Group 1181

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. To systematically take apart
    2. Medical term for abatement of disease symptoms
    3. Biceps femoris and semitendinosus muscle group
    4. Female who does not work outside the home
    5. In a way like a cone
    6. Type of community monasticism
    7. Strengthen something, maybe with concrete
    8. Put a candidate up for an award or job
    9. Speaker designed for bass frequencies
    10. Pouches worn over mens breeches in 15th century
    11. Major river that flows through iraq and syria
    12. Featured jointly in lead roles
    13. Irish ruled ireland from 1922 37
    14. Donald st elsewhere doc played by ed flanders
    15. Astronaut neil, green day front man billie joe
    16. Actor who played the role of ray charles and yahya
    17. Tree bark scar
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Meringue dessert named for russian ballerina
    2. Large vein in the neck
    3. Pleads earnestly
    4. Brown material used for most steampunk clothing
    5. General sherman is one in this california park
    6. Tool that might be said to be thrown in the works
    7. Blazing , a western comedy by mel brooks
    8. The children, fiction about trains by e nesbit
    9. Become less watery coagulate
    10. House, quirky fred and ginger prague building
    11. Tennis epoch, amateurs and pros playing together
    12. Seasonal wind in south asia starting in may
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Leader in native religions who guides spirits
    2. Joanna aka abfabs patsy
    3. Chief egyptian deity worshipped as a sun god
    4. Captain brings carol danvers to the big screen
    5. Game poultry breed originally from cornwall
    6. Twist around, like an office chair
    7. Snapping turtles have a lure at the end of theirs
    8. Composer of water music and messiah
    9. Portable gas heaters for warming food
    10. Deep, narrow sided valley alongside a river
    11. Prague, club based at sinobo stadium
    12. The poky little puppy was a golden book
    13. The source of something
    14. Warders, commonly known as beefeaters
    15. Hulks human surname
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Makes power
    2. Sybill, harry potters divination teacher
    3. Common word in the dog breeds golden or labrador
    4. Aggressive celebrity photojournalists
    5. Drinking vessels loaned from stores for parties
    6. North italian town where ferraris are made
    7. Watertight work enclosure
    8. It person who creates software
    9. Team game where players shoot dye filled pellets
    10. Headdresses with egret feathers worn on turbans
    11. Star trek show starring sonequa martin green
    12. Twisted metal for opening wine
    13. Hello, hola, bonjour, guten tag
    14. Partner in investment
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Advantages pros, not cons
    2. British slang for broken and shattered
    3. Near camera shots
    4. By 2017, serena had won 23 grand slam singles
    5. Bernadine who won booker for girl, woman, other
    6. Tv show, books feature this porcine girl
    7. A situation, an imagined scene or occurrence
    8. Having no money and unable to pay debts
    9. London train station named for an 1815 battle
    10. Twisted, say a neck after a traffic collision
    11. Italian white grapes
    12. Transforms a signal into mechanical motion
    13. Megan thee , us rapper and songwriter
    14. African country that was once rhodesia
    15. Film, the literary and potato peel pie society
    16. Congealed greases and detritus in victorian sewers
    17. Making a solemn vow or promise in court
    18. Small squares of sample material
    19. Neck straining

Group 1182

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Exclaim loudly a brass instrument
    2. Giant , orange eight tentacled sea creature
    3. Dance show set on a construction site
    4. Dumbledores companion fawkes is this
    5. The star wars character played by harrison ford
    6. To discover a new place
    7. Diy music of the 50s popularized by lonnie donegan
    8. John , squawking snooker star
    9. Cornish chemist who discovered calcium and sodium
    10. Words joining subject and complement
    11. Placing fabric loosely over a mannequin
    12. Control natural resources to produce energy
    13. One eyed greek monster
    14. Inventor of wire netting machine, 1844
    15. Canadian province whose capital is edmonton
    16. Person who clips and washes dogs coats
    17. Title of puyi or napoleon
    18. Country in which the rubiks cube was invented
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Describes sets of data with no common members
    2. The spark that starts an engine or motor
    3. Noisemakers for counting
    4. Obelixs pet in the asterix comics
    5. Type of art not based on concrete existence
    6. Rihannas home nation
    7. Japan hosted these summer games in 2020
    8. Make something look nicer adorn
    9. Straps on the back of a saddle
    10. Horror about a coven of witches, remade in 2018
    11. Eligible to be freed while awaiting trial
    12. Large town made up of temporary shelters
    13. Purple fruit used in parmesan dishes
    14. Japan hosted these 2020 summer games
    15. Capital of queensland, australia
    16. Talk insultingly about, e g of the dead
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Employee of a school or office that cleans
    2. Vein or artery intermediary
    3. Went by helicopter
    4. The rigid observance of rules of etiquette
    5. Where jesus christ was born
    6. Hair accessory of a large loop of elastic
    7. Self assured, believing in oneself
    8. 2005 2020 name of pro tennis event in toronto
    9. Architect who designed jewish museum berlin
    10. Currency software to calculate exchange rates
    11. Out of africa actor klaus maria
    12. Poetry patterns stressing one of three syllables
    13. Type of mammal suckled in a pouch
    14. Powerful and luminous stellar explosion
    15. Vienna has many of these wine producing areas
    16. Kevin systroms social media app
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Madame , waxworks with a museum in vienna
    2. As as a newborn baby
    3. Post shower cloak, often made of flannel
    4. Inflammation reducing, manufactured hormone drugs
    5. Area in a house with a sink and toilet
    6. Pipes that move water and waste in a house
    7. Songbirds with brown heads, genus molothrus
    8. Pamphlet with info about a service or product
    9. Person who leads a protestant church
    10. Heinz , german general, developer of blitzkrieg
    11. Crater on the far side of the moon
    12. The godfathers family name
    13. Scientist rosalind or animated turtle
    14. Metal coverings for airplane engines
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Opposites of liabilities
    2. Canadian sitcom of the 2000s gas
    3. Cucumbers fermented in vinegar
    4. Oregon park named after the usas deepest lake
    5. Contest where one buys a ticket to win a prize
    6. Like wheat, this is a common cereal grain
    7. Curly hair that appears dry and flyaway
    8. Raged on like a burning fire
    9. Other name for haydns 104th symphony symphony
    10. French baron and mathematician augustin louis
    11. Rabindranath , indian poet and author
    12. Bsc bundesliga side with blue home kit
    13. Priestly commentary following scripture reading
    14. Singing garden bird that the victorians would cage
    15. Greek figure who was birthed from a tree
    16. What a an excellent act, usually a song
    17. Part of the eye that covers the pupil and iris
    18. Hebrew variant of elizabeth

Group 1183

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Site of us navy observatory in arizona
    2. Number thats randomly seen event
    3. One who helps with props before and during a play
    4. Top floor apartment in a tall building
    5. Expressing puzzlement or confusion
    6. Day where costumed children beg for sweets
    7. Drew from charlies angels, never been kissed
    8. Heavy, candied and spiced treat made for christmas
    9. State of eternal punishment in christianity
    10. Front crawl as an olympic event
    11. Twigs in the undergrowth
    12. Bass player for the beatles
    13. Resident of island territory with a triangle
    14. Fairy tale cobbler assisted by magical elves
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Fat , squares of fabric for quilting
    2. Deep fried balls made of chickpeas or fava beans
    3. Its paired with cytosine in a dna strand
    4. Getting a drink out of fruit
    5. More common name for the cuspids
    6. Canadian province where calgary is located
    7. Add this to western to make a music genre
    8. Blast into space
    9. Plant tissue layer between xylem and phloem
    10. What a famous pharaoh might be buried in
    11. Creepy dolls in dead silence and saw
    12. Artist who painted guernica in 1937, pablo
    13. Rotating a camera to get a 360 degree shot
    14. Book of the bible that first mentions adam and eve
    15. Beauty and the beasts charismatic maître d
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Name of hall a tenant lived at, per anne brontë
    2. Animal known as jumbo squid and red devil
    3. Main body of a plane, behind the nose cone
    4. Attempt to emulate or match do something again
    5. Collaborate and engage with someone
    6. Formal dancing in three quarter time
    7. Powdered medicine delivered in gel containers
    8. Chinese language spoken by over 730 million people
    9. Uk lake with a mythological monster
    10. Alternative name for st jude, brother of st james
    11. City where hagia sophia and grand bazaar are
    12. Small vehicle for driving to the 18 holes
    13. Fixed admission to those was a scandal in 2019
    14. Star of ant man film, born in new jersey in 1969
    15. Business or person who money is owed to
    16. Runs a country autocratically
    17. Based an argument on
    18. Relating to cooking or the kitchen
    19. The bodys most abundant protein
    20. The most swamp like region
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Understood by few mysterious
    2. Plants can be anchored, or this, in soil or water
    3. The of the beast, 1982 hit for iron maiden
    4. A star or an angels role in a prominent tree spot
    5. Dust, a cold, hay fever can make you do this
    6. Lifted anchor onto cathead
    7. Green arrows identity queen
    8. Season following summer
    9. Cuts of meat featuring backbone
    10. An onboard locational device anagram of a divan
    11. Portmanteau signifying uks withdrawal from the eu
    12. Bubka record breaking ukrainian pole vaulter
    13. System of millions or billions of stars
    14. Forcibly remove from an interactive system
    15. Art , place with exhibits 37th codycross world
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. What parkour experts need deftness
    2. A cupboard with shelves or drawers
    3. Sculptures that weep tears of blood or milk
    4. Villainous spirit in zoroastrianism
    5. Visual home for your computer programs
    6. The structures of a language
    7. Put up a tent or camp
    8. Tiny european nation with two cows on its flag
    9. Swiss us natural historian louis, born 1807
    10. Money in the till at the end of the day
    11. British game played by hitting chestnuts together
    12. Genre of books that are filled with recipes
    13. Time to start a fresh calendar and resolutions
    14. Mineral that helps build strong teeth, bones
    15. Timberlake as a troll sings cant stop the
    16. Shuffle along, make room
    17. Cor , instrument also known as the english horn
    18. Knitting yarn with furry fine fringing
    19. In baseball, three of these mean the batter is out
    20. A miley cyrus character, hannah

