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  1. Hillary clinton in 1969 or bill clinton in 1970
  2. Bill clinton's birthplace
  3. Bill clinton was the firs
  4. Bill clinton and arnold s
  5. Clinton's birthplace
  6. Bill clinton, astrologica
  7. Official in the clinton w
  8. Clinton chef's memoir?
  9. Clinton, e.g.
  10. Pres. clinton negotiated
  11. First-term clinton victor
  12. Either bill or hillary clinton, once
  13. Clinton, once
  14. President clinton hosted one in 2000
  15. Presidents taft, ford, clinton and both bushes
  16. Clinton's #2
  17. Mo. in which bill clinton
  18. Hillary clinton ___ rodham
  19. Clinton was one
  20. Clothing associated with hillary clinton


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