The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Claire demolished pastry"

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  1. Eclair
    1. Basic food keeps a lecturer going back for tasty cake?
    2. Bakery treat
    3. Custardy dessert
    4. Bakery buy
    5. French pastry
    6. Cake english girl left unfinished


  1. Actress claire et al.
  2. Actress claire
  3. Old actresses claire and
  4. Stepmom of mitchell and claire on modern family
  5. Either claire or elaine regularly ignored misleading account
  6. Marie claire competitor
  7. Claire ___, liverpudlian actress
  8. Claire's baby, on "lost"
  9. Claire's younger daughter on "modern family"
  10. __ claire: women's magazine
  11. Amorous claire upset 39 books within
  12. "homeland" star claire
  13. Claire of 'homeland'
  14. ___ claire (fashion magazine)
  15. ___ claire wisconsin
  16. Keyboard claire's arranged to see about five
  17. Julie ___, portrayer of claire on 'modern family'
  18. "key largo" 54-down winner claire
  19. Cake made by claire
  20. Claire and phil's eldest daughter on "modern family"


  1. Olympian's ultimate achievement
  2. Number associated with 17-, 25-, 41- and 51-across
  3. A set of cards four inches high
  4. Demander of special treatment
  5. Auction buyers
  6. Merry, to mimi
  7. Stroke of good luck
  8. New house in italy for a randy one!