Group 1184

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Dystopian rpg where friend computer is the master
    2. Divers footwear
    3. Stuffed, like a nose during a cold or flu
    4. Roman name for french city of chartres
    5. Detroit nhl players
    6. Advice bureau offering people legal guidance
    7. Family that includes homer, marge, bart, and lisa
    8. Confined space one goes to in prison
    9. The lower jawbone
    10. Bar shaped hair clip
    11. Write with an associate on joint book or project
    12. Brazilian municipality in east são paulo state
    13. Like a shirt sprayed with stiffening product
    14. Oldest schuyler sister in hamilton
    15. One of the seven ancient wonders, of rhodes
    16. Toxic plant whose name means fingers
    17. Classic french dish of chicken cooked in red wine
    18. Ol , popular nickname for frank sinatra
    19. Ariels fishy confidante
    20. Lens with three points near, medium and far
    21. Medically moving towards e g the nervous system
    22. Greek fire breathing monsters
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Gambling venue
    2. Occurs when your shin and calf muscles strain
    3. Male goose
    4. A spanish afternoon nap
    5. Southern peninsula of india
    6. A serious crime
    7. Actor clooney or former president w bush
    8. Of bethany, sister of lazarus and mary
    9. Beefsteak is a variety of this red salad fruit
    10. A short break between activities
    11. Surname of carrie fishers star wars character
    12. Pedro alonsos code name in money heist
    13. Alternative rock genre started in the late 1980s
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Ride over domineer, mistreat
    2. Wackiness shown by many picture book illustrations
    3. Places to roast smores
    4. Bow out, resign, quit
    5. Present or current holder of office
    6. College member
    7. Largest county in the united kingdom
    8. Teeline and pitmans note taking
    9. 18th and 19th century movement to end slavery
    10. Horror author of 1929s the curse of yig
    11. I , opera concerns strolling players in italy
    12. Tatum oneal won an oscar for this 1973 film
    13. Reptile with 74 to 80 teeth at a given time
    14. Rod shaped
    15. Fish that are often served on pizza
    16. Central americas largest country
    17. Forfeiture of wealth due to treason
    18. Fictional newspaper from marvel, the
    19. Time when women stop menstruating
    20. It could be fixed pitch or ground adjustable
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. The lightest of all metals
    2. Maui beach known for the most daring surfers
    3. Buddha gained enlightenment under this fruit thing
    4. Assistants place switching illusion
    5. Bare headed african stork that feeds on carrion
    6. Needlework padding material used in quilting
    7. To reel backwards to walk uncomfortably
    8. Goodbye, schoolteacher novel by james hilton
    9. Move around hurriedly, like a crab
    10. Flat polish easter cake of pastry, sponge, icing
    11. Baroque musical composition for voices
    12. Brad pitt played him in legends of the fall
    13. Santas reindeer animated on screen in 1964
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Long flat pasta, means little tongues in italian
    2. Ryans , married irish woman, wwi affair
    3. Evening oil, from a yellow flower
    4. Bridge, it crosses the east river in ny
    5. Allowing fluid to escape a container
    6. Larry david co created this us sitcom
    7. Neurologically caused loss of ability to write
    8. Instruments that measure electrical current
    9. Consisting of many
    10. Rigid airship named after its german inventor
    11. Businessmen who stand surety for bail
    12. Military exercises to practice tactical strategies
    13. What cinderellas godmother turned a pumpkin into
    14. Cosmetic treatment of the feet

Group 1185

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Superman's alter ego
    2. Movement of birds from one country to another
    3. Shipshape to fly
    4. Type of sandwich eaten by paddington bear
    5. Priestly vests
    6. The area where a beach or coast meets the sea
    7. Date keepers named julian, gregorian
    8. What waitresses dont like to get from customers
    9. Europe or rfe, us broadcaster based in prague
    10. Disorder involving joint pain
    11. A part or piece of a larger whole
    12. Meal that might be a treat to have in bed
    13. Chemical element whose atomic number is 94
    14. Star of netflix stand up special inside
    15. Any instrument that creates sound with vibration
    16. Chris , founder of reggae island records
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Tropical, marine, legless venomous reptile
    2. Common type of screwdriver that isnt flat
    3. Stated a fact confidently
    4. Archaic word for spiritually evil
    5. Italian city famous for the uffizi gallery
    6. Animal crossings aged tortoise mayor
    7. Home for canines that troublemakers sleep in
    8. Coated aluminum with a protective layer
    9. Japanese shogunate in 1400
    10. Wheat based disks that are good with cheese
    11. The spiritual work of any christian person
    12. Legendary city of gold
    13. Videotape featuring examples of a performers work
    14. Vitamin b1s more formal name
    15. Last surviving female of the targaryen family
    16. Coils of hair arranged on the back of the head
    17. Month when kwanzaa and hanukkah are celebrated
    18. Lack or scarcity
    19. French actress adjani, played emily brontë
    20. Nicosians
    21. European flowers of the primrose family
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper
    2. Communist partys policy making committee
    3. Arch, monument with curved doorways
    4. Croakiest youngster suffering from laryngitis
    5. Space object that transmits signals
    6. 2011 soderbergh film about a global pandemic
    7. Saint whose feast day is february 14
    8. Type of extra reading provided by professors
    9. Reptile that flattens its body to glide in the air
    10. One who writes notes on a book
    11. Newton, fleming, graham bell
    12. He plays konstantin in killing eve
    13. Connective tissue in the human body
    14. Taking prisoner
    15. Venezuelan coins
    16. Manually turned locks without spring actions
    17. Acting in anticipation of future problems
    18. Child, youth
    19. Alcohol in a pink lady gin and
    20. Religious ceremony with body, blood of jesus
    21. 1345 parisian cathedral victor hugo wrote about
    22. Pink fongs song about a young cartilaginous fish
    23. Longest built structure in the world as of 2021
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Person thought to be guilty of a crime
    2. Temptress who ordered samsons hair to be cut
    3. Speedy baltimore sailing ship
    4. Founder of london zoo, sir stamford
    5. Book, film about black maids in southern town
    6. To do with the head of the council
    7. You should signal before doing this in a car
    8. Fried sweet or savoury food, apple is popular
    9. Us national service began in 1890 for forecasts
    10. Messy, untidy shabby
    11. Australian cricketer known as the don
    12. The a car, ride for gadget mad wacky races prof
    13. Mayfair auction house with global divisions
    14. Needlework used for making lace
    15. Maya crop produced for decoration or edible seeds
    16. 1985 book with grenouille the odorless protagonist
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Town, a slash gives derry/londonderry its name
    2. Girl's name meaning 'bee'
    3. Back , traveller at the end of a running group
    4. Instrument that came in electric or bass variety
    5. Part of the eye with light sensitive cells
    6. Is in charge of steering a car
    7. Internal the inner part of something
    8. Santas laugh, printed on a wood block
    9. Francis , codified the science of fingerprinting
    10. Movie genre appropriate for halloween
    11. Fermented crops used as animal feed
    12. Joke deliberately intended to annoy someone
    13. Woman who travels in time to meet her love jamie
    14. Capital of bavaria, known for oktoberfest
    15. Spirit often poured over christmas puddings
    16. Killer in a series of torture trap movies
    17. Pain in the belly from running after eating
    18. Dirty laundry might be kept in one
    19. Character who said parting is such sweet sorrow
    20. Body paint worn by picts inspired this blue hue
    21. Mind reading monkey like japanese monster

