The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with I


Do you know the answer?


  1. Italic
    1. Inclined to stress?
    2. Slanted type: abbr
    3. Digital icon partly used in style
    4. Biased, in a way
    5. Type of type
    6. Sloping script


  1. Character with inclin­ation for one toiletry, including iodine
  2. Member of university producing artificial stock and bread containing iodine
  3. Bottle containing tablets (iodine or another element)
  4. Sort of hot drink containing iodine that's radioactive
  5. Small particle containing iodine found in saturn's moon
  6. Element ignited with smell containing iodine
  7. Toiletry holders
  8. Toiletry brand whose tv ads once featured the supremes
  9. Toiletry
  10. Toiletry’s improved quality
  11. Toiletry to beautify
  12. Arguably redundant name for a toiletry item
  13. Male toiletry item for the face
  14. Toiletry with a fragrant odor
  15. Decorative toiletry cases
  16. Discomfort in toiletry container
  17. Powder used as toiletry
  18. Tub toiletry
  19. Shriek about owning toiletry
  20. Mustache toiletry


  1. Coastal signals for battleships?
  2. Nursery needs
  3. Classic record material
  4. National park since 1968
  5. Hieroglyphics creature
  6. Med. tests using leads
  7. Georgia —, us painter whose works include sky above clouds iv and shell no 1
  8. Fridge, once