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  1. Pro ___ (proportionately)
  2. Proportionately
  3. Latin phrase meaning proportionately
  4. Drawn proportionately
  5. Pares proportionately
  6. Distribute proportionately
  7. Proportionately (with ''pro'')
  8. Enlarge proportionately
  9. Proportionately based voting system? men answer with cheers
  10. Expert split first appearance proportionately
  11. Assessed proportionately
  12. Proportionately (2 words)
  13. Divide proportionately
  14. _____ mutandis; things having been changed (that needed to be changed) (abl. pl.)
  15. Musician who once changed the middle letter of her stage name to a dollar sign, but later changed it back to a boring old 's'
  16. Top answer changed about — changed radic­ally
  17. 'all is changed, changed . . .' (yeats)
  18. Atmosphere changed in empty berkshire cinema
  19. Country that changed its name in 1939
  20. Appearance, i guess, mostly can be changed


  1. It depends on the weather if the scotsman will shortly be here
  2. One needs iron with it too in 26 down
  3. Is the south inclined to go jogging?
  4. Certainly not the talel of tom thumb - that's the height of improbability
  5. 18 down may be said to be - not does, by the sound of them
  6. Got a point on the top and a sting in the tail
  7. Behold a head-hunter in hte same setting as this
  8. The silly one i cause pain to by way of giving a hand