Group 641

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Knights' weapons
    2. High and __; self-important
    3. Too much, outside the normal limits
    4. Blocks to stop aircraft from moving
    5. __ room; hotel accommodation for parents and kids
    6. Ocean __, glass cylinder to walk through, see fish
    7. __ cord; springy cable for extreme sports lovers
    8. Mountain peak
    9. Concrete slabs that make a garden path
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Stepped like a horse
    2. Interrupted a performer in a show
    3. Cheesy actor troy, in the simpsons
    4. Tourist destination, anagram of "dumb rae"
    5. Pithy remark or concise poem
    6. Artists' workrooms
    7. Terry __, director, member of the monty python
    8. Musical performance, often during a tour
    9. Describes the homeward leg of a return journey
    10. Katie __, us olympic freestyle swimmer
    11. Derisive or scornful mocking
    12. Gemstone cut, aka square emerald cut
    13. Restless, unable to sleep
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Begin eating, like a dog maybe
    2. __ flyer scheme, airline loyalty system
    3. Use thick materials to keep heat in
    4. Open and barefaced disobedience
    5. Surname of lynn, star of the film georgy girl
    6. __ cemetery, new orleans marble statuary landmark
    7. Worries, hardships, struggles
    8. Relax at the end of a busy period
    9. Not take full advantage of something
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Requesting strongly
    2. Taking temporary care of children within a family
    3. Rolling __, song by adele on album 21
    4. Meal in the middle of the morning
    5. Latin means "farewell to meat", a shrovetide event
    6. Front shiner on a vehicle, or worn by miners
    7. Drew __, e.t. child actress
    8. Pippi longstocking's monkey
    9. Publicly praised or commended
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. __ road; video game with traffic-dodging chicken
    2. Valleys, ravines, chasms
    3. __-pyrénées, south-west french dept up high
    4. Puzzle or code to be cracked
    5. Spry, like jack who jumped over a candlestick
    6. Sore, weary
    7. Motley, assorted, scruffy
    8. Plane maker of the 747
    9. __ oats, brand of porridge oats
    10. Cardinal __, victorian in line to be a saint
    11. 24 hours at a relaxing mineral springs resort
    12. Montgolfier, wright, earhart, johnson and yeager

Group 642

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Art of paper folding
    2. Swallows food or drink or even poison
    3. Sub-unit of currency in syria, egypt and lebanon
    4. Straw compacted into cuboid/cylindrical shape
    5. Someone who is always on the go
    6. Dark lord of the silmarillion
    7. Fastened; made safe
    8. Hot plate for cooking fried foods directly on
    9. Nationality of kimi räikkönen
    10. Sci-fi follower of the tales of the uss enterprise
    11. The christine who is managing director of the imf
    12. Comes out, like a butterfly from a chrysalis
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Routine, status quo, customary
    2. __ of something; dominated or overtaken by
    3. A customer on a boat, plane or train
    4. Refuge, shelter, haven of safety
    5. London dry gin, distilled in scotland
    6. The craft of hat-making
    7. Fixed line used to create a curve or conic section
    8. Prevents entering a port
    9. Posturing hindu exercises under tuition
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Belgian city at zeebrugge port
    2. The martyr, england patron saint before george
    3. Nine __; typical hours of an office job
    4. Like __; with the same opinions or views
    5. Breakfast grains, just add milk
    6. The section with aesthetically pleasing proportions
    7. Small sailing boats or luxury pleasure crafts
    8. Mount __, plantation home of george washington
    9. School that aristotle founded in athens
    10. Diamonds from __ leone, kanye west track
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Spats, arguments
    2. Baboon with multicolored fur
    3. Corners or points on a polygon
    4. Small backpack
    5. __ in arms, dire straits hit album of the 1980s
    6. Suffering, a stressful situation
    7. Something that prompts a choice to be made
    8. William who directed the exorcist in 1973
    9. Frozen accommodation in jukkasjärvi, sweden
    10. Place where oil is processed
    11. "__ of the fittest", phrase of herbert spencer
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. __ and brush, small tools for sweeping up the mess
    2. Give pleasure to, satisfy
    3. First winner of the nobel prize in physics
    4. Rhythm or tempo, like in a military march
    5. Yassa comes from this country, with capital dakar
    6. Describes marilyn monroe's vocal delivery
    7. People are entitled to due __ in court
    8. Using a bow and arrow
    9. The only bone located in the upper arm
    10. One single part in a television series

