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  1. France of france
  2. France's france
  3. There's a hundred on the river in france and all in the soup in france
  4. France before it was france
  5. France's way up on commonwealth nation, one in france's area
  6. Relatively pleasant about the sound of about the east in france in the south of france
  7. Starting location of the 2019 tour de france chosen in honor of the 50th anniversary of eddy merckx's first tour de france win
  8. Clue for time at south of france causes rowclue for time at south of france causes row
  9. My in france, autobiography by julia child inspired by her culinary experiences in france
  10. Big letters in fashion from france
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  12. Letters on letters to sol
  13. Letters associated with letters
  14. Letters directing letters
  15. "presumed innocent" or "the firm" (5 letters, then 5 letters)
  16. Winner of seven wimbledon titles (4 letters then 4 letters)
  17. Glaucoma symptom (8 letters then 3 letters)
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  19. Woman typecast in horror movies (6 letters then 3 letters)
  20. Letters for enlistees' letters


  1. Chain of steakhouses
  2. Hans, real name of viennese entertainer falco
  3. Type of romance that blossoms quickly
  4. A creamy rice dish from northern italy
  5. Venetian island group famous for glass making
  6. Area under the jurisdiction of the bishop of rome
  7. Honestly, forthrightly, truthfully
  8. Musicians who pluck strings in upright frames