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  1. Pro ___ (proportionately)
  2. Proportionately
  3. Latin phrase meaning proportionately
  4. Drawn proportionately
  5. Pares proportionately
  6. Distribute proportionately
  7. Proportionately (with ''pro'')
  8. Enlarge proportionately
  9. Proportionately based voting system? men answer with cheers
  10. Expert split first appearance proportionately
  11. Assessed proportionately
  12. Proportionately (2 words)
  13. Divide proportionately
  14. Increase proportionately
  15. Presented proportionately
  16. _____ mutandis; things having been changed (that needed to be changed) (abl. pl.)
  17. Musician who once changed the middle letter of her stage name to a dollar sign, but later changed it back to a boring old 's'
  18. Top answer changed about — changed radic­ally
  19. 'all is changed, changed . . .' (yeats)
  20. Changed to something else, e.g. changed religion


  1. Smoked hot chili pepper used in mexican cooking
  2. Singer/songwriter dave grohl’s band: foo __
  3. Never caught californian murderer, the __ killer
  4. Metallic resounding of bells
  5. Material that is resistant to fire
  6. An animal having shed its fur or feathers has __
  7. Banish out of a country
  8. N italian city, famous for a pasta sauce