Group 643

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Filigree work, medium from which doilies are made
    2. Way of recording shots per hole in golf
    3. Hobbies, pastimes, leisure pursuits
    4. People trying to effect change in a specific area
    5. Monkees lead singer, a youth jockey
    6. __ night, april celebration, marks start of spring
    7. Rough, storm-tossed
    8. Dallas/__, texan airport
    9. His law says work expands to fill available time
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Graphite drawers bought from souvenir shops
    2. Wood separating properties; sport with swords
    3. __ palace, istanbul home of the sultans
    4. Surviving a long while
    5. Bitter vegetables with curly-leafed variety
    6. Shopping bag on wheels brand
    7. __ lee, the dodge charger in the dukes of hazzard
    8. In law, an inheritance or legacy
    9. Overcrowded, tightly packed
    10. Sam beckett's journey through time, __ leap
    11. __ awards, stage prizes named after acting lord
    12. The w in swat
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Fabric squares for wiping and cleaning
    2. Panic! at the disco album pray for the __
    3. Milk chocolate frog bar
    4. __ a sigh of relief; felt that anxiety has passed
    5. Opposite of shorter
    6. Angie __, the hate u give author
    7. According to the bible, balaam's animal that spoke
    8. __ park, out-of-town shopping venue
    9. __ duplicator, old copy machine with rotating drum
    10. Pleasure gardens in copenhagen
    11. Official, following rules, e.g. black-tie event
    12. Silver
    13. Enthusiastically, eagerly, ardently
    14. 1960s french-swiss new wave film director
    15. Knowledge built with time and experience
    16. Patches of infected, broken skin
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Grainy sheet for making surfaces smooth and flat
    2. Side-effect or consequence of the original
    3. Watchful, good at spotting details
    4. Uncles and aunts, for example
    5. Footloose and __, a liberated attitude
    6. Cocoon and trading places actor
    7. Basilica de __ familia; gaudí's work in barcelona
    8. Holds the id worn around a feline's neck
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. British rock band known for rock the casbah
    2. Ran parliament
    3. Ray who wrote fahrenheit 451
    4. Cautious, unwilling to commit
    5. Makeover show with jonathan van ness
    6. Père-__, celebrity cemetery in paris
    7. Groups of things or people gathered close together
    8. Jim __, key role played by kevin costner in jfk
    9. Innards of seafood
    10. Soaking up spare ink
    11. Giant prehistoric creature that roamed the earth

Group 644

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A pendant that opens to reveal pictures inside
    2. Left or right upper chamber of the heart
    3. Paths traveled to reach destinations
    4. Little russian pancakes
    5. Cleopatra's __, obelisks in new york and london
    6. Exxon __, oil tanker spill of 1989
    7. Tango and polka-like brazilian dance
    8. Puts the ball in the back of the net
    9. Use this to take photos
    10. Wheel nuts cover
    11. Michael, film star made up to be betelgeuse
    12. Official order or edict
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. The creator of wallace & gromit
    2. Nationality of one from dubrovnik
    3. Fluctuation of the whole person in hip-hop dance
    4. Game show top prizes
    5. Something set at an angle
    6. Grants amnesty
    7. Clarifies, imparts knowledge
    8. Robert redford's directorial debut: __ people
    9. Canine who defends properties
    10. Founder of pahlavi dynasty in iran in 1925
    11. Desirous, inviting
    12. Founded on faith or trust
    13. Time when cinderella needs to leave the ball
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Short progress into a journey, book, task etc.
    2. Wild african pig
    3. Siddhartha __; the buddha's full name
    4. Ten green __, song sung in the round
    5. Any small city-like area that isn't new
    6. Close but __; almost correct but not quite
    7. Body parts that get whiffy; anagram of imparts
    8. Italian fashion company founded by gianni
    9. Eats well and is fit
    10. German ice wine, from grapes frozen on the vine
    11. Causing an affray, going on the rampage
    12. A group of three related novels
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Another name for snails in french cuisine
    2. Expression used to describe mick jagger's pelvis
    3. To design parts for a particular, specific usage
    4. Hideous, revolting
    5. She created the private detective cormoran strike
    6. Europe's oldest five-star hotel chain
    7. Us actor of catch-22 and argo
    8. Raising the quality of your cabin on a ship
    9. Be biased against someone
    10. Verbiage, excessive language
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Showed that you were bored or tired
    2. Uniform worn by chefs
    3. Austrian ski resort, and home to ötzi the iceman
    4. __ condor; largest flying bird in the world
    5. Spoke in a singsong voice
    6. They appear on rara skirts, collars or valances
    7. Be unlike, at variance
    8. Home to the acropolis
    9. Blades that are used in papercrafts
    10. Former toyota car brand named after constellation
    11. Large bowl for serving soup in
    12. Gremlins'movie creature or scottish band
    13. Large expanses of flat land with few trees
    14. Outlet or annex of a museum in a different city
    15. Argue about the price

Group 645

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Ate grass like a sheep
    2. No longer junior
    3. Cheerful or jolly
    4. Believer in a god
    5. __ transport; buses, trains and trams
    6. __ planet, travel guides founded by the wheelers
    7. Bottles with long necks used in school labs
    8. Dr. david q. __, buddy of the great mouse detective
    9. "call for the captain __, let me go home"
    10. Preferred places frequented by a person
    11. Thomas who is the inventor of the phonograph
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Actor john, who played dan conner in roseanne
    2. Fame and __, dick whittington sought this
    3. Attractively packaged bath products
    4. Hitting a snooker ball into a pocket
    5. Became aware of, perceived
    6. Artist who painted portrait of a young man
    7. Abuses, slanders
    8. Idea to be elaborated on
    9. Makes a noise on a hot grill
    10. Best __, global hotel chain with crown logo
    11. Seasonal wind of the indian ocean, southern asia
    12. Peter, one of the original "rat pack" members
    13. Musically, describes alexander's band
    14. First name of maduro, 2013 venezuelan president
    15. Regional tongue
    16. Wrinkly dog with blue-black tongue
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. __ meat, tinned pork product such as spam
    2. Witch of russian folklore
    3. Oozing water, drop by drop
    4. To become greater in number
    5. Ganges settlement of temples and mosques
    6. Name of the actresses jones or huffman
    7. "it's the end of the world as __, i feel fine"
    8. Not defeated
    9. Moniker, pet title
    10. Peers who attended charlemagne
    11. Enforced a state of quietness
    12. __ shandy, a hero's life story by laurence sterne
    13. Portable, e.g. a device designed to be carried
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Malicious destruction of any property
    2. Take care of someone
    3. Small vehicle, self-contained holiday home
    4. Psychologist who talks to patients
    5. Suitor of bianca in the taming of the shrew
    6. Director of blazing saddles and spaceballs
    7. Young bird about to leave the nest
    8. Chews the fat, debates
    9. Crime thriller starring james spader as red: the __
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Good with the hands and with problem-solving
    2. Happily __; ending fit for a fairy tale
    3. Italian car brand, made the spider
    4. 1974 bruce springsteen hit about desire to escape
    5. It removes small circles from paper
    6. Duck that eats fish; anagram of near germs

