The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Chatting in brief"

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  1. Iming
    1. Cyberchatting
    2. Chatting on whatsapp e.g.
    3. Chatting online, for short


  1. Platform for chatting
  2. Spend time chatting to a vip?
  3. Chatting
  4. Im: instant __ or chatting
  5. Chatting on whatsapp e.g.
  6. Guys on guard lately when chatting improperly about maiden
  7. Video chatting option
  8. Chatting online, for short
  9. Chatting on about how good it is?
  10. Trick seen while chatting
  11. Big name in video chatting
  12. One leaves coach with old writer chatting still
  13. Chatting or sleeping in english class?
  14. Man at opera series has no end of foolish chatting
  15. Associate and a lively young girl, chatting, dined
  16. Like chatting in company with citizen about poetry, mostly
  17. Barking like a small dog or chatting
  18. Trivial and protracted chatting
  19. Decline to indulge in chatting up
  20. Video-chatting program


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  3. Poles keep radio broadcast smoother
  4. Happy manufacturers enjoying themselves?
  5. Idle miners come first regarding 1984?
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