Group 1186

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Chemical element with the symbol w
    2. Type of serious film, not popular entertainment
    3. He invented the spinning mule samuel
    4. Transport instantly from one place to another
    5. Island nation in the indian ocean
    6. Scatter seeds on soil
    7. Joint loan applicant
    8. Describes spread applied to toast or crumpets
    9. It happens by chance, can cause injury
    10. What the c in spice girls mel c stands for
    11. Social activity after a day on the slopes
    12. International criminal police organization
    13. Heated houses for chicks
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Aliens often leave signs in the
    2. Arduous military punishment exercises
    3. Animals often caught by spongebob and patrick
    4. Peaks where you can go hiking or biking
    5. Sport comedy starring scott bakula roughness
    6. Teaching, instruction about religious doctrine
    7. Us slang for the remote or isolated countryside
    8. An adversary, opponent, or antagonist
    9. Someone who is easily fooled
    10. Fellow professionals, from a french word
    11. Water soluble cleaner that removes dirt on clothes
    12. Celebration directly after christmas
    13. In a way motivated by love
    14. Rich egg yolk and tarragon sauce
    15. Wizarding series, beasts and where to find them
    16. Disrespectful comments about religious matters
    17. Another name for the sale section in a store
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Millie bobbie browns stranger things character
    2. Instead of, e g days off of extra days worked
    3. F1 world champion button
    4. Woman celebrated during jewish festival purim
    5. A supplier for a needed good
    6. An appeal to a higher power
    7. Plant also called witchweed
    8. North american river turtle anagram of cot ore
    9. He fought superman in 2016s dawn of justice
    10. Zodiac sign represented by two fish
    11. Visit different cities or countries
    12. Famous lebanese trees
    13. Chinua, nigerian novelist of things fall apart
    14. Post sings rockstar, better now and circles
    15. Polluxs twin brother
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Father of isaac in the bible
    2. French greeting that literally means good day
    3. Show off a collection, perhaps on a shelf
    4. Tallest terrestrial animal
    5. British prime minister boris
    6. First female to win best director oscar
    7. Scary creature one might dress up as for halloween
    8. Africa's most populous country
    9. Humorless, showing disapproval
    10. Bournville sweet spot not hersheys but world
    11. A cloud with a flat base and heaped mounds
    12. Largest salivary gland
    13. Obtain get
    14. Severe disease spread in unclean water
    15. Singer whose real name is montero lamar hill
    16. Spicy peppercorn named after a chinese province
    17. Game with a mallet and hoops
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Scottish wind instrument
    2. Theatre, venue of the world snooker championships
    3. Americas version of a gherkin
    4. Helped to come about
    5. Thick textile with woven pictures or designs
    6. Bulrush plants with feline related names
    7. Relaxing island ko samui is found in this country
    8. Cattle housing
    9. Royal spouse of marie antoinette
    10. Upper lip between the nostrils
    11. Machines for reducing wood to bits
    12. Pestered, tormented
    13. Pre russian revolution royal loyalists
    14. Ancient distilling apparatus
    15. Canceled tv crime series starring morris chestnut
    16. Harry potters was a stag
    17. The incredibles character who despises capes
    18. Pungent of taste, like cloves
    19. Animal representing new orleans nba team
    20. Containers for playthings
    21. The directing of a patient to another specialist

Group 1187

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. First duke of wellington arthur
    2. Identification of an illness
    3. Mimic martial arts movements without contact
    4. Ancient city where mary gave birth to jesus
    5. Laws limiting monopolies
    6. Not asked or requested
    7. Electric theatre organ made by us german
    8. Male deer pelts
    9. Chicago brand known for breakfast orange juice
    10. Meaningful constituent parts of words
    11. Nicholson and dunaways water wars film
    12. Reverted to a less developed state
    13. Belts that carry goods in a production line
    14. Cats survive scrapes as they’re said to have these
    15. Common name for dizygotic twin
    16. State bordered by minnesota, illinois and iowa
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. One who deceives with their card hand
    2. International sport thats also a type of insect
    3. One of three greek moirai goddesses
    4. Mutually beneficial grouping living together
    5. Rectangular grids of batter with syrup and butter
    6. Covers in mirror metal
    7. Hip hop artist who won two 2018 brit awards
    8. Of north polar regions
    9. Texas city where beyoncé was born
    10. Large snakes that use constriction to kill prey
    11. Actress dandridge or figure skater hamill
    12. When babies and toddlers sleep during the day
    13. Dc comic book villain with a knack for puzzles
    14. The arts, including art, music, plays, etc
    15. Cup, rubber cup for sticking things on glass
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Nationality of usain bolt and grace jones
    2. Dense shrubbery and bushes
    3. A device that emits light or heat
    4. Garden shrubs with bright red leaves
    5. Sector of manufacturing or economic activity
    6. Weakness through illness
    7. Assembles for a conference
    8. Arctic russias enormous land bridge park
    9. Female restaurant server
    10. Rock that orbits the sun but isnt a planet
    11. Chief cities or government hubs of countries
    12. Aquaman’s home
    13. A small lozenge or candy
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Spanish drink mixing red wine and fruits
    2. Meaning of musical suffix issimamente
    3. If your head is looking shaggy, you need this
    4. Lab, chemistry setting for a codycross world
    5. Fake drug used in experimental drug trials
    6. Volcano with no recorded eruption
    7. Undefeated thoroughbred racehorse 2010 12
    8. Chronic digestive disease
    9. Pile, heap where garden waste decays to soil
    10. One of the lisp programming languages
    11. Close braiding style
    12. Roman equivalent of the greek god dionysus
    13. Indonesian isle with endangered tigers
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Vowel change in related words or forms
    2. Ring shaped treats that can be glazed and filled
    3. Hank , moe character actor
    4. Assigned guilt to someone for an act
    5. Combat sport in the olympics since ancient greece
    6. Publicly not in secret
    7. Opposite of fun rating in codycross
    8. Small, turning wheel found on furniture
    9. Flocks of game birds
    10. Single island of a west atlantic group
    11. Do math to find that 31 + 8 = 49
    12. Protective panel at the front of a vehicle
    13. Sport you might head to aspen or breckenridge for
    14. Lion king character voiced by james earl jones
    15. Man who flew with wings made of feathers and wax
    16. Registered shipping country in central america
    17. Brand of synthetic polyester
    18. Three or more notes played together

