The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Clumsy butcher with his hands full"

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  1. Seakale
    1. Potted maritime plant
    2. By the sound of it, look for vegetable beer
    3. Might this be made to seek a la veg?
    4. Hunt for vegetable ale, by the sound of it
    5. Broad-leafed maritime plant
    6. Not meat from the lake and the sea


  1. Ultimate butcher's butcher?
  2. Is clumsy butcher first with entrails?
  3. A politician catching balls initially is clumsy with both hands
  4. Clumsy hands
  5. One might get one's hands on it after a century and a half, although to get one's hands on it is dangerous
  6. Butcher's chopper
  7. Butcher mentioned something that goes with reindeer
  8. Butcher shop purchase
  9. Butcher's cut
  10. Butcher
  11. Butcher's hanger
  12. Butcher's fine cuts secure starter for indian
  13. Butcher's goods
  14. Item butcher sells
  15. Butcher's hardware
  16. One who dresses edgy characters in theatre, including butcher playing spiderman?
  17. Butcher's byproducts
  18. Butcher, baker or candles
  19. Butcher's ultimate ruin?
  20. Has a butcher's announced results in london accountant!


  1. Eye troy in old image
  2. Nancy's repeated consent by phone to get rid of waste
  3. Fan of wine, he and bill may get indissolubly lashed
  4. In active opposition
  5. Couple's sexual relations upset me
  6. A gun for each person
  7. Landlord, one that's found in bed
  8. Tennis player in bilbao, relaxing on vacation