Group 646

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. White substance used to make cups and plates
    2. Feeling of excitement to do something
    3. Accessories and accoutrements, of fame, say
    4. Female making first appearance for a sports team
    5. Precursor to dvd, post-vhs
    6. Sentence structure; grammatical sequence
    7. Giant temple in aswan, southern egypt
    8. Hard, concrete, watertight e.g. __ evidence
    9. Agitations of milk during butter-making process
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Puts a curse on
    2. Isis, goddess of marriage and wisdom, was his wife
    3. Fishing apparatus
    4. Jacks in a deck of cards
    5. Apply to a higher court
    6. Tokyo's international airport; its code is nrt
    7. Medical fixer
    8. __ rack, supermarket display with rungs
    9. Tool for removing slivers of wood
    10. Building where collections are exhibited
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Small stream flow
    2. Goes round a bend
    3. Strolls unhurriedly
    4. A legal pardon or reprieve
    5. Strong alcoholic drinks
    6. Plasterboard or gypsum panels
    7. Recovering after exercise or illness
    8. Bette davis movie of a spoiled southern belle
    9. Lose __; take a wrong turn
    10. Marches for e.g. pride
    11. Love __; 1966 romantic notes song by elvis
    12. Banff __ hotel, chateau-styled hotel in alberta
    13. Roman legion officer
    14. Container of genetic material in a cell
    15. Two-deck rummy card game
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Illegible or careless handwriting
    2. Traveling __, supergroup of dylan, orbison, etc
    3. Surface being worked to remove bituminous lumps
    4. Wine sold at a special low price in a restaurant
    5. Ballet pose inspired by statue of mercury
    6. A voyager's photo souvenir note sent in the mail
    7. Expression for europe, asia and africa
    8. Great __ war, baltic conflict of 1700-21
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Smoked __, sliced fish sold in duty free outlets
    2. Food produced in the jewish tradition
    3. Water slides at amusement parks
    4. "__, andale, andale!": urging by speedy gonzales
    5. Soak thoroughly
    6. Renter of a property
    7. Head __; person in charge, bigwig
    8. First name of keaton, silent-movie star
    9. Alive, breathing
    10. Glass shaped to curve outwards
    11. Sculling a boat
    12. Blew strong wind occasionally
    13. She's out of __; emotional 1980 mj ballad
    14. Another word for a zombie
    15. Family with stoats and polecats; deceitful person

Group 647

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Highest profile celebrity
    2. Orient express destination, venice - __
    3. To all __ and purposes; practically speaking
    4. Factory where tins are filled
    5. Sauces made with meat juices that accompany roasts
    6. Leaves a sailboat windless
    7. Smallish kangaroo-type animal
    8. Making a long, low sound
    9. __ flop, high jump technique
    10. Rod, singer of lps smiler and atlantic crossing
    11. Northwest __, route from atlantic to pacific
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. "shoes and ships and sealing-wax/and __ and kings"
    2. Action made by the body, e.g. in dance
    3. Appealing to holidaymakers
    4. Laziness, sloth, indolence
    5. Years of specific wine harvests
    6. __ modi, indian prime minister in 2015
    7. Languages like english, danish and dutch are this
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Rudely or unceremoniously curt
    2. Nationality of gene hackman's connection
    3. City where the james joyce bridge is located
    4. __ nights, grease song with olivia newton-john
    5. Sight
    6. Covering for fried fish
    7. Pincers used to grip objects or bend wire
    8. Gave a mark to a student
    9. Town and southwest italy coast, near positano
    10. Scientist who developed three "laws of motion"
    11. Hungry hungry __, wild animal game with marbles
    12. Shapes having the form of eggs
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Someone on a journey or outing
    2. Separated into parts
    3. Emmental and neufchatel, for example
    4. Medical procedure involving operation
    5. Characters that bring luck to sports teams
    6. Hbo crime drama series set in baltimore
    7. Juliet __, structure at a window
    8. __ buys, spontaneous decisions to purchase items
    9. Moving mechanism that takes people up mountains
    10. John travolta and samuel l. jackson are in pulp __
    11. Swarming grasshoppers in biblical plagues
    12. Product used to style and fix the tresses
    13. Placed a bet
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. There and back within 24 hours on a train
    2. Williams, who wrote cat on a hot tin roof
    3. Resembling a robber at sea
    4. Young male in education
    5. Container or shrine for the remains of saints
    6. She was the space-traveler barbarella on the movie
    7. Croatian coastal city with medieval fortifications
    8. Protective hand cover for handling hot dishes
    9. Multihued costume made of diamond shapes
    10. Adding to a text
    11. Irish neolithic mound by the river boyne