Group 1188

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Organism that preys on others
    2. Asset used to function effectively
    3. Type of horse associated with a rapper named megan
    4. 1962 historical drama of arabia
    5. Fails to repay loan
    6. Provide protection to important sites
    7. Consonants made with tongue tip near roof of mouth
    8. Wonder twin powers
    9. Government department that deals with money
    10. The 24 hour period mentioned in snl
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Warm current around south western australian cape
    2. Its not quantity that counts
    3. City where aretha franklins funeral took place
    4. Meat served in angolas national dish, moambe
    5. Ben hur rode one
    6. Use a wireless one with a tv for better sound
    7. Hitting a baseball a short distance
    8. Fish with a spanish name meaning little pretties
    9. Antiquated term for removes or banishes
    10. To walk at a leisurely, relaxed pace
    11. Another name for ear wax
    12. Made copies of manuscripts, historically
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Friday wear casual clothes to work once a week
    2. Preside over a wedding or a basketball game
    3. Caught off guard or without knowledge of a party
    4. Brand nubians politically charged 1990 debut
    5. Country totally inside italy not vatican city
    6. Kind of font in a church used for babies
    7. Illuminator invented by thomas edison
    8. Bloomy rind cheese made by marie harel
    9. It has an atlas like pattern on its shell
    10. Director of sin city and django unchained
    11. Food processor brand
    12. Hugo , who coined science fiction
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Tree, tropical growth, tapped for latex
    2. Rough and uncontrollable
    3. Calanques and écrins are national parks here
    4. Cowardly lion in the muppets wizard of oz
    5. The land of stories series author chris
    6. Water nymphs that live in rivers
    7. Tartan patterns, red and green for the season
    8. A mammals pointiest tooth
    9. Sugar, once given on flights to clear the ears
    10. Building that houses cars
    11. Hawke, identity of the second green arrow
    12. Billy, director of sabrina and some like it hot
    13. Us makers of the skyhawk and skylane aircraft
    14. Blue, scottish band, sang real gone kid
    15. The motto caveat emptor warns the buyer
    16. Gottfriend, architect of viennas ringstrasse road
    17. Imploded stadium replaced by heinz field three
    18. Cells with a similar structure and function
    19. A very loud horn, once used on motor vehicles
    20. Relating to an apex
    21. Seal species thats a polar bears main prey
    22. General mills corn chips shaped like cones
    23. Old fashioned word for rabbits
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Canal that flows through berlin, built in 1840s
    2. Liqueur in a purple hooter shooter
    3. Marvel superhero played by mike colter
    4. Atomic number of potassium
    5. Copes with difficulty, the storm
    6. Document signed when agreeing to work for someone
    7. Professional tennis player, novak
    8. When something happens irregularly its this
    9. Singer aretha or founding father benjamin
    10. Rivals of the flatheads in glinda of oz
    11. More spiffily dressed
    12. Paparazzi and shallow singer
    13. Bruised
    14. Whales with the longest migration on the planet
    15. Gluing, adhering
    16. Gone with the wind author margaret
    17. Ladys spaghetti dinner date
    18. Youll never walk alone comes from this musical

Group 1189

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Franz , austrian downhill ski legend
    2. High flier, top scorer
    3. Decorative string of leaves worn by judy
    4. Copious, lavish
    5. State bird of louisiana
    6. The worlds single supercontinent
    7. Wolf captain of the white witchs secret police
    8. Health issue or condition
    9. Synagogue prayer leaders
    10. French nobel laureate philosopher henri
    11. Computer process to remove junk, clear space
    12. Variety of indian rice
    13. Torn , hitchcock film about defection
    14. Raised wooden garden platform
    15. Composer of the famous blue danube waltz
    16. Free, label on non animal tested products
    17. Cured plant whose leaves contain nicotine
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Legal representatives in charge of court trials
    2. Old world monkey who doesnt appear to wear pants
    3. Green eggs and ham promoter in dr seuss book
    4. Actor bray from heroes and sue thomas f b eye
    5. Robbie, known for role as skater tonya harding
    6. Country whose cities include cannes and bordeaux
    7. Big cat important in maya culture
    8. High ranking muslim women
    9. Sudden and unexpected cut short
    10. Irish city where you can walk down grafton street
    11. Gemini star also called gamma geminorum
    12. Greyish herb, its flowers decorate gin drinks
    13. Play slowly in d minor, sunshine movie song
    14. Surname of the dark knight and casanova actor
    15. Grammatical category relating to continuous time
    16. Putting away money
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Stretch also called the wheel pose in yoga
    2. Chiles largest and capital city
    3. 2000 drama film set in thailand, starring dicaprio
    4. People whove served in military
    5. Relating to the brain skin
    6. A throbbing, recurrent headache
    7. Informal term for goodbye or so long
    8. Yellow almond paste that cakes can be coated with
    9. Having or exhibiting two different valences
    10. More rocky and jagged
    11. Drew and shaded with wax sticks
    12. Poetic devices for stressed/unstressed syllables
    13. Give orders, command
    14. Performance by a singer without instruments
    15. Relating to a vienna river
    16. Territory of a government
    17. Like snakes but with a scarier name
    18. Only card suit not adapted from the german deck
    19. Add information to a database
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Upper limit to wages
    2. Surname of paul simons singing partner
    3. Small rectangular french cake, or the money person
    4. Old fashioned term for broke, without any coins
    5. 2011 medical thriller directed by soderbergh
    6. Using insulting language
    7. Segmented crawler used for baiting a hook
    8. Shakespeares longest one is 71 lines
    9. Card game where players hope to score 21
    10. Nationals from zagreb
    11. Patient of a psychoanalyst
    12. Valves that refill toilet when the floats drop
    13. Viv who was in punk band the slits
    14. Dublins gaelic games home, saw a massacre in 1920
    15. Short term subscription without a charge
    16. Bigfoots nickname
    17. Place where peter pan, tinker bell live
    18. Disorderly collection
    19. Announcing a law
    20. Another name for electromagnetic waves
    21. Small version of an embassy, often in small cities
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Legal arm of the israeli government
    2. Tv , broadcasting network codycross world
    3. Chosen, determined
    4. An item on sale for much cheaper than is expected
    5. Tasting like the spread used on toast
    6. Italian city and former capital of the ostrogoths
    7. Home for the queen, her drones and their honey
    8. Where king arthur lived
    9. London district with heavy building blocks
    10. A connector for joining devices of different sizes
    11. Praises for a deity
    12. Actions, items that are against the law
    13. Describes an acid that causes burns
    14. Underground tank for sewage disposal
    15. Describes decayed teeth
    16. Person adored by another or very precious to them
    17. 2012 lana del rey song summertime
    18. Muppet, the chef
    19. Main team representing a high school or college

Group 1190

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The former start to a game of hockey
    2. Low single story cottage with a sloping roof
    3. City in southwest zimbabwe
    4. Having a ph greater than 7, not an acid or neutral
    5. Travel arrangements that can be modified
    6. Ariana grande is known for rocking this hairstyle
    7. Utterly quiet and serene
    8. Pope played by jude law in the young pope
    9. Category of old stone tool used for cutting trees
    10. Drovers
    11. Nationality of singers shania twain and neil young
    12. Ingredient meant to preserve or improve
    13. Plural of cortex
    14. Larva forms of frogs or toads
    15. Flatters in an irish way
    16. Agreeable to
    17. Joe, new york yankee who married marilyn monroe
    18. Author of memories, dreams, reflections
    19. Fixed barrels for a living
    20. Killed by a group of crows
    21. King gerard butler played in 300
    22. Tiny piece of wood that gets stuck in the skin
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Onomatopoeic cuban ballroom dance
    2. Crocodile like reptile found in the everglades
    3. Garden machine that makes cutting grass easier
    4. Adding or mixing with armagnac
    5. The study of word origins and meanings
    6. Country that is also a continent
    7. Those who placate an aggressor
    8. Eastenders actor who played ted case in new tricks
    9. Measures of the depth of water
    10. Asian grown legumes anagram of bang menus
    11. Elizabeth montgomerys nose wrinkling sitcom
    12. Cover for rotational shaft mechanism
    13. Similar to a suspended solution
    14. Races of 26 miles 385 yards
    15. Fever with fluctuating body temperatures
    16. The name of an award given at sundance
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Say very quietly
    2. A pancake like food cooked on a hot griddle
    3. Scottish mull in paul mccartneys wings song
    4. Desiccate with heat
    5. Wall chart for noting daily schedules
    6. Actor chloe of the dead dont die
    7. Race course thats home to the irish derby
    8. Trees and bushes known as wattles or mimosas
    9. Type of outfit often worn during halloween
    10. Alain , multi michelin starred french chef
    11. Crackles in a frying pan
    12. The deepest trench on earth
    13. Surname of the inventor of the difference engine
    14. A rare form of skin cancer kaposis
    15. Diving companions for added safety
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Device used to take photos
    2. Brisk, spirited musical tempo
    3. Emails youve written but not sent out
    4. Creatures from another world
    5. Rabbit warren
    6. Stands selling popcorn and more at a theme park
    7. Story or play appearing in regular installments
    8. Finishing on a shirt, and cuffs
    9. A wound or bruise
    10. Yellow fruit made into bread when its overripe
    11. Organize a gallery exhibition
    12. These swiss watches were trendy in the 1980s
    13. Boarding jumps by tapping the tail end on ground
    14. Biome dominated by coniferous forests
    15. Get the off ones back
    16. Invented languages lncluding quenya and sindarin
    17. Surname of tv personality maury
    18. Plane , chutes for escaping an aircraft
    19. Medieval way to say get out
    20. Otherwise known as the shells of pies
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. And ashes, a show of repentence
    2. Public green space where the berlin wall stood
    3. Shoes with thick, high soles
    4. Enclosed area of a house with a bed for a visitor
    5. End, like schwarzenegger
    6. First name of vienna born oscar winner waltz
    7. Gloss or emulsion covered surfaces in a home
    8. Wheelhouse of expertise
    9. Heating appliance
    10. The ability to predict what will happen
    11. Celebratory part of a wedding
    12. Extremely haughty or arrogant
    13. Sponge cake shaped like a shell
    14. Dated term for anthropologically european
    15. Small, smooth haired mexican dog
    16. The performance of an instruction or program

