Group 1061

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Italian luxury car brand founded in 1939
    2. X ray machine that checks parcels contents
    3. Place where nuns live
    4. Bright green gemstone, a form of the mineral beryl
    5. Batman villain also known as edward nigma
    6. Went ahead to recce
    7. The blonde powerpuff girl who wears a blue outfit
    8. Olaf is one of these frozen figures
    9. Pore that controls gaseous exchange in leaves
    10. Type of musical made up of already popular songs
    11. The unbearable lightness of being novelist, milan
    12. National bird of greece
    13. Clownish fool in alls well that ends well
    14. First explorer to find a route around the americas
    15. Lawson, cookery writer and domestic goddess
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. The leader of the decepticons
    2. He mans nemesis
    3. Symbol that looks like a tiny star *
    4. Sudden rush of animals
    5. Creator of detailed paper scale model of prague
    6. Someone who challenges the rule of the lawful pope
    7. Blackstrap is a type of this thick black syrup
    8. Mighty great ape animated in a 1949 movie
    9. Urgent news sounds like its snapping
    10. Train, rod stewart song
    11. Become this after solving 50 codycross puzzles
    12. This track and field event is no short hop
    13. Waterfalls, steep downward flows of river water
    14. Two pairs of glasses in one set of frames
    15. Starting point in a piece of crochet
    16. Poet robert frost went down this road
    17. Roots sold outfits for this global sports event
    18. Maya glyphs could represent this language unit
    19. Middle eastern square scarf headdress with checks
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. 1999 computer virus with girls name
    2. Workers who carry players golf clubs
    3. Like a pursuit involving plastic pie pieces
    4. A loose fitting dress or french word for shirt
    5. Harrison birtwistle opera, the mask of
    6. Batman and robin were described as this duo
    7. Speaking harshly at the rear of a boat
    8. Connective tissue between bone and muscle
    9. An evergreen tree that produces cones
    10. The little mermaid country
    11. George, star of gravity and oceans eleven
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. What magicians perform
    2. The underground workers sound like children
    3. The half giant who taught at hogwarts
    4. Horse gait between a trot and a gallop
    5. Mary, perhaps inspired she sells seashells
    6. Popular get up and go drink
    7. Cubic crystal where sulfur is derived from
    8. Device used to take pictures
    9. Richard played rob stark
    10. Performing arts festival held in prague each may
    11. Shape of the base of a four faced pyramid
    12. Skateboard trick where all wheels leave the ground
    13. Full skirt, part of a womans tyrolean costume
    14. Someone who lives in devout isolation
    15. Apple device for making calls, playing games
    16. Hybrid music genre of metal and punk
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Berlins annual seven day agricultural trade fair
    2. Remote sensing thermometer used in glass furnaces
    3. A practice for a play or show
    4. Sparkling wine tint of pale yellow
    5. Skimming a long list on an electronic device
    6. Person who pledges to aid child in religious life
    7. Film where journalists investigate catholic church
    8. Nirvana drummer, born 1969
    9. The , l frank baum novel about a boy called rob

Group 1062

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Shrink back in horror
    2. Old disease caused by lack of vitamin c
    3. Elon musks rocketry business
    4. When earths closest star goes below the horizon
    5. The french polish pianist who composed nocturne
    6. Soft cushion for resting the head on in bed
    7. What harry potter learns he is
    8. Greek nature spirits with horselike ears and tails
    9. Program at the core of a computers os
    10. Express, futurama bright green spaceship
    11. Type of cheese which can be peeled into strips
    12. Units of mass for measuring gemstones
    13. Type of magazine with a shiny cover
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Long luxury vehicles driven by chauffeurs
    2. Ability to walk through walls or become invisible
    3. Amazing move or sequence in chess
    4. Band who sang save a prayer and come undone
    5. Decorative hanging light often made of crystal
    6. A basketballer called the mamba with the number 24
    7. Early literary work by chaucer, the tales
    8. Shoe with a sole made out of rope
    9. Canal through which human food travels
    10. Insect that rolls excrement into a ball
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. River god in greek mythology newt in harry potter
    2. Dormant state of snakes similar to hibernation
    3. Looking something up on google
    4. Michael keaton played a snowman in this 1998 movie
    5. Steadiness, solidness
    6. Surname of batmans penguin, oswald
    7. Delivering a religious sermon
    8. Method of printing with a carved, inked image
    9. Uk city known worldwide for its local brown ale
    10. Style of ancient writing used by sumerians
    11. Only english word that has five letter es
    12. Spanish region in which seville is located
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Warming system for a house
    2. Lower or lessen the activity of
    3. Most x men like storm and rogue are
    4. Soft sausages served in long buns
    5. The mythical castle where king arthur lived
    6. Betty boops roaring twenties style
    7. Common duck species with a green head
    8. Where whirlybirds land
    9. Hockey forwards who play on the outer edge
    10. Coiled, winding plant stem
    11. Respiration that uses oxygen
    12. Country where the troubles occurred, northern
    13. Flesh that protects the nail bed
    14. Device that amplifies sounds
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Where angels are said to live
    2. A televisions glass front, on which images appear
    3. Endangered great ape native to central africa
    4. Surname of rapper biggie aka the notorious b i g
    5. Completely blocked, not transparent
    6. Famous english painter whose initials were jmw
    7. What you grasp at when you attempt every idea
    8. Planet thats often the butt of a joke
    9. Religious building on the flag of afghanistan
    10. Poet dylan, do not go gentle into that good night
    11. Baked product that can be english or american
    12. His superhero sidekick is robin, the boy wonder
    13. A loose fold of skin hanging beneath animal chin
    14. The big bang theory and blossom star mayim
    15. Jim, who played ace ventura and the grinch
    16. King george vi struggled with this

Group 1063

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Dr no was the first film in this spy series
    2. What most subscription boxes are made of
    3. Giant extinct snake that inhabited colombia
    4. Womens clothing that ends above the knee
    5. Stage name of musician annie clark
    6. River marking a trade route from persia to europe
    7. What david used to kill goliath
    8. Chief executive of hong kong appointed in 2017
    9. Chemical element whose name comes from potash
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. The woman who helped discover dnas structure
    2. Norfolk , nickname for inhabitants of the county
    3. Pale orange fruits that look like small peaches
    4. First name of hoult, star of the x men movies
    5. Scouts, campers carry water in these containers
    6. Large public square near prague castle
    7. Break or crack in a bone
    8. Velvety fabric french for caterpillar
    9. King of the land of oz and father of princess ozma
    10. You usually dont want this to hatch in space
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Hero who killed the minotaur
    2. Type of paint, can also be fake nails
    3. Surname of patty and selma in the simpsons
    4. Using scissors to take shapes out of paper
    5. He was us president for the first 20 days of 1969
    6. Islamic ones include hajj, sawm, and salat
    7. Process of producing beer
    8. Doris, prize winning writer of the golden notebook
    9. High jump move thats a flop
    10. Legal latin term for work done for the public good
    11. Surname of movie star steve and designer alexander
    12. Short rail tracks beside a main line
    13. The marvel character played by michael fassbender
    14. Swift african and asian ungulate
    15. Non grata, someone not welcome or wanted
    16. Moniker of sir harry percy, earl of northumberland
    17. The last section of the human colon
    18. Part of a car that sounds tiring
    19. A radio or television series derived from another
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Satsumas are a small form of this citrus fruit
    2. Marvel soldier whos also called the white wolf
    3. Vague or imperfect idea about something
    4. Giant statute of a lion like creature outside giza
    5. King of the titans defeated by his son zeus
    6. Unit of measurement for atomic and molecular mass
    7. Earth has one of cancer and capricorn
    8. Dragged around a heavy suitcase
    9. Type of jeans that cling to legs, end at ankles
    10. Tropical african fly that bites
    11. City in which comedy drama ally mcbeal was set
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Superhero character who battles doctor octopus
    2. To convert something in one language to another
    3. Concise way of writing notes
    4. Sweet ingredient of a coffee mocha
    5. Burroughs, author of tarzan of the apes
    6. Group of large thick skinned mammals
    7. 2018 hit for post malone and swae lee
    8. Using the transporter to go from planet to ship
    9. Worlds least densely populated territory in 2021
    10. Storage or living area in the roof of a house

