired rugrat
    8. Outgrowing bony lumps on the big toes
    9. Weight anagram of magneto
    10. Band from scotland big in the 70s: bay city __
    11. Having or understanding information
    12. Series of us space probes; no. 9 orbited mars
    13. __ lohan herbie and freaky friday star
    14. Last name of last u.s. president to die in office
    15. Captain america co-star jenna __
    16. Crossbreeds of horses and female donkeys
    17. Expanded widthways
    18. Month named after latin for door
    19. Cardinal wolsey's gift to henry viii: __ court
    20. Contraceptive drug developed in the 1960s
    21. Nasal adornment of a clown
    22. Food worker's headwear
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. They float in seas sometimes bumping into ships
    2. Diseases that animals can transmit to humans
    3. Valuable collector's items from the past
    4. Female comic superhero created by roy thomas
    5. The big __ featuring the dude
    6. Marking postage stamps with an official imprint
    7. __ hotel fictional place in the shining
    8. Coffee grown at high altitudes
    9. Pursuing and tracking down deer
    10. Carmen aria about bullfighting the __ song
    11. Elders; anagram of instance
    12. This is a virtue
    13. Queensland's capital city
    14. Crossbowman
    15. Received payment for employment
    16. Maurice de __ french fauvist artist of red trees
    17. Chortling
    18. Putting plans on hold
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Friends in war
    2. __ nero black cabbage in italian a type of kale
    3. Starts inceptions commencements
    4. Brings up another's child legally as one's own
    5. Anglers' flies that imitate caddis flies
    6. River whose mouth meets the irish sea in liverpool
    7. One who fixes illnesses
    8. Increases in salary
    9. __ broadsides first copies of the us declaration
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Highwire for walking along with a balance pole
    2. Traditional irish potato dish served on halloween
    3. Violet gemstone from africa
    4. Redheaded prop comedian
    5. Radical socialist
    6. __ rules = none whatsoever down under
    7. Tang emperor with beloved consort yang
    8. Display anger seen in dogs or wolves
    9. Tummy pains; or to moan incessantly
    10. Sparked off
    11. Basketball play where ball is moved to weak side
    12. Knitting stitch with an offset pattern
    13. The metamorphoses renamed by st augustine
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Unwrapped a flag
    2. Country with two april fool's days: april 1 and 2
    3. Range of items including slippers boots etc.
    4. City with the oldest subway in continental europe
    5. Temperature when water vapor condenses into water
    6. Haile __ ethiopian emperor aka ras teferi
    7. Extracting oil with compressed water
    8. Young male chicken
    9. Nb in full; to direct to something important
    10. A bird allusion to an athlete's reach
    11. Famous variety of black truffle
    12. Spectral visitation
    13. Jamaican city with the bob marley museum

