The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Clean the carpet"

Added on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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  1. Sweep
    1. Win decisively
    2. Popeyes boy
    3. Use a broom
    4. Go 4-0 in the series e.g.
    5. Full-scale victory
    6. Lopsided postseason resul


  1. Engineers carpet to have clean covering, but too early
  2. Carpet option
  3. Remove, as carpet
  4. Carpet cleaner
  5. Wear out the carpet, mayb
  6. Red carpet walker
  7. Carpet type
  8. Popular carpet style
  9. Torn carpet sent back by business associate
  10. Wear out the carpet in th
  11. Carpet choice
  12. Carpet salesman has to deliver piece for inside
  13. Carpet leftover
  14. Carpet source
  15. Carpet alternative
  16. Carpet fasteners
  17. Carpet cleaner, for short
  18. Sight at a red-carpet event
  19. Carpet style
  20. Carpet is covered in 10


  1. His cheerful transformed after those events
  2. Shipper, issuer
  3. We live in such times, you need to be ready
  4. Overjoyed and happy
  5. Use a cast iron to cook this meat
  6. Another word for “bandana”
  7. Coy, playful
  8. Feminist movement, for example