Group 1064

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Inflammation of the liver
    2. Tight athletic top worn under wetsuit or karate gi
    3. Director of jurassic park and the lost world
    4. Fill with too many people
    5. Tv show based on mark wahlbergs early career
    6. Dining room storage furniture piece
    7. Jane austens sister in mythology a prophetess
    8. Prague square named after political protester
    9. Suede like fabric used for vehicle interiors
    10. Soft bullets that kids shoot from nerf guns
    11. President after whom teddy bears are named
    12. Latin term for a personal attack in a debate
    13. How long food lasts before going out of date
    14. Ian hunters sports anthem for this city rocks
    15. What mr kipling makes exceedingly
    16. Beware those leaves of three
    17. Company that runs the 365 subscription service
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Famous star wars bounty hunter
    2. Footcare spa treatment
    3. Rainforest mammal also called a honey bear
    4. To ill, 1986 debut for the beastie boys
    5. Indigenous people of the us model of jeep
    6. City thats home to the royal alberta museum
    7. Dr seuss book about saving the environment
    8. Frozen dessert popular at parties
    9. Priest jan, who led the defenestration of prague
    10. Musical based upon hero from american revolution
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Tidied hair with a toothed instrument
    2. Ten to the 100th power
    3. Runs the mutant school for gifted youngsters
    4. Heavy metal armored soldier from the middle ages
    5. Currency of israel
    6. Taxonomic rank above kingdom
    7. Bodak yellow singer whose real name is belcalis
    8. To sprinkle or splatter water
    9. Shock absorbing piece at a cars front and back
    10. Shaped material using pinched/pleated tucks
    11. Tuberous vegetable that can power a clock
    12. Longest role in shakespeares julius caesar
    13. Saskatchewan capital, its name is latin for queen
    14. Decorative lantern associated with ramadan
    15. The 12 paired nerves that come from the brain
    16. Home state of republican senator lisa murkowski
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Roll, sweet doughy bun with spice
    2. A strong liking or fondness for something
    3. The worlds most spoken native language
    4. Children in miss peregrines home in 2016 film
    5. Part of toronto house that inspired waynes world
    6. Even a person is in this when theyre in trouble
    7. She sang iconic song fever
    8. Type of number thats less than zero
    9. All the money a company takes in a year
    10. Line marking the edge of a cricket pitch
    11. Cosmetic blotting paper might be used on this
    12. Action in a sugar cube tower game
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Someone who reads minds or sees the future
    2. Clothes that are made specifically to order
    3. Strains eye muscles
    4. Neutron stars that emit blasts of radio waves
    5. Covers stone with a layer of plaster
    6. State that includes orlando, tampa and miami
    7. Sanskrit for any of the hindu four stages of life
    8. Drogon, viserion, and rhaegal are names of these
    9. Underlings, lackeys
    10. A los angeles baseball team
    11. High, flat place outdoors
    12. Deep fried spanish dough sticks
    13. Maya god of solar eclipses, servant of the sun
    14. Author who created professors snape and mcgonagall
    15. Victory air power is a documentary by disney
    16. Polar bird shares its name with a batman villain
    17. This leafy canopy is usually orange around autumn
    18. Sickness or illness
    19. Electronics company founded in south korea in 1969

Group 1065

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Mineral block providing nutrients to animals
    2. Retro illumination with moving wax blobs
    3. Explorer who expanded spains trade routes in 1500
    4. Unidentified mass that washes up on a beach shore
    5. Examples include shiitake, enoki and portobello
    6. 2017 amazon animation based on baums characters
    7. Measure of the decay of radioactivity
    8. Broken chord, based on harp playing
    9. The word set has the largest number of those
    10. Leave the room in anger
    11. Ben gunn was cast adrift of this fictional island
    12. Any microbe that causes illness, bacteria or virus
    13. Religion in which atman and dharma are concepts
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Portable music player that was eclipsed by ipods
    2. Snipping together smaller bits to make a movie
    3. Fruit also known as an alligator pear
    4. Nom pen name used by a writer
    5. A fictional archeologist played by harrison ford
    6. Musical term, continue to next section immediately
    7. Matthew, daredevils alter ego
    8. Jamaicas national sport with a flat bat
    9. The chemical element whose symbol is hg
    10. Utterly devoid of help or function
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Completely correct or precise
    2. A drink made of mixing or shaking spirits together
    3. Victor iii, italian king who abdicated in 1946
    4. Dotted pattern of childrens rhyme frogs and logs
    5. Famous narrow, triangle shaped building in toronto
    6. What doctors in hospitals study
    7. Chris pratts marvel character
    8. Small mammal with quills it doesnt shoot
    9. North or south state not dakota
    10. Common name for a jewish yarmulke
    11. Eleven and eight
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Usually the first meal of the day
    2. Early spring holiday also known as fat tuesday
    3. Rough sheet that makes wood smooth
    4. Yellow flower thats considered a weed
    5. Surreal collage made with square cutouts
    6. Cheerleading movie, also a challenge to compete
    7. Mummy, egyptian with contorted expression
    8. This game focuses on the families of westeros
    9. Baby bears porridge was this
    10. Car lights that illuminate the road ahead
    11. When waves interact they do this meddle
    12. First two words of the lords prayer
    13. One who follows political idea of shared property
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Belgian chocolate egg company
    2. Rocky balboas main sport
    3. Eerie white humanoid sea creature in japanese myth
    4. Viral disease transmitted by animal bites
    5. Language of ancient egypt, also a church
    6. Describes coarse and funny jokes
    7. Harry potters unkind cousin
    8. Shop by macklemore and ryan lewis
    9. Rodent pet similar to a hamster
    10. Nationality of someone from doha
    11. Church district that a priest oversees
    12. Half of a quarter

