The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with K

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Cause of certain disaster"

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  1. Kissofdeath
    1. Something that is ultimat
    2. Something that is ultimately ruinous
    3. David caruso/nicolas cage film
    4. Final oscular act?
    5. X indicating that the end is nigh?
    6. Something destined to cause disaster


  1. 1912 disaster cause
  2. Titanic disaster cause
  3. What may cause bubble to burst is economic disaster
  4. Something destined to cause disaster
  5. Seaside disaster cause
  6. Uninhibited amateur group a certain disaster at first
  7. Cause célèbre cause of some back-biting!
  8. Cause annoyance or cause to be in a worse state
  9. Cause explosion on a certain day in public school
  10. Cause of certain blindness
  11. Cause of ill-feeling, friend pinching certain amount of work
  12. Like certain subjects in certain company
  13. Not in certain times, certain in times
  14. He's the certain bird that's always certain
  15. Certain to succeed or certain to get discharge
  16. In the end it's certain to be certain
  17. Certain to keep up tone of certain statisticians
  18. 'nothing is certain, only the certain 26' (-)
  19. Made certain in a certain way in the end
  20. Brake discs avert disaster, but passengers in critical condition


  1. 1825 russian uprising
  2. Dodgy trader
  3. Chateau cardboard
  4. Dead through drink - see one's leader keel over (is it poisonous?)
  5. The ___ , rodin's sculpture
  6. Go wrong and it's easy to run
  7. Strong horse graced our hard-wearing material on route
  8. Maniere de parler