Group 1161

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Annoyance, nag
    2. Wickedly devilish
    3. An underwater steed
    4. Dead as this extinct non flyer
    5. Capital of australia since 1913
    6. Animated creature in 1950s the great rupert
    7. Membranous fold that keeps an organ in position
    8. Lottery draw where jackpot is carried to next draw
    9. Asian religion founded by siddhartha gautama
    10. Period in history also called the middle ages
    11. Curranty bun that is tough to eat perhaps
    12. Surname of founding father benjamin
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Routine or regulated process for health or beauty
    2. Mexican beer served with a wedge of lemon
    3. Number associated with hindsight
    4. Tailors , outliners of patterns on fabrics
    5. A 2017 horror film directed by jordan peele
    6. Ellen who plays meredith in greys anatomy
    7. Made a female cat unable to become pregnant
    8. Magic advisor of snow whites evil queen
    9. One of the three charites in greek myth
    10. Celestial, otherworldly
    11. A deep and narrow gorge with steep sides
    12. Old testament story of jacobs stairway to heaven
    13. Snowman mentioned in a gene autry song
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Budapest is this countrys capital
    2. The long bone in the upper arm
    3. Head injury might cause this memory loss
    4. Parody awards for cinematic flops
    5. A desire for something, usually food related
    6. Vienna based psychoanalist freud, born 1856
    7. Very crisp, circular indian flatbread fried in oil
    8. To have your presence requested at an event
    9. Envious of what someone else has
    10. Breathed out
    11. 1950s male singer, often backed by a big band
    12. Ancient hebrew lamp used on hanukkah
    13. Proverbs, idioms, or aphorisms
    14. Police rounds, on foot or in vehicles
    15. Where newspaper reporters get their credits
    16. Instead of 72 inches, this show is called under
    17. Also called spottail bass, swims in the atlantic
    18. Minnesotas football team
    19. Owned by loreal, famous for shampoos
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Caesars famous last words
    2. Three dozen
    3. One who is nominated in an election
    4. Caribbean music type derived from oil cans
    5. Citadel in ancient greece
    6. Viennas altmann & kühne make this sweet treat
    7. Dog breed found in golden and labrador varieties
    8. Those with a utopian outlook
    9. Spain's second largest city
    10. Animated tv series by george lucas, the
    11. Injury to the bodys tissue due to extreme cold
    12. Doors that have double hinges
    13. The act of finding something for the first time
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Bit by bit
    2. Do the mj provided vocals on this simpsons hit
    3. Record of the proceedings of the uk parliament
    4. Opportunities, possibilities
    5. Groups of meals baked in advance
    6. River that meets the sea at xai xai, mozambique
    7. Ocean the apollo 11 astronauts splashed down into
    8. Poisonous plant, looks similar to wild carrot
    9. Its where you get butterflies when youre nervous
    10. Commercial transport of goods via sea, rail or air
    11. Listings magazine launched in london in 1968

Group 1162

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. When a doctor sends someone to a specialist
    2. Platform built around a house for renovators
    3. Italian sweet almond treat, served with coffee
    4. Incapacitated, suffering from disease
    5. Prosthetic visual organs made of glass
    6. Brothers jonathan and drew who fix up houses
    7. Marine mammals that often appear in dreams
    8. Set of clothes that work extremely well together
    9. First name of hamlets mother
    10. Transgress what is acceptable, e g the mark
    11. Work well with, be on good terms with others
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A great dane who solves mysteries
    2. First american woman in space
    3. License granted to sell a companys goods
    4. Place where santas workshop is
    5. Belonging to a heavenly being
    6. Former title of richard nixon and herbert hoover
    7. Music written and performed to accompany a movie
    8. Letter that isnt a, e, i, o, or u
    9. Indias largest state by area
    10. Lingerie vests
    11. Going before
    12. Warming stew with meat and vegetables
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Beater shot taken before the clock expires
    2. Oscar winner paradiso
    3. Element whose atomic number is 29
    4. The least wet, the most desertified
    5. Religious person called friend and pacifist
    6. Japanese car maker with wagon r and vitara models
    7. Small round fruits used to make wine
    8. Pot used for burning offerings in ancient egypt
    9. A mammals fur coat
    10. Rock band known for 2002s take it off
    11. Scandinavian country in which bergen is located
    12. Melancholy donkey friend of winnie the pooh
    13. Country that had the trente glorieuses, 1945 75
    14. Forgive an offense
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Third, raising minor third to major to conclude
    2. Sever a friendship or relationship
    3. Athletes drink water to do this
    4. French term for a hat or head covering
    5. Red , red, black and white butterfly species
    6. Folding style of table
    7. Petroleum hydrocarbon mixture
    8. One who delights, anagram of relapse
    9. Tropical storm in the western pacific
    10. Dorothy wears a blue pinafore in the land of oz
    11. Green stone commonly used in maori carvings
    12. Verbal untruth that hurts a reputation
    13. Twisted together, e g strands of dough
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Largest part of the brain
    2. Guts, innards
    3. A sofa for two people
    4. Sporting event with five rings
    5. Hours that a lawyer can charge for
    6. The namib desert meets this ocean in namibia
    7. Removing the husks from peas or beans
    8. Set free, release from prison or oppression
    9. Guy with the bad heel
    10. Phrase used to help you remember facts
    11. Providing food for a party or event
    12. When youre in trouble youre said to be in this
    13. One of the munchkin guilds in wizard of oz
    14. First year us college or high school student
    15. Idyllic mythical places
    16. Harpooner in the novel moby dick
    17. Compositions to be sung
    18. Sewing on a piece of material to cover a hole
    19. Scissor jump in ballet

