The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Climbers - our team's nine, roughly"

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  1. Shoutingmatch
    1. Cause of a scene, perhaps
    2. Loud quarrel (colloq.)


  1. The 'nine-nine' of tv's 'brooklyn nine-nine'
  2. Strong point of (roughly) detail (roughly)
  3. Roughly nine of 10 people have one
  4. Occurring every nine weeks, roughly
  5. Roughly nine accessing computers to see game
  6. What a game taking pills - roughly nine swallowed!
  7. “brooklyn nine-nine” detective diaz
  8. Brooklyn nine-nine figure
  9. Andy samberg stars in __ nine-nine
  10. One of nine for nine
  11. ___ nine-nine (police sitcom that recently moved from fox to nbc)
  12. Actor braugher of 'brooklyn nine-nine'
  13. Pair nine francs? nine established originally as standard charge
  14. Samberg of ''brooklyn nine-nine''
  15. Small for nine, provided nine turns up
  16. 'brooklyn nine-nine' org
  17. Brooklyn nine-nine character
  18. One of nine on a clue boardone of nine on a clue board
  19. (usually) nine-by-nine numbers puzzle
  20. Chelsea peretti's 'brooklyn nine-nine' role


  1. Anthony hope's "the prisoner of ___"
  2. Starts the season
  3. Dog's snarl
  4. '60s canadian leader
  5. Pl. for preemies
  6. Lunar circuits
  7. Heat, magic, et al.
  8. Rio district