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  1. Repetition, repetition, repetition
  2. Initial repetition is only repetition after all
  3. Nothing but repetition? rather regular repetition, perhaps
  4. Speech obviously filled with repetition
  5. Childish speech
  6. Part of speech that helps to form the mood etc of another similar part of speech
  7. Part of speech of part and speech
  8. Musical repetition mark
  9. Saw claims that this warrants repetition
  10. Without repetition
  11. Mindless repetition
  12. Repetition for rhetorical
  13. A feature of double dosing doing everything with repetition
  14. Repetition is, after all, peter piper's speciality
  15. Mechanical repetition of sacred text in religious lessons
  16. Unnecessary repetition of words
  17. Colouring stick involves tedious repetition
  18. Memorisation by repetition
  19. Request for repetition
  20. Latin repetition not working for bookworms


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