Group 648

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Robot with a human form
    2. Men's gymnastic event on a horizontal rod
    3. Expression about a shepherd and false alarms
    4. I want __; 1970 number one hit for the jackson 5
    5. The nationality of rené magritte
    6. Cause harm or injury
    7. Shake, shudder
    8. Cooking pan for making large bread products
    9. Memoir inspired crime film: can you ever __ me?
    10. Consist or comprise of something
    11. Raised platforms for preachers in churches
    12. Global streaming tv service
    13. Wooden or stone walkways extending into the sea
    14. __ pipe, vents gases from cars; a us tailpipe
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Quick alternative route
    2. Entertainment company responsible for baby shark
    3. Hook-handed demon whose name is said five times
    4. Suggestive, evocative, indicative
    5. Fought off an opponent
    6. Mad __; sitcom featuring the buchmans
    7. Sphynx cats are known for this lacking trait
    8. India's capital; home to lotus temple, khan market
    9. Annoyance, fury, indignation
    10. Nuclear emergency
    11. Forward-looking style of buildings, like atomium
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Largest planet, named after jove
    2. __ museum; attraction with outside exhibits
    3. Let someone into a club again
    4. Drink smell that lingers with hangovers
    5. Sells goods to overseas
    6. Where money doesn't grow
    7. Device attached to a phone to make it hands-free
    8. She played sally, who met harry
    9. Large grasshopper with a partial girl's name
    10. Packing groceries
    11. Turkey's largest inland body of water
    12. Saying and asserting that something is not true
    13. Monopoly did a version of this popular tv series
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Foamy iced beverage, often with coffee
    2. Rigor __, bodily stiffness that occurs after death
    3. Swindle, fix, money-making scheme
    4. They preside over courtrooms
    5. Sullies someone's name in the press
    6. Farthest point from the earth in the moon's orbit
    7. Main seaport of macedonia, in greece
    8. Mc __, performing name of stanley burrell
    9. Supervise the actors in a film
    10. Loveable monster souvenir from a scottish loch
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Courtesy, graciousness
    2. Weather that changes unpredictably
    3. __ mac sang landslide and go your own way
    4. Genuine, real
    5. Raised spot on the skin, from fear
    6. Orange-tasting liquor
    7. Ancient trekking path in peru's mountains
    8. Allowing air to escape
    9. Insects' mouthparts

Group 649

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Require someone to do something
    2. Tricked, played a joke on
    3. Witches' groups
    4. First name of christie, writer of detective novels
    5. Voyaging cartoon characters: __ and dog snowy
    6. Made an electronic tone
    7. __ bullets, crowd control weaponry
    8. "i see dead __", said haley joel osment
    9. French riviera town famous as a perfumery hub
    10. Temple of __, egyptian complex based on thebes
    11. Cuisine from south east asia, includes jalfrezi
    12. A __ shade of pale; 1967 hit for procol harum
    13. Sliced off a blister
    14. Large birds of prey, can be golden or bald
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. __ c. hall played dexter, the serial killer
    2. Originated, came from
    3. To have hit cymbals together
    4. Made a noise like a sidewinder snake
    5. Go to the barber shop to get one of these
    6. Goods transported in bulk
    7. __ bridge, world's first transporter bridge, spain
    8. Lawfully, officially, rightfully
    9. Paul __, children's author of the snow goose
    10. Cognac/orange drink or motorbike garnish
    11. Action done on a trampoline
    12. Actress ellen, who is the exorcist lead
    13. Eligible to participate
    14. Saved card/paper reminders of travel
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Smooth-haired dog breed used in hunting
    2. A premolar tooth
    3. Texan soft drink with a medical name
    4. Without thought or care
    5. Travels to new lands
    6. Contends with a problem
    7. 1965 single where paul simon is an island
    8. Takes control of a plane by force
    9. Religion that worships nature
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Skill of realistically stuffing dead animals
    2. Princess of monaco, daughter of grace kelly
    3. Predictive, with foresight
    4. Detonation, eruption
    5. Songs in the __, stevie wonder album of 1976
    6. Pimply skin rash, say a nettle rash
    7. Moving with the weather
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Bumping into
    2. Star of django unchained and dreamgirls
    3. Overshadowing
    4. In __; budding, emergent
    5. Porch formed by columns that surround a courtyard
    6. Feeling giddy or unsteady
    7. Russian site of the colossal motherland statue

Group 650

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. City in se sweden, home of the botanist linnaeus
    2. Trained health professional who delivers babies
    3. Mobile home where actors rest up while on set
    4. Brief sighting
    5. A written or spoken opinion
    6. Oscar and __, carey's novel about a glass church
    7. Speedy warship, used to have sails
    8. Patella protection
    9. Placed farthest away
    10. Slang for to skip work
    11. __ knot; tie-tying method of royalty
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Small, decorative receptacle, weaved with strands
    2. Playing cards with two pips
    3. Steadily, without wavering
    4. Security, avoiding accidents
    5. Ocean that the arabian sea is part of
    6. __ & juliet; animated shakespeare rom-com
    7. Company of performers who tour together
    8. Adam smith's book, the __ of nations
    9. Nickname for an aged lincoln
    10. Punctuation marks with two dots
    11. Big machine, the large __ collider
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Opal and marigold are symbols for this month
    2. __ in the jacuzzi, nickname for a dublin statue
    3. Truthfulness; __ is the best policy
    4. Forevermore
    5. Mr. price, horror actor who wrote cookbooks too
    6. Type of chewing a rat or terrier does
    7. Describes a condition of no gravitation
    8. Anniversary party to celebrate long reign
    9. Stalker, lurker, man coursing the streets at night
    10. Author of the novel rebecca: daphne du __
    11. In god __ wording appears on us coins
    12. Fruit mixers brand of tango and j2o
    13. Not solids or gases; another word for fluids
    14. Mcdonnell __, company merged with boeing in 1997
    15. Detectives, investigators
    16. From the country with moscow as capital
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. How mario and luigi are related
    2. Wooden barrier constructed to withstand attacks
    3. Berlin museum that houses the ishtar gate
    4. Country where ruaha national park is located
    5. Airtight, sealed
    6. Refute, contradict a theory
    7. __ world, duran duran sang about everyday life
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Douglas __, general, leader of ww2 pacific troops
    2. Irish theme park in meath devoted to crisps
    3. What happens when prisoners escape
    4. Germanic cole porter song that means wonderful
    5. Tennis foul when serving
    6. Cluster of pus-filled boils
    7. Put somewhere for people to see
    8. The e in the uni course ppe
    9. Chemical used to turn exposed film into prints
    10. System of holding papers in a folder