Group 1163

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Zodiac sign represented by a crab
    2. To fight against or someone or something
    3. Dr , soft drink with dark red can
    4. Home alone line, merry christmas, ya filthy
    5. Rita known for west side story, one day at a time
    6. Enthusiastic shouts from an entertained audience
    7. Sleep on one that is fluffy as a cloud
    8. Place of royals potatoes and creamy cows milk
    9. The girl with the dragon , hacker thriller book
    10. Mainland australia’s largest national park
    11. Any animal belonging to the cattle group
    12. Dark green leaves in a wreath on ecuadors flag
    13. Bright star of andromeda
    14. Composed, ready for immediate action
    15. Heavenly beings encountered in dreams
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Water or air that moves in a certain direction
    2. Movie genre about love stories
    3. Individually sectioned off office space
    4. Type of flat cap worn in steampunk fashion
    5. Katie competes in olympic swimming
    6. Painting technique using gold leaf
    7. Young unpaid workers in many offices
    8. Buttered or salted movie snack
    9. Clerics in the seven kingdoms
    10. Melodic, melodious
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Figure skating move in an arabesque position
    2. Arthur , british pm and duke of wellington
    3. Cream that protects skin from light filled rays
    4. Scientist fleming or actor skarsgård
    5. Astronomical unit equal to 6 trillion miles
    6. Pasta often served with meatballs
    7. Air a tv show to viewers
    8. Breakfast fungi, eaten fried or grilled
    9. Disharmony in music
    10. North pole dwelling fluffy dog like mammal
    11. Bikini bottoms enthusiastic fry cook
    12. Deposits left by floodwater
    13. French cardinal and three musketeers villain
    14. Most posterior brain lobe
    15. Entities transferring rights to others
    16. Telegraph message sent by cable
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Same number of protons, different neutrons
    2. Clark kents alter ego
    3. What ko means in boxing
    4. Stuck a metal cooking spike through
    5. French national park based at le château de florac
    6. With bony skull structures like deer or caribou
    7. Part of the face just above the eyebrows
    8. The bringer of nightmares in classical mythology
    9. Fruits such as pineapple, mango, lychee
    10. Ruling princess in baums novel series
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Composer of the tales of hoffman opera, jacques
    2. Animals associated with thailands kui buri park
    3. Use of imagery or allegory to evoke meaning in art
    4. Perennial fast & furious leading man
    5. Serum with antibodies against animal poisons
    6. Walk on , tread very carefully
    7. Vehicle that runs on the london underground
    8. Going backward in numbers, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    9. Collection of poems printed in one volume
    10. A persons chromosomes
    11. Fruit jellies and jams spread onto toast
    12. Small, red fruit with lots of drupes
    13. Use a product to remove germs from an area

Group 1164

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The name of pocahontas grandmother
    2. Curry , ground, dried spice mix dust
    3. Compounds that can be carbox or phospor
    4. Composition for one or more musical instruments
    5. Animated canary created by bob clampett
    6. Petra is a famous site in this country
    7. Susie , ceramics painter known for kestrel forms
    8. Streetwise, sophisticated
    9. Plastic drinking tubes, a danger to sea turtles
    10. Computer users need this to be seen online
    11. Regional variety of how speech sounds
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A broad brimmed felt hat, typically worn in mexico
    2. Songbird, where the male is mostly red
    3. Describes manner of holding a sword
    4. Not legally old enough
    5. Involved with dangerous people, with sharks
    6. Travis scotts curative song
    7. Breakfast cereal with large rounded biscuits
    8. Catholic clergy hats
    9. Laser guns in star wars movies
    10. A single track passenger train
    11. The girl on , railway based mystery novel
    12. High caste hindu people
    13. Challenge, face to face
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Clearly deduced
    2. Molecule consisting of a chain of amino acids
    3. Young cats that are often fluffy
    4. Country whose capital is reykjavik
    5. Milk dairy drink with all the fat removed
    6. Gaston lerouxs 1910 novel, the of the opera
    7. Flip flops, open toed beach shoes
    8. Japanese emperor who overthrew kamakura rule
    9. Stage and screen actor sanjeev
    10. Director responsible for choosing actors for roles
    11. Actor dalton, who was the fourth james bond
    12. Brain lobe important in voluntary movement
    13. Tall topper on a church
    14. Slang for dogs
    15. Illness persisting over time with no cure
    16. Red wooden fence around a bullring
    17. German goblin that kidnaps children
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Famous statue lined green space in central vienna
    2. Portuguese speaking world
    3. Takes with no legal right
    4. In an ursine manner
    5. The truth is out there tv drama series
    6. In a manner that is confident and certain
    7. Chatting with someone via whatsapp or sms
    8. Whip milk into eggs to make them this
    9. Pliable, ductile
    10. Jack climbed one tall stem of a vegetable plant
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. People get married under this open aired structure
    2. Storage area inside a bureau
    3. Washable bed materials put on mattresses
    4. Guy with a creek in the 90s us teen drama
    5. First name of singer who married hailey baldwin
    6. Bottoms of chopped down trees
    7. Base concept on a previous concept
    8. Sarah or john in the terminator movies
    9. California city that is spanish for ash tree
    10. How shawn mendes wanted to treat you in 2016
    11. The princess and the frogs prince
    12. Tread the , act on a stage
    13. Turkish peak, possible resting place of noahs ark
    14. Harriet, first woman to fly the english channel
    15. Hypothetical protein molecule or a tech company
    16. Us fast food chain founded in ohio in 1969

Group 1165

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Sleep , the action of a somnambulist
    2. Sliced cut into pieces
    3. Guitarist carlos behind smooth and maria maria
    4. Di rialto hunchback statue by venice bridge
    5. Sport associated with indian star sachin tendulkar
    6. Italian town, namesake of a popular risotto rice
    7. Patterns in glass cane revealed when it is cut
    8. French skincare co , founded by jacques courtin
    9. Largest landlocked country in south america
    10. Heavy vehicle that pulls cut trees out of forests
    11. Star wars character played by adam driver
    12. Louise fitzhughs spy
    13. Stretchy substance that springs back into shape
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Tools edward had for hands
    2. Fun paper headgear worn at celebrations
    3. Super warm undergarments for the winter
    4. Personal practice of shaving, washing, combing
    5. Fruit of the myrica tree
    6. Line or border that separates two countries
    7. Slicing injury thats more common in the office
    8. Squidwards musical instrument of choice
    9. Unexplainable happenings, do you believe in them
    10. Star of internet meme carrying a slice in new york
    11. Whisky comes from this nation
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Physical fights that occur in public
    2. Jewish dish made from ground fish
    3. Winged figure on piccadilly circus fountain
    4. Eight sided shape with eight angles of 135 degrees
    5. Decision by a jury or judge
    6. Old term for surrounding with an army to takeover
    7. Broadcasting award given at university of georgia
    8. Seasonal prevailing wind of southeast asia
    9. Pet birds, often blue or green
    10. Thai monarch, subject of the king and i film
    11. Corrective actions undertaken by a mechanic
    12. Something that has been installed permanently
    13. Intolerable , 2003 coen brothers romcom
    14. Fluffy stuffed toy
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Relating to a male sibling
    2. Yellowhammer state residents
    3. Wilson, actor who married pete sampras
    4. Bronze age writing system using wedge shapes
    5. Fairground game of fishing for plastic birds
    6. Story published by only one source
    7. Fermented bread for dipping in vinegar and oil
    8. Internet language used in online forums
    9. Nickname for the second glassblowing furnace
    10. The q in faq
    11. Han solos co pilot in the star wars films
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Jacket, padded, bubble style coat
    2. Disney film with elsa, anna and sven
    3. Time taken for one full wavelength to pass a point
    4. Biblical length of noahs ark was 300
    5. Brothers believed to have flown the first plane
    6. Plant, shop girls name in little shop of horrors
    7. Dwindling, waning
    8. Describes ridged scales on a snakes skin
    9. Island of luzon includes this philippines capital
    10. Reeses , rhyming name of peanut butter treats
    11. Competing against someone at speed
    12. Yiddish expression of disgust
    13. A deep crevasse or impression in the earth