Group 1066

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The dark , shaun wallaces the chase nickname
    2. Description of someones physical perfection
    3. Dr dres influential hip hop label, founded 1996
    4. Actor and activist known for fire drill fridays
    5. A native american name for bigfoot
    6. The king of navarre of loves labours lost
    7. Medical condition that scars the liver
    8. Fried potato breakfast item
    9. Invaders were killed by this in war of the worlds
    10. Name of volcanoes on montserrat and st vincent
    11. Animated trash collecting monsters in a 2014 movie
    12. Shes the first american woman to travel to space
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Common name for the trachea
    2. Everest, k2, blanc or table, for example
    3. Brat pack queen, molly
    4. Play piano with soft pedal, only hit one string
    5. Sensor used in place of a mouse for a laptop
    6. Get medicine delivered from this kind of shop
    7. State salad with dried cherries and blue cheese
    8. He said mass could be converted into energy
    9. Perfect, immaculate
    10. Mayor of toronto elected in 2014
    11. Order of mammals that includes monkeys and humans
    12. Nationality of pulitzer winner booth tarkington
    13. Flight of the , new zealand comedy duo
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Bony remnants of animals found in the ground
    2. Explosive weapon that is propelled underwater
    3. A dive with arms outstretched like a swift bird
    4. Justice league magician, daughter of zatara
    5. Ancient greek hero who beheaded medusa
    6. Proper name for a maker of guitars and lutes
    7. Lively and cheery
    8. The truman show tagline on the air,
    9. Germanys city named after a weak perfume
    10. Authors of content found in books, blogs, poetry
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Van gogh painted them exercising in an 1890 work
    2. Meg ryan hit movie, in seattle
    3. Gland that releases growth hormone while you sleep
    4. Aspirations, goals
    5. Home spot where you light logs
    6. Berlins major city rail line
    7. Government style of one person, one vote
    8. Record breaking british swimmer rebecca
    9. Victoria beckhams nickname in a 1990s pop group
    10. Region way beyond earth and the moon
    11. Leafy herb also known as chinese parsley
    12. Site of nuclear disaster in soviet ukraine
    13. Sci fi tv series about a resort with robots
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. To pay back money to a customer
    2. Big, powerful golf club
    3. Country at european end of the northeast passage
    4. Links weapon in the legend of zelda, sword
    5. Corduroy the bear is missing one from his overalls
    6. Front of house areas of theatrical institutions
    7. Fuse circuitry together
    8. Constellation representing an eagle
    9. Woven wooden material used in primitive houses
    10. German city where you can visit the marienplatz
    11. Cutting these vegetables can make you cry
    12. The lion king hyena voiced by whoopi goldberg

Group 1067

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Alternative name for centigrade temperature scale
    2. Last name of jack, lee child novel hero
    3. Good will huntings day job
    4. Flat dish upon which artists mix their paints
    5. A tube used to administer medicine or drain fluid
    6. Dog digit toward the back of the foot
    7. The supervisor on a construction site
    8. Dessert whose name means puffed up in french
    9. Base for a beam or column
    10. Hairstyle popular in the army
    11. Last name of tvs herman, lily, and marilyn
    12. Senior priest in ancient rome
    13. Painter of the starry night and his own portrait
    14. Daughter of prospero in shakespeares tempest
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Game containing a board with queens and pawns
    2. Michelle known for one fine day and stardust
    3. Tv horror drama starring mads mikkelsen
    4. Funny sound made by a hyena
    5. Mexican dish of fried stuffed poblanos chiles
    6. This ravenclaw students dad ran the quibbler
    7. River that forms part of the spain portugal border
    8. Biblical vessel that was filled with animals
    9. Jazz outfit worn by us men in 1930s, 1940s
    10. Native american five nations confederacy
    11. Go round and round this bush
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Eight legged creature thats a fast crawler
    2. Reggae star bob or ziggy
    3. Foreign chips, candies, and cookies
    4. Samovar
    5. Largest food and drink company in the world
    6. Larry , writing brother of stan lee
    7. Floor to ceiling flower and fruit shrine
    8. Dive deep into water
    9. Stone slab sculptures made by maya people
    10. A zedonk is a zebra crossed with this animal
    11. Acid produced during anaerobic respiration
    12. 2006 dance film with jenna dewan, channing tatum
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Last name of jerry and ben, acting father and son
    2. Marvel supervillain his alter ego is wilson fisk
    3. Deceased body that medical students learn from
    4. Rose the alarm, drew attention to
    5. The coronation of , opera about neros mistress
    6. Skating oval
    7. The first woman created in greek mythology
    8. Kind of day before visiting a salon
    9. Number fives glass clue in umbrella academy
    10. In the original cut of star wars, he shot first
    11. Major european empire that crumbled in the 1920s
    12. Buildings for religious prayer
    13. Juliets family who opposed the montagues
    14. Corruption by offering underhand payments
    15. Brown shade of the us united parcel service
    16. Large silverback ape
    17. Pale lager beer, named from its origin czech city
    18. German chemist who invented novocain
    19. First day of a month, according to ancient romans
    20. Wool garments worn around the neck for warmth
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Casino game also known as 21
    2. The foremost aussie uniiversity, founded in 1853
    3. Four, superhero group who battle dr doom
    4. Traditional item used for eating sushi
    5. Songbird that featured in a 2013 donna tartt novel
    6. Common steampunk garment aka underskirt
    7. Cox who played monica in friends
    8. Bill clintons middle name
    9. Missing dentures ineffective and meaningless
    10. Cambodias capital and largest city
    11. Canadian popstar known for blinding lights
    12. 2019 charlize theron movie about life at fox news
    13. Plant connecting the earth with the maya afterlife

