The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Class for the expecting"

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  1. Lamaze
    1. Delivery instructions?
    2. Labor day class?
    3. Labor class?
    4. Kind of class for expecta
    5. Labor organizer?
    6. Expecting help?


  1. Class starts to swot, expecting test
  2. Expecting
  3. Are expecting
  4. “jeez, wasnt expecting that!”
  5. What to expect when youre expecting
  6. “i wasnt expecting it but ”
  7. Was expecting
  8. Condition of expecting a baby
  9. Expecting no payment
  10. One expecting the best from surgery initially trailed in film
  11. Scratching head, expecting ruling
  12. Expecting good results
  13. Rule expecting state to renounce leadership
  14. 'i was not expecting that'
  15. Expecting help?
  16. Expecting a fly to tour small island
  17. Expecting, in england
  18. Go there and get round a bit more if you're expecting
  19. This is for one of the psychics who was expecting this clue
  20. Nuisances surrounding one young lady repelled those expecting the worst


  1. Poet who wrote the line quoth the raven 'nevermore'
  2. Actor and travel documentarian who cocreated monty python's flying circus 50 years ago: 2 wds.
  3. Casablanca denizen
  4. 2019 daytime emmy winner kelly
  5. Learned to be adamant about closing time
  6. Roll-___ (some deodorants)
  7. Frequently describes a group
  8. Thomas __, author of 1843 poem the song of the shirt