Group 1166

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Group of three connected works of art
    2. Flight to a faraway destination
    3. People with artfully untidy hair
    4. Without fear, as an explorer
    5. Portion that is enough of something
    6. Doras job title
    7. Musical based on an american founding father
    8. Machine for separating grain
    9. Small round shields
    10. Actress jennifer or comedian martin
    11. British colony returned to china in 1997
    12. California based brand of canned fruits
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. This fluffy toy was named after roosevelt
    2. Welders heat source
    3. Hellfire and , an oath evoking eternal sin
    4. Most important meal of the day, or so they say
    5. Moroccan berber dynasty
    6. Nursery rhyme baker who is from drury lane
    7. Athletic event with 10 components
    8. Only dog breed mentioned in the bible
    9. Awareness, consciousness
    10. Collective name for the posterior thigh muscles
    11. Gaping cut that may need suturing
    12. Code whose letters comprise of dots and dashes
    13. Yard hydrator
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Honest, not telling lies
    2. The marauders map end quote managed
    3. Worlds largest marsupial
    4. Cuts of beef meat from the chest
    5. Another name for a slow cooker
    6. Circles of holy light
    7. Series of sounds sharply separated from the others
    8. Students in positions of power and responsibility
    9. To plant trees and convert land to a wild state
    10. Device for spreading aromatherapy oils
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Floating leaf, resting place for a frog on water
    2. Of a leaf with feather like leaflets
    3. Like a baseball hit out of the park
    4. Technical term for closing ones eyelids
    5. The , film about herbie the volkswagen beetle
    6. Birthstone for april
    7. W e johns male aviator hero of a series of books
    8. Bitter compounds found in red wine
    9. Name of the valley associated with tech companies
    10. Host of the amazing race, phil
    11. Wheel, scottish rotating boat lift
    12. Ill on the ocean
    13. Last of the 12 books of the hebrew bible
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Bette, singer and beaches actor
    2. One who gets a goal
    3. Oranges and , nursery rhyme about church bells
    4. A ticket only valid for an outbound trip
    5. 18th century german astronomer friedrich
    6. Elements that chelation therapy removes
    7. Units of currency in egypt, lebanon, and the uk
    8. To go where no one has gone before
    9. Creamy red salad dressing that sounds parisian
    10. Roman coin worth 25 denarii
    11. First name of renowned viennese composer haydn
    12. Last name of tim, director of beetlejuice
    13. A non magical person in the harry potter stories
    14. To be warm and friendly in a welcoming manner
    15. Another name for jesus

Group 1167

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Cheerful, full of vim
    2. Instant messaging app with chat servers
    3. Eaters of austria, famous imbibers of poisons
    4. Ariels seagull friend who often mislabels things
    5. Stone age hand tools for shaping wood
    6. Overnight roosting spot for flying mammals
    7. A designers workshop or studio
    8. Island where bob marley is from
    9. School course, like french or mathematics
    10. Common childhood malady that can affect hearing
    11. Vast expanses of leds at the window are lights
    12. Greek hero who was turned into a stag
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Hooded arabian cloak
    2. One of each eight children born at one birth
    3. Friendly gesture where two closed hands meet
    4. Deep in debt and completely out of money
    5. Princess with magically long blonde hair
    6. Venezuelan currency units
    7. Norse mythologys armageddon equivalent
    8. Lack of respect
    9. Red fruit that are often called vegetables
    10. Googles massive data warehouse
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. A new room added to an existing building
    2. American state known for jambalaya and beignet
    3. Worked in a bank handling money
    4. Someone who helps the perpetrator commit a crime
    5. James gunn hit marvel film, of the galaxy
    6. Recently married couples vacation
    7. Six point score in american football
    8. The male equivalent of a bridesmaid
    9. Captivate, mesmerize, like a magician
    10. Russian grandmothers
    11. Tallest of the three camel species
    12. Number of pilots who sang ride and stressed out
    13. Playground game involving jumping on squares
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Second , belief of the future return of christ
    2. Belgrade is in this country
    3. Open grassy pastures or areas of farmland
    4. The jazz was the first movie with sound
    5. Common reptile seen basking in sunny spots
    6. Punishment cupboard in roald dahls matilda
    7. Ben afflecks famous chin feature
    8. Writing systems with no vowels
    9. Jerk, a sudden twitch of a sleepers leg
    10. Played rapidly or at a fast tempo
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Walking at a leisurely pace
    2. Able to be used in a number of different ways
    3. Sketched funny drawings
    4. Spring vegetable with tasty tip
    5. Hit korean show about killer kid competitions
    6. Us state home to the mall of america
    7. Portable charger
    8. Totted up number of people in a group
    9. Verdant forest on the piccadilly line
    10. First name of harry potter villain lestrange
    11. Rap that wasnt thought out in advance
    12. Weak bladed nickname of king john

Group 1168

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Tortilla chips with cheese and other toppings
    2. Chinese new year wrong season name festival
    3. Mjolnir, for example
    4. The only english word that rhymes with tavern
    5. Station 19 actor boris, born in vienna in 1973
    6. Cloths that have been dyed after wax application
    7. Norwegian evergreen often decorated at christmas
    8. G g , young che of the motorcycle diaries
    9. Shiny and polished reflective
    10. Simple battery made from this common vegetable
    11. Hot to difficult to cope with
    12. Struck metal with a mallet to make a loud sound
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Rita sang the theme song all time high
    2. British name for small spotted domed back beetle
    3. Where soldiers are stationed
    4. Roman philosopher anicius manlius severinus
    5. Type of cell that delivers oxygen in humans
    6. Finger joints that stick out when they are bent
    7. Wrapping that goes around something
    8. To have quit a job, by letter
    9. Concept of balanced physical and mental health
    10. What old, valuable books might be considered
    11. Mr krabs miniature enemy
    12. Graham greene novel with a candy name rock
    13. Finland's capital
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. The part of the atom containing protons and neutrons
    2. Prim, starchy, formal, straight laced
    3. Openings to the stomach
    4. Rogue stereotypical cheeky chappy or antihero
    5. Soaked ones tea bag
    6. Sharks that stay near the surface of warm water
    7. 1995 board game film with robin williams
    8. Needles used to patch up socks, for e g
    9. Singer and the voice australia coach, delta
    10. Country where london bridge fell down, probably
    11. Board game substitute for a set of dice
    12. Device that powers a phone or laptop
    13. Child star after whom a pink drink is named
    14. Second disease for which a vaccine was created
    15. Israels unicameral legislature
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Divination that uses the stars to forecast events
    2. Human like figure, it drives birds away from crops
    3. Mcdonalds staple for kids
    4. Flying mammals whose migration is africas largest
    5. Expression of excessive exaggeration
    6. The late evening the period before total darkness
    7. Chinas city of flowers
    8. S h i e l d agent played by cobie smulders
    9. Processing information or food
    10. Teacher at the university level
    11. House of harry potters nemesis draco
    12. Geographic region known as the holy land
    13. The tiger king
    14. A written or spoken statement in the court of law
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Italian ice cream
    2. Of thieves royal nickname for robin hood
    3. Elephant character in many seuss stories
    4. Fleece made from curly piled polyester
    5. Woody from toy storys profession
    6. Simbas father in the lion king
    7. Unjust or improper
    8. Stigma, style, and ovary of a flower
    9. Small flag used by the french military
    10. Carl austrian pianist and pupil of beethoven