Group 1068

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Wrapped gift in a childrens party game
    2. Carrie who played princess leia in star wars
    3. Oaxaca is a city and state in this country
    4. Overskirt for accentuating hips in womens fashion
    5. City where queen elizabeth ii was born
    6. Chaotic, deliberate violence or damage
    7. A control operates a television from a distance
    8. Author gaston, who wrote the phantom of the opera
    9. Scoops of ice cream topped with wafers and sauce
    10. British spelling of one thousandth of a kilo
    11. Laura, star of netflixs ozark
    12. With bach and beethoven, one of musics three bs
    13. Sir edward, first prime minister of australia
    14. Thors home planet in marvel comics
    15. Society of jesus member
    16. It was linked to the nile by the wadi hammamat
    17. Yoga pose lying relaxed on floor, shavasana
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Walked from one side of the road to the other
    2. Arched bridge with train tracks along the top
    3. Where impulses are transmitted between neurons
    4. Interval type that isnt major or minor
    5. Mind , direct the thoughts of others
    6. Giles was buffys this so was wesley, for a bit
    7. The age adolescents have a sweet birthday
    8. White rum with fruity breezer alcopop range
    9. Microsoft office email program
    10. Place where plants are propagated and sold
    11. Programmer markus, inventor of minecraft
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Someone who moves to live in another country
    2. Male avian builds fancy structures for courting
    3. James x men character also called warpath
    4. Woman in love singer barbra
    5. Difference between individuals within a species
    6. What website ads beg people to do with their mouse
    7. Santas brother, played by vince vaughn
    8. Area of land almost entirely surrounded by water
    9. Suspect something is wrong by sniffing a rodent
    10. Sedimentary rock the maya used for construction
    11. Author of 1924s gentlemen prefer blondes
    12. Conical shaped pastry, filled with whipped dairy
    13. The bible has a new and an old one
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Keep in custody
    2. Hurt someones feelings, what bad manners might do
    3. Playwright of our town and the skin of our teeth
    4. A spiny crested lizard native to the americas
    5. Thin, unleavened pastry dough folded many times
    6. Blemishes caused by spillages
    7. Belgian cartoonist herges best known comic strip
    8. The tough white outer layer of a tooth
    9. Major tuareg city on the trans sahara trade route
    10. Line of scrolling text below a tv newscast
    11. Jilly , author of horsey bonkbusters
    12. Nemos dad in the movie finding nemo
    13. The brightest star, also known as the dog star
    14. Swimmers and elephants have them
    15. Musical group of 7 members
    16. Warm tube worn to protect neck and face from wind
    17. Examples include golf, football and skiing
    18. Mechanical laundry wringer
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Last name of danish storyteller hans christian
    2. Very hot peppercorns and chinese cooking style
    3. Alan moore comic book series
    4. Theyre bred to pull sleighs over snowy ground
    5. Draw a ring around, surround
    6. Night fever, disco film starring john travolta
    7. Two player card game with a peg board
    8. Moon shaped emblem on algerian or tunisian flag
    9. Infamous cutoff taken by the donner party in 1846

Group 1069

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Greek god of the sea
    2. Obelix owns this small canine
    3. Shelving unit for storing paperbacks
    4. Culinary name for squid
    5. Unlikely winner found beneath a hound
    6. Fictional region in which hobbiton is located
    7. Jar filled with nectar processed by bees
    8. Maya god with a shell on his back, god of scribes
    9. Desert country sandwiched between china and russia
    10. Rotation of a ball contrary to its direction
    11. Also known as dice algebra, 2d6+4d8, for example
    12. Comic associate of nym and pistol in henry v
    13. Weekly posting of feline pictures on social media
    14. Cold blooded creatures like snakes, turtles
    15. Soft crop top worn as underwear
    16. Queen street store that became the bay in 1991
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Queen of pop and singer of like a prayer
    2. Darkening ones skin with radiation burn
    3. Take the party here if the weathers bad
    4. One of four compartments of the human heart
    5. Uranus largest moon and queen of the fairies
    6. Type of zoo where one can touch farm animals
    7. Game played with 22 balls
    8. Indian unleavened bread, also called roti
    9. Mascara wand like brush for shaping eyebrows
    10. Stone, fragment with egyptian rulers names
    11. Office prison of dilbert
    12. A financial adviser does this to a portfolio
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Delicate, fragile
    2. International scholarship to uk universities
    3. To change to a lower gear in a manual car
    4. Star trek captains reported to this space force
    5. A video game world entirely made of blocks
    6. Sweet treats on sticks anagram of spill pool
    7. Portrait painter of the restoration period
    8. Large order of scaled reptiles, including snakes
    9. 1977 radio transmission possibly sent by aliens
    10. The age before one can vote in the us or uk
    11. Jump on the , join in with the latest trend
    12. Uss enterprise ncc 1701, or millennium falcon
    13. Unrealistic idea that comes from a tube
    14. Big sales on december 26
    15. Creating a wi fi hotspot from a mobile device
    16. Adopted son of superman
    17. Pool of players that a football coach selects from
    18. Best international male accolade won by jt in 2004
    19. Ronald reagans favourite candy of various colours
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. The comic company responsible for hulk and thor
    2. Cowan , school the brontë sisters attended
    3. Wild surge of uncontrolled activity in a crowd
    4. The tiny squares a computer screen is made of
    5. Composer antonín, born in prague in 1841
    6. Family behind fixer upper tv show
    7. One who hires another for a quest or task
    8. Plant, red dye is extracted from it
    9. A large dung beetle sacred to ancient egypt
    10. Decorative ink on skin
    11. Its the squeaky wheel that gets it
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Cosmetic paste worn around the mouth
    2. Easily felt or detected
    3. Menacing tribe who scoot around the land of oz
    4. Opening an oyster shell
    5. Show put on by david copperfield or dynamo
    6. A turtle or tortoises tough outer shell
    7. Former female prison in london, site of executions
    8. Uk band whose members include guy berryman
    9. 2007 dreamworks movie about the honey trade
    10. Sam, oscar winning partner of actress leslie bibb
    11. Business, trade
    12. Flowering underwater plants
    13. Maundy , day before good friday

Group 1070

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Russian chemist who invented the periodic table
    2. For whom the , 1940 ernest hemingway novel
    3. A spiders silk producing organ
    4. An activity that is engrossing, takes up all time
    5. Padded panel behind the upper end of a bed
    6. Teachers ___
    7. Series whose fourth chapter is the last key
    8. Musical instrument also known as a mouth organ
    9. Indigenous woman who helped lewis and clark
    10. London based brand of denim clothing
    11. A brave person might bite this ammunition
    12. Artist of 1830s liberty leading the people
    13. Three month period during pregnancy
    14. Greek mountain overlooking ancient town of delphi
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Pavilion built for pragues 1891 worlds fair
    2. Knocking down all the pins in bowling
    3. In fashion, chic
    4. Price fixing group of companies
    5. Eldest of the gorgons in greek mythology
    6. Henry rebellious boy in childrens books
    7. A manmade underground passageway for vehicles
    8. The outer layer of the brains cerebrum
    9. Railroad riders that go choo choo
    10. Spanish ball game using hands and a wall
    11. Greys anatomy and bridgerton creator rhimes
    12. Circular garland hung on a door at christmas
    13. Blenheim oranges are actually these
    14. Sinking city
    15. A cupboard or room for storing dry food in
    16. Outwardly curved
    17. Ll cool js radio released on this label in 1985
    18. Another name for a prairie wolf
    19. Icon like the one in the sky that calls batman
    20. The disney princess who pricked her finger
    21. Speaker of the house of representatives, nancy
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Type of poison that killed socrates
    2. Household waste, rubbish
    3. Princess margaret is countess of
    4. Round patterns that appear in fields of crops
    5. Something medically installed in a persons body
    6. Language spoken in a hispanophone country
    7. The periods in a ballgame when each side bats
    8. Chemical element cd used in rechargeable batteries
    9. Grain based dairy substitute for pouring on cereal
    10. Muscles that flex hips
    11. Brown coal, of lesser quality than bituminous
    12. Superheroine with the real name barbara gordon
    13. Someone you loved singer lewis
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Material from which the brandenburg gate is made
    2. Where mail can be left securely if nobody is home
    3. Quadrilateral with two parallel sides
    4. Leading anglo saxon scholar, the bede
    5. Black legged seabird also called a tickleass
    6. Making guests feel at home
    7. Hogwarts first years had to buy these pewter items
    8. Rowdy soccer fans
    9. Star lords origin story starts with this crime
    10. Its said to be the sincerest form of flattery
    11. Under gear worn beneath clothes for extra warmth
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Egyptian red sea resort popular with divers
    2. Occurring at irregular intervals
    3. A superhero or villain double personality
    4. Wounds a cut and a broken leg, for example
    5. Temperature label when water drops form on plants
    6. Bodily attire for doing front crawl or backstroke
    7. Bruce willis blew this up in armageddon
    8. Sharp tasting salad vegetable with a daikon type
    9. Electronic device, divides something into parts
    10. Singer who had a 1961 hit with stand by me
    11. Freshwater crustaceans that resemble tiny lobsters
    12. Disorder causing trouble falling or staying asleep
    13. Resistance when rubbing
    14. Major cities written in uppercase letters