Group 1191

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Pine, saxophonist founder of jazz warriors
    2. Former name of fangataufa atoll, island
    3. Be is to perjure oneself
    4. Called to gather
    5. Italian tomato, onion and herb sauce
    6. Sweeping dirt from the floor
    7. Name a baby at a church service
    8. Xtinas last name
    9. Benjamin , almanac creator and city planner
    10. The four beaked foes in the madagascar movies
    11. Blueish green pigment
    12. A roarer, a shouter, a bawler
    13. Impartial treatment or without bias
    14. Like a positively charged terminal
    15. Hound of hades
    16. Sport also known as soccer
    17. Orbital route around a town or city
    18. Game of thrones canine that sounds terrible
    19. Class name for spiders and scorpions
    20. Country whose capital in phnom penh
    21. It secretes insulin and glucagon
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A type of fairy a clear soda
    2. The t in atm
    3. Type of fern on proposed new zealand flag
    4. The last day before the weekend
    5. Simple timber crate moved by a forklift truck
    6. Someone exploited as part of a crime
    7. A literary work of cutting ridicule and wit
    8. Long legged dog also called the russian sighthound
    9. Portable conical tent used by native americans
    10. Lonestar sings baby, im by you
    11. Title batmans butler calls him
    12. Bright star in the constellation canis major
    13. Cold poultry, when you come off drugs abruptly
    14. Furniture polish brand with promising name
    15. Venices most famous bridge
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Flawless
    2. Unconsciously absorbed idea
    3. Cleansing a floor of dirt with soapy water
    4. Main ingredient in laverbread
    5. Breed known as africas barkless dog
    6. Hammer horror actor, peter
    7. Wheels, toothed devices mark patterns on fabric
    8. Nonsense, or an optical cleanser
    9. Beethoven wrote 32 of these piano compositions
    10. The daughter of leontes in the winters tale
    11. Jason, star of sitcom arrested development
    12. Mother of heracles in greek myth
    13. Believers say theyll be transported to heaven
    14. Pieces of gold that miners hope to find
    15. Childrens publisher with hot air balloon logo
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea
    2. Scottish uni of a conan doyle and rl stevenson
    3. Beer brand promoted by three croaking frogs
    4. Louis, author of 1926 novel early autumn
    5. Male attendant at a wedding
    6. Type of tuna also known as ahi
    7. Some refer to birds as our friends
    8. To amuse or show hospitality to someone
    9. Mlks chief aide ralph david
    10. Acclaimed silent film director, born vienna, 1890
    11. Describes the moves made by cirque du soleil
    12. Juice, red drink with antioxidant properties
    13. Sir lancelots love interest
    14. Mental illness that can include hallucinations
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Soaking up water
    2. Richard, viennese artist of many self portraits
    3. A small church an anagram of he clap
    4. African country with portuguese as the language
    5. 1995 gregory maguire novel turned broadway musical
    6. First name of actor known as the rock
    7. Simbas father and sarabis mate
    8. Hitting tool made of bone in stone age
    9. Alternative name for the indian axis deer
    10. Hungarian nobel laureate biophysicist georg von
    11. A glass viewport in a home
    12. Bruce springsteen album, song after 9/11, the
    13. Blanc, gris, meunier, and noir
    14. Deep cleft between cliffs due to river erosion
    15. Jukebox musical of beatles songs the universe
    16. Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180

Group 1192

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Enid , writer of national velvet
    2. Find a solution to a problem
    3. Slow moving mass of ice near mountains
    4. Lectures given by ministers at church on sunday
    5. Opera house in milan
    6. Male demon said to rest on women as they sleep
    7. Reason for being
    8. Bonano, fishy jazz trumpet player
    9. Group of people known for their wild actions
    10. Nonprofit group that builds homes, for humanity
    11. African black and white monkey
    12. Speedy horse
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Dealing with aesthetics
    2. Positively charged particle in an atom
    3. Jack lemmons female alias in some like it hot
    4. Different materials on top of each other
    5. Ayem black indonesian chicken
    6. Jackson michaels oldest brother
    7. What a group of ants is called
    8. A large record keeping book, especially of finance
    9. Bay between greenland and canada
    10. Afterlife residence for the faithful
    11. David , leader of the cult at waco, texas
    12. Weasley patriarch
    13. Seam , spiky tool for tearing stitches apart
    14. Get , to be annoyed, bad tempered
    15. One who mends holes in fabric
    16. The redeemer, towering rio hilltop sculpture
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. 2007 jeremy c shipp sci fi novel about travel
    2. Racetrack kinks
    3. Element making up most of the worlds atmosphere
    4. Final island destination of napoleon
    5. Substance which supplies the muscles with energy
    6. Laughs cruelly
    7. South american country named for a christopher guy
    8. Shadowing, following closely
    9. French distilled brandy made from fruits
    10. Calcified tooth layer
    11. São tomé and , tiny island nation in west africa
    12. Seclude in a convent or monastery
    13. Boards that run around the base of a wall
    14. System for adding air to a pond
    15. Attacks with missiles and shells
    16. Long flap at the back of a jacket
    17. Shape of seong gi huns honeycomb in squid game
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Museum in saint petersburg, russia
    2. Showing bravery despite difficulties
    3. Big hairy digging mammal with bony plates
    4. A cone shaped voice amplifier
    5. The great dane who solves crime with shaggy
    6. Out of bounds, beyond what is permissible
    7. Broad, upper part of the breastbone
    8. Paul simons singing partner
    9. Map with birds eye view of rooms in new home
    10. Its the full name for what we call the flu
    11. Legendary outlaw who led the merry men
    12. Bag, capacious holdall named for a victorian pm
    13. Thomas who was third us president
    14. Spore forming bacterium found in botox
    15. Spiral cake, maybe named after an alpine nation
    16. Hbo vampire tv series set in louisiana
    17. Blood does this to bring oxygen through the body
    18. One hundredth of a gram
    19. Famous beethoven piano sonata
    20. He played a suspected killer in the undoing
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Long running abba musical
    2. Fabric that keeps hair or sweat off the face
    3. Avant garde art movement followers
    4. Prizewinners
    5. Bridge player establishing suit
    6. The length of time from birth to death
    7. Divide, split, tear apart
    8. Film about elizabeth ii starring helen mirren
    9. A type of baldness
    10. Toronto man jailed for fraud in nhl players union
    11. Small volcanic island between java and sumatra
    12. Treadmill used by a canine to turn a spit
    13. Data block count