Group 1169

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Unknown person
    2. A blue whale eats half a million calories in one
    3. Knitted, long sleeved sweater with buttons
    4. Made a court decision
    5. Skin worn rough
    6. Stick at it, dont stop
    7. The action of dropping off packages
    8. Treanor who won gold medals in volleyball
    9. Folded carton for breakfast juices or milk
    10. Capital of brazil since 1960
    11. Ron weasleys pet rat
    12. Keyboard playing musicians
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Use these to zap open car door or start engine
    2. Goblet that holds the wine for communion
    3. Popular coffee alternative to arabica
    4. First name of paris tower engineer eiffel
    5. Human detecting device in the x men movies
    6. Represented by dots and bars in maya writing
    7. The ability to feel what others feel
    8. Welsh , border country between parts of the uk
    9. Saxophonist who wrote portrait in seven shades
    10. Allows for air flow in homes, cars, buildings
    11. Love, romance an intense interest in something
    12. What an acrophobic person is afraid of
    13. Pink colored plumage
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Mucus coughed up from the airways
    2. Mercury's atomic number
    3. Aquatic mammals that hold hands while floating
    4. Spooky weird, eerie
    5. Best, day for wearing your poshest clothes
    6. Chinese style of cooked duck
    7. Leg extenders for circus clowns
    8. Shining future a person might have ahead of them
    9. City of , beijings nickname is owed to wheels
    10. Primary river of beleriand in tolkien legendarium
    11. Medieval unit of time having 40 in an hour
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Raised routes over wet ground
    2. Baltic state that is an anagram of i hail tuna
    3. Companies that produce and sell beers
    4. The amount of exertion during an exercise
    5. Mint , showing no evidence of use or wear
    6. Pope with the shortest reign
    7. Proposed, put forward
    8. Supporter of gradual improvement over revolution
    9. Brave and nearly fearless divergent faction
    10. Short phrases recited after a psalm
    11. New york borough where times square is located
    12. Tree that does not lose its leaves in winter
    13. Medical test that helps spot early breast cancer
    14. Daenerys targaryens husband
    15. The practice of teaching adult learners
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Legal dissolve of a marriage
    2. Radioactive synthetic element, atomic no 105
    3. Cockney slang for clothes
    4. Roman army horn instrument, like a cornu
    5. To have the skills to do something
    6. Key northern maya city in postclassic period
    7. Shes the rose to dicaprios jack
    8. White and yellow flowers linked in a chain
    9. Former judge on strictly come dancing bruno
    10. Person rejected or banned from town
    11. Water that is safe to drink
    12. Wilkie, author of the moonstone and haunted hotel

Group 1170

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Self confident or forceful
    2. Smoke dried jalapeño peppers
    3. Non manual vehicle transmission
    4. The gradual rise in prices in an economy over time
    5. Another word for a woodchuck
    6. Professional soldier who serves in a foreign army
    7. Australian software company that developed fisheye
    8. Abruptly, curtly
    9. The hearts job is to blood throughout the body
    10. Hugh jackman played this x man in multiple movies
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Kitchen floor covering made from solid linseed oil
    2. Turkey's largest city
    3. Untroubled, without worries
    4. Storytelling songs, collectively
    5. Egg testing using a light source
    6. Four wheeled vehicle drawn by horses
    7. Repeal or negate a law
    8. Franchise with han solo and darth vader
    9. Someone who habitually opposes something
    10. Devices that add air to water
    11. Relating to brunei
    12. Middle of the roadism
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Small and simple house, like near a beach or lake
    2. Vintage insult, you loudmouth
    3. Leslie knope in parks and recreation, actor amy
    4. Garment thats an anagram of delator
    5. Butterfly with long migration from us to mexico
    6. The french word for good day
    7. Fighting males who used a spiked pole in battle
    8. National dish and popular street food in egypt
    9. Karate kid actor ralph
    10. One of the theories of how the universe began
    11. If youve got one, vanilla ice will solve it
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Say hello to my little friend
    2. Largest lake in north america
    3. Unusual and out of the ordinary
    4. Beauty is in the eye of this person
    5. Old and forgotten groups of people
    6. Unnatural skin tone that can suggest time of death
    7. Yankee doodle was this, according to the rhyme
    8. Repurchases of stock by businesses
    9. First element on mendeleevs periodic table
    10. Raccoon like animal with a prehensile tail
    11. Device used to remove hairs or splinters
    12. Cuisine associated with american black community
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Spit, drool
    2. Interact with, perhaps a star and their fans
    3. Tunisian island on which star wars was filmed
    4. Another word for a couch or sofa
    5. Owl genus including the little owl
    6. Us river and grammy award singer named jennifer
    7. Indianan uni attended by neil armstrong
    8. Pass the , popular game at kids parties
    9. Type of o k compound home to an 1881 shootout
    10. Ebenezer scrooge phrase bah,