Group 1071

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Period for placing baby on their stomach to play
    2. John who was looking for a quiet place in 2018
    3. Something no longer winnable
    4. Acorn bearing greenery on the flag of san marino
    5. A pedestal or supporting cupboard beneath a sink
    6. Maisie williams game of thrones character
    7. Bread substitute in a jibarito sandwich
    8. Striped hook shaped sweet hung on a christmas tree
    9. First and foremost, this person runs a high school
    10. Political system where workers cant own the land
    11. Matter contained by a cells membrane
    12. A scientific name for desert animal with one hump
    13. This hip hop force were on planet rock in 1982
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Katniss everdeen took part in these games
    2. Armstrongs moonwalking partner
    3. White, pastel hue based on this nations flag
    4. Italian brandy from leftover grapes of winemaking
    5. This lex often troubles superman
    6. Type of two piece swimwear worn by females
    7. Imelda, filipino politician dubbed iron butterfly
    8. Combining fabrics using a needle and thread
    9. The three brother pop band who sang mmmbop
    10. Clear digestive fluid produced in the mouth
    11. Passages between blocks of audience seating
    12. Metamorphic rock used for countertops and floors
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Mire, sticky quicksand for holmes & watson
    2. Founding marvel writer and editor, born 1922
    3. Sore skin or lips from exposure to the elements
    4. Wracked with worry or panic, desperate
    5. Snake held by an eagle on mexicos national flag
    6. Rare earth metal named after village ytterby
    7. The curled line below the c in façade
    8. Using momentum like a swimmer between strokes
    9. Prehistoric fur covered elephant like creature
    10. Pop disco group, sang how deep is your love
    11. Father of all maya gods
    12. Mixing up a salad
    13. In pixars inside out, joy represents one
    14. Aaron paul played this jesse on breaking bad
    15. A kitchen appliance that browns sliced bread
    16. Male who delivers dairy drink for a living
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A childs infant toy
    2. Tv series featuring picard, discovery
    3. Six pointed star on the flag of israel
    4. Instructional designs followed by knitters
    5. Whizzing up soup to get rid of lumps
    6. Spanish dramatic genre with spoken and sung scenes
    7. Dorothys ruby shoes in 1939 film the wizard of oz
    8. Vitamin b1
    9. Potent painkiller common in the 19th century
    10. Torontos official baseball team
    11. Toni who wrote beloved and the bluest eye
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The island where usain bolt and shaggy are from
    2. Biblical hill where jesus was crucified
    3. Decorative coating applied to ceilings and walls
    4. The r in mmr
    5. Popular female character in greek tragedies
    6. The superhero name of tchalla from wakanda
    7. Duo in wrestling who work together
    8. Archie , redhead from the archie comics
    9. Type of whiskey made largely in kentucky
    10. Cut these when youre trying to save time
    11. Something that illustrates a point
    12. Ancient israeli city known as armageddon in greek

Group 1072

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Competition that can occur between siblings
    2. Legendary monster slain by bellerophon
    3. Brown hue made of dirt, named for flemish painter
    4. More than you can chew
    5. Some examples are nori, wakame and kelp
    6. Orlando blooms character in the lord of the rings
    7. Bruce banners cousin jennifer walters
    8. Most subscription box companies online presence
    9. Chilly region of russia, in eastern asia
    10. Planet in our solar system discovered in 1846
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. The twin skyscrapers located in kuala lumpur
    2. Collective name for the tiny bones in the ear
    3. Religion in which followers seek to attain nirvana
    4. Sending unwanted emails frequently
    5. A category of animal designed to hunt others
    6. Stock romcom scene where two future lovers meet
    7. Drydock, battle station or outpost in space
    8. Cartoonist who created garfield
    9. Hmrc and the cia are examples of these
    10. Music by grieg and a play by ibsen
    11. Supervises, abroad by the sounds of it
    12. Pollution causes this bad downpour in water cycle
    13. Many retail websites offer this for free
    14. Sticky substance used to hold furniture together
    15. Moroccan port after which tangerines are named
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. He is the older brother of gretel
    2. Turkeys make this sound
    3. River, flows from lake tiberias to the dead sea
    4. Award, presented to outstanding cartoonists
    5. Seat of maya gods word meaning mountain
    6. Dairy product thats sliced, served on crackers
    7. Festival to which the word paschal relates
    8. Invisible wall between actors and audience
    9. Stage last name of the musician born john stephens
    10. A hold in boxing with arms around an opponent
    11. A simple language that develops between two groups
    12. Smaller breed of chicken or duck
    13. Edible hard clam fictional setting of family guy
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Small packages of sticks, or grouped utilities
    2. Stage show that turns out to be an unexpected hit
    3. Sweet paste made of nuts and boiled sugar
    4. Sport in which you could hang 10 or wipeout
    5. Central lake of beijings summer palace complex
    6. The giant who met his end when david used a sling
    7. Non paper money that is in circulation
    8. The v in law & order svu
    9. Opaque, matte watermedia paint
    10. Stinging polyp where clownfish live
    11. Shakespeares first child, born 1583
    12. Residence of prussian kings, southwest of berlin
    13. Guitar strings need the right amount for tuning
    14. Disputed island group in the south china sea
    15. A spinning sensation and loss of balance
    16. Sandra, oscar winning star of speed and gravity
    17. A closed cupboard or closet
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Pay monthly to use a service
    2. Wu tang member formed a duo with redman in 1994
    3. Christian festival marked 40 days after christmas
    4. Island on which the dodo once lived
    5. Ready to strike pose used in kung fu and taekwondo
    6. Parts of letters that are taller than the x height
    7. Alvin, simon and theodore are these animals
    8. Federal parliament of germany
    9. Capital of latveria in the marvel universe
    10. Orange rust that appears on iron and steel
    11. Famous baking show judge paul
    12. Book genre of real life murders and mysteries

