The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Chaps an inexperienced driver notices"

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  1. Alternately
    1. Turn-___
    2. Characters from rye thus observed in argyle?


  1. Inexperienced person, inexperienced person in bed
  2. Aussie friend putting inexperienced driver in gear
  3. Inexperienced driver restricted by unfamiliar throttle
  4. After crashing, note rule inexperienced driver ignored on the way
  5. Luxor gets rid of inexperienced driver with letters of credit provided obsessively loves the wife
  6. Ambition followed by inexperienced driver in the german car
  7. Like a drive? seriously, inexperienced driver can hop in
  8. Novice from austrian province not an inexperienced driver
  9. Inexperienced driver caught by unfamiliar throttle or choke
  10. Thin and tall inexperienced driver picks up american
  11. There's material about the inexperienced driver's protection
  12. Go on! spot the spanish with inexperienced driver
  13. Taxi driver has change of heart as driver’s assistant?
  14. Place to post notices
  15. Some lookout notices, for short
  16. Notices unfinished programme on comics
  17. Paid notices
  18. Notices
  19. Expiration notices?
  20. Part anagram of notices


  1. Former cnn journalist david
  2. Corno grande range
  3. Soldier on guard
  4. Dormitories for soldiers
  5. The french doctor gets young animal
  6. Oklahoma tribe originally from the southeast
  7. Skives!
  8. 1968 number 2 hit sung by barry ryan and written by his twin brother paul