Group 1171

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Stone creatures who befriended quasimodo
    2. Little streams
    3. Strength or courage in the face of adversity
    4. Getting people together for a party
    5. A statement that acknowledges the truth
    6. English resort with a pleasure beach
    7. Fruit spongebob lives in
    8. Running at full speed
    9. Supergiant star in the constellation carina
    10. The bright device that goes when one has an idea
    11. Amateur astronomer
    12. Plants that have blooms
    13. Clothing brand named after south american region
    14. They defuse incendiaries on the streets
    15. Actor who married katie holmes in 2006
    16. These are tied up when someone solves a crime
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Escorts to cinema seats
    2. Cast off skin, like with a reptile
    3. Unit of temperature represented by k
    4. Secretive, ground dwelling lizards
    5. Band known for hey man, nice shot
    6. Carved into thin segments
    7. This means social media post stays at top of feed
    8. Some of its islands include santorini and crete
    9. Medieval fortress that might come with a moat
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Aircraft with two sets of stacked wings
    2. Thick writing material used by ancient egyptians
    3. Serving dish, adorned with a christmas scene
    4. Rembrandt painted a storm on this sea in 1633
    5. Star of the lost city of z tom
    6. Supermarket shelf replenisher
    7. Swerving, avoiding
    8. Moved along jauntily
    9. Forties, strong winds between latitudes 40 & 50
    10. Fragrant additive to yogurt, grown in a pod
    11. Musical pause held at conductors discretion
    12. Enthusiast written continuation stories, fan
    13. Measurement equal to 220 yards
    14. Anagram of bedroom
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Board game with letter tiles
    2. Norse hall where slain heroes go
    3. Largest of the primates, can learn sign language
    4. Types of fruit that are often sharp
    5. Bail guarantor
    6. Outdoor coverings for windows
    7. American saxophonist julian nicknamed cannonball
    8. Iron mans archenemy chinese language
    9. Early character created by french author colette
    10. The u in mcu, in the comics film world
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Number of squares on a chessboard
    2. Collecting the new keys from the agency
    3. Buy these to roast on an open fire at christmas
    4. Chewable shade of pink
    5. Otto , film noir director of laura
    6. Group of islands including jamaica and barbados
    7. Popular name for a murder mystery or crime story
    8. Muscle loosening warm up exercises
    9. One of ian durys bandmates
    10. Automate computing tasks via this method
    11. Sam the , famed neon sign on a toronto main road
    12. Chemical also known as calcium oxide
    13. Way of doing meditation, choose yours
    14. Adherent of john calvins christian teachings
    15. Virginia quails, northern
    16. Acting through gestures with no props

Group 1172

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Judge who blows whistle to get swimmers on blocks
    2. Time when the street lights to come on
    3. Word for hats with a turned up edge, like a fedora
    4. Country whose capital is dublin
    5. First name of franklin roosevelts wife
    6. Young male bovine
    7. Point or place where wi fi connection is available
    8. Wind instrument that means little in italian
    9. Texan city thats home to the johnson space center
    10. Spookiest, the most peculiar or unnerving
    11. Theory later used as foundation of communism
    12. Like bad plastic surgery
    13. Mr demille, im ready for my , sunset boulevard
    14. Small sweet orange named after a place in japan
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Army general in the marvelous land of oz
    2. A bright spot on the suns surface
    3. Pen like implement for writing on screens
    4. Honesty is the best
    5. Language family including turkic, mongolic tongues
    6. German composer of famous lullaby
    7. Open , 2006 movie featuring boog the bear
    8. The resonance or quality of tone of an instrument
    9. Art technique using smoke to create pictures
    10. Duck, mumbai dish thats actually a fish
    11. Grating call of crows and rooks
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Branch of medicine devoted to cancer
    2. Lady gagas american horror story character
    3. Im still , elton john is upright
    4. Bike with three wheels
    5. Seven sided polygon
    6. French accent marks under letter c
    7. Baked bar made with oats, syrup, sugar and butter
    8. Malian city, a metaphor for a far flung place
    9. Joy you get from doing something you love
    10. Draped in expensive silks with raised designs
    11. Fee paid to an attorney to keep their services
    12. California city with a cheesy name
    13. Carved mount with us presidents
    14. Daughter of pelias in greek legend
    15. A long open investigation needing more evidence
    16. Charlotte wrote this about wilbur in her web
    17. Fair treatment for all
    18. A ceiling window
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Machine used to cut grass
    2. One who is powerful by being wealthy
    3. Liturgical chants
    4. Count orloks other name
    5. Saint with a romantic holiday
    6. Financial sum or property you can argue is yours
    7. Legendary weapon from arthurian tales
    8. Taste imparted by chips and open fires
    9. And bristol fashion, means being in good order
    10. Tennessee city nicknamed marble city
    11. Runner no 2 on a relay race
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Royal dwelling
    2. Pokémon trainer known as salon maiden
    3. Animals like shadowfax and mr ed
    4. Sudden strong wind, lasting several minutes
    5. Guitar players need to master placement
    6. Athletic activities, such as football or tennis
    7. Venetian , waterways plyed by gondolas/vaporetti
    8. Legend says the sphinx asked this of challengers
    9. Polish mathematician stefan
    10. Simple glass container for wine or water
    11. Doubting apostle of jesus christ
    12. Give a new title to something
    13. Boned and laced garment, a waist cincher
    14. Planet, global travel guide series
    15. Actor chan or baseball player robinson
    16. Dry heat rooms sometimes built with aspen wood

Group 1173

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Frosty, olaf, and michael keatons jack frost
    2. Scientific name for shoulder blade
    3. Flat or bowl shaped fried tortilla
    4. Painkilling drug or medicine like morphine
    5. Inmates did this during a jailbreak
    6. Turkish/byzantine architectural style
    7. Picture created with a pen, pencil or crayon
    8. Athletes slide stones across the ice to the house
    9. Star sign covering october and november
    10. A cat may look
    11. Room where most people cook
    12. Type of sentence with subordinate clauses
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Capital of romania
    2. Suppress someone with your superior strength
    3. Penny pinching, very unwilling to spend money
    4. Graham bells communicative invention
    5. Real name of dc comics 1959 green lantern
    6. Roman gallery guides
    7. Six faced lump added to sweeten tea or coffee
    8. Trumpeted a call to war
    9. Another word for a gospel song
    10. Ornamental roof style in russian architecture
    11. The bible has the father, the son and the
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Greek goddess of agriculture
    2. Building in which plays are performances are done
    3. Tart, australian dessert, pink and brown
    4. Swiss maker of sewing machines
    5. Anglicized name for the country called hrvatska
    6. Too many rays resulting in sore skin
    7. Robert actor who plays freddy kreuger
    8. What you do to $200 after passing go in monopoly
    9. This federal party won all toronto ridings in 2000
    10. Sarah, actress who starred in netflixs ratched
    11. Debt free able to dissolve other substances
    12. Famous hotel in singapore
    13. Elena grecos brilliant friend, lila
    14. The electric motor inventor, michael
    15. Two handled greek vase anagram of harp roam
    16. Film crew member who looks after cameras
    17. Bruce drakes offensive basketball strategy
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Bond villain born donovan, known by color
    2. Coffee ingredient that kickstarts a day
    3. They were 3 feet high and rising in 1989
    4. The e equals mc square guy
    5. Australian sheepskin footwear brand
    6. Us state known for the rocky mountains
    7. Algonquian speaking people
    8. Pile of dried straw where little boy blue slept
    9. Sealed completely
    10. Roofed shelters at home for motor vehicles
    11. Devices to improve radio or television reception
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. 14-line poem
    2. Provide like water cycle giving moisture to land
    3. Not shawn but wayans from white chicks
    4. Cat that belongs to gargamel, in the smurfs
    5. High quality brandy used for an in flight sidecar
    6. Stephen j , co authored freakonomics
    7. What the earth does around the sun
    8. Thin, metal bracelet often worn in high numbers
    9. Victory tokens, anagram of clasps
    10. Its gonna get you, sings gloria estefan
    11. Seoul language codycross version in asia
    12. Soviet counterintelligence agency in bond books
    13. In business, it can be a bear or a bull

