CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Chromatic basis of much modern music"

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  1. Accidental in music that raises the pitch of the following note by one chromatic semitone
  2. Unusually chromatic perfo
  3. Unusually chromatic performance ensemble
  4. Chromatic subtlety
  5. Chromatic set
  6. Novel basis for cluelessnovel basis for clueless
  7. George ___, english mathematician and philosopher who invented the logic which is the basis of modern computing
  8. Pop group whose music was the basis of a hit 2001 broadway musical
  9. Basis for script - and also for the music?
  10. Basis of improvisation in indian music
  11. Basis of serial music
  12. Group whose music is the basis of the 'mamma mia!' movies
  13. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  14. Modern science needs stated modern and evident remedies
  15. Modern system of measurements used with modern power source
  16. Modern music prize
  17. Two characters enjoy modern music -- and a bit of handel
  18. Blooming thing, like modern music
  19. Much modern popular music
  20. Classical composer ultimately spurned modern dance music


  1. Stool or sister starter
  2. Sulky race pace
  3. Clothier cassini
  4. Horror-film sound effects
  5. Fine-grained soil deposit
  6. Opposite of 21-down
  7. Table quartet
  8. Broke open