Group 1193

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Former bus driver, sang from russia with love
    2. Name of the ship that darwin famously went on
    3. Pattern style of ballroom dance
    4. Railing
    5. Winged insect, called a sedge by an angler
    6. Hand or foot injury caused by exposure to cold
    7. The way someone says words depending on an accent
    8. Place also known as tinseltown
    9. Competitive equine
    10. Homeless wanderer in the road to oz
    11. Turned to limestone
    12. Chocolate and nougat bar with triangular chunks
    13. Habit forming show that makes you want more
    14. Charlie browns piano playing friend
    15. Stamp to protect from copyright infringement
    16. An increase in price and fall in purchasing power
    17. To look alike a type of twin
    18. A cornish festival celebrated on october 31st
    19. Car parts converting rotational motion
    20. Lawn weed
    21. The tale of , cat with sisters mittens & moppet
    22. Old word for insulting language
    23. Snoop doggs starsky & hutch role in 2004
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. One of viennas nicknames, the city of
    2. Lose the but win the war
    3. Toronto transit commission sold these until 2019
    4. Pasta coatings such as marinara
    5. Singer vandross or botanist burbank
    6. Hunt actress in rain man and beethoven films
    7. Scottish loch in the trossochs national park
    8. Games platform with adopt me and jailbreak
    9. Where children are taught lessons
    10. General military leader in monsters vs aliens
    11. Nests of eagles or hawks
    12. Alexander, communist leader during prague spring
    13. Actor atwell who portrayed marvels agent carter
    14. Grass grows on south american plains
    15. Drink plenty of them in a heat wave
    16. Disease associated with vitamin c deficiency
    17. Portuguese explorer of a sea trade route to india
    18. River , high street fashion retailer
    19. European country where fr websites are based
    20. The person who is in charge boss, head or ruler
    21. Detain a suspect
    22. Canadian actor durbin, starred in musical films
    23. An eighth of a circle
    24. A roof covering made from compacted reeds
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. What thor is the god of
    2. Cliff, ceramicist famous for bizarre ware
    3. Carnivorous plant in john wyndham sci fi novel
    4. Shirt, a pompous person
    5. Alone stop doggin me around mj hit in 1989
    6. Fashion dictates how much you pluck this
    7. Back to school codycross world called life
    8. Greek gulf, also called gulf of aegina
    9. Someone cynical that questions everything
    10. To drip or run down in a small flowing stream
    11. Yellow dwarf bean with stringless pods
    12. French chef blanc with oxfordshire restaurant
    13. Space for keeping things, like a warehouse
    14. Measure for temperature similar to fahrenheit
    15. Penalty in showjumping when a horse wont jump
    16. Word describing the mutant ninja turtles
    17. Sung hymns
    18. Navigation device with a magnetized needle
    19. Indiana jones first movie, of the lost ark
    20. South korean district mentioned in psys 2012 song
    21. Desert that forms arizonas saguaro national park
    22. Punish appropriately for the crime
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Very large planes for multiple passengers
    2. American singer, actor, director barbra
    3. Lung infection, causes coughing
    4. Ale made in a microbrewery
    5. Raising ones shoulders in ignorance
    6. Absurd, risqué or comically exaggerated writing
    7. Former name of malawi until 1964
    8. Some bears climb these to hunt at high altitudes
    9. Indiana joness weapons
    10. Hostility, antipathy
    11. What youd find in viennas famous mumok gallery
    12. Sinkable surface in a jungle or desert
    13. Produce text using a mechanical device
    14. Home for monks living under religious vows
    15. Large body of troops ready to go to war
    16. She played the young queen in the crown
    17. Clumsy, as if your hands are made of meat
    18. The act of getting things by force or with threats
    19. Complete change of opinion
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Musician and producer originally with roxy music
    2. Old fashioned name for dating
    3. Shortened version of a novel or play
    4. Non protein compound
    5. Prayer of protection given by a priest
    6. Ina garten is a barefoot one
    7. In a merry way
    8. Bobbed at the knee, often to royalty
    9. Soft mass applied to the body to relieve soreness
    10. Microscopic single celled organisms
    11. Device for kneading muscles
    12. Element of figure skating, interpretation
    13. Instant photograph taken with a special camera

Group 1194

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The front teeth, used for cutting
    2. Meat processed cold cuts
    3. Jonathan swift wrote about this mans travels
    4. Putting beauty products on the skin
    5. Garden herb called coriander in the uk
    6. Boxing word for ko
    7. Identity, getting confused about who someone is
    8. Type of partial copyright
    9. Displayed prominently
    10. Universes
    11. Tv show with eleven, will and max, things
    12. Pis, statue of small boy relieving himself
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Thick dark liquid with medicinal uses
    2. More vacant, having less inside
    3. Post to prevent ramraids or illegal parking
    4. Tv host of you bet your life and the tonight show
    5. Wildlife park and conservation charity in hampshire
    6. Something that veers from the norm
    7. Molly ringwald celebrated with this many candles
    8. Fastlove and last christmas singer george
    9. Shallow angled cut made in wood
    10. External openings of the nasal cavity
    11. Tennis stroke that begins a point
    12. Sneeze on , kiss a stranger
    13. Iron age people lived on the banks of the seine
    14. The part of a cargo that produces revenue
    15. Cocktails of 2 parts gin and 1 part lime juice
    16. Deals without catches dont have these attached
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Huntleys partner on a classic nbc news show
    2. Glacé , candied fruits, preserved in sugar syrup
    3. Made up police picture of a suspect
    4. Rubber overshoes
    5. Daring feat of crossing flames on foot
    6. Cameras and motion detectors provide it
    7. Regain composure, become peaceful
    8. Ornamental holder for a plant
    9. General health examinations at doctor, dentist
    10. March, joseph roth focuses on imperial austria
    11. Famous strauss march debuted in vienna, 1848
    12. Something misleading, a swindle
    13. The empire created by chancellor palpatine
    14. Physician called the father of field epidemiology
    15. Animal known as a scaly anteater
    16. Salary without any extras or overtime hours added
    17. Journalism prize given by columbia university
    18. Number of people at the last supper
    19. Body of water on which englands east coast lies
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Ball new york festival on randall’s island
    2. A person who is falsely blamed for anothers error
    3. Healing treatments
    4. December 25th
    5. First name of henry viii and anne boleyns child
    6. Christian teacher
    7. Postmodern short story writer of sixty stories
    8. Contest where swimmers can use any stroke
    9. Thomas edisons 1879 invention
    10. Go beyond, rise above to another plane
    11. A formal ball featuring debutantes
    12. Floor between the ground and first floor
    13. Black night fury in how to train your dragon
    14. The performance of a drama or piece of music
    15. Without a blood pumping organ
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Type of fibrosis affecting lungs
    2. Term for fashionable people of the 1920s
    3. Use this sucker to clean up fallen pine needles
    4. Sandler and aniston solve this type of mystery
    5. Genus of flowers including goldfields
    6. Talk under your breath
    7. Psycho antagonist bates
    8. Sons and , 1913 dh lawrence novel
    9. Billy , his alter ego is captain marvel
    10. Aromatic medicinal herb of the mint family
    11. Southernmost u.s. state
    12. Breaded chicken piece
    13. Roux, chef, co owner le gavroche
    14. Paper for wiping kitchen surface, and other things
    15. Poets , famous feature of westminster abbey
    16. Blood group named after a macaque
    17. Vocal musician
    18. Cantonese dish consisting of bite sized dumplings

Group 1195

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Reese witherspoon in legally blonde
    2. Advertising that tells shoppers about a sale
    3. Mathematically changing but unaffecting
    4. One who cleans clothing
    5. Denting in a landscape
    6. Broke the rules
    7. Janet, writes bounty hunter stephanie plum books
    8. Emergency medical caregiver who rides ambulances
    9. Nationality of a person from rio or sao paulo
    10. Has robots perform a job
    11. Lizard that comes in veiled and carpet varieties
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Pearl shaped semolina wheat grain
    2. Star wars planet initially inhabited by the jawa
    3. Doctors who use scalpels in operating rooms
    4. British indian forces under wingate in ww2 burma
    5. News channel footage and presentation of an event
    6. A practice before the real thing, an experiment
    7. A christmas sock
    8. One eyed giants
    9. Happy , 1967 hit for the turtles
    10. Payment divided among a group of people
    11. African , multicolored jewelry from small balls
    12. Expression of success
    13. Thrive, bloom
    14. Four biblical figures of the apocalypse
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Award given for music, also nickname for grandma
    2. Ocean around the north pole
    3. Jack black teaches kids in film of rock
    4. Dixie , country trio now known as the
    5. African bird said to be the earths most numerous
    6. Salt cured roe of a sturgeon
    7. Snowy era when mammoths lived
    8. Twins of the zodiac
    9. Johann wolfgang von , german playwright and poet
    10. Create knots in something
    11. Real first name of actors brolin, hartnett and gad
    12. Return to your domicile
    13. And booted smartly dressed
    14. Pious, strictly observing religious worship
    15. Pete , wrote where have all the flowers gone
    16. Chocolate wafer that comes in two fingers
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Creamy clam soup
    2. Author jodi, who wrote my sisters keeper
    3. The , mel gibson american revolutionary war film
    4. California city previously called encinar
    5. Open footwear for walking in hot weather
    6. Camel wwi fighter biplane
    7. Declared rights to
    8. Tennis process that ranks players in the draw
    9. Scented, burning stick used in worship, meditation
    10. The people v o j won 9 emmys in 2016
    11. Musical with influences from sesame street
    12. Orange yellow fruit resembling a small peach
    13. Coral islands claimed by china, taiwan and vietnam
    14. Use of organisms to develop commercial products
    15. Idioms or sayings
    16. An ornate movable cabinet or wardrobe
    17. Close friend of elvis, with colourful name
    18. Addition of money to a bank account
    19. Harry potter loves this dessert tart
    20. Firefox, chrome or edge
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Hybrid of a zebra and a donkey
    2. Language of the quran
    3. Stadium, multi purpose sports ground in la
    4. Gravely serious harsh
    5. Concerning the spleen splenetic
    6. , the growing of lemons, limes and oranges
    7. Co founder of public enemy with flavor flav
    8. War saw conflict between king john and noblemen
    9. Italian apéritif often spritzed
    10. Classic hollywood actor humphrey , in casablanca
    11. Pierrots, harlequins and whitefaces at carnivals
    12. Final call for those on a boat all
    13. Pretending
    14. Fellow leading actor
    15. Americas 49th state
    16. Root or muladhara and heart or anahata
    17. Climbing plants with flexible, woody stems
    18. Its forms include solids, liquids, and gases