Group 1174

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Longest river in the united kingdom
    2. Thors mother in norse mythology
    3. Another word for sequin
    4. Fibrous plant that produces fabric
    5. Sesame street character, oscar the
    6. Treasure, its marked with an x on a map
    7. Thin arched biscuits used as a sweet garnish
    8. Off the track, isolated and rarely visited
    9. Surname of ewan mcgregors star wars character
    10. Electronic devices to help adjust pitch, frequency
    11. Mediterranean island, a major trader of copper
    12. Officially make someone a priest
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. A service or movie available whenever wanted
    2. Clothes designer tommy
    3. Italian sculptor of wall streets charging bull
    4. Solid geological layers under loose soils
    5. Like gadgets small enough to be carried or clasped
    6. The skins of potatoes once theyve been taken off
    7. Describes a healer who treats the whole person
    8. Path taken by public road transport
    9. Get some rest, and your batteries
    10. Returned a tennis shot before it bounced
    11. Utahs famous natural bridge and national monument
    12. Giant california coast redwood with greek name
    13. Tissue layers in the eyes
    14. Mickey mouses rodent nemesis
    15. Bagpipe parts
    16. Smoothing and cleaning feathers
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Positioned in the middle or at the focus
    2. Us physicist samuel, known for gyromagnetism
    3. Road that is built above another road
    4. Mass movement of troops afloat
    5. Mrs , film for which greer garson won an oscar
    6. Elements within a scientific classification
    7. Long strands made from asian pasta dough
    8. Like a design thats modern and fashionable
    9. Region consisting of europe and asia
    10. Architectural pillars, such as doric or corinthian
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Beverage that brings all the boys to the yard
    2. French chewing gum brand with chlorophyll
    3. What d w stood for in filmmaker griffiths name
    4. Kitchen furniture, collectively
    5. Evergreen tree, also called yellow or bull pine
    6. Polish city with name meaning white slope
    7. Surface on which monopoly or ludo are played
    8. Blossom, bubbles, buttercup are the girls
    9. Thoroughly educated insect in the land of oz
    10. Mary kate and ashleys type of twins, for example
    11. Formal photos, paintings of people
    12. Supermans archenemy who became president
    13. Orbital points most distant from the sun
    14. A bit of a let down, a moist firework
    15. Myth figure who fell in love with his reflection
    16. Male romantic title usually used before fiance
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Statue of lion saving knight on charles bridge
    2. South german city on the neckar and rhine rivers
    3. Exploiting gameplay mechanics to steal a win
    4. Tv cartoon about man awakened in 31st century
    5. Floral and springlike
    6. Harry potters first love interest
    7. Russian bolshevik nikolai ivanovich
    8. Damp disposable cloths for cleaning
    9. From the horses mouth
    10. Trend for behaving like flooring in odd places
    11. Sweet mixture used to ice cakes
    12. Process when children get their first molars
    13. Solo passages in concertos
    14. Part of a vehicle the key is pushed in to start it

Group 1175

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. A young swan
    2. Gentle wind
    3. The turtle and the , southeast asian fairytale
    4. Country and lake in southwest africa
    5. Actor wood or american politician cummings
    6. Container one shouldnt place all their eggs in
    7. Spiritual monastery in india
    8. Roman emperor aurelius
    9. Harrys herbology professor
    10. Stout or chubby
    11. Jenson, british formula one world champion
    12. Song where lorde says you can call me queen bee
    13. Describes a plant cell that is full of water
    14. Underwater vehicle to explore the challenger deep
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Street, exclusive dublin shopping area
    2. Downgraded in ones position
    3. Famous cave painting network in southern france
    4. Composer of the four seasons violin concertos
    5. Winged insect named for king of the jungle
    6. Pressed dough together on a pie crust
    7. Inner embryo membranes
    8. Walkway with a roof supported by columns
    9. Another name for a man bun
    10. Desperately hurried
    11. Diplomatic office in a foreign country
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Male model played by ben stiller in 2001
    2. Cartoon about griffin clan with genius stewie
    3. Washerwoman
    4. Toronto has eastern canadas only system
    5. West indian batsman with a record innings of 400
    6. To boost your speed, shift into
    7. Traditional, printed wrapping for fish and chips
    8. Heard it through the
    9. Cloudy eye lenses
    10. Cope with, put up with
    11. A design plan, think architecture
    12. Poetry that goes di di dum di di dum
    13. Process of cutting in half
    14. Organism capable of producing its own food
    15. Australian marsupial with its own video game
    16. Switched on, ready to go
    17. Rodent monarch in the nutcracker
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A collection of related info held on a computer
    2. Old dominion country tune about brief encounter
    3. The worlds biggest snake
    4. Liquid medicine to treat visual problems
    5. Tile game that includes mexican train
    6. Belief that even good things have ulterior motives
    7. Toni, the title star in romcom muriels wedding
    8. Not compulsory or mandatory
    9. The p in asap
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Arctic animal sometimes seen on tv show lost
    2. Safety screen around a source of heat in a home
    3. Phone conversations carrying premium fees
    4. Huge victory, like earth slipping down a hill
    5. A projection of an organism, like an arm or tail
    6. Bedfordshire university specialising in technology
    7. Stranding on a deserted island
    8. He betrayed lily and james potter, peter
    9. Was constantly rained upon by heavy ordnance
    10. Belonging to cuba or the caymans
    11. Surname of the third us president
    12. Of a property on the shore
    13. Speech delivered by a solo actor
    14. It comes between the quarter final and the final