Group 1073

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Its the s in apples ios technology
    2. Japanese white radish often served in sushi
    3. Month of birthday of racehorses in s hemisphere
    4. Official typographical term for a division sign ÷
    5. The last name of the dark knights joker
    6. Contraction for retroactive continuity
    7. Native name for the third largest italian city
    8. A form of wall to wall rug
    9. Buffy was a vampire one
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Painter of the lacemaker, housed in the louvre
    2. Markings on the coats of zebras and tigers
    3. Stage name of rapper montero lamar hill
    4. Alexander , the inspiration for robinson crusoe
    5. Says something again, says something again
    6. The flow of electrons
    7. The 2012 james bond spy film
    8. Eat pho in hanoi in this asian country
    9. Annoyed, like a clockwork toy
    10. An edible fungus and a chocolate treat
    11. The undead creatures in the walking dead
    12. Stone that allowed hieroglyphics to be translated
    13. Very large information sets for computer analysis
    14. Fourth book of the hebrew bible
    15. Cut ones nails
    16. She featured on iggy azaleas hit black widow
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. He tried to steal christmas
    2. Another name for an auctioneer
    3. A german model who once hosted project runway
    4. Choral call and response music style
    5. Churchman who was one of robin hoods merry men
    6. Large vessel for mixing drinks together at parties
    7. Soccers lionel messi is from this country
    8. Dc comics heroine in the brave and the bold
    9. Unexplained red precipitation
    10. Researching your family tree
    11. It blows at right angles to a line of travel
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Blooms used to decorate tables
    2. Beans used to make chimichanga
    3. He discovered four of jupiters moons
    4. League of heroes, including batman, superman
    5. Dithered
    6. Post apocalyptic book by cormac mccarthy
    7. Freddie mercurys original surname
    8. Japanese ship full of treasure that sank in 1945
    9. Pizza delivery chain named after game tiles
    10. South korean car maker of the elantra and tucson
    11. Machinery used to add ink to plain paper
    12. Coupled with antigua to form west indies nation
    13. Traffic collisionor chaotic situation
    14. Phil, oscar winning star wars stop motion animator
    15. Chest of drawers, sounds like a big lad
    16. As hamlet famously commands, get thee to a
    17. Wild french art movement
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Type of cuisine that involves sushi and soba
    2. Not a specific time or date
    3. Acting troupe shakespeare was a member of
    4. Hurricanes common in pacific or indian oceans
    5. Using needles and wool to make clothing
    6. Conquistador who brought the spanish to maya lands
    7. Kevin smiths film about a shopping complex
    8. Plug in blanket for warming a bed before sleep
    9. Superman has one of these in solitude
    10. Final move when a gymnast must land on feet

Group 1074

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Fizzy beverage sometimes called soda water
    2. Make less dry, add water
    3. Point that does not fit with statistical data set
    4. Timon would fit in manor if he wasnt a cartoon
    5. Ventilation point in a room
    6. River dwelling mammals that build dams
    7. Little shop of horrors character who feeds plant
    8. Disfigured batman villain who always flips a coin
    9. 20th letter of the greek alphabet
    10. View all open windows on your screen at once
    11. Ancient, esoteric hindu texts
    12. Spanish city linked to egypt by a sea trade route
    13. Casablanca is a city in this north african country
    14. Board of people sound like they give good advice
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Small version of poodle, dachshund, chihuahua
    2. Simple diagram to show processes and decisions
    3. King edwards queen in richard iii
    4. Strong need to know or learn things
    5. Passing a ball to a teammate to set up a score
    6. Scottish university where prince william met kate
    7. Swiss actor, much parodied for a role in downfall
    8. Tearful italian musical term
    9. Five pointed yellow fruit also called carambola
    10. Name of a tiny inner city farm in toronto
    11. General legal system in place in the uk
    12. Wound from the fangs of a viper or adder
    13. Inhabitants of water surrounded lands
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Tell, educate on a subject
    2. 1948s the treasure of the madre
    3. Country whose capital is conakry
    4. A rich seafood soup, often made with lobster
    5. Noise making segments on the tip of a snakes tail
    6. Pointed tool used in ancient writing
    7. Quilted jacket padded with thick down
    8. Toughened glass used to make shower screens
    9. Traditional wind instrument in egyptian folk music
    10. Country in which financiers scotiabank are based
    11. First name of the jokers girlfriend, miss quinn
    12. Husband and consort of queen victoria
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. What a gm uses to get players involved in a story
    2. Often worn to keep hair off face
    3. Type of allergies people get in different months
    4. Country singers naomi and wynonna
    5. The corpulent michelin mans name
    6. Inundation of water
    7. San diego event with steampunk saturday
    8. Term of endearment or summer flower
    9. Adding essential oil to a carrier so its not neat
    10. Wolverine can his memory, wipe the slate clean
    11. Water dwelling american snake a kind of soft shoe
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Greek currency before the euro
    2. It makes the heart grow fonder
    3. Athletic dc comics scarlet superhero
    4. Move forward, make progress
    5. Person who organizes the contents of a gallery
    6. The official floral emblem of scotland
    7. A large french country house or castle
    8. Steve martin played a sadistic singing one
    9. The greek goddess of hunting and apollos twin
    10. The tag that opens a parachute
    11. Stage name of hip hop legend james todd smith
    12. Popular nintendo farm sim game moon

Group 1075

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Grouped set of lines in a poem
    2. Water heating device in a home
    3. Will , us comics artist of a contract with god
    4. A soft, pale, slightly curved nut
    5. Giggles, chuckles
    6. Nationality of the composer erik satie
    7. Open stage style with seating on three sides
    8. Silver headgear worn by ant man
    9. Go for a leisurely walk
    10. Exercising arena for horses
    11. Poetic term for swathes of grass
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Publication that lists a circuss acts
    2. Scented liquid worn by women
    3. Prime, autobot leader
    4. Pig like hoofed mammal, native to the americas
    5. A star that results from a supernova explosion
    6. Can be seen not hidden
    7. North americans with african, west indian origins
    8. Thanks to the r , it never disappears
    9. Crumbly, when talking of soils
    10. The introduction of a new product
    11. Santas reindeer named after high springing steps
    12. Tub partner of the baker and the candlestick maker
    13. Broccoli is a type of this leafy vegetable
    14. Spicy name for orange, from the crocus flower
    15. Irreligious, blasphemous, sacrilegious
    16. This smurf hates everything
    17. Observation dome on the fuselage of an aircraft
    18. Hall, room, building where artworks are displayed
    19. Surname of thriller and billy jean singer
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Those who buy shares in a company
    2. Sport at hogwarts
    3. Ursine stuffed toy
    4. Max creator of betty boop comic strip
    5. Old testament text about suffering
    6. Citrus with a bright orange peel and a flat bottom
    7. Actor brother of booksmart star beanie feldstein
    8. Singer who had a hit with american pie in 1971
    9. Term for coppery ales colour of a traffic light
    10. Object known as the space stone in marvel movies
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Winnie the poohs donkey friend
    2. To be present at an event or function
    3. Swedish app to order deliveries and pay later
    4. Second holiest muslim city, after mecca
    5. Donald trumps political daughter
    6. She starred in red, the queen, and excalibur
    7. Babylon gate on display in pergamon museum, berlin
    8. Water sport competed at heights of 10, 7 5 and 5m
    9. The french museum which opened in 1973
    10. First name of italian opera singer bocelli
    11. Young man who clears off the table at a restaurant
    12. Square root of 400
    13. This round beef patty might come from the king
    14. Word score, highest scoring scrabble square
    15. Sharp weapons across the shield on kenyas flag
    16. Plant in the mint family, treats stomach issues
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Animals that eat both plants and other animals
    2. Pastries like croissants and pain aux raisins
    3. Pianist who sang of little earthquakes in 1992
    4. 1847 novel in which edward rochester appears
    5. Planes rising into flight
    6. Protect a natural space or wildlife
    7. Swimmers dive from this steady spot
    8. Brain part that regulates sleep and consciousness
    9. King said to have married robin hood and marian
    10. Nationality of someone from antiguas twin isle
    11. This is the first number to have the letter a
    12. Jimmy ernst technique of blowing paint
    13. Naturalists say to drink this not the bottled kind
    14. Starred in alien and tvs doctor who and merlin