Group 651

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Adolfo __ madrid-barajas airport
    2. A written account of how an experiment was done
    3. Occupation of picasso's first wife olga khokhlova
    4. Pail
    5. Nationality of playwright jean anouilh
    6. Skirt named after fluffy dogs
    7. Dean, the rat pack singer of that's amore
    8. Very shiny, reflective metal finish; browser
    9. Surname of diamond joe, the mayor on the simpsons
    10. Secreting something from view
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Nickname of the semi-mythical el dorado
    2. __ salesman, seller of miraculous benefits
    3. Bamboo flutes strapped together
    4. Scientific drawings with labels
    5. A university exam conducted orally
    6. Alec, the prince faisal in lawrence of arabia movie
    7. Country that held first underwater cabinet meeting
    8. Makes a cartoon
    9. Blocks from view
    10. They are made into rollmops
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Robbed, looted
    2. Words that are underlined in blue on screen
    3. The cliff at 71° n in norway, a tourist attraction
    4. Challenger, competitor with a decent chance
    5. Actions speak louder __; what you do matters most
    6. Give me all __, with madonna, nicki minaj, m.i.a.
    7. Star of aladdin, hitch, and i, robot
    8. Right of possession
    9. Crafting models from clay
    10. Record-keeper at a museum or institution
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. At its most basic, describes a dictionary
    2. Tells or explains a story
    3. Last of the house of hanover british monarchs
    4. __ and wallachia united to form romania in 1859
    5. Shirt not buttoned all the way to the top
    6. Small booklet containing pictures and information
    7. Resembling a chubby angel
    8. Detective protagonist of the maltese falcon
    9. Spoke for another to type up
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Less old
    2. Sea creatures that sound absorbent
    3. Ruled as a monarch
    4. Strongly affirms
    5. Chinese fruits of the soapberry family
    6. Puckering up for a selfie
    7. Swiss skiing resort
    8. Margaret, who found that genes affect comportment
    9. Larry hagman character from dallas

Group 652

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Family pet, a freshwater turtle
    2. An american __ in london, movie by john landis
    3. Reduce price tags
    4. Eleven, twelve, dig __; nursery rhyme line
    5. Formal garden such as at versailles
    6. Wedding anniversary celebrated as golden
    7. Grumble, protest, whine
    8. Place to buy cheap booze or perfume in the airport
    9. Most strict
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Cutting a grass lawn
    2. Subtlety, tiny detail
    3. Either steering or hoops, these help a car turn
    4. Turkish landscape of eerie fairy chimneys
    5. Passed or overtook a runner by a whole circuit
    6. Amount and frequency of a given medicine
    7. Alfonso, mexican director of 2018 hit roma
    8. Rubbish, nonsense, claptrap
    9. Land sold by russia to the us in 1867
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Train travel across europe, popular on a gap year
    2. Significant, historic, meaningful
    3. __ ahead; with maximum speed or energy
    4. Released love songs album with jacko in 1987
    5. Coffee maker with a plunger; a french press
    6. Multifaceted diamond cut, designed to dazzle
    7. Delightful, captivating
    8. Probationary period
    9. How it's always been done
    10. Flippant or sarcastic remark, opposite of dumb
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Rachel, environmentalist who wrote silent spring
    2. Jumping insect & funnel-shaped container
    3. The emperor's new __, 2000 animation
    4. Norwegian __, scenic drowned glaciated valleys
    5. Left-hand pages of a book spread
    6. Cubes of meat grilled on skewers
    7. Let the buyer __, legal warning aka caveat emptor
    8. Heavily defeat
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Custom or tailor-made clothes, shoes, etc
    2. Takes place
    3. Using a mobile phone abroad
    4. Sleep in a tent overnight
    5. Sum to be forfeited for breaking rules, agreements
    6. Type of poisoning that can cause minamata disease
    7. Chinese __ rings; illusion involving metal hoops
    8. Someone who changes jobs or address often
    9. Spice associated with marinara sauce
    10. Heats and cools metal or glass