Group 1176

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Message sent by telegraph
    2. French for wednesday
    3. Red or black confection made from a medicinal root
    4. Uterine passages
    5. Photograph of just the face
    6. Large printed photos hung on walls
    7. Buzzard, bucks town on the grand union canal
    8. Christmas, independence, new years or for example
    9. Burning the oil means working late
    10. Shakespeares main theatre in london
    11. Mostly blue, pom pom flower plant aka floss flower
    12. Regally grand
    13. James , starred in pig movie babe
    14. Beverage beyoncé named her sixth album after
    15. Surgery, beautifying facial work
    16. A statuette in human form
    17. Cultivation or study of fruits
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Fortified wine made from white spanish grapes
    2. Rapper who starred in film 8 mile
    3. Apples internet browser
    4. A shelter from danger or conflict
    5. To bring into existence, like art
    6. Cone shaped bra what a gun shoots
    7. Mad man who hosted a batty tea party
    8. Penal , place where exiled prisoners were sent
    9. Messenger owl who brings letters to harry potter
    10. Surname of geraldo, who used to be at large
    11. Bright sisserou bird on dominicas national flag
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Second largest country in south america
    2. White fluff on ale or lager
    3. Animal with four feet
    4. Cardboard, plastic on products, avoided if diy
    5. Use of headlines for higher conversion rates
    6. Electronic tea lights with no fire
    7. Indian city aka bangalore, capital of karnataka
    8. Causing natural cell death
    9. Canine toy story character
    10. Concerted effort to stop crime
    11. First rate leading
    12. Soap opera style cartoon that began in 1938
    13. Bomb, incendiary device
    14. Supportive vehicle others might jump on
    15. Elastic covered with fabric to hold hair
    16. Inlaid work for the decoration of furniture
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Related to a single cell organism
    2. Another word for a bbq party
    3. Game played with aggies, shooters, and steelies
    4. Animated movie with robin williams as a genie
    5. Involuntary diaphragm spasms
    6. Active during the day the opposite of nocturnal
    7. Stones on which the ten commandments were written
    8. Convert a control signal into motion
    9. Lee childs ex military police officer jack
    10. Large cat covered in black spots
    11. Imprisoning a criminal
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Second star wars film, the strikes back
    2. A female peacock, less showy than the male
    3. Ashley and melanie from gone with the wind
    4. Chuck, first pilot to break the sound barrier
    5. Air force base, renamed joint base pearl harbor
    6. Spanish baked rice dish made with saffron
    7. Swimming action such as front crawl
    8. Sly and cunning skilled at making things by hand
    9. Swiss city, known for its financial prominence
    10. Depression caused by a meteor
    11. Not now but at some point in the time ahead
    12. Subject plus predicate
    13. This type of floss is a popular trivia website
    14. Bear, furry muppet with a brown hat
    15. Tori amos album earthquakes
    16. Italian stone house with a conical roof
    17. The belt of icy bodies beyond neptunes orbit
    18. Medical procedure to extract a tissue sample

Group 1177

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Removed from work, pending an investigation
    2. Parsley, type of herb often used as a garnish
    3. Circular sequence of living things like plants
    4. Indirect references to something
    5. The loudest part of an increasingly loud sound
    6. Unable to concentrate the attention
    7. An elevators steppy cousin
    8. Inventor of the first successful piloted copter
    9. Large metal canister for a dairy liquid
    10. Long bracelets worn between the head and chest
    11. Having a damaged liver
    12. An uprising
    13. Advancing in a video game means going to the
    14. Morgan spurlocks 2004 fast food exposé, me
    15. Class is to be let go
    16. Genus of wasps and species of mongooses
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Frank richards famed literary schoolboy, billy
    2. Artificial cave popular for use as a shrine
    3. The forward propelling force of an aircraft
    4. To order a person to be present
    5. Blissful religious place in contrast to hell
    6. 70s soft drinks brand its frothy man
    7. Hands jazz piano term for shearing sound
    8. Punning name of sesame streets turtle character
    9. Go on board a ship
    10. Zero dark , thriller directed by kathryn bigelow
    11. Type of bird used as a messenger in wwii
    12. Slang for a person who falls for scam or con
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Make neater, especially what youre wearing
    2. Mccarthy, mcbride, or benoist
    3. Use this service to watch bbc shows on your phone
    4. A room or building housing books
    5. House, home of louisa m alcotts little women
    6. Lego was invented in this country
    7. Young men who clear tables in restaurants
    8. Hand held pickaxe with a flattened blade
    9. Bull , dangerous sport of the ancient minoans
    10. Slicing into a wedding cake
    11. This hawking explained the history of time
    12. Wisconsin band featuring shirley manson
    13. Space within the cytoplasm of a cell
    14. Robert , director/actor of life is beautiful
    15. Hands, skin to skin touch to make people better
    16. A molting crab
    17. In classical mythology, the morning star, or venus
    18. Get thee to a , famous line in hamlet
    19. Boxer type, not a purist but a heavy hitter
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Marine plant forming turtle hatchlings habitat
    2. Wear them to keep your feet warm while sleeping
    3. Better than a poke with a sharp stick
    4. An itinerary of songs in a music streaming service
    5. Griffith joyner, athlete aka flo jo
    6. Type of cat that disappears leaving only a grin
    7. Appropriate surname of sabrina, the teenage witch
    8. Peter prince harrys cousin wed at windsor
    9. South african bubblegum brand
    10. Quality the required level or benchmark
    11. An activity entered into for profit
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. 2015 absurd comedy starring colin farrell, the
    2. South american country named after the equator
    3. Order, social hierarchy among chickens
    4. Chinese cabbage, aka pak choi
    5. Extremely fast greyhound relative
    6. Craziest, most foolish
    7. Hair or toenail that pierces the skin
    8. Egyptian nobel prize for literature winner naguib
    9. Glee actress known for dancing, britney tribute
    10. & sons, folk rock band with sigh no more album
    11. Planet where superman was born
    12. Fast paced sport, throwing a pilota ball at a wall
    13. One who replies to an employment ad
    14. Italian site of 1571 holy league naval battle
    15. With surfaces that curve inwards
    16. Opposite in direction, position or effect