Group 1076

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Nuts served to greek wedding guests jordan
    2. Being commonly characteristic of something
    3. Small rocket launcher without recoil for war
    4. Long sensory organ on a bees head
    5. Hebrew name for god
    6. Most populous city in belgium
    7. Jade represented this type of life to maya
    8. 1996 helen hunt film about chasing tornadoes
    9. Clever green skinned enemy of superman
    10. Machine that keeps the ice rink smooth
    11. Keyboard operated idiophone, glockenspiel sound
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. An x men superhero with retractable claws
    2. A serving of raw fish encircled by cooked rice
    3. Short statured dog breed from china
    4. Biblical area east of eden the state of sleep
    5. Folding surface often used to play bridge
    6. Some floorboards do this to connect
    7. Roger, first athlete to run a 4 minute mile
    8. People requesting joinder to a lawsuit
    9. Fun term for stores on cruises
    10. Rubber block for inking the day onto documents
    11. Country from which a sammarinese person comes
    12. Battery brand with a bunny who never stops
    13. M night shyamalan film about plants, the
    14. Run dmc covered their hit walk this way in 1986
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Situation in need of a solution
    2. Formal notification to attend court
    3. What alexis says to her brother in schitts creek
    4. Lucy and linus , friends of charlie brown
    5. Neck gland below the adams apple
    6. Late 60s hip hop dance, similar to body popping
    7. Examine a body part by touching it carefully
    8. Hot dog trick shot in tennis
    9. Post that prevents vehicle access
    10. Fish that can be red, sounds like its a biter
    11. Tom hanks character from greenbow, alabama
    12. What geese do in autumn to keep warm
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Timepieces that can be digital or have hands
    2. The sweep, a patriarch of happy families
    3. Last name of elizabeth in pride and prejudice
    4. Wayne and garth say theyre not this
    5. Slightly changing the pitch on an instrument
    6. Lizards with no necks and small legs
    7. Slow waltz popular in the 17th century
    8. Someone from denmark sweet pastry
    9. European sea, a major source of ancient amber
    10. Austin powers actor verne, born 1969
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Airline with minimal luxury, lacking flounces
    2. The current epoch of geological time
    3. Another word for spine
    4. First name of composer brahms or painter vermeer
    5. Mile, death row film with michael clarke duncan
    6. Spiders fibre and street ancient trade route
    7. The a z of a language
    8. Tallying, equalising, balancing
    9. Glass london skyscraper built to a point
    10. Perfumer of cool water and horizon
    11. Term that tells musicians to play with joy
    12. 2016 2018 tv series of travels to key past events
    13. French for highly prized truffles
    14. Novelist david, who wrote cloud atlas
    15. Mortar used for grinding writing pigments

Group 1077

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Cocktail made with port wine
    2. Freed from captivity
    3. Canadian city, the capital of manitoba
    4. Bed covering that lays flat without elastic
    5. Leia a of mars
    6. Tropical mammal, origin of dung coffee
    7. Wealthy spinster in great expectations
    8. Vegetable sometimes called a cabbage turnip
    9. Group of defensive players on a football pitch
    10. Long, round bottomed glass laboratory vessel
    11. This sports first black league was founded 1920
    12. Irish former westlife singer bryan
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A word used to greet a guest entering your home
    2. Orange hued november gemstone anagram of inciter
    3. A corrective lens worn over just one eye
    4. The humorous comic strip often featuring cows
    5. Form of quartz actor billy
    6. Workout tool that you jump on and off for cardio
    7. Alter ego of wendy lawson in 2019 superhero film
    8. Nadya, who is also known as octomom
    9. Wood known for its resistance to water
    10. Part of a cell that contains dna
    11. Shape shifting russian household sprite
    12. German wine made from frozen grapes
    13. Legal protections for an invention
    14. Bird name for michelle dubois with beret/long coat
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Title, introductory material at top of a newspaper
    2. Complete, total, utter
    3. Random changes in an organism’s genetic code
    4. Hide a spaceship using this kind of field
    5. Lemon flavoured fruit filled sponge with meringue
    6. Like fine cotton bedsheets anagram of tiny gape
    7. Roman emperor who succeeded augustus in 14 ce
    8. Slang for male child who never does anything wrong
    9. Marvel character who became dark phoenix
    10. Noisy anti theft device fitted on a vehicle
    11. Sleep inducing medication
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Visitors, like those in a hotel
    2. Lowest point on a wave
    3. To be modest kendrick lamar song
    4. The capital of this country is moscow
    5. Devices that straighten teeth
    6. Horror novel about a girl with telekinetic powers
    7. She starred in us and black panther, nyongo
    8. Microsofts wiry nineties office assistant
    9. Digestive hormone that spikes when asleep
    10. Venomous cobras that live in asian forests
    11. Dugout vessels that transported maya goods
    12. Company that owns marvel and star wars
    13. Unique, unrepeated event
    14. Batmans police commissioner friend
    15. To preserve food in brine or saltwater
    16. Former german chancellor and mayor of west berlin
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. A consultant can help with breastfeeding
    2. Talking about other peoples lives
    3. Yellow shade for young us students transportation
    4. Princess daughter of william and kate
    5. Spanish barbecued kebabs
    6. Lofty prague skyscraper designed by richard meier
    7. Superhero identity adopted by the first robin
    8. Students of language
    9. Female counterparts of alvin, simon and theodore
    10. Parallelograms with four equal sides

