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  1. Sporty spice of the spice
  2. 'sporty spice' of the spice girls
  3. Spice - former spice girl
  4. Member of the spice girls who was known as baby spice
  5. A spice; a spice
  6. Nickname of the spice girls' sporty spice
  7. ___ spice (victoria beckham when she was in the spice girls)
  8. Scary spice of the spice girls ___ b
  9. Spice girl also known as sporty spice
  10. Bark-flavoured spice in a pumpkin spice latte
  11. First name of both scary spice and sporty spice
  12. Warming spice; red-haired spice girl
  13. A couple of beers? that'll spice up the chinese meal
  14. Chinese money accepted by european for spice-producing plant
  15. Redhead's clash concerning chinese spice container
  16. Chinese spice named for its shape
  17. Spice obtained from the evergreen chinese tree illicium verum
  18. Chinese principle's first to trust most of buddhist sect - it has a chinese course
  19. Bark used as spice
  20. Added spice to


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