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  1. Actress celeste
  2. French astronomer/mathematician who wrote traité de mécanique céleste
  3. Celeste aida, e.g
  4. Verdi's "celeste ___"
  5. Celeste who won an oscar
  6. Filmdom's ian and celeste
  7. Seafood for the sailor aboard the mary celeste?
  8. ''gentleman's agreement'' oscar winner celeste
  9. Celeste in ''all about eve''
  10. 'celeste aida,' for one
  11. Celeste of "gentlemen's agreement"
  12. Legendary celeste
  13. Actors ian and celeste
  14. Celeste of stage and screen
  15. Celeste who won an oscar for 'gentleman's agreement'
  16. Fault found by a daughter like mary celeste?
  17. 'celeste ___' (aria)
  18. Celeste holm musical
  19. Celeste's mate
  20. 12, all mary celeste's crew? not entirely orderly on board


  1. Rather, casually
  2. Sold at a discount, often
  3. Preparing for delivery
  4. Uses a tissue, maybe
  5. Youre doomed!
  6. 19-across pitcher
  7. Prank pullers
  8. Rock and roll hall of fame band led by iggy pop