Group 1196

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Manic magee by author jerry
    2. Vestments, items of clothing
    3. Migratory pelagic fish with a pattern on its back
    4. Prince harry got this uk home in 2019, cottage
    5. Font family
    6. French sounding word for a work partner
    7. Collection of tight womens lingerie
    8. Dear , john lennon penned hit of 1968
    9. Freezing people for future resuscitation
    10. Uk slang for unfortunate people
    11. The khyber pass lies between afghanistan and
    12. Word puzzle that mixes up all the letters
    13. Technical practitioner who designs and fits lenses
    14. Marvel team who defeated ultron and loki
    15. Slender, tube shaped pasta
    16. Greek god who wields a trident
    17. Game of thrones continent where action is focused
    18. Shaping and engraving gemstones
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. It killed the cat
    2. Bucolic english poet of april rise and winter poem
    3. Walter paytons nfl nickname
    4. Chains designed to circle the nape
    5. Mexican dip of avocados
    6. Weakness that leads to a persons downfall
    7. Tragic viennese princess known in austria as sisi
    8. String these together to make a paragraph
    9. Not guilty of what a crime one was charged with
    10. Unseated a monarch
    11. Signals of dawn from farm birds
    12. Wide lens for a camera or view
    13. Upper back muscles
    14. Natural decay of unprotected metal, like rust
    15. The period in which something must take place
    16. Sets of bells played with keyboards
    17. This type of fairy danced in the nutcracker
    18. Aramis, athos or porthos profession
    19. Oats, breakfast meal prepared the night before
    20. Type of assistant bishop
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Italian word for armpit
    2. Wanda maximoffs most worn color
    3. Angel of the north sculptor, sir antony
    4. A system of rotating winds
    5. Bacterial fever named for its pinkish red rash
    6. Accolade
    7. Imaginary germs
    8. Formed a unified whole
    9. Structure where stinging honey producers live
    10. Folded, filled pizza in italian cuisine
    11. Film with willis as mcclane and rickman as gruber
    12. Baby, 1991 u2 album
    13. Those who supply things
    14. Wood, metal rack to hold flowering vines
    15. Synthetic element, symbol fm
    16. Hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Got pregnant
    2. Illegally distilled alcohol
    3. Oceans eight and raya and the last dragon actress
    4. Tractor with an upright blade for clearing areas
    5. Administrative district in australia or canada
    6. Optical tricks that confuse your brain
    7. The second honeycomb like stomach of a ruminant
    8. Tasting like cocoa
    9. Chloride , durable window frame material
    10. Queen of egypt with husband akhenaten
    11. Shares that are losing value
    12. School terms
    13. Last divergent book
    14. Derisive slang for someone who is too sensitive
    15. Shivers and bad habits singer
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Chess piece that can only move diagonally
    2. Tapestry, a pictorial description of 1066
    3. Small ornamental case worn on a chain
    4. Uk slang for umbrella that rhymes with jolly
    5. Novel by sinclair lewis and 1960 film elmer
    6. Group of young dogs
    7. Where most angels reside
    8. 1956 elvis presley song love me
    9. Business efficiency research, time and study
    10. The enemy, jimmy cagney as a bootlegger
    11. European country crossed by the vistula river
    12. A reflective surface used to look at ones face
    13. Actress who married ben affleck in 2005
    14. British father of computer science, alan
    15. Country where you could stay on the côte dazur
    16. Banded together against someone up
    17. This john links charlie to the angels
    18. The medical diagnosis pad peripheral disease
    19. Filipino term for theft of a motor vehicle

Group 1197

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Equal sided right angled parallelograms
    2. Edward cullen and dracula are ones
    3. Tapping, knocking
    4. Trick , what to say at the door on halloween
    5. Wham single and 90 george michael hit
    6. Leafy, iron rich vegetable
    7. Vicious, deliberately unkind
    8. Scandanavian nomads known for pirating
    9. An axe a novel about wilderness survival
    10. Gray war horse ridden by napoleon i
    11. Bright fuchsia shade showy lipstick hue
    12. Smoky paprika spiced spanish sausage
    13. Burton, us female golfer
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. River that flows through central prague
    2. Type of crab that lives in sea shells
    3. To give someone their money back
    4. Raqs , traditional style of egyptian bellydance
    5. Aussie for biscuit
    6. To pass by, especially time
    7. Like beckham 2002 football comedy film
    8. Bill haleys backing band
    9. Truckers chocolate bar
    10. Country in the west of the lapis lazuli corridor
    11. A rotational force affecting an aircraft
    12. A recess in the wall of a room or garden
    13. Green from friends or berry from glee
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. French songs
    2. Scrunched up, like the nursery rhyme cows horn
    3. Actress nichols who played uhura in star trek
    4. Inhibited, withdrawn
    5. Manhattan area named after a building
    6. Venustiano, first president of mexican republic
    7. Salivating like a baby whos teething
    8. Triangular pastry with sweet filling, e g apple
    9. Noisy hens after laying
    10. To formally let others know
    11. Inflammation of the muscles
    12. Those who imitate
    13. Protection for leg joints when bent low
    14. Hippogriff who harry and hermione saved
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Rupert murdoch founded british reporting channel
    2. Brian, actor who has attempted everest three times
    3. Plans, for marriage ceremony and celebrations
    4. Group of desert travelers for trade purposes
    5. There are clouds on the
    6. Featured ingredient in tart south florida pie
    7. Red and black beetle, said to bring good luck
    8. Speech disruption that disappears when singing
    9. Aretha franklin made a hit out of a woman
    10. Sea of inland turkish body of water
    11. 1840 fairy tale, little,
    12. Name given to meat from a deer
    13. Type of panel on desks to conceal persons legs
    14. Wrote on a blackboard
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Uk actor who played luther on screen
    2. Spaghettis ovoid counterpart
    3. Someone famous for a high class party lifestyle
    4. Month of the autumnal equinox
    5. Principal church of a diocese
    6. People with memory issues
    7. Eatery where diners pick out food, pay, then sit
    8. Demoiselle cranes migrate over these mountains
    9. Beginning, start
    10. Ranch worker married to dorothy in the oz kids
    11. Athlete whose silhouette is used in the nba logo
    12. Paul rudd movie, the object of my
    13. Co founder of apple, often in black turtleneck
    14. The continued control or possession of something
    15. Heroes most trusted allies

Group 1198

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Speak louder than words
    2. Vegetable often used to make a jack o lantern
    3. Crisp and fragile, easily snapped
    4. Reveal information, share a secret
    5. Sweet italian wine with orangey musky aromas
    6. Eastern european country with capital tallinn
    7. Italian isle on which catch 22 is set
    8. Snooker champ hendry who made a comeback in 2021
    9. A device with two wheels that can be ridden
    10. Loan sharks
    11. The surname of voldemorts actor
    12. Envious 2014 labyrinth or nick jonas song
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Poet with a statue in berlins gendarmenmarkt
    2. A long and narrow french bread
    3. To rule over or control something or someone
    4. Slang for teeth
    5. Popular dance and music in dominican republic
    6. With more enthusiasm or substance
    7. A proposer of ideas or beliefs to explain things
    8. Alien v was a scary pairing in a 2004 movie
    9. Space between breasts
    10. Pricey phone conversation service
    11. Unit of pronunciation that has one vowel sound
    12. Succulent popularly used for topical remedies
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Unformatted typing in a document, not rich
    2. Instinct, premonition
    3. A lot of books are written in it
    4. Large fruit bat
    5. Carving a statue
    6. Antarctic point reached by amundsen in 1917
    7. Wide awake, unconditionally and e t singer
    8. Facial hair grown from the ears down to the chin
    9. Jurassic park director steven
    10. Workers or soldiers at the vanguard of a crisis
    11. Tubular optical instrument with prisms
    12. Name of william shakespeares mother
    13. Side stepping dance move
    14. French physicist léon
    15. Uterine scraping
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Film studio, it depicted ariel, mulan, belle, elsa
    2. The story of miss , tale of duster wrapped cat
    3. Frame for papermaking by hand
    4. Odor, smell
    5. Talk unclearly
    6. The three , famous operatic vocal trio
    7. Aromatic herb with winter and summer varieties
    8. A porous device for removing impurities
    9. Area in a home for storing clothes
    10. Giant sea cephalopod from scandinavian folklore
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Political divisions
    2. Assistant fliers
    3. To be injured underfoot, by an elephant maybe
    4. Negative electrodes
    5. A social media devotee
    6. Demon creature from hellraiser
    7. Small cases for face powder
    8. Scientific term for classification of organisms
    9. School that harry potter and ron weasley went to