Group 1178

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. The m in hmv
    2. African antelope
    3. Goblet shaped drum from west africa
    4. Cutting food using your teeth
    5. Of england, nickname for the county of kent
    6. King of the titans
    7. First name of james bond actor craig
    8. Too soon ran out of energy too early
    9. Device connecting computers to an online network
    10. Long, thick pasta strands in venetian cuisine
    11. New yorks underground public transit system
    12. Susan , author of orchid thief
    13. First king of the visigoths
    14. Soaked or covered with a spray of water
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Three dots in a sentence
    2. An administrative division in certain countries
    3. Pressed, like freshly juiced oranges
    4. Referred to in writing or speech
    5. Plungers used to dispense medicine
    6. Simple womens undergarments 1920s dresses
    7. Prognostication, divination
    8. Found a passage to another world in gaimans book
    9. Straight routes of an insect
    10. Son of a man, hit for dusty springfield in 1968
    11. An american courgette
    12. Embroidered canvas used as a wall hanging
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Country whose capital is jakarta
    2. French for self styled, person who is so called
    3. Uranus and neptune have this chilly nickname
    4. Designates a recipient in a will
    5. Viennese art movement founded by gustav klimt
    6. Site of the wright brothers first airplane flight
    7. Hunt, fun game for exploring the natural world
    8. Soul singer, played dorothy in the wiz in 1978
    9. Where you go to do your job, e g an office
    10. This feline internet celebrity always wore a frown
    11. Dome backed terrapin named for its marshy habitat
    12. The amount of goods transported by a semi
    13. Allow air to circulate let fresh air in
    14. In basketball, the glass or wood behind a basket
    15. Relating to joints
    16. A goal or target
    17. Final strand, breaks the camels back the
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. A of ducks, collective term describes movement
    2. Fried egg snack in a semi circle shape
    3. Beatdown, the ultramagnetic mcs debut release
    4. Floating supports for bridges
    5. Twitched due to cold
    6. "don't forget ... "
    7. Ballerina skirt shaped like a ringer
    8. Chemicals that activate physiologic receptors
    9. Feline onesies
    10. Behaving correctly or within the rules
    11. Italian poet after whom a style of sonnet is named
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Film with kristen stewart as princess diana
    2. Glamorous fake fabric thats not made from animals
    3. Process of cold, white flakes falling
    4. Boats enclosure for wheel or tiller
    5. Off means to be fed up or annoyed
    6. Military campaign around a fictional state
    7. Rich red wine made from partially dried grapes
    8. An electric one inflates a mattress quickly
    9. Miserly character in a christmas carol
    10. Millicent , womens suffrage campaign leader
    11. Staying in bed for a long time on a morning
    12. Japanese battle cries
    13. California park, home to the worlds tallest trees
    14. Name of the holy roman emperor born vienna, 1747
    15. Woody business at the centre of the waltons

Group 1179

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Workshops for molding and shaping iron
    2. Victor frankensteins pet dog in frankenweenie
    3. Very complex and decorative
    4. Its hard shell is sometimes used as an exfoliator
    5. The first day of lent in greece clean
    6. Battle between the party and monsters
    7. Australias southernmost state capital
    8. Santa boulevard mentioned in sheryl crow hit
    9. Reduce pain or discomfort
    10. Large black and white or red lemur species
    11. Main language spoken in poland
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Postal messages created by folding light paper
    2. Documents that allow people to cross borders
    3. Hemispherical skullcap worn by catholic clerics
    4. Most populous district of uttar pradesh in india
    5. Timed food warmer
    6. The of lying, 2009 ricky gervais comedy
    7. Tough yet flexible connective tissue
    8. The great duration of ones life
    9. Hinged windows
    10. The severity of a disease
    11. Peter or paul in the nursery rhyme
    12. Human made debris in orbit around the earth
    13. Organism that has a distinct nucleus
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. The kind of stone that gathers no moss
    2. Doctors worry about this level of being overweight
    3. Ocean can weigh over 2,000 pounds
    4. Italian boys name derived from eagle and wolf
    5. Superhero cartoon with connor as catboy
    6. Liquid splodge from a fountain pen
    7. Lianne , singer of weird fishes
    8. Manned, provided with workers
    9. Us 2016 democratic presidential nominee
    10. Sweet, grassy sprout also known as a lucerne
    11. Tech that engages website visitors in dialogue
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. Float like a , sting like a bee
    2. Mental disorder with delusions and hallucinations
    3. Penname of author samuel langhorne clemens
    4. Sparkling celebratory wine a region in france
    5. Only solo bird in the 12 days of christmas song
    6. Upside down, vertical balancing act
    7. Generously, with huge dollops
    8. Able to adhere to a surface
    9. J b novelist who wrote the good companions
    10. Shapeshifting monster from the 2017 film it
    11. Heavenly marine creature
    12. Australian aboriginal hunting weapon
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. Moves from one place to another
    2. Malignantly infected
    3. Alte , berlins original city hall building
    4. What wreck it ralph and kim kardashian broke
    5. Embarrassing bloopers not shown on tv
    6. Tough stuff in food that aids digestion process
    7. Element whose atomic number is 7
    8. Artwork celebrating the work of another artist
    9. Arthur read is this animal in books, cartoons
    10. In the present, in modern times

Group 1180

  1. Puzzle 1
    1. Italian dish of veal and marrowbone
    2. Squiggly punctuation mark that means and
    3. Jays rarely vocal partner in clerks movie series
    4. Capable of binding to an antibody
    5. What happens when having fun
    6. Pardons for political prisoners
    7. Elder daughter in the taming of the shrew
    8. Designating a certain amount
    9. A thunderbolt said to show a dreamers revelation
    10. Regular bank summary of financial transactions
  2. Puzzle 2
    1. Apartment layout with zero bedrooms
    2. Canoe, simple boat made from a hollowed out log
    3. Demethylated form of thymine
    4. Snow white dwarf with a tickly nose
    5. Marine snails that attach themselves to rocks
    6. Internal combustion , developed in the 1800s
    7. The a in cia
    8. Hollandaise sauce is made of this and egg yolks
    9. Treasure accumulations or hoards of valuables
    10. Stephen king novel about a prom and telekinesis
    11. Company that has a plus streaming service
    12. Lonesome , last pinta island tortoise, died 2012
  3. Puzzle 3
    1. Male singing voice between tenor and bass
    2. South korean 2020 best picture winner
    3. Add comments to a books pages
    4. First name of mona lisas creator
    5. Flat, wall mounted central heating appliance
    6. Type of tomatoes that come in fancy colors, shapes
    7. No hard , with no ill will or grudges
    8. Voucher given as a present
    9. Dance footwear that make a clickety clack noise
    10. Art of using marionettes
    11. Jamaicas capital city
    12. Insect that pollinates flowers
    13. Tower that was londons tallest building in 1963
    14. Partial or complete break in a bone
    15. Gigantic, very large or powerful
    16. African country where the pula is spent
    17. Watch brand famous for chronographs
    18. Simpsons character with outdated music taste
  4. Puzzle 4
    1. One of santas reindeer team rhymes with vixen
    2. Airborne service devised by walter windham in 1911
    3. Improve, intensify
    4. Notorious french novelist de sade
    5. Creator of handmade shoes, also a fruity dessert
    6. Shes the daughter of fred and wilma flintstone
    7. Beverage with tapioca balls
    8. Red , deliberate tale to throw you off the scent
    9. Examined or read up on in detail
    10. Having fixed something for compliance
  5. Puzzle 5
    1. The daily , newspaper that clark kent works for
    2. You cant teach an old dog new
    3. Remove boxes from a van
    4. Plant with edible tubers from the arum family
    5. French word used in english for a grand cake
    6. Nightmare before christmas composer danny
    7. Weakened, drained of power
    8. Greg us road cyclist and tour de france winner
    9. Little blue people who live in a mushroom village
    10. Musical instruction to play notes smoothly
    11. Story by dickens the cricket on the
    12. Pale green gemstone varieties