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  1. A classic car is back, of classic character
  2. Classic british roadsters
  3. Classic british jaguar
  4. Classic british two-seate
  5. Classic british cars
  6. Classic british two-seaters
  7. One of the two british classic races restricted to fillies
  8. Classic british sports car
  9. Classic british war film, "the ___ busters"
  10. Classic british two-seater
  11. Classic british sports cars
  12. Classic british cars that pioneered in rear engines
  13. Classic british auto model
  14. Classic british two-door
  15. British classic cars
  16. Gordon-__, classic british car marque
  17. British tv classic for 60 years with nautical motif
  18. Buddies have this non-british party in british city
  19. Revolutionary british battleship (1906) — first british nuclear-powered submarine (1963)
  20. The only british prime minister to have been born outside the british isles


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