CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Chiefly sad or solemn in nature perhaps?"

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  1. Saturnine
    1. Gloomy function opened by a performer
    2. As, perhaps, in e it's so gloomy
    3. In following heavenly body displaying rings, european's showing gloomy disposition
    4. Turn in sea makes one gloomy
    5. Before the end of saturday has come, being one over the eight makes one gloomy
    6. Go to bed in the sea in a gloomy sort of way


  1. Opposition chiefly to bench aid was misplaced
  2. A female horse chiefly used for reproduction
  3. Member of a race of people living chiefly in east turkey, north iraq and west iran
  4. State chiefly employs it whizz
  5. Is it, say, lover chiefly wanting not to leave till morning?
  6. Soft fertile soil composed chiefly of sand, clay and decaying organic matter (humus)
  7. Flat (chiefly us)
  8. Chiefly, in the first place
  9. Synthetic elastic fibre made chiefly from polyurethane
  10. Writer and poet remembered chiefly for his 'cautionary tales'
  11. Plant growing chiefly on sea cliffs and mountains
  12. An african people living chiefly round botswana
  13. Striped hyenas that feed chiefly on insects
  14. Greeting broadcast to back row at gunpoint — setter's chiefly got himself to blame
  15. He was chiefly responsible for the egyptian assertion of freedom
  16. Solitary (chiefly us)
  17. Hollowed moulding used chiefly in cornices
  18. Chiefly, largely
  19. Dexter could be chiefly relied upon
  20. Chiefly very little rise in value of dollar?


  1. Antique bathtub features
  2. Coke or crush
  3. Mandatory bet
  4. Present-day neanderthal
  5. Japanese soup noodle
  6. Staples paper clips and the like
  7. Thing that's pointless to beat
  8. Tabloids hoverers