The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Clever twists in a story"

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  1. Clever story fellow dropped
  2. A short story with two clever people and a woodcutter
  3. Fellow with clever story
  4. Twists about an axis
  5. Arm-twists
  6. Bartender's "twists," may
  7. Learner-driver twists back in ungainly posture
  8. Some come with twists
  9. Twists to be worked out
  10. O. henry plot twists
  11. Buck being afflicted with bruise, it twists puzzlingly
  12. Device for winding pasta twists into drained corn
  13. Twists out of shape
  14. Shells and twists
  15. French twists, e.g.
  16. Twists the truth
  17. Twists and turns in a bow
  18. It twists and turns
  19. One making twists and tur
  20. Fish that twists


  1. Something found in kitchen, one-legged pig hiding in empty cupboard
  2. Conned a debt out of fellow reliant
  3. Once again make vital case for regime worried about dictator returning
  4. Serpent recalled somewhat tongue-in-cheek answer
  5. Seasonal manual working stopped by trade union
  6. What's authentic about making something as a hobby
  7. Don't allow supporter to see player
  8. Singer is able to modulate after losing voice initially