Group 653

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Street food whose only letters are l, e, a, f
    2. Heart-shaped
    3. Males who inhabit a landmass surrounded by water
    4. Famous honolulu beach neighborhood
    5. Dick, who starred in mary poppins and her return
    6. Hair high at the front, like elvis wore
    7. Handled pourer for dispensing dairy liquids
    8. Alive and __, simple minds song, sky football song
    9. Service that transports letters on planes
    10. __ safari; viewing savannah wildlife from above
    11. Pining, craving
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Usual, customary
    2. Metal tool for shaving talons
    3. Uk site of the royal mausoleum
    4. Period. end of __, oscar-winning documentary
    5. Musical or reading performances
    6. Fishing for crustaceans at the end of a line
    7. Warm outer long-length garment
    8. Divert, engage, absorb
    9. Natural chemical compounds, e.g. graphite, gypsum
    10. Sweet chocolate-hazelnut paste used in chocolates
    11. Collections kept in a museum or library
    12. Registered legal ownership of an invention
    13. Making less distinct
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. On a __; tense, dangerous situation
    2. Describes something that can be brought to an end
    3. Snitching on
    4. Greeting with hospitality and courtesy
    5. La __, cannes' tree-lined boulevard
    6. Stiffened ribbon used as hatbands
    7. David copperfield character and 70s rock band
    8. Got rid of, terminated
    9. People who sing and greet dorothy on her way to oz
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Smooches from the lips
    2. Name given to beethoven's symphony no. 9
    3. Physics theory that could tie everything together
    4. Meal at mid-morning
    5. Mythological source of wisdom and prophecy
    6. Be present at an event
    7. Copies someone's words or actions
    8. To make certain or guarantee something
    9. Bubonic outbreak
    10. Overthrow leader
    11. __ skelter; tall, spiral slide
    12. Declare to be true
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. An attack on someone
    2. __ emergency; southeast asian war from 1948-60
    3. Canadian musician james hill's instrument
    4. Bounce light off a mirror
    5. Things that cause physical responses
    6. Small settlements of just a few houses
    7. Glass fitter for windows and doors
    8. Rug for extra warmth when voyaging
    9. Planking platform at the edge of a garden
    10. Ate hungrily
    11. Chortled
    12. Right now, at the present time
    13. First leg of a round trip
    14. Things that are discarded and thrown away

Group 654

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sound __, cable network to set up for a party
    2. Not clear; water that has bacterial bloom
    3. Grooved or furrowed, like a drinking glass
    4. Celery-tasting leaves, adorn summer drinks
    5. Shines after a wash
    6. French riviera town, famous for the lemon festival
    7. Transparent solids that disperse light
    8. __ district, attractive residences in new orleans
    9. Emma, who rose to fame as hermione granger
    10. Willie, country singer of always on my mind
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. __ star; symbol of top-quality restaurant
    2. Deep impact and jurassic park iii actress
    3. Encouraging, urging on
    4. Habitual performances of an established procedure
    5. Small collection of technological devices
    6. Imaginary, dreamy and impractical
    7. Final moment
    8. Balancing of chances in a horse race
    9. Falling suddenly and uncontrollably
    10. Mark, dire straits guitarist
    11. Thrown in the trevi fountain permits fall in love
    12. Foot soldiers in armies
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Sold numbered tickets for people to win prizes
    2. Area of a house that collects dirt when entering
    3. The australian tennis open is held in this month
    4. Vr, or __ reality
    5. Moving backwards and forwards, as on a bouncy ship
    6. People intending to marry
    7. Richard __, top gear sidekick with hamster moniker
    8. Lombardy city near lake garda, italian caviar home
    9. Insidious: the __; 2018 supernatural horror film
    10. Small sparkly bits, or mariah carey movie
    11. Dionne, songstress connected with burt bacharach
    12. __ bridge, prague's spanned link of the vltava
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Mischievous, impish child
    2. Southwestern united states speciality cuisine
    3. Glue for bricks
    4. Take part, participate with a group
    5. Croquet tool
    6. Bits and __, 60s tune by the dave clark five
    7. Omar al-__, sudan former president
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. 17th-century painter of about 100 self-portraits
    2. __ appendix; ongoing abdominal pain
    3. Swearing, blaspheming language
    4. Provable with evidence
    5. Chart showing a museum's layout
    6. Apt, appropriate, fitting, timely
    7. Jump performed by male ballet dancer
    8. Rerouting traffic
    9. Read these in the bottom of a cup, to predict
    10. A question coming from an unexpected position

Group 655

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Scary, eerie, spine-chilling, spooky
    2. Gave orders, dominated
    3. Giant sculpture of a lion with a pharaoh's head
    4. A wrapped gift
    5. Bowie love song "just for one day"
    6. Cards won in a turn of cards
    7. Where charity is said to begin
    8. Advised of risks and dangers
    9. Resistant to an infection
    10. More athletic, stronger
    11. This mrs. is marvelous on amazon tv show
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Syrian city/temple complex destroyed in 2015
    2. Where teeth and gums reside
    3. Central french city, capital of cher department
    4. First sergeant
    5. Plant-based, non-dairy coffee whitener
    6. Little hole in a door for exiting felines
    7. Vision check-up with an optician
    8. Most crazy or angry
    9. Someone who travels aimlessly
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Conveys or communicates feelings or thoughts
    2. Sweet edible pea, pod and all, aka mange-tout
    3. Ken, the command module pilot on apollo 16
    4. Glow naturally
    5. Building or house designer
    6. Patrick mcgoohan's character in the prisoner
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Carried out violence on someone
    2. __ glass, holiday souvenir from burano and murano
    3. Nurse's timepiece
    4. Intensifies positively
    5. A sure thing, a basketball analogy
    6. Christina rossetti poem about memories
    7. Compilation of carefully selected music tracks
    8. Employing wrongly, wrong tool for the job
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Boston rock band known for the hit dream on
    2. Generous, tolerant, lenient
    3. Natural pool, bubbling with warm water
    4. Boundary umpire in tennis
    5. Person who takes bets from the public
    6. Novel by tobias smollett: adventures of __ pickle
    7. Hearth used for contained flames
    8. Give up smoking in this month
    9. Curing of thirst