Group 479

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Ugly buildings blots on the landscape
    2. Year of the four __ 69 ad
    3. Searching for wild food resources e.g. mushrooms
    4. Well supplied with water
    5. Another name for a whirlwind of flames and ash
    6. Wonky unbalanced
    7. __ payard pastry chef luxury dessert creator
    8. Molière's most famous theatrical comedy
    9. World's largest living rodent
    10. __ pain aches felt in an unaffected body part
    11. Basketball player who begins game on the bench
    12. Autumn __ daughter-in-law of princess anne
    13. Breakfast at __ classic movie
    14. Time when crepuscular animals are active
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. __ and spade construction tools for sandcastles
    2. South african national park in limpopo mpumalanga
    3. Lana __ lust for life crooner
    4. Another name for a coypu
    5. Small city car by renault anagram of towing
    6. __ wind is the japanese meaning of kamikaze
    7. Raven-turned-dragon in disney's maleficent
    8. Four-armed heraldic cross
    9. Piles of stones at a mountain summit
    10. Cecil __ diamond merchant in south africa
    11. In roman numerals xc or 100 minus ten
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Collagen in jell-o
    2. Drooping shrivelling through lack of water
    3. __ sea body of water north of scandinavia
    4. Transformed
    5. Old __ us president andrew jackson's nickname
    6. Self-punishment for sin an act of devotion
    7. Buyers and sellers
    8. Modern name of black sea city trebizond
    9. German matured fruit and booze pud eaten at xmas
    10. Under the light of the night sky
    11. Ranking of strong competitors in a sports contest
    12. Space where things are packed or stowed away
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Shocking horrendous terrible
    2. Flash gordon's main enemy ming the __
    3. Last section of a relay race
    4. Meritorious worthy commendable
    5. American dad's patriarch
    6. Organisms and their environment
    7. Typographical term for upper-case letters
    8. Negatively charged atomic particles
    9. Hold a drinking vessel by this not near the rim
    10. Ariel helvitica times roman etc.: fonts or __
    11. Antony __-jones; also known as lord snowdon
    12. Formal men's outerwear of the 19th century
    13. Italian-born seafood restaurateur
    14. Red lamp at the rear of a vehicle
    15. Herb gives carthamin dye and oil from its seeds
    16. Name of transvestite tour bus in a 1994 film
    17. __ village manhattan artistic/cultural district
    18. Cuddly toy hit for elvis in 1957
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. __ maker machine makes your fave movie snack
    2. __ parker the puzzle society co-founder
    3. Wasteful person a lazy spendthrift
    4. Putting a plant into a suitable container
    5. French afternoon newspaper respected globally
    6. Late meals
    7. Country to which the faroe islands belong
    8. Flounced about in an arrogant manner
    9. Highest mountain in wales: mount __
    10. The lady of __ tennyson long poem
    11. __ glass huge round vessel for drinking g&ts
    12. Fake pill that mysteriously has an effect
    13. Amount carried by a car full capacity
    14. Top layer of e.g. water
    15. President of the second continental congress
    16. The highest prize in a lottery

Group 480

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The bumpy bits on the top of waters
    2. Standard unit of measurement of a food's energy
    3. A hard worker
    4. Captain kathryn __; in charge of the uss voyager
    5. __ berry crossword and videogames writer editor
    6. Squander money frivolously
    7. Madagascar is a famous producer of this sweet bean
    8. Small generator anagram of megaton
    9. Christmas and pagan drinking song
    10. German illusionist couple hans and helga __
    11. The pied piper of __
    12. Golfing advisors and bag carriers
    13. Drake __ water between s america and antarctica
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. To pull even in a chase
    2. Menial worker who is put upon not a canine
    3. Offerman and mullally: the __ love story ever told
    4. Turkey-rearing bernard
    5. Curved lines around a phrase of text
    6. Most well-known song from bizet's carmen
    7. State where brad pitt was born abbreviation ok
    8. Use these for making smoothies
    9. Bog swamp or marsh
    10. Exiled director who won an oscar for the pianist
    11. Benjamin britten opera about queen elizabeth i
    12. Comedy sci-fi show with cat android and hologram
    13. Bird of prey muppet
    14. Crafters who work with cast iron
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Homes on wheels to tow behind vehicles
    2. Horse contest with hurdles or obstacles to cross
    3. Tapping hands together to show appreciation
    4. __ saving time system of adjusting the clocks
    5. More full of beans than
    6. Being deprived of oxygen content
    7. Travelling e.g. in a road vehicle
    8. Chewed something brittle
    9. Bestowed a high honour on a gentleman
    10. Directed dicaprio in the quick and the dead
    11. Sea part of the med between italy and corsica
    12. Quickly swiftly
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. __ up purse lips in anticipation of a kiss
    2. Her goose is __
    3. __ shrimp its legs resemble a praying insect's
    4. Boer leader of the great trek murdered 1838
    5. Angelique 2018 female champ at wimbledon
    6. Assassin
    7. Biggest river in andorra gran __
    8. Port-wine stain
    9. __ scott gladiator and the martian director
    10. Sweet such as fizzy drinks
    11. Carson mccullers novel: the heart is a lonely __
    12. Collier; coal miner
    13. Irritates
    14. First name of actor who played frasier crane
    15. Took a brief rest
    16. Real first name for meghan markle
    17. Measure of how well a planet reflects solar energy
    18. Red-wine coloured
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. This hermaphroditic tree is rare in the wild
    2. Reject renounce rebut
    3. He who wrote history is bunk
    4. Carried along with information on trip sights
    5. Water-based breathable emulsion
    6. Algarve city and tourist resort
    7. Type of us brandy
    8. Or two weeks
    9. Cate __ galadriel queen elizabeth i hela
    10. Rock-and-roll beater used in a percussion section