CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Cheap seats projectile"

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  1. Tomato
    1. Red addition to a salad
    2. Leaves carpeting spaceship
    3. Partner lacking energy tucked into excessive salad food
    4. Marinara ingredient
    5. Love apple excessively? partner mostly baffled by that
    6. Paste ingredient


  1. The cheap seats in sports
  2. Close kin - cheap theatre seats (us)
  3. Section with cheap seats
  4. Play to the cheap seats
  5. Producer of hay fever put the lead almost at the back of the cheap seats
  6. Like the cheap seats, often
  7. Recess found among cheap seats
  8. Site of cheap seats
  9. *hecklers in the cheap seats, collectively
  10. Recess in the cheap seats
  11. Cheap seats setting, perhaps
  12. Salad plant; projectile
  13. Dangerous backyard projectile
  14. Underwater projectile
  15. Cupid's projectile
  16. Pointy projectile
  17. Weapon or projectile stored in a toxophilite's quiver
  18. Projectile fired from a gun or rifle
  19. Projectile in circus is captured after kerfuffle
  20. Slapstick projectile


  1. Mammal, a second seen in small lake
  2. Ruins of a 12th-century castle near merlin's cave in cornwall; the legendary birthplace of king arthur
  3. Chunk cut down in study article
  4. Game of cards seldom breaking banks
  5. Bachelor between islands brings every character back to another
  6. Girl in church picked up stringed instrument
  7. Travelling, some fork taken in country, heading for town
  8. Lloyd's investors