CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Clothes that kids change into at night for short"

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  1. Pjs
    1. Bedwear, informally
    2. Some loungewear
    3. Sleepover attire, informally
    4. Nighttime wear, familiarly
    5. Slumber party togs
    6. Nighty-night wear


  1. Shakespeare character who says 'good night, ladies; good night, sweet ladies; good night, good night'
  2. Clothes - clothes closet
  3. I will leave night clothes near entrance to room for someone staying
  4. Night-clothes i lost in a month — i shouldn't be in bed
  5. Night clothes
  6. Moment to change clothes for bit of pilot's kit
  7. Like some clothes we dare a tory to change into
  8. Katy perry hit with the lyrics 'you change your mind/like a girl changes clothes'
  9. Place to change or store clothes
  10. Change those clothes and get your own back
  11. Somehow change clothes acting as blanket?
  12. Change one's clothes and get one's own back
  13. How it gives satisfaction to change one's clothes
  14. If it's wrong, change your clothes to make it right
  15. Change your clothes; that'll get it straight
  16. Change clothes?
  17. Liquid used to change colour of clothes
  18. Put to right what was wrong by a change of clothes
  19. It's about me getting into some small change for the last clothes
  20. Change your clothes to put things right


  1. Rude and insulting
  2. Sara, bickering, holds tongue
  3. Get by working
  4. About to retweet sharp response
  5. Italian region whose capital is venice
  6. Like many carpets
  7. Becoming aware of powder blowing top in revolution
  8. 151 in 200 of the community