The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Clumsy wit upset discontented killjoy"

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  1. Gawky
    1. Awkward and ungainly
    2. Dramatist penning minor work is awkward
    3. Unwieldy
    4. Joker's come back extremely kinky. awkward!


  1. Nuisance embracing single girl upset killjoy
  2. Killjoy
  3. Plunder left for killjoy
  4. Plays the killjoy
  5. Killjoy takes booty to harbour
  6. High-minded killjoy gets in the way of treating milk
  7. Killjoy is intermittently sporting
  8. Lady right to describe writer as a killjoy
  9. Stop killjoy touring european capital after vacation
  10. Killjoy treats the wine too well
  11. Killjoy ruins drink
  12. Killjoy prizes wine
  13. Upset? how clumsy of me introducing relative from hotel as the cleaner from bath!
  14. Clumsy intruder hugging female, say, upset and embarrassed
  15. Clumsy dolt maria upset
  16. Clumsy old youth had a limp - he upset old youth leader
  17. Novelist rarely discontented in feature of countryside
  18. Compensate robert mugabe, discontented with military takeover
  19. Each is ruefully discontented after night before
  20. Discontented social worker knowing one's inclined to appear thus


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