Group 1078

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Expelled air from the lungs
    2. Capital of swaziland
    3. 100 years in time
    4. Absolute value, mathematically
    5. Raw vegetable cut into stick shaped pieces
    6. Martineau, contemporary writer of the brontës
    7. Dc superhero played on screen by jason momoa
    8. Gave birth to offspring, like a frog
    9. Ocean whose name means calm and tranquil
    10. Grouping of father, son and holy spirit
    11. Bandit, thief or robber
    12. Financial support or grant
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. The enchanted clock in beauty and the beast
    2. Person who makes keys, repairs doors
    3. School musical instrument with wooden bars
    4. Car type, originally a carriage with soft top
    5. Small paper record, for alphabetizing information
    6. Kyle was orson hodge in desperate housewives
    7. Mammal also known as an american antelope
    8. Planning for expenses based on income
    9. Using hands to move the ball in basketball
    10. Type of numbered path in buddhism
    11. Blue brie type cheese from germany
    12. The fourth one is time
    13. X shaped puzzle
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. The study of fungi
    2. Metal tool used to pluck eyebrows or splinters
    3. Maria worried mother in the sound of music
    4. Ray ban pilot style sunglasses
    5. Snoopys flying ace foe in peanuts cartoon
    6. Runners go over 26 miles in this
    7. Locasta, the land of ozs good witch of the north
    8. English queen who made pomeranian dogs fashionable
    9. Pastry based dessert with garden of eden fruit
    10. E g ask the audience or 50 50 on tv quiz show
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Mottled and stripey furred cats
    2. Stephen , the late show host
    3. An object one stands on when making a speech
    4. Mountain range in colorado
    5. Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune
    6. Mark darcys rival in bridget jones books, daniel
    7. Les misérables character who sings on my own
    8. 2016 jonah hill film about arms dealers
    9. Stanley, three time interwar uk prime minister
    10. Artistic swimming moves accompanied by music
    11. Cooking style relating to a certain country
    12. Swollen with fluid or gas
    13. Computer monitors
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Paul mccartneys fashion designer daughter
    2. A james cameron movie with blue creatures
    3. Human friend of cartoon tiger hobbes
    4. Walt disney world ride, tower of
    5. Stained sponge block to push a date stamp onto
    6. Large, white heron like wading birds
    7. Shape at the heart of the flags of japan and laos
    8. Gandhi who was the first female pm of india
    9. Predetermined meeting schedule
    10. The silvery white metal with the atomic number 28
    11. Person who sacrifices themself for a cause
    12. Author neil who wrote coraline and stardust
    13. A deep brass sound associated with polka music
    14. Currency unit of spain before the euro

Group 1079

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Russian composer of peter and the wolf
    2. He said, thats one small step for man
    3. Government consisting of more than one party
    4. Flippant, glib
    5. Slang term for an american dollar
    6. Superman is his alter ego
    7. Type of pen with a spherical, rolling tip
    8. Japanese sushi fish also called hamachi
    9. Heavy ratite named the worlds most dangerous bird
    10. Light effect common to many sci fi flicks
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Greek mathematician, founder of geometry
    2. A plan, perhaps for secret reasons
    3. A spore producing organism that includes mold
    4. Snoopy cartoonist, born 1922
    5. Bitcoin and ethereum, for short
    6. Number of golden stars on the eu flag
    7. Author of the time travelers wife, niffenegger
    8. Crunchy, ridged green vegetable, goes with dips
    9. Hogan, ragtime performer in the oyster man
    10. First name of buddys father in elf
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Austrian pastry with fruit filling
    2. Transform a loft into living space, for example
    3. Leather material from a bovine
    4. School subject that teaches kids about water cycle
    5. Kings story shakespeare splits into three parts
    6. Matting and pressing wool together to make fabric
    7. Tablet or liquid that neutralizes stomach fluid
    8. Captain carrots amazing animal superheroes
    9. Nest for honey making insects
    10. Roman goddess of wisdom, war and art
    11. Big cat depicted on the national flag of croatia
    12. Number that represents a tv or radio station
    13. Song where the spice girls tell you what they want
    14. First showing
    15. Play that starts when shall we three meet again
    16. Landlocked sea linked to europe by the volga route
    17. Avenger known for his skill with a bow and arrow
    18. Liverpool fc plays in this south american country
    19. A geometric configuration significant in hindu art
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Making someone sick
    2. Device that helps fire up a cars ignition
    3. One who writes historical biographies
    4. Paper animation drawn on the corners of pages
    5. Cuban american singer known as queen of salsa
    6. Uks postal service, not just for the queen
    7. Character, like loki, who breaks the rules
    8. Spiny ocean creature dont step on it
    9. Staff wielding xena character
    10. Bed support of metal coils in fabric covered frame
    11. Animators list of image sequences and timings
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. No longer used, out of date
    2. Caped , batmans nickname
    3. X wings, tie or cylon raiders, for example
    4. Us name for what brits call aubergine
    5. Office machine for destroying paper documents
    6. Those who love to train at sports
    7. This type of light blocking curtain can aid sleep
    8. Craving for snacks chocolates with caramel centre
    9. London scheme of restrictions on public roads
    10. Island where grandmaster flash was born in 1958
    11. Admired, central female leads in books
    12. Actors get this notice to audition a second time
    13. Us city of the biggest comic con since 1970

Group 1080

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Metal supposedly needed to kill a werewolf
    2. A term relating to horses
    3. Solar deity, e g ra in ancient egyptian times
    4. Marie curie died from exposure to this chemical
    5. Alfred serves in this role for bruce wayne
    6. She sang sorry not sorry and stone cold, demi
    7. Subtle difference in meaning or expression
    8. Warren , co holder of the oscars mix up envelope
    9. Alternative name for tokyos international airport
    10. Shaped fabric piece sewn in to provide give
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Bird in a pear tree in the christmas song
    2. Number of these determines engine size in a car
    3. High ranking catholic church officials
    4. Director of the kill bill movies
    5. Largest and capital city of crete
    6. Charlie brown and snoopys canary friend
    7. Actor who plays lead role in jack irish series
    8. Powerful explosion of a star
    9. Another word for the indic languages family
    10. A 1969 poirot tale was set at this kind of party
    11. Bill creator of calvin and hobbes comic strip
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Pale purple precious stone, a form of quartz
    2. Alcoholic drink taken right before bedtime
    3. Marie curie got two nobel prizes in different
    4. In 1964 this mall opened as the biggest in toronto
    5. This bottle keeps a sleeper warm in bed
    6. Skin injury suffered by crashing cyclists
    7. Basic line drawing of a person
    8. Whale named for its distinctive body shape
    9. Instruction to hit violin strings with wood of bow
    10. The name of ron weasleys rat
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. We say, ahoy, matey, on talk like a day
    2. Diamonds and charcoal are forms of this element
    3. Easily manipulated or reshaped
    4. Bird species of sam, mascot for froot loops
    5. Lofty tv tower on prague hill, built in 1985
    6. Medical stitch to close a wound
    7. China or silver container for brewing leaves
    8. Sheer vertical rock faces
    9. The disney movie set in arendelle
    10. Relating to the top chambers of the heart
    11. Comics produced in china, taiwan and hong kong
    12. An roi is one on investment
    13. Opera set in spain, with toreadors
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Little trees that broccoli breaks into
    2. Shape of the 64 spaces on a chess board
    3. Tiny removable flash memory card
    4. Evil, maleficent
    5. Superfans make sure these are exact to a character
    6. Underwater ecosystems with dense kelp growth
    7. Physicist who postulated the plum pudding model
    8. Chinese province where most pandas live
    9. What metallica was master of on their 3rd album
    10. A flower archie comics character cheryl