The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with J.
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Crossword Answers for "Christmas islands closest neighbor"

Added on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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  1. Java
    1. Island where sundanese an
    2. Neighbor of sumatra
    3. Jakarta's island
    4. Hirt hit
    5. Where jakarta is
    6. Site of a famed fossil fi


  1. Independent republic in the pacific comprising 33 islands including banaba , the gilbert and phoenix islands, and eight of the line islands
  2. Closest to solomon islands, going in one direction
  3. Closest country to the canary islands
  4. Where your closest neighbor lives
  5. Its closest neighbor is andromeda
  6. – islands, group of islands that includes ibiza
  7. -- -- islands, islands off the coast of senegal
  8. Islands chain in the indian ocean that form with the andaman islands a union territory of india
  9. — islands chain of over 150 islands in the bering sea off mainland alaska
  10. Mariana islands neighbor, for short
  11. Channel with a 24-hour a christmas story marathon on christmas
  12. A christmas in ''a christmas carol''
  13. Christmas, or a christmas carol
  14. Novel that begins ''christmas won't be christmas without any presents''
  15. Christmas verse taken from a christmas carol, say
  16. Christmas ___ a 2004 movie based on a john grisham novel titled skipping christmas: 3 wds.
  17. The _ of christmas past, character in charles dickens' novella a christmas carol
  18. The ___ days of christmas, traditional christmas song
  19. Actress teri of the hallmark movies the christmas heart and the christmas shepherd
  20. Christmas in new zealand, say, is absorbing day, claimed by christmas performer


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  2. She became queen of england in 1952
  3. Talent, a natural ability
  4. Whisking or beating cream to form peaks
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