Group 1199

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Fluent in two languages
    2. Holiday atmosphere captured in a tin
    3. Sir andrew , hapless knight in twelfth night
    4. Round lifeguard floaty whose job is its name
    5. Ginger plant seeds
    6. Series of steps, often elegant, in a grand house
    7. Strindbergs play about a noblewoman and a footman
    8. Nationality of composer béla bartók
    9. Bend ones knee to the ground to pray
    10. Edible fruit similar to a large tomato
    11. Hued derma of marvels gamora
    12. Any of the five tendons at the back of the knee
    13. Former chinese practice of constricting growth
    14. A set of things on a scale
    15. Round milliners containers
    16. Quoth the raven , wrote edgar allan poe
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. In short supply
    2. Tool between hammer and spike, avoids making holes
    3. Samuel, us aviator who piloted the aerodrome
    4. Freedom from being watched
    5. Daffodil like flower with bright yellow petals
    6. Witchy saying double, double, toil and
    7. Central switzerland lake fed by the river lorze
    8. Story of farming role play video game
    9. Scale of temperature named after an anders guy
    10. Cookies that come with chow mein
    11. Two finger position thought to bring good luck
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Yorkville was built over this morbid type of site
    2. Eldest sons of french kings
    3. Apps like paypal help you send these
    4. Triangular bumps on a tortoises shell
    5. Conditions and circumstances
    6. More overcast with the skies less clear
    7. Covered as if in a hat, like a snow covered peak
    8. Peter who played tyrion in game of thrones
    9. Ancient method of roasting whole animals
    10. Not entertained or impressed
    11. Where the hobbits live
    12. Smearing a reputation
    13. Rb is the chemical symbol for this
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Rain, means to be perfectly ok
    2. E coli cell, for example
    3. Phoebe buffays most famous song
    4. Girdles, ropes worn by christian clergy
    5. Its the e in an aircrafts eta
    6. Relating to both eyes
    7. Refusal to obey, in legal speak
    8. Alaskan collapsed volcano
    9. Business model of mcdonalds and dominos
    10. Starting or founding point
    11. Made something last longer
    12. Transformer who becomes a yellow volkswagen beetle
    13. Band who sang drop dead gorgeous
    14. Operation on part of the bowel
    15. 1907 shipwrecked wine, discovered in 1977
    16. Mix of letters and digits that identify an address
    17. Pope who passed 33 days from his inauguration
    18. Rug or material made from animals that baaa
    19. Car signal that shows youre about to make a turn
    20. Dive where body is bent at waist then straightens
    21. Wrapping for a young insect
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Building filled with games of chance
    2. Solders metals with a filler alloy
    3. Place of safety or security
    4. Country east of norway and west of finland
    5. Formal neckwear worn with a tuxedo
    6. Actor helen who played the queen
    7. An animal with altered dna
    8. Elvish term for animals, where olvar is plants
    9. Crunchy vegetable related to parsley, eaten raw
    10. Artemis twin brother
    11. Larry the cat, the chief to the cabinet office
    12. Large bird enclosure

Group 1200

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Plans plots
    2. Jennifer, joey, or d h
    3. Sauteed, seasoned bread cubes
    4. An activity where one slides downhill over snow
    5. Hitchcock film about menacing avians
    6. Suggested or otherwise inclined
    7. Trail politicians are one when trying to win votes
    8. Alternative name for a garments turtleneck
    9. Getting onto something, like a plane
    10. English county at the western end of the tin route
    11. Little star shaped symbol used in written text
    12. Mesopotamian empires
    13. Main relay station of the brain
    14. To make smaller, or lay off employees
    15. Portobello or shiitake
    16. Words whose meanings differ, same spelling, sound
    17. Inexpensive ship accommodation
    18. Add batteries to make a model nemo swim
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Philippe , french chef of cauchemar en cuisine
    2. Tasks that can be ticked off when completed
    3. Conker like food sold on market stalls in winter
    4. Bring back to life revive, restore
    5. The moon is a natural this of the earth
    6. Race of vegetable people in the oz universe
    7. Volcano seen in rush and pacific rim uprising
    8. Former british territory now absorbed by nigeria
    9. Arabian breed of camel with a single hump
    10. Tanzanias famous park of plains and grasslands
    11. Smaller, stronger and less foamy latte
    12. Chemical element number 12
    13. Sword that was stuck in stone, until arthur
    14. Type of hook used in climbing
    15. Anesthetizing
    16. Depletion, cutback
    17. System of sending messages along a wire
    18. Community monk
    19. Overhead , for showing slides
    20. Speech given by one character in a play
    21. Monty python made a film about this sacred cup
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Dance informally jazz style, woogie
    2. Bright , ironic way of describing clever sorts
    3. To order someone forcefully to do something
    4. Second half of italian american restaurant chain
    5. Headpiece on a horse to control its movement
    6. Oslo is the capital of this european country
    7. Sahara is derived from the arabic word for this
    8. Sweeney todds profession
    9. Egyptian hair removing substance made from sugar
    10. I, son of darius, he lost the battle of salamis
    11. Flat frame with a hinged pin for joining a belt
    12. 1977 philip k dick novel a scanner
    13. Last episode in a series
    14. Tree of the african plains with a tapering trunk
    15. Makeshift stable crib for baby jesus
    16. Girl in distress also, a fly or fish
    17. Ricky , livin la vida loca singer
    18. Former state of west india in present day gujarat
    19. Carolina, super hot pepper or death, the grim
    20. Clean thoroughly, remove all contaminants
    21. A shocking sight as much as can be seen
    22. Sea seductresses whose voices lure sailors
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Well, that quickly
    2. Garments worn beneath your outer clothes
    3. Rear benches in cars
    4. Alaskas most populous city
    5. Multiply a number or amount by four
    6. Law, rule or code of conduct
    7. James mcavoy and keira knightleys 2007 romance
    8. Thracian gladiator with his own starz series
    9. Having no value
    10. Flower also known as clove pink
    11. Nickname of boxing match of 1980 leonard vs duran
    12. Health pro who designs meals for patients
    13. Britains third national park founded in 1951
    14. Main waterway in italian city of florence
    15. Relating to an early stage in development
    16. Enclosed apparatus for the care of small babies
    17. 2013 movie about an irish lady looking for her son
    18. Teaching, formal instruction
    19. Tvs housewives on wisteria lane were this
    20. Legal permission to use or reproduce artwork
    21. They serve drinks in a licensed establishment
    22. Prince of pumperdink in kabumpo in oz
    23. Human made home of a winged, beaked animal
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Father and son actors jerry and ben
    2. Goblet used in christian religious ceremonies
    3. Strip of material for binding wounds
    4. Qualified, having appropriate training
    5. Approaching ourselves
    6. Cersei lannisters eldest son
    7. Len former strictly judge and ballroom dancer
    8. Film adaptations of peoples true life stories
    9. Much , founding site of the modern olympics
    10. Ancient city in north west iran
    11. City where the famous carnegie hall is located
    12. Red chilli sauce goes with bouillabaisse
    13. Pull the wool over someones eyes
    14. State or government with a royal as its head
    15. Author of the hobbit, the lord of the rings
    16. Feeling that makes the heart grow fonder
    17. Subtle and refined delicacy
    18. African city whose name means hill of the impala
    19. Mountain home of the greek gods
    20. Confused, confounded
    21. Copenhagen is its capital
    22. She starred opposite tom hanks in youve got mail
    23. Opera by modest mussorgsky, boris
    24. Plane figure with six straight sides