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Added on Monday, November 4, 2019

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  1. Be, in short, in what's in the crest of england, for england
  2. Place this over england - at the bottom of england, too
  3. Descriptive of ex-england custodian bill foulke, who filled the england net
  4. Former surrey and england captain who was chairman of the england cricket selectors from 1982 to 1989
  5. Author of novels metroland and england england
  6. Nobel-winning chancellor
  7. First chancellor of west germany, 1949-63
  8. German chancellor merkel
  9. Chancellor von bismarck
  10. Conservative chancellor to restrict port and lilt
  11. Ex-chancellor takes a stunner to the other place
  12. Chancellor of the exchequer follows gold stamp with note to listeners
  13. Nickname of chancellor ko
  14. 1st earl of —; title of edward hyde, lord chancellor to charles ii, author of the history of the rebellion
  15. Postwar german chancellor
  16. Former german chancellor
  17. West german chancellor, 1
  18. German chancellor who won
  19. German chancellor, 1998-2
  20. Account book found by shelf close to chancellor


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