Group 656

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Undead people chase participants who flee
    2. Time of year when jack-o'-lanterns are seen
    3. One who manages online forum comments
    4. Motivate, support
    5. London district once famous for its chinatown
    6. Has the power to make decisions
    7. Someone with great foresight or imagination
    8. Musical home for a period, such as at las vegas
    9. Mexican volcano known as el monstruo
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Ideology, code of belief in theology
    2. Sauce topping for moussaka or pastitsio
    3. St __; first bells in oranges and lemons
    4. To have put money into a scheme
    5. Slang for those who talk incessantly
    6. Australian musician who sings with the bad seeds
    7. In the heat of __; 40th oscar awards winner
    8. Frightening, formidable, terrifying
    9. Obstructed, stopped someone doing something
    10. Heartburn relief remedy brand
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Enter a car, or be accepted at a university
    2. Got permission for a plane to take off
    3. Slim pamphlet
    4. Staying close to a player on the opposing team
    5. Give __; mutual compromises
    6. Raising animals; anagram of angrier
    7. German city, where the beatles were in residence
    8. Representative signs or symbols
    9. Tool for nose hair or hedges
    10. Peck, to kill a mockingbird actor
    11. Testing area for computer programs
    12. Salade __, with olives, anchovies, eggs
    13. Got happier, __ up
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A chicken's leg on a barbecue
    2. More vague, rougher
    3. Often marbled pages at front and back of a book
    4. Research done outside the laboratory
    5. State of being tired
    6. Country uncovering the first known animal drawings
    7. Secure storage facility for valuables
    8. Leonardo da vinci/__ , roman international airport
    9. Malala __, 17 when she got the nobel peace prize
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. __ food; a chocolate cake with a red tinge
    2. Inverted __; punctuation indicating speech
    3. The k in kitt, driven by michael
    4. Describes a wedding cake with several layers
    5. Simply, without any complications
    6. Son of a sister
    7. Not godly, will die

Group 657

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The place where a person is from
    2. Fancy tent experience
    3. Holy seafood
    4. Outer layer of a tree
    5. Acting against the norm or acceptable standards
    6. Nickname of anglo-saxon king edmund ii
    7. Acting mean
    8. Hotel accommodation with two single beds
    9. Ringing like metal
    10. Limit, control
    11. Tiny amount of finances, obtained from sewing
    12. A person with a job is this
    13. Mollify, soothe
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Laughter, enjoyment, fun
    2. Homework for learning how words are written
    3. Validated a claim retrospectively
    4. Someone with no romantic ties
    5. Island that was once home to the extinct dodo bird
    6. "__ the sun, and i say / it's all right"
    7. Author of discworld fantasy novels: terry __
    8. Without restrictions or boundaries
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Opposite to glamping; basic tent accommodation
    2. Sprints past someone
    3. One of three babies
    4. Metallic percussion instruments on a drum kit
    5. Be entitled to
    6. Sir anthony, star of the film howards end
    7. Coffee, the better way to start your day!
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Volcanic us state with miles of pahoehoe lava
    2. Power needed to keep on keeping on
    3. Sounds of guitar strings being plucked
    4. Timon's warthog pal
    5. Death __, bells tolling to announce fatalities
    6. Muddle, mix-up
    7. Flowers with an overpowering scent
    8. Fisher
    9. Annoyingly slow to understand
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Typical musical spanish souvenir used in flamenco
    2. Careless, not taking responsibility
    3. Chalky rock, also called calcite
    4. Actor, played sonny corleone, and misery's victim
    5. Water cleaned and purified
    6. It is worth four points in snooker
    7. An abundance of something

Group 658

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A cloak and __ operation, it's highly secretive
    2. Compound of buildings in monasteries or convents
    3. Elton john number about forbidden love
    4. Grassy mounds or hillocks
    5. __ island, chilean site of immense stone heads
    6. Ointment, runny cream
    7. Females in decks of cards
    8. __ swan, avian named after a british illustrator
    9. Deeply sad, like a shakespeare play
    10. Arranged in rank or file
    11. Move a canoe with a blade
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Highly visible russian punk protest group
    2. __ and fancy-free; with no ties
    3. Govern, control, regulate
    4. Tiny tots' gnashers
    5. An outing, a charabanc journey
    6. Including in an envelope
    7. Fleur-de-lis __ are thrown at new orleans carnival
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Cornish castle linked to arthurian legend
    2. Glowing lettering behind a bar
    3. __ library, ancient repository in modern turkey
    4. Collapsible topper
    5. To have cut a pattern into metal
    6. Consignment, batch of transported goods
    7. Openness, political policy introduced by gorbachev
    8. Larks, capers, naughtiness
    9. Dug like a mole
    10. Took up space within
    11. Damon albarn and jamie hewlett artsy band
    12. Fake shuffle that leaves cards in original order
    13. Similarly, common characteristics
    14. Speech making, electioneering activities
    15. Word used to keep a person's true identity secret
    16. Restraint needed to stay calm and work steadily
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Quarrel or disagreement
    2. Irish saint linked to ny's biggest cathedral
    3. Tv concern of bill murray in groundhog day
    4. Collects together, assembles
    5. Military nickname given to artist thierry geoffroy
    6. Saltwater mollusc eaten as a delicacy
    7. Greek monasteries perched high on mountains
    8. The middle position, 50% of a journey
    9. More spacious
    10. Money handed to an author before publication
    11. Si unit of capacitance is named after him
    12. __ roll, air acrobatic movement; 40s hairstyle
    13. "onward, christian soldiers, marching __"
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. German motorway, and a kraftwerk single
    2. Slice wound from a piece of a4
    3. Excludes someone from playing
    4. Approximate, educated guess
    5. Left alone, stranded without a boat
    6. Heated and sweetened alcoholic drink
    7. Irregularly; not evenly
    8. Put an end to, clamp down on, suppress
    9. Top __, describes a film with the best takings
    10. Provider of domain name registry/internet security
    11. Gave the facts

