CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Chopped garden clods"

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  1. Worked on clods
  2. It breaks up clods and covers seeds
  3. Eliminate clods with intellectual challenge
  4. Break up dirt clods, in a way
  5. Ones breaking up clods
  6. Clods or swellings
  7. Broke up some clods
  8. Busted clods
  9. Lumps, clods
  10. Means to sort out clods in school
  11. Herbal garden also known as apothecaries' garden
  12. Garden flower — garden hay (anag)
  13. Moral system demands witches flayed and chopped to bits
  14. Chopped
  15. What ___, chopped liver?
  16. Liquid that's first injected into chopped lemon
  17. Chopped down
  18. Article with suggestion: chopped oats for part of meal
  19. Show remorse having put mint in sage i chopped up
  20. Letter opener chopped up dead seers


  1. Mountaineering exploits for a hundred members
  2. Slow-moving glacier melts, engulfing empty trench
  3. Rich people showering lionel messi with endless praise
  4. It's clear i have put up with depression
  5. Summer frock
  6. Legs of lamb for roasting
  7. Small melon with ribbed skin
  8. Joke by one politician is intended to do damage