Group 659

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Surname of blake, pink panther film director
    2. Part of accorhotels brand, anagram of "one volt"
    3. Nickname for glasses that protect against the rays
    4. Don't vote one way or the other
    5. Darken or turn darker
    6. The angles in a circle are measured in these
    7. Failed to meet expectations
    8. Samuel l. who doesn't want snakes on a plane
    9. Raw __, a young, inexperienced military type
    10. Political state or nation
    11. Island __; visiting greek islands by boat
    12. Legumes, come in salted and dry roasted varieties
    13. Measures of a horse, nose to tail, in racing
    14. To pen in, close off
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Thrive, do really well
    2. Gave consent
    3. Made a keyboard error
    4. Leaves the aircraft
    5. Feather writing implement used for many centuries
    6. Short hosiery
    7. Punched-card weaving machine
    8. Rapper of rollout, actor in fast & furious films
    9. A grassy slope
    10. Country where hwange national park is located
    11. Referee's call to end a judo match
    12. Small red, black or white berries used in cooking
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. She sang crying with roy orbison
    2. Linkages between bones such as knees, elbows
    3. A __ of turkeys, a collective term for the birds
    4. Tiptoes or skulks around
    5. First name of the actress duff or swank
    6. __ shop, travel agency selling tickets in bulk
    7. Waste-disposal channels underneath streets
    8. Tests for aroma
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Strong-smelling insect-repellent spheres
    2. Legs eleven or two little ducks, for example
    3. Not true, two-faced, disingenuous
    4. Tools/working conditions designed for ease of use
    5. Small rectangles that protect a dining surface
    6. Two-word phrase: go above and beyond
    7. Star of g.i. jane and the scarlet letter films
    8. Hard shell that protects the emerging butterfly
    9. 57 __, slogan of heinz canned food
    10. Relating to a speech contrary to religion
    11. Yellow, daisy-family herb, used to produce oil
    12. Dead __, method of establishing a ship's position
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Desert outlaws
    2. Title for female ruler of japan
    3. Miguel, who declared mexican independence
    4. Competition, often between sporting teams
    5. Harbor sites for pleasure boats
    6. Round, juicy, furry-skinned fruits for melbas
    7. Alterations to lifestyle or habits, for example
    8. Had twice as many
    9. I'm __; avidly listening
    10. Fort __, major scottish town close to ben nevis
    11. Those that follow the rules and do as told
    12. What a stomach does to food

Group 660

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Best-selling tv motor show of the bbc
    2. Marginal sea of the arctic ocean, off norway coast
    3. Sack for carrying post
    4. In a mad way
    5. Tempted, lured
    6. Pins with eyes
    7. Little __, mao's published quotations
    8. James i and ii, charles i and ii, mary ii and anne
    9. Whispering __, st paul's cathedral's acoustics
    10. Oil in sheep wool
    11. Ivrea carnival has fights with this citrus
    12. One of the youngest members of the thundercats
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Close __; nearby
    2. Spend the hours of darkness somewhere
    3. Distinguished person
    4. Survived danger, made it through, as "__ a storm"
    5. Sodium bicarbonate is a leavening in this dough
    6. Screw top to a petrol tank
    7. Becoming more brittle
    8. Fortune telling by using tarot cards
    9. In the bleak __; chilly christmas hymn
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Internal flights; not international
    2. Light frock worn in the afternoons
    3. Impose a burden on someone
    4. Smelling, tasting or containing a pungent spice
    5. Stand astride
    6. Don't __ while he's down; don't prey on the weak
    7. Split a work assignment between two people
    8. Not yet invoiced or charged for
    9. It measures distances between places on a flatplan
    10. Katharine burr __, invented non-reflecting glass
    11. London green space with serpentine lake
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. __ abbey, site of photos of william fox talbot
    2. Orson, who broadcasted the war of the worlds
    3. __ brush, baking aid for glazing pies
    4. Specific internet auction site seller or buyer
    5. People who play a lot of electronic entertainment
    6. Bickered
    7. A béchamel sauce with cheese
    8. Intense light beams, used in surgery
    9. Who coldplay claims "said it was easy"
    10. Person who follows the teachings of lao-tzu
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Amazon's book review website
    2. A mild expression used instead of an offensive one
    3. Made more sugary
    4. Transfer all info from the mind onto paper
    5. Short weekend holiday at a metropolitan venue
    6. Receiving devices for electronic signals
    7. Down in the __, billy joe royal song
    8. __ in paris; 